One Incredible Night

One Incredible Night

One Incredible Night – Clipper4U

I have been a lover of women getting their hair cut for some time and just like everyone else, I thought I was the weird one. I’ve had many girlfriends with long hair and always loved it. I would never want them to cut it, but would also like it if they did. I know that sounds contradictory, but the change is what I loved. A chrysalis, if you will, for the dull to metamorphosize into the beautiful. With that… the story begins….

I had been in a dating slump for some time. I had several girl friends, but I was more a big brother to them than anything else. It was that relationship that I moved to satisfy my long-time hope to drastically cut a woman’s hair.

I had three close female friends who hung out with me most:

Kathy – Kathy was the “girl next door.” You know the saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way,” well Kathy was a follower. She never really had the guts to lead and was too smart to get out of the way. What drew me to her, though, was her chestnut hair cascading down to the middle of her back in curls.

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Alexia – Alexia was a leader. She had the money, the clothes, the looks, everything. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. She could be a model, but she says her hips are too big. Whatever! She had dirty-blonde wavy hair almost to her waist.

Belinda – Belinda was the sweetest girl I think I have ever known. She was incredibly smart, but lacked the common, “street smarts”. I had so much fun messing with her mind. Belinda was half-follower, half-get out of the way. She could be a leader, but lacked the… ummm… courage. She had naturally strawberry-blonde hair, cut in a long, just below the shoulders, bob.

One Friday a month, we would all get together at one of our apartments and watch a movie. This particular Friday, it was my place. We had a tiff over what movie to watch. They won. So, putting When Harry Met Sally in the VCR, I sat down to watch the “chick flick”. (I didn’t mind so much, it was my movie. Plus, it had Meg Ryan, the most beautiful woman ever, with all those different hairstyles.)

After the movie, like always, we sat around drinking and talking. I noticed that all three wore their hair down, which I enjoyed. It wasn’t long before the topic of the discussion turned to hair and haircuts.

“You know,” Alexia started, “Meg Ryan was stunning with her short bob. I’ve been thinking about getting my hair cut short for sometime, but all my boyfriends would forbid it.”

“Forbid it?” I asked.

“Yeah, they said they would break up with me if I got anything other than a trim. One time I had an overanxious stylist who, instead of the normal inch trim, cut four inches off. Derek threatened to leave me, but I left him several days later,” replied Alexia.

“Oh, I’ve had my hair cut short once when the stylist misheard me,” Belinda added. “He chopped off over a foot. I just cried right there. They offered that and several more visits for free for compensation.”

“Did you take them?” Kathy asked.

“Hell no, I told them I nor anyone I knew would ever set foot in that establishment if I had anything to do with it.”

“You know, I had the same problem. I asked for a 1/4″ buzz cut, but the barber gave me a 1/8″ buzz cut. I couldn’t believe it happened to me,” I commented, mocking them.

“It’s really a big thing to get your hair cut,” Kathy replied, putting emphasis on the word ‘cut’. “I, too, have wanted to cut my hair, but my stylist has always refused and I haven’t had the courage to pursue it. Sometimes I regret it.”

“Well, I have a pair of scissors and clippers. Let’s go,” I said.

They all looked at each other for a couple seconds and then replied, in unison, “Yeah, right.”

Damn, I thought, hope goes right out the door. They continued discussing hairstyles as I walked into the kitchen to refresh everyone’s drink. I thought about all the haircuts I’ve seen surfing the net and could imagine myself digging the scissors into their hair. Hearing the scratchy sound the scissors make when cutting hair, watching the hair falling to the floor in slow motion, feeling the excitement within. I was so close, I thought, I had a chance this time. I walked back in with four beers to find them discussing which short hairstyles they could get.

“Alexia, you have the most beautiful face, it’s almost a crime to keep it hidden,” Kathy said.

“It is getting rather tiresome working with it, but…” Alexia replied.

“Come on, you could be bald and still be as beautiful.”

“I agree,” I added. “I think women put too much emphasis on having long hair to attract men. Short hair is in.”

“You know, I was surfing the other night and stumbled onto this web page that showcased short hair,” Alexia told us. “I mean short, like buzzed or even bald. I’ve never seen a woman bald before. There were hundreds of different pictures. It really made me start to think.”

And just like a horse, when they hear a strange sound, my ears flipped forward. I couldn’t believe what I heard. With a little work, I may be able to get Alexia to take the plunge. If Alexia would do it, it could be possible to get Kathy and Belinda to go along. Hope flew right back in the room.

“I’ve seen those sites,” I replied. “I think they’re great and there’s a lot of people, both men and women, who visit them.”

“You sound like a commercial for them,” Kathy responded with a smile.

I rolled my eyes. Alexia got up and left the room, without any of us noticing, while I told Belinda and Kathy more about these sites. A couple minutes later, Alexia returned and said she wanted to do it.

“Do what?” Belinda asked.

“I want to cut my hair.”

“Cool,” I replied.

“How short?” Kathy asked.

“All the way.”

I was unable to tell, but I think the three of our mouths dropped wide open at the same time. Thoughts went racing through my mind. I couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move, I just sat there frozen.

“Really,” Belinda replied, the first to say anything.

“Yeah. Ever since I saw those pictures, I couldn’t get them out of my mind. What do you say, Chris… want to be a barber tonight?” Alexia asked.

After reminding myself to breathe I answered, “You bet!”

Kathy grabbed a chair and I got a towel from my bathroom. Alexia sat down and lifted up all two and a half feet of her hair. I wrapped the towel around her and went back in the bathroom to get a pair of scissors and my clippers. Kathy got a brush out of her purse, walked behind Alexia, and started brushing her hair.

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this,” Belinda said.

“Neither can I, but the feeling I have now is indescribable. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more in my life.”

I set up a small table next to Alexia, plugged in the clippers, and took the half-inch attachment off. As Kathy moved, I took her place behind Alexia and brushed her hair a little more. I was on a high like I’ve never had before. As I put the brush down, I noticed my hands were shaking slightly and a bulge was growing in my pants that I couldn’t control. I put the brush down and started braiding her hair from the crown. I got the practice from my ex-girlfriends. When I finally completed this long task, Kathy gave me two rubber bands and I put one at the end of the braid and the other very close to her head. I picked up the scissors and asked Alexia if she was ready. She said she was ready and I placed the scissors around the inch and a half diameter, almost two-foot-long braid. I took a deep, silent breath and started cutting. I couldn’t see it, but Kathy and Belinda said she had a huge smile on her face. The scissors were sharp, but her hair was thick and healthy. Finally, after a minute of severing, I held the braid in my hand. I looked at it with appreciation and exhilaration. I let it fall into Alexia’s lap.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed.

“Feels pretty good doesn’t it?” I asked her.

“Yeah, but look at all this hair.”

“Well,” I replied as I snapped the clippers to life. This startled her, like I wanted it to. “There’s more to come.” With that I brought the clippers slowly to her forehead and paused. I let the humming machine touch her forehead slightly. Like I was a part of her, I could also feel the vibrations over the top of my head, down my neck, and envelop my body. I noticed her breathing grow deeper. I could tell she wanted me to drive them back and send her into a new sexual feeling, but like the old saying, “Patience is a virtue”, I moved the clippers softly around, then brought them back to the middle of her forehead. I waited for about a second and gradually brought the clippers back. She arched her back slightly as I advanced the clippers more. I could tell she was in a place she had never been before. Vibrating waves bouncing all over her body within. As I moved the clippers over her crown and down the back of her head I saw Kathy and Belinda’s wide eyes stare at the pale white inch path of hairlessness atop Alexia’s head. I smiled and continued down until the last of the hair on her neck fell gracefully to the floor. Alexia reached up with her right hand and followed the path of the clippers. She told me to keep going. I brought the clippers to the back of her neck this time, to the right of the last path and continued cutting upward slowly. She automatically repositioned her head so her chin was against her chest. I brought the clippers over the crown and continued forward. As I reached her long bangs, I watched Belinda’s eyes follow the hair down Alexia’s face, hitting her breasts and coming to rest in her lap. Belinda reached down and selected a section of hair, brought it back close to her body and gazed at it. I continued with the clipping, this time from front to back on the left side, then back to front on the right and repeated until the last of Alexia’s hair fell victim to the clippers and joined the rest… on the floor. I ran the clipper over her head again to make sure all was the same length. Upon completion, Alexia again reached up with both hands and fondled her newly shorn head of hair. She was sporting stubble of about two days growth. Kathy was the first to join Alexia in feeling her head. Alexia was ecstatic.

“How do you feel?” I asked her.

“Like a shave!” she replied.

I returned to the bathroom, retrieved a small towel, and soaked with hot water. I wrung the towel so it was moist and grabbed my shaving cream and razor. I walked back to Alexia and covered her head with the hot towel. After waiting several minutes, Kathy removed the towel and I sprayed a large amount of shaving cream in my hand and began to smear it all over the remaining stubble.

“The shaving cream makes my head tingle,” Alexia commented.

“That’s a special treat,” I replied.

I picked up the razor and began to eliminate the stubble. I have read about the way people describe the sound made while shaving. Rasping is the best way I would describe it. It’s almost the sound of slowly sanding wood. I’ll tell you, though, when you’re hearing this while shaving a beautiful woman’s head, there is no sound just like it. Unique, rare, almost strange. And I’ll add this, you’ll never forget it. I finished shaving Alexia’s head, doing amazingly well for my first headshave. She reached up for the third time and felt an absolutely hairless head. Both Kathy and Belinda felt her baldness and Alexia told them how it felt and the extremely erotic emotions. I have to say it was the same, if not better, for the barber as well. Alexia attempted to get Kathy or Belinda into to the chair for a buzz, but both refused. Even though they wouldn’t take the plunge, this was one of the most incredible nights of my life.

Alexia continued to keep her head shaved for several months, most of the time coming to me for the shavings. She grew it out, though, to a very nice flat-top-ish look, dark with light blonde highlights at the ends, which was my suggestion. She says she wants to grow it out to a mid-neck bob and color it some shade of brown. Either way, she’ll be beautiful, exotic, and a part of my heart.

Kathy got enough courage, mainly from Alexia, to get a chin-length bob. What a difference that made. Unfortunately, I was not the haircutter, but nonetheless it was a great style for her. Now she’s even talking about going blonde. I don’t know if I agree with her, but blonde or brown, long or short, she’s a great friend, one I’ll never forget.

Belinda and I started dating shortly after that one night, ten months now. You know the now famous line in Jerry McGuire, “You complete me.” I now know what that means. Belinda has actually grown her hair out even more. It’s almost as long as Kathy’s was before she got it cut. I like it. She’s intoxicating. She lets me give her a trim once in a while. Every now and then, she will ask me if I think she should get it cut really short and every time my reply is the same, “What do you think?”


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