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No Choice… – LadyBarber

I am 28-year-old girl with blonde hair that had to go through a period of time before my fantasy of getting a short barber cut finally happened. I was born and raised in Texas, USA. Well, my fetish started long ago when I would accompany my mother and brothers and watch as my mother ordered the barber to clip my younger brothers’ hair real short for their summer haircuts. Well, I just loved the ruthless atmosphere of way the busy barbers would call, “You’re next!” and then push my brothers’ heads down into their chests as the hungry humming clippers would clip away till only short fuzz was left. I especially got fascinated when some hard-core barbers used the warm shaving cream and straight razor to clean up the neckline and around the ears. As I got older I realized this was a secret fetish. However I had visited typical hairdresser salons where my mother allowed a layered bob when I turned 16.

Well, as I got older and more independent I tried more shorter styled bobs, however this was still done at the traditional hairdresser salon, where only comb and scissors were used. I wanted a change but was scared, until one day my friend Janet and I decided to go for our celebration haircuts upon graduating from University. We walked into one those male and female hairdresser salons where you also waited in line. It was not a barbershop but it certainly had some exciting reminders of one. The part of “You’re next!” and seeing hair clippers used on many male clients added excitement.

Well, my friend Janet was a pretty red-headed girl who was sporting a badly-grown-out layered bob. She went first and had it transformed into a much shorter and higher blunt cut bob. The clippers were used on her nape and I could tell she was enjoying herself. I too decided to go for the same style. I have blonde hair and my hair had grown out to messy longish bob. I was scared but my hairstylist introduced herself as Jenny and assured that it would suit me real good. She worked fast as she cut my hair to style and then suddenly I felt her push my head down into my breasts. She commanded, “Head down and keep still for me, darling.” Before I could settle myself, I heard a pop and vibrating hum on the base of nape. Again her free hand pushed my head down into my chest as I felt my nape lose its length. After a few quick and short strokes with those hungry humming clippers, my nape had been denuded to no more than half an inch. This was a strange but powerful sensation, as it happened so brutally quickly, unlike the comb and scissors cut.

Over the next twelve months I continued to visit this hair salon and continued with shortish bobs. I still fantasized about having all my head clipped by a ruthless barber one day, but it was more of a fantasy. I am now employed in a dynamic marketing role for a multinational company. My role includes regular interstate and international travel. Recently I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to visit our Sydney, Australia offices. A planned 1-week trip soon changed to 3 weeks, as my appointments increased. On the second week I realized I was in real need of a haircut. On a Saturday morning I caught a bus to the nearest shopping center and walked till I could find a similar male and female hair salon (like back home in Texas), which could skillfully cut a woman’s hair short. I walked past a few of those traditional make-an-appointment kind of hair salons, until I finally found a small shop near the rail station. The shop had two female hairdressers. One was a blonde girl in her late twenties and the other was an Asian lady in her mid forties. It was small, but it seemed to be a similar salon to where men and woman would go get that quick and affordable $15 cut I had got accustomed to in Texas. I decided to walk in after confirming this when I saw the sign “Male & female cuts $14, no appointment necessary”. I walked in and was welcomed by Annette (the older Asian stylist), as the other younger stylist was clipping a male customer real, real short. There was no one ahead of me so she lead me to chair which reminded me of my brother’s old barbershop chair. I sank into it, which was rather hypnotic. A cape was promptly fastened tight around my neck. With her strong accent she asked what I would like done. I said that I would like a high blunt bob with a short clipped nape. Short, but not too short. She nodded and said, “Short look good on you.”

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Unlike before my cut did not begin with scissors and comb. Instead my head was pushed down and held down firmly by Annette, as I heard her pop & then the hum of the clippers. For some reason I got nervous, as she seemed to be firmer and more determined than my previous hairstylist. Annette did no speaking, but just pushed the big red clippers at the base of my nape and slowly but firmly pushed then up my neck. I held my breath and skipped a heartbeat upon realizing that she did not pull out halfway up my nape. Instead these clippers hummed quietly but vibrated more aggressively. My nape felt cooler and more naked than I had ever felt. Again Annette began her steady third and fourth passes at my nape before she was finished at the back. I was almost dizzy as I looked up at the mirror upon her hand releasing my head. In the mirror I couldn’t see much change front-on, but I felt more naked as the cool air hit my naked feeling nape. I was in Annette’s total command as I heard that now familiar pop and hum again as she brought the big vibrating clippers to my left sideburn. She did not even ask or say anything. She seemed so sincerely focused, whilst I just sat there in a state of shock, fear, and excitement. Well I was blown away as she clipped the left sideburn and then up and around to my nape. Well, I now knew why my nape felt naked. The left side was reduced and blended like my nape to bare stubble. My cheeks on my face were getting red. This was scary but there was no turning back as I bit my lip and watched as Annette continued the same process to the right side. All that was left was mop of hair on top. My sides and nape felt so bare, but I felt myself getting aroused as my inner thighs were getting hot and wet. Suddenly this magical chair dropped me down where I could no longer see the mirror.

Annette finally spoke and said, “I finish the top. You very pretty with short hair.”

I replied, “Oh thanks,” as my voice crackled. I had no choice as Annette combed and sectioned of my hair as her scissors cut as more was combed, sectioned and cut. I was daydreaming, as this seemed to go on forever. I was awoken by Annette combing down my front and the longish bangs covering my eyebrows. Before I could blink I felt the cold metal of small but sharp scissors slice across my upper forehead. My bangs were really history. The curtain of hair blocking my view was promptly cut and on its way down my cape with my other lost hair. I didn’t realize how high she had cut my bangs until the chair was pumped back up in view with the mirror. I stared at a stranger that I realized was me. My face was bigger, but my blue eyes were so big and stood out. I was shocked but I liked it. Annette again woke me out of my daydream as she commented, “It look good. I clean and finish you up.” As I tried to understand what she meant I heard a squish and then felt warm shaving cream being rubbed along the base of my nape and around the ears. I almost lost it there and then as my warmth was now getting hotter. I was lost as saw Annette pull out a straight razor and strop it along a thick leather strap. I was almost hypnotized at watching her strop her razor quickly and skillfully across the leather strap. Annette then moved away and then toward my back. She positioned my denuded head and ordered firmly, “You keep still please,” as I felt and heard the scrape, scrape at the base of my nape and finally around my ears and sides. I was getting real wet now as my fantasy was coming true. This skillful hairstylist was in fact a skillful barberette practicing her talents on my light head. I almost lost it when I felt her finger run smoothly along my hairline searching for any missed spots. She was firm but careful, not missing any stray stubble. A warm towel was used to wipe away the excess shaving cream. Then she plunged some talcum powder into a fluffy duster she used to dust off tiny clippings away from my nape, around the ears and finally my front face where my bangs once were. The cape was unfastened and then a round hand mirror was brought around the back to show me my denuded nape. It was like the sides, short and almost stubble. My haircut was almost an army crew, but it was longer on top (not by much), also neater as it suited my small feminine head and body. I got up drowsily after the ordeal and went and paid and even thanked Annette very much. She smiled and nodded in appreciation of her transformed client. I was really wet between the legs, but I had a black leather skirt on which hid my arousal. I went home to my hotel confused as to why and how this had happened. I couldn’t work it out as I enjoyed a long hot shower. My head felt so light and erotic as ran my hands up my stubble nape. I received many compliments from my work colleagues in Sydney that week and then back home in Texas. My friends all like it and some say they love my new style. I am now planning how I can go back for another work trip to our Sydney office and for a follow up visit to my barberette Annette.

This is my first haircut story. It is true, however the names have been changed. Please send your me your stories and feedback to [email protected]


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