Saturday Haircut

Saturday Haircut

The Saturday Haircut – CrewCtGal

A ‘certain friend’ got me all excited Saturday with her ‘haircutting’ news over the ‘phone so I begged Michelle to cut mine for me too. When I called she was a bit off-putting, reminding me it still was not more than a 1/2″ or so long from the last boot camp cut she gave me. (It was actually a full inch at the front – I measured it!) However when I got to the shop she was her usual welcoming self and was by now as excited about clippering me I was. Her Boss was about ready to leave, but he stopped long enough to watch Michelle wet my hair and plaster it with gel. Chatting and also being very friendly. He left as Mich began to dry my hair, brushing it upwards furiously with a hand brush of pure bristle.

She had told me she was going to get it back into a flat top again. I didn’t see how she could. This meant that the front would be virtually uncut – except for shaping – and also implied that the crown hair would have to be clippered too short to pick up between finger and thumb, in order for the top plane to be perfectly level and flat, both across my head, and from front to back. (If you don’t quite understand this last point, take a ruler or something flat to the mirror and place it on the top of your head… see? [ ; D )

When my hair was dry, there were two ridges of higher (longer) hair down each side of my head, with the hair in the middle, directly on top, being shorter. This was because the last cut was a clipper-cut that cut the top hair all to the same length in line with the shape of my skull. Blow drying my hair to stand up meant that the sides appeared to be different length to the top.

Michelle took her smaller white clipper and a finely toothed comb and the first cut was right at my left temple, buzzed down to the thickness of the comb! The implications for the eventual length of the hair beneath this level changed my expression – Mich giggled and then cropped another pass. The comb, being one of her white plastic ones rang musically as the clipper teeth gnawed along them. She clippered down the other temple, then, snapping the lever that extends the teeth out – I call it the overbite position (Hey! I have one too!) – she began to taper around my ears, passing up the clipper to the start of the curve of my head. She took a wide legged stance behind me, cupped my chin in her left hand and stared at my reflection in the mirror with her black-brown eyes. (I know… I loved it too!) She made several steady passes of the clipper over my head, leveling off the top to that flat line from which the cut gets its name. I always keep VERY still when this is being done!

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Now she turned the clipper head to a slight angle and they passed, from back to front, spilling all the longer side hair that was tufting up either side of the level plain. Now I had a flat top – she had managed to do it perfectly. Mich stepped into her boss’s bay. I knew what that meant, the big ‘master’ clipper, noisy, ultra-sharp and brutal. I grew weak. She turned them on, and, with no guides shaved my nape. The harsh zip-zip of the hair being shaved, the cold steel clipper head, her warm sweet breath of my shaved neck… oOooooooOo.

She literally shaved the hair under my temples, laying my untanned skin bare around my ears and cheekbones.

If I look up into my mirror here I see the clipper shaved shape of my head, the ears bare, then at eye level the head curves in but, unless I lowered my head the curve is abruptly terminated across its top by a perfectly flat line. If I do lower my head, chin tucked in, I see right through the clipper cut top hairs to my scalp – pink, sprinkled with blond.

I love the feel of running my fingers up my shaved neck, finding the first rasp of bristle, so short as to be below the skin, at earlobe level, then the firm stubble grows softer as my hand reaches my crown… no, I can not grip it between my finger and thumb – too short. Then my hand passes onto the flat top, a soft tickle and tiny whisper of sound, then the front ‘widow’s peak’ springs up under my hand and re-erects with a flick.

Yes. I like it very much.


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