Secretaries’ Pool

Secretaries' Pool

The Secretaries’ Pool

5 years ago I started working at this company, as a secretary. In order to reduce the possible problems with boss-secretary relations the organization had a separate entity for secretaries, with its own manager. While a secretary would work for a certain department, she would not be subject to evaluation by her department head but by the manager of the “secretarial” department.

One of the reasons for joining this company was this way the company is organized. I had suffered from unwanted attention by my previous boss, and was glad to find an employer who put some effort into avoiding precisely this kind of problems.

Like in many companies, there is a strict dress code, and although a little strange, none of the employees seemed to question it, I guess because it never caused problems. The dress code depends on one’s job and/or department. The code for secretaries (female only in this company) is roughly the following: dress or skirt is mandatory (no pants, shorts, not even when made to resemble a skirt), bra and panties are required (how dull, but what the heck), and stockings or pantyhose are mandatory from October through April. Nothing truly unusual although a bit strict. But there’s one unusual rule: secretaries are required to have all hair cut visibly shorter (if possible) than their manager’s, as long as the secretarial manager is female. Had I not known already that our boss really loved long hair and had it down to below the waist, I might have reconsidered, as I too loved long hair, though only had it to about mid-back.

At first there was no problem. On only two occasions did I hear about a secretary being reprimanded because she hadn’t shaved her legs for some time, and since our boss shaved hers, all secretaries had to shave as well. The rule did indeed apply to all body hair, although not too strictly: one really hairy secretary, who regularly shaved both arms and legs, was not required to trim her eyebrows and eyelashes, even though they were visibly longer than our manager’s.

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It all started on August 1st, when our manager returned from vacation. The first thing we noticed was that she had cut her hair to waist-length, which is at least 5 inches shorter than it was before. Two secretaries were summoned to her office, who also had hair down to the waist. Our boss had hired a hairdresser, who cut their hair to about 2 inches above the waist. A bit sad, but not too dramatic, and at least a real hairdresser did the job.

But this was just the start…

Nothing dramatic happened for a year, until our boss returned from her next vacation. We then knew this was going to be a yearly event. All secretaries were requested to go to a meeting room. As soon as our boss arrived it was clear what had happened and what was about to happen to us. Our boss “felt” that her forehead was too high. She wanted some hair to cover it up, and had a strip of about half an inch cut short, in a straight line, just covering the eyebrows. She said it felt so much better, but unfortunately for us, we all had to get bangs as well. A small army (well, only about 15) of hairdressers entered the room, and fifteen minutes later we all had a strip of nearly an inch of our hair cut to just above the eyebrows. Yes, it had to be “visibly shorter” than hers. There was a lot of talk about it, but none too serious or negative, because almost everyone agreed that we all looked better.

But we were holding our breath for the next year…

Well, August 1st came, and we found ourselves in the same meeting room again. Hairdressers were standing by, so we knew something was up. Sure enough there was something new: our boss had had problems with some hair at the ears not easily staying behind her ears, so she had gotten a small triangle of hair right in front of the ears cut short. Soon we all had short triangles of hair, slightly larger than hers, but generally looking great. Well, I wouldn’t have said that if this had been very odd, but it was getting in style, so we didn’t really object much. Two secretaries were a bit upset: they already had short hair, but the short triangle, which they were required to get, messed up their hairdo, so they needed an even shorter and different haircut than before.

Once again things settled down, and if there was one effect of these yearly events, it was that the secretaries got much closer to each other than before. Waiting to find out what was going to be done to us brought a feeling of togetherness we never had before. And although we sometimes argued that this rule was stupid and should be banned, none of us quit their job. There were very few opportunities for secretaries anyway.

Let’s turn to last year. Together, in the meeting room, but no hairdressers present, our boss entered the room, but none of us noticed anything different about her. But then she started explaining… about how happy she was that we were a group of close friends, etc, etc, and that she discovered a whole new experience in hygiene… and then, without hesitation, as if she wasn’t standing there in front of her group of employees, she raised her skirt and showed how she had her pubic hair shaved off. She continued to praise the experience, and explained that although we of course could not have ours visibly shorter, she had arranged for all of use to undergo a series of electrolysis treatments. Half of it (and that’s a lot!) was paid by her, the other half by the company. She said that permanent removal was necessary so she wouldn’t have to inspect our shaving regularly, something she thought would be really invade our right to privacy, especially towards our intimate parts.

Now this was a clever move of hers. Although we were close enough to talk about the issue among ourselves, none of us dared to discuss this with other (non-secretary) employees. And some of my friends really had trouble with it. Be it embarrassment or something else, having our pubic hair removed permanently was not something all of use could easily accept. But the thing that pushed everyone over was that while talking about it we discovered that out of the 20 secretaries 5 already shaved (including me) and 5 others shaved at least their pussy lips.

I was glad. No, I was very happy. Being rid of my pubic hair was something I had considered having done long before, but electrolysis was soooo expensive. And now I had it done for free! Actually, it was not all joy, because it hurt. We got pain killers, but it still hurt a lot. But it was worth it. Both my SO and I were thrilled about the increased smoothness. Our love life, which had always been great, became a lot more enjoyable, and my SO started going down on me much more often than before. I used to shave often, but stubble is unavoidable. Now I would never have stubble anymore.

Still, we were worried again by next August, and even more so when we discovered that hairdressers were again present, 20 hairdressers for 20 secretaries, which suggested something major was about to happen. When our boss entered we were really puzzled. Her hair extended down to her waist as always, a bit of hair covering her forehead, the small triangle of short hair in front of her ears, the usual sight, and not unlike our own. In fact, many visitors had commented about the fact that almost all secretaries had this same hairdo, except for differences in length in the back.

It soon became clear. Our boss had slowly become less comfortable with the weight of her hair. She consulted a few hairdressers who suggesting cutting it shorter, to mid back, to shoulder length, or maybe even a bob. But she was concerned about us, because we would have to get our hair cut as well, and she knew that most of us really loved long hair. But one hairdresser really provided an excellent solution…

Then she pulled her hair to one side and revealed a clippered back. An area of about 2 inches had been trimmed short, reducing the total mass of hair significantly, about 25% she claimed, yet if worn the right way it was completely invisible.

Now this was quite a shock to most of us, and luckily we were seated because I might have fallen over otherwise. Our boss barely stopped talking or we were surprised by the humming of 20 heavy-duty clippers. My head was pushed down and forwards by a strong hand that in the same motion pulled my hair up, and before I could even react the clipper was already going up the back of my head. It went so quickly that none of us reacted before it was over. The hairdressers had been instructed well. Less than 30 seconds after the clippers were turned on they all stopped again, and we all instinctively started feeling the back of our head and looking at each other. The hairdressers had used no guards or anything. Our backs were simply clipped to the bone. I could more or less feel it, but could see it even better with my friends’: the back of our heads was shaved up to the tip of our ears, an area of about 3 inches high. It was an awesome sight, but when we got into our second instinctive reaction: letting our hair hang down to cover up the clippered back, it became clear: not only were we clippered shorter than our boss, the larger area reduced the mass of our hair even more, and only a few of my friends still looked somewhat plausible. I don’t have very thick hair, and though I couldn’t see myself yet, the comments I got were clear enough: it showed trough.

Our boss knocked on the table and wanted to continue her speech, while the hairdressers started brushing our hair. The brushing had a strange relaxing effect on us, and though we didn’t go from very tense or even mad to completely relaxed at once, we calmed down enough to hear what else she had to say.

She said she understood that we were a bit upset and that she was too at first, but that she got over it quickly, and she continued to talk about her feelings for a bit. Slowly but surely she started to talk about the excitement of feeling the clippered back, and how she dreamt one night that she would once get rid of her long hair and have it all cropped. It didn’t sound serious at first, but then she mentioned again that her hair felt heavy, and that she consulted more experts on the matter, because she would like for her head to be even lighter.

Then, in one moment, she pulled at her hair, which came off, because now we saw it was really a wig. While her crew-cut appeared, the hairdressers had apparently positioned themselves just right, because all clippers were started at exactly the same moment and before the wig was completely off her head the clipper had already started sliding over my head, from front to back, clearing a strip of nearly 2 inches wide. I couldn’t see myself but we all knew that what we saw happen to the others was also happening to us. I was paralyzed and so were they. Soon all of us were bald except for some tiny stubble. The barbers had again just used the clippers, leaving our hair *very* visibly shorter than our manager’s.

But then she called for our attention again. What else was there she could have to say?…

“Ladies, I am happy and sad at the same time. It’s great to see that you are all so closely together and that you share the joy of being devoid of that heavy long hair. I am sure that in time you will come to love it. But I am also sad, because I will not be around to enjoy it with you. I am leaving this company as of today. So think of this moment and of this sacrifice you made as a goodbye present for me. I am even more sad that the company I will be joining has a rule that forbids women to cut their hair short. So I won’t be able to truly share your feelings right now.”

Then she pulled off the crewcut, which was a careful piece of art of a very skilled makeup artist. She shook out her still waist-long hair and left the room.

There was silence, and then we cried…


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