Princess and the Fantasy Haircut

Princess and the Fantasy Haircut

The Princess and The Fantasy Haircut An Erotic Hair Fantasy by Ian White

The Princess retired to her bedchamber after a long and gruelling day, and as she sat at her dressing table, she took one look in the mirror, and started to cry.

“I’ve been in this country for weeks, and just look at my hair. I need to find a hairdresser, but who can I trust?”

Her Prince, who had been lying on the bed listening, had a big smile on his face, and before he could say a word, the Princess turned to him and said: “What are you smiling at, can’t you see I’m in distress?”

“Yes, of course I can,” said the Prince. “But I am smiling because I know a man who would love to cut your hair.”

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“Who is this man? And where can I find him?” enquired the Princess.

“You’re looking at him, and I can’t wait to get my hands on your hair,” the Prince replied.

“What are you talking about? You’re not a hairdresser,” said the Princess.

” I know,” replied the Prince. “But I have this sexual fantasy about cutting a woman’s hair super short, and I want to cut yours. Do you trust me?”

The Princess looked a little startled, but didn’t say a word; she just looked at the Prince and started to smile. She walked over to where he was lying, and sat down beside him.

“I’m intrigued by this fantasy of yours, tell me more,” she said.

“Well it’s something I have had for a long time. I cannot explain where it started, or why, but every time I think about cutting a woman’s hair with clippers, I become so sexually aroused that I have an instant orgasm.”

“How wonderful,” said the Princess. “So if I let you cut my hair, what will you do for me in return?” she said.

“My Princess, after cutting your hair, my sexual urges will be so aroused that I will make love to you all night, every night,” replied the Prince.

The Princess couldn’t contain her excitement at the thought, and agreed to his request. “What do you want me to do now?” she asked.

The Prince told her to wait while he set things up in the spare room. After a short while, he said he was ready, and asked her to join him in the next room. She slowly walked out of her bedchamber, and into the room next door. As she paused in the doorway, she saw a chair in the middle of the room, and on a table nearby, she saw a comb, a brush, a cape, some scissors, and a pair of clippers. She hesitated, started to feel a little nervous, and took one step back. The Prince approached her and taking her by the hand, he led her into the room and towards the chair.

“Do you trust me?” asked the Prince.

“You know I do,” replied the Princess.

“Then there’s nothing to be afraid of,” said the Prince.

As the Princess stood there in the middle of the room, the Prince started to undress her.

“What are you doing?” said the Princess, slightly surprised by his actions.

“You will be more comfortable without your clothes, my darling,” said the Prince.

She said no more, and as the Prince continued to remove her clothes, she could feel herself relaxing a little. This was something totally new to her, and the thought of the unknown was starting to turn her on. The Prince stripped away each layer of clothing very gently, just like the attentive lover he was, and as he removed her bra, he gave her a little peck on each breast. That was all it took to really stimulate her, and she was now starting to feel a little wetness in her panties, something the Prince noticed when he gently removed them.

Before long, she stood there in front of her Prince, and lover, completely naked. The Prince smiled, and told her how beautiful she looked. She smiled back, and taking the Prince’s hand, she pushed it between her legs, where her pussy was all wet. He gently stroked her pink pubic lips with his fingers, and as she felt a shiver run down her spine, he stroked the dark cloud above it, which was her soft and curly pubic hair.

“I’ll deal with that later,” he said. “But right now I want to get my hands on your hair.”

As he said that, he took her hand and sat her down on the chair. She was starting to feel a little nervous again, as the Prince gathered up her long, thick hair, and pinned it to the top of her head. He then took the long black cape, and started to spread it out in front of her, she clenched her hands and placed them on her lap to stop them from shaking. The Prince put the cape around her, and as he fastened it behind her, he gave her another little kiss, this time on the nape of the neck. Another shiver went down her spine, and she could feel the wetness returning between her legs.

“How short do you want your hair cut, my Princess?” asked the Prince as he unpinned her hair and it cascaded down past her shoulders.

“As short as you like,” she replied. “I trust you.”

The Prince had a huge smile on his face, and couldn’t believe his luck. Tonight he was going to fulfil his deepest sexual fantasy, and the thought of it really aroused him. He took the comb from the table, and ran it through her hair, which was so silky and wonderful. Almost black in colour, it reached half way down her back, but being so thick, it had started to outgrow itself, which made it look wild, and out of control, and of course that was why the Princess hated the way it looked.

After combing her hair for a few minutes, he went to the table and picked up the scissors. He gathered her hair together tightly behind her head with his left hand, and with a few grinding snips, severed it at the base of her neck. He held the severed hair in his hand, admiring it for just a moment, before walking over to the table. He put down the scissors, and laid the handful of lifeless hair out on the table top, before picking up the clippers. Placing a very short attachment to the blades, and with the clippers in his right hand; he approached the Princess on her right side. She was startled by the buzzing sound as the Prince turned them on, and as she sensed the clippers coming nearer to her head, she felt even more nervous, so much so that her mouth began to go dry.

“Are you really sure about this?” asked the Prince.

The Princess didn’t speak, she just nodded her head, and so the haircut began.

The Prince pushed back the hair from the front of her face, and put the clippers in front of her right ear, before pushing them slowly up to her temple. The loud buzzing sound was replaced by a quiet hum, as the clipper blades cut through the silky dark hair, leaving short stubble behind, with her white scalp reflecting back amongst it. There wasn’t a mirror in front of her, so she wasn’t quite sure how short it was, but as the severed hair slid down the cape, and into her lap, she was only too aware that it was going to be very short.

The Prince carried on with the cutting, working around her ear, and as he did so, more and more hair joined the growing pile in her lap. The next thing she knew, the Prince was at her left side, and the clippers were cutting away at her beautiful hair. In what seemed like only a matter of minutes, the hair had been shorn from both sides of her head, and now the Prince was standing right behind her. She felt him put his hand on the top of her head, and then her head being pushed forward. Her chin stopped just short of resting on her chest, which was heaving heavily from her nervousness of the situation, and her eyes were firmly fixed on the severed hair in her lap. She then suddenly felt the coldness of the clipper blades on the back of her neck, and as the Prince held her head quite firmly, he pushed the clippers into her hair, up the back of her neck, and carried on right the way up to the crown. The Princess then felt a rush of cool air on the back of her neck and head, and started to feel very anxious. She knew that he was cutting her hair extremely short, and wondered what she had let herself in for, but she had put her faith in the Prince and she trusted him completely. After all, he wouldn’t think of doing anything she didn’t like, he loved her, so perhaps she was worrying needlessly.

The Prince continued to shear away all the hair from the back of her head, and the more he cut, the more aroused he became. This was his favourite part, something he had always dreamed about, and now it was reality. His hand started to shake a little and he could feel his penis becoming erect. He hesitated for a moment, and then finished off the back, which looked really good to him.

Just then he stepped in front of her, and switched off the clippers.

“I wonder if he’s finished,” thought the Princess, but she didn’t have long to wait for the answer.

“Do you want to keep your bangs?” asked the Prince.

“Well, I don’t know,” replied the Princess. “What do you think?”

“I’d like to take them off,” he said, “but I don’t want you to look too boyish.”

“I don’t think there’s too much chance of that, do you?” she replied.

And looking down at her, he couldn’t help but see the silhouette of her voluptuous breasts under the dark cape, and had to agree with her. She was the epitome of femininity, and he could have shaved her head, and she would still be every bit the woman that he fell so much in love with.

So with that thought in mind, and the Princess’s reassuring words, he changed the attachment on the clippers, switched them back on, and gently lifting the bangs, he placed them in the middle of her forehead and pushed them slowly back along the top of her scalp. The Princess felt a very strange vibrating sensation, and closed her eyes as the clippers continued their run along the top of her head. Although it felt quite weird at first, there was something about it that was really nice.

The Prince, sensing that she was actually getting some pleasure out of this haircut, reached under the cape and took the Princess’s hand. He held it tightly in his grasp, and placed it around the clippers on top of her head.

“There, my darling, doesn’t that just feel wonderful?” asked the Prince, guiding her hand as she began to clip off her own hair.

She had to admit that it did feel good, and stroke after stroke, she was enjoying sharing the experience with the man she loved more than anything. It was both exciting, and arousing, and she didn’t care how short her hair was, just as long as it fulfilled her Prince’s needs.

When the haircut was finally over, she finally got a chance the feel the shortness of the hair on her newly clipped head, and she was quite shocked. It felt horrendously short, so much shorter than it had ever been before, and she knew that it was going to take a long time to get used to.

“Well my Princess, what do you think?” enquired the Prince, standing in front of her, holding the mirror.

She looked at the reflection staring back at her, and being lost for words, started to cry.

“Oh no, what have I done to you my darling?” asked the Prince, his voice full of concern.

“Nothing my love, it’s just a bit of a shock. I love it, honestly,” replied the Princess.

“Thank goodness for that, I was starting to worry,” he said. “You know that I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you too much to do that.”

“Yes I know,” said the Princess. “I have to admit though, that I think it suits me like this, and it will be so easy to look after.”

“I am so glad,” replied the Prince. “I think that you look extremely sexy with your cropped hair.”

The Princess’s smile was like a beam of light, and knowing that she was pleased, he put down the mirror, unfastened the cape from around her neck, and taking her by the hand, led her back into her bedchamber. He was very aroused following the haircut, and couldn’t wait to show her just how much.

He sat her down on the bed, and jumped onto it himself. Lying beside her, he took her face in his hands, and looking deep into her beautiful dark eyes, kissed her passionately on the lips. She responded to him, and before long they were locked in a loving embrace. They stopped briefly while she helped him undress, and then it was back to what was to be the start of a night of unrivalled passion.

His Princess had allowed him to fulfil something that he thought he would never experience, and now it was his turn to show her just how much he loved her. As she lay there naked on the bed by his side, he just had to stop for a moment, and take in her beautiful nakedness. Her beautiful face was a real picture, and as she lay with her head on the pillow, she looked, and smiled adoringly at him. Her newly shorn hair cast a wonderful dark halo around her head, as if to highlight her beauty.

Her body looked so sexy, her beautiful neck leading his eyes down to her large, voluptuous breasts, and as his eyes wandered further, they were drawn to the dark mass of her pubic hair hiding her pubic lips, which were nestling between her wonderfully firm soft thighs.

The Prince couldn’t believe how lucky he was. Here he was, next to the most beautiful woman in the world, a woman who he loved, and adored, with all his heart, and knowing that she loved him too, and was waiting to make love to him, was an irresistible thought. He lent towards her, and gave her a gentle kiss. He then placed a series of kisses on her face, and neck, before kissing her passionately on the lips. She responded in the usual way, and as his tongue played with hers, they moaned slightly to acknowledge to each other that they were really enjoying what was happening.

After several minutes of being locked lip to lip, the Prince broke free, and started kissing her deeply on the side of the neck, before moving his lips slowly down her body. He stopped at her breasts, which were large, and soft, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to kiss them, and the large, hardening nipples, which he kissed and sucked.

He then cupped her breasts in his strong hands, and while his lips played with her nipples, his fingers massaged the wonderful soft skin.

He found her body so irresistible, but he also loved to kiss her sweet lips, and so he returned his lips to her sensual mouth, while his hands moved down her body to find that warm, and wet, haven of pleasure. The soft touch of her pubic hair guided him to where he wanted to be, and as his fingers found, and stroked her pubic lips, he could feel the wetness, telling him that she was waiting for his caresses. He ran his hand along her firm, soft, thighs, and then went back to her pussy, where he continued to stroke her nether lips. Sensing that she was ready for him, he parted them, and pushed his fingers inside. It was warm and wet within, and his fingers slid easy between the lips, and straight for her clitoris. The little nub of pleasure was soft and warm, and as he started to slowly rub it, she gave out a little moan, which although swallowed by his passionate kisses, was the sign that he had found the source of her delight. He knew that she was excited by his touch, and so as well as rubbing her clit, he occasionally thrust his fingers deep within her, which was welcomed by the increased moans. As the rubbing of her clitoris became more intense, it became swollen, like a succulent little bud. The wetness within her increased, until after a few minutes of stimulation, she grabbed his hand, and the explosion of pleasure, her orgasm, enveloped his fingers. He continually asked her if she was okay, and being the attentive lover that he was, he responded instantly to any sign that she was, or wasn’t happy with what he was doing. After all, his greatest wish was to bring her pleasure, and if she was happy, then so was he.

His Princess was multi-orgasmic, which was a delight to him, and meant that his efforts to bring her continuous pleasure were always successful. After several orgasms, he knew that she was ready to feel his penis within her, and as he was already highly turned on by everything they had been doing, his penis was large, hard, very erect, and ready to enter her.

The Princess never needed any encouragement when they were making love, and took great pleasure out of making her man feel good. She loved him so much, just as he loved her, and more besides. She liked to touch his entire body, and always lent a hand to stimulate him when needed, and especially between sessions when his libido had waned a little. As she moved across to the middle of the bed, getting ready to receive her lover, she could she his erect penis, and the sight of it made her so wet, which was just the invitation he needed to climb on top of her. They were both ready for the union of their two bodies, and as the Princess spread her legs apart, her lover, the Prince, inserted his penis into her warm, and very wet, vagina. She let out a small cry as he slowly thrust his penis deep inside of her. Being a considerate lover, he asked if everything was okay, and her reassuring words were all he needed to continue making love to her. His thrusts became quicker, and deeper, and as she responded to his actions with her cries of pleasure, he smothered her with passionate kisses. She was so tight, that as he drove his penis ever deeper, and harder, he was so stimulated that he could feel his passion getting ready to explode, and sure enough, as his seeds of love were released within her, he let out a huge cry of pleasure.

The Prince just lay on top of his Princess for a few minutes, while she stroked his hair.

“That was so good, and I love you so very much,” said the Princess

He returned the compliment by kissing her gently on the lips.

“Thank you my darling. I love you too, so much, so much, so much.”

She smiled that particular smile, and gave a little giggle. She was so happy, and contented, and wanted the moment to last forever. The Prince rolled off her, and as they quietly lay side by side, he looked deep into her eyes. He drew her close to him, kissed her softly, and as she rested her head on his chest, he touched her closely cropped hair.

“I love you my Princess with all my heart. You are my dream come true, and thank you for making this night so special.”

“I love you too, and thank you for the great haircut,” she replied.

“Oh that was my pleasure, and next time I’d love to shave your pubic hair,” said the Prince, with a big smile on his face.

The Princess giggled like a schoolgirl with a silly crush, and gave him such a come-on look that he found it too hard to resist, and before he knew it, they were locked in another loving embrace, and kissing passionately.

The story continues….

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