The Match by Sean Adams

This is a story I wrote. Thanks JCWP for the story line.

Finkle: “Coming to the ring right now is Queen Kong.”

The big ugly woman. Very dominating coming down the walkway in her glory. Wearing a barbarian outfit made from leather. Her hair in a messed bob. Following her was Aleshia’s former manager Susie Sweet. S.S. had cost Aleshia the belt. S.S. wore a top with blue jeans. Her hair in a shoulder length style. She was carrying a big black bag.

Finkle: “Now coming to the ring, Aleshia.”

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The woman was perfect in every way. She had a great figure. With great big breasts, round and firm. Legs from here to eternity. She was wearing a tight leather outfit: one which showed her ample breasts, with gorgeous blonde hair that cascaded in waves down to the bottom of her ass.

Susie Sweet grabs the microphone.

S.S.: “You will pay a price tonight, Aleshia.”

With the distraction Kong nails a fist to the back of Aleshia’s head. The blow rocks her in a corner. Kong flies in, collapsing on Aleshia. S.S. grabs the ref while Kong nails a kick in the groin to Aleshia. Aleshia tumbles over in pain.

S.S. climbs into the ring while Kong complains to the ref about not paying attention to the match.

Ref: “What do you want?”

Kong: “Why are you jawing with my manager?”

Ref: “She was fucking talking to me.”

Kong: “Well, why don’t you pay attention to the match?”

Ref: “I would if you would stop talking to me.”

Meanwhile, back in the ring. S.S. hits Aleshia with an elbow off the second rope. Kong runs over and drops a leg across the chest of Aleshia. Kong goes for the pin. The ref counts 1… 2… Aleshia’s shoulder is up.

Kong: “Ref, what’s with the slow count?”

Ref: “She had her shoulder up.”

Kong unhappy grabs her opponent around the neck with her massive arm. Kong is choking the life out of Aleshia. The crowd starts to chant.

“Aleshia, Aleshia, Aleshia. Aleshia, Aleshia, Aleshia. Aleshia, Aleshia, Aleshia. Aleshia, Aleshia, Aleshia.”

Aleshia gets up on one knee. She is now standing. She drives an elbow, followed by another, into Kong’s gut. The hold is broken. With a rush of adrenaline, Aleshia hits the ropes to be turned inside out with a huge close line. It sends Aleshia to the floor. S.S. swings a chair to the face of Aleshia. Smack! Aleshia is down. S.S. lays her across a table. Kong, a huge woman, climbs to the top rope. She nails a twisting back flip, with great elevation and power sending Aleshia through the table. Both women are barley moving. The ref starts the count.

“1… 2… 3… 4… 5…”

There is some movement between the women. Aleshia is the first getting up. It is amazing how strong this woman is. Her blonde hair sways as she staggers up. Kong is taking longer. It looks like Kong took the brunt of the blow. The ref’s count continues.

“6… 7…”

S.S. is getting worried. She rolls her wrestler into the ring, which stops the count. They stagger up. Aleshia delivers jabs to the face of Kong. She is getting pumped up. Aleshia runs off the rope. She grabs a handful of Kong’s hair and slams her face first into the mat. Aleshia climbs to the top rope with a flipping senton bomb. As she mounts the turnbuckles to deliver another one, Kong grabs the ref.

Kong: “Ohh my knee! I think I broke it.”

Ref: “Hold on, Aleshia. Wait!”

Aleshia stands perched on the top rope, waiting like a hawk for its prey. The ref calls for the trainer. The trainer runs out.

Trainer: “Don’t move. Let me check your knee.”

The trainer bends her knees.

Trainer: “You are perfectly fine.”

While they are discussing Kong’s fake injury, S.S. sneaks up with a board. She nails Aleshia in her left leg. Aleshia tumbles to the outside of the ring, hitting her neck on the guard rail. Kong jumps up and runs to Aleshia. She kicks her in the leg again and again. She picks Aleshia’s leg up and slams it up against the railing. She pulls out the 60-pound metal stairs. She places the injured leg between the stairs and a metal post. And then with a powerful thrust kick, Kong crushes Aleshia’s leg between the post and the stairs. Aleshia is screaming out in pain. The ref has no control. Suzie Sweet puts Aleshia back in the ring. Kong applies a half crab, wrenching the injured leg.

Ref: “Aleshia, do you want to give up? If you give up I will stop the match and this will all be over.”

Aleshia: “No!”

Aleshia struggles for the ropes and makes it. She is holding her knee in pain. Queen Kong picks up the helpless Aleshia. Aleshia, with a low blow, sends Kong to her knees. Using her good leg, Aleshia nails a kick to the face of Kong. She then slaps on a DDT. She brings Kong to her feet and tries again but the patented move is successfully blocked with a power slam.

Aleshia staggers into the ropes, pulling herself up. It is a smart move for Kong to make Aleshia use her energy to pick herself up. The ref gives up on Aleshia. He waves his hands and calls for the bell.

Ref: “Ring the bell! She can’t take it anymore.”

Aleshia: “Yes I can.”

Ref: “This will probably cost you your career.”

Aleshia: “I don’t care! I will fight as long as I go out taking her ass with me.”

Ref: “If you wish. Restart the match.”

The bell rings again. The match gets underway.

Kong rushes in with a powerful kick to the back of Aleshia’s injured leg. Aleshia jumps up as Kong falls to her back. Aleshia picks her up and sets her on the turnbuckle. She climbs behind Kong. Susie Sweet climbs up onto the ring apron and nails a shot to the groin of Aleshia. She slides forward, only to be caught in the arms of Kong and finally to be piledriven from the top rope. Kong, who is obviously exhausted, rolls over for the cover and the pin.

“1… 2… 3…”

Finkle: “Your winner, Queen…”

The microphone is grabbed by Susie Sweet and she pushes the announcer away..

Susie Sweet: “We are gonna have some fun.”

Aleshia is out cold in the center of the ring. Susie brings in her black bag. She reaches into the bag and brings out four shiny shackles. Kong picks up her victim and seats her on a chair as Susie applies two shackles, securing her to the chair. They rip open her top exposing her beautiful breasts. Suzie walks over and rubs the nipples until they are hard.

S.S.: “Now let’s take away her pride and joy.”

Kong grabs out a pair of garden shears and holds them up for everyone to see. The metal is shining in the light. She opens the blades very wide. She makes snips in the air with the blades. SSSSWWWWIIIISSSSSHHHH. SSSSSWWWWIIIISSSHHHH.

S.S. pulls Aleshia’s long blonde hair and twists it tight in a ponytail. The teeth of the 12-inch blades got ready to meet the thick blonde mass. They dig in. SWWWAAAACCCK! The first sawing cut is made. The blonde hair falls to the ground. Her angel hair shredded. SWWWAAAAACCCKKK. SWAAACCCKKKK. SSSSSNNIIIPPP. The ponytail is free. Kong takes the ponytail and strokes it. She puts it in her own hair.

Kong grabs a pair of Oster clippers and mows them right through Aleshia’s forehead, straight to her nape. Five more passes set her free of her hair. It all lies on the floor now.

Kong leaves with Susie Sweet laughing and Aleshia still shackled in the center of the ring void of her pride and joy.


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