If you want to look like a boy…

If you want to look like a boy

The following story contains a forced female haircut and a spanking. It is intended as a fantasy for adults, and does not advocate such activities in real life. If you are offended by such scenarios, please do not read any further.


Jenny North stood glumly in the corner of her new bedroom, watching in helplessness as her Aunt Alice opened her suitcase and began plowing through its contents.

“I don’t know why a pretty girl like you has so many pairs of pants,” said the stunning forty-two-year-old as she threw another pair of Jenny’s designer jeans onto the pile on the floor. “The idea that a lovely young lady would want to run around dressed like a boy is a mystery to me!”

Jenny pulled down at the hem of the short pink skirt her aunt had ordered her into only minutes before, looked ruefully at the closetful of similar smocks in the open closet, and bit her lip.

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“That’s it,” said Aunt Alice as she began loading the pile of clothes into a box marked `Salvation Army.’ “Now let’s go into the bathroom and scrub off your makeup and see if we can do something with your hair.”

The sixteen year old had moved in with her no-nonsense aunt after being arrested for marijuana possession on the school grounds. She had been expelled and would be put in a strict boarding school in Kansas in September, but with the summer break upon them, Jenny’s widowed father had decided to send Jenny to live with his sister Alice, a serious-minded Junior High School vice principal with a hard-earned reputation as a disciplinarian. Jenny winced as Alice twisted a handful of her wild, shoulder-length chestnut hair into a pigtail and fastened it tightly with a rubber band. The girl couldn’t conceal an expression of rage from her cherubic face as the older woman went to work on the other side, and silently slitted her eyes into a killer’s stare at her aunt.

“You wipe that angry look off your face right now,” snapped Alice as she pulled hard at Jenny’s pigtail, making the girl cry out in pain. Giving Jenny a harsh stare that instantaneously wiped out her niece’s own sad frown, the woman made a final wrap with the rubber band, regarded her work with satisfaction, and suddenly grabbed Jenny’s ear and marched her young charge into the living room.

“As long as you’re in this house, you’re going to live by my rules,” said Alice as she hunted for her car keys out of her purse. “You’re going to have chores, summer school work, and a 8:00 curfew, and if you mess up you’re going to be punished!”

Jenny stood awkwardly listening to her aunt’s dictates, still uncomfortable with the ultra short skirt she was being forced to wear. “Can’t I keep just one pair of jeans?” whined the girl as her aunt retrieved the charity box from the bedroom. “I look like such a geek in this skirt with these stupid pigtails!”

“Absolutely not,” snapped the aunt, as she loaded Jenny’s old wardrobe into the back of her car. “I’m not going to have you running around here dressed like a boy all summer, and that’s that! And if you want to keep your hair that long, it’s GOING to be in pigtails—otherwise it gets chopped off! Understand?”

Jenny rewarded her aunt’s obviously empty threat with a sarcastic smirk, but said nothing. Alice bit her lip as she got into her sedan. “Don’t think I’m joking,” snapped the woman sternly as she turned on the ignition. “I punish disobedient children all day at work, so don’t think for a second that I’ll hesitate to do it at home. Now I have a meeting to go to after I drop off this box, so I’ll be back at 6:00. I want you to clean the bathroom while I’m gone, and put some potatoes on to boil at about 5:00 for dinner.”

Jenny waited until her aunt had driven safely away before sticking her tongue out at her new warden. Satisfied at her act of rebellion, Jenny reached into the pocket of her detested pink uniform, and pulled out the Visa card that she had stolen from her aunt’s purse when she arrived at the house. “Time for a shopping spree,” the girl smiled to herself, and began mincing happily to the nearby mall. Jenny reached the shopping center at 12:30, giving her plenty of time to buy new clothes, get back home, hide them, and do her stupid chores before the warden got back. The first thing the sixteen- year-old did was make a beeline for the most expensive women’s store she could find to get some new designer jeans and shed the hated pink frock that she had on. The girl felt an uncontrollable sense of giddiness as she went into the dressing room and peeled of the frilly pink dress and lacy panties and slid into the $85 Calvin Kleins and white tank top. Jenny regarded herself happily in the mirror as she pulled her tresses out of the tight pigtails, leaving them to flow freely down her back.

“I think that I need some jewelry to go with this,” smiled Jenny to herself as she retrieved the credit card from the salesgirl and began exploring the mall.

It was a short walk back to Aunt Alice’s house, but Jenny could barely negotiate it with all the packages she was carrying. The girl snuck happily in the front door and placed her packages down, rewarding the room with a self-satisfied smirk at her perfect crime. The young beauty began hauling her booty to her room, only to be stopped in mid-step by a clipped voice from behind her.

“I see you’ve had a busy day.”

Jenny turned around slowly to see her Aunt Alice sitting in the kitchen wearing a look that made the girl felt like she was shrinking at the power of it. Jenny could see her aunt’s car parked in the back alley from the kitchen window, the charity box still sitting in the back seat.

“I just drove the car around the block,” said the stone-faced woman as she rose from her chair and approached her young niece. “I thought that I’d better come back home when I noticed that my Visa card was gone when I was hunting for my car keys.”

Jenny tried desperately to find some words to excuse herself, but but remained silent as her aunt cooly inspected the chestnut hair flowing once again down the girl’s back.

“I see you couldn’t live with the pigtails,” said the brunette beauty from between clenched teeth. “And I also see that you bought yourself some new pants. Well, they can be returned; but if you’re so desperate to look like a boy, we can make you look like a boy. Come with me!”

Jenny let out a shriek of pain as Alice grabbed her by the ear and marched her into the bathroom. The girl tried to protest as the woman threw her into a black folding chair and silently draped a towel over her shoulders. Jenny didn’t know what this was about until she saw her infuriated aunt grab a huge pair of shears out of a drawer and take a thick lock of Jenny’s hair at earlobe level. Realizing her aunt’s intentions the girl screamed and jumped out of the chair, only to be met with a ringing slap in the face that sent tears streaming down her soft round cheeks.

“You get back in that chair,” hissed Alice as Jenny stood paralyzed for a moment. “If you want to look like a boy, you’re going to look like a boy. Sit down. Now!”

Jenny stood stiffly crying, until another slap in the face sent her back into the chair. The girl’s eyes grew to the size of saucers as her aunt forcefully grabbed another thick handful of the chestnut tresses and sternly sunk the shears into them. The thickness of the lock made the scissors tear through slowly, but the shears were finally victorious as the blades met with a loud “SNIP!”, floating the two-foot length of chestnut down to the pre-washed demin covering Jenny’s lap. Alice rewarded Jenny with a triumphant smirk as the girl stared in terror at the reflection of her newly exposed ear lobe. Tears began pouring out of the girl’s eyes as her aunt made the slow and awkward trail with the shears along the back of her neck, leaving a sloppy and uneven line along the back of the girl’s neck. But that was just a warm-up, as the woman unsympathetically began taking huge and random hacks along Jenny’s scalp, leaving a jagged matt of short, bristly hair. Jenny was crying even harder as her aunt left the room suddenly, returning seconds later with the clippers that she used on her dog.

“You do look more like a boy now, so you should be happy,” said Alice sarcastically as she plugged in the clippers. “But it’s summertime, and the boys at my school always show up with crew cuts just before summer vacation starts, so I guess that’s what you want, too.” The girl’s hysterics increased to the maximum capacity as the loud buzz of the clippers began making their way across her scalp. Within seconds, her head was covered only by a microscopic stubble. “Well, you look just like a boy now,” said Alice as she snapped off the clippers with a loud ‘CLICK!’ “But now that you’ve gotten what you wanted, you’re going to have to be punished for stealing my credit card. Get into the living room. Now!”

Jenny was still crying at the sight of her shaven reflection, so Alice grabbed her once- again by the ear and minced-marched her into the parlor. Freed from the cruel image in the mirror, the girl’s crying subsided enough where she could hear what her aunt was saying.

“Take those jeans off,” barked the woman as she sat herself stiffly in an amless wooden chair. “Now!”

Jenny felt too weak to offer any resistance, so she mindlessly unbuttoned the faded jeans that still had clumps of long hair sticking to them and slid them down to the floor, not noticing that she was not wearing panties. She awkwardly kicked her expensive new running shoes off and removed the jeans, finally noticing that her neatly trimmed line of pubic hair was fully visible to her aunt. Miserably, the girl folded her hands over her private parts and looked pathetically down at her aunt’s homicidal glare.

“What you did was inexcusable, young lady,” scolded the woman as Jenny’s lower lip trembled in shame. “You stole my credit card, you wore clothes that are against the dress code, you disobeyed me and you didn’t do your chores. You’re going to be punished. How should I punish you?”

Jenny didn’t answer. She realized that what she done was stupid and inconsiderate, but after what she’d just been through, she thought that was enough. “I…I thought the haircut WAS my punishment,” snivelled the child.

“The haircut was something that you asked for,” snapped back Alice. “And since you want it so badly, you’re going to get one just like it once a week from now on— including when you go to boarding school, I’ll see to that. But since you look like one of the little boys who attend my school, I think I’d better punish you like one. And when a student gets sent to my office for stealing, that means they get a spanking. So get across my lap, young lady. Now.”

Jenny’s eyes widened at her aunt’s command and was about to protest, but Alice wasn’t in the mood for any more arguing and quickly pulled the girl across her lap. Jenny tried to fight, but her aunt had given thousands of tannings in her years at school and easily pinned her niece down. Jenny began kicking wildly as spank after spank came crashing down on her bare bottom. Alice looked down at her young niece as she continued the spanking. As the girl’s bottom turned increasingly bright shades of red, the older woman could actually sense the rebellious strength running out of the girl’s body. If haircuts and spankings were what it took to keep her in line, haircuts and spankings were what she was going to get. Jenny’s screams could easily be heard from a block away, but Alice continued the spanking until the strength had completely run out of her niece’s body. Jenny laid across her aunt’s lap like a limp rag doll, her white- knuckled fists clamped to the legs of the chair. After ten final crisps that that the girl responded to with equally crisp yelps, Alice began softly rubbing the girl’s crimsom bottom.

“Are you going to be a good girl from now on?” asked the woman.


“Yes what?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“Are you going to ever take my credit card again?,” asked Alice, still softly rubbing her niece’s swollen fanny.

“No, Ma’am.”

“Are you going to sit obediently for your weekly haircut, and wear dresses, and do your chores, and take a spanking when you need one?” continued Alice quietly.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Alice looked kindly down at Jenny, and thought that perhaps she had gotten through to her niece. “Okay,” said the woman, pulling her young charge from off her lap. “You go stand in the corner for fifteen minutes and pull yourself together and think what we just talked about. Then go into your room, put on a dress and get ready for dinner…”

Jenny slowly trudged to the corner as her aunt regarded the girl’s newly shorn scalp. Chuckling to herself, Alice added one more thing: “…like a good GIRL.”


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