Phantom Barber

Phantom Barber

Phantom Barber

It was another hot summer night in a typical rural Georgia town. Four local High School girls were hanging out at the end of a deserted street, talking and drinking beer, that they had appropriated from their fathers’ private stock. Becky a cute blonde who had her long locks pulled back and tied in a braid, was arguing with another girl with short brown hair , named Tammy Faye. Tammy Faye was joined by her cousin Alicia, and Becky by her friend Jennifer.

“I tell you this is the truth, I swear on a stack of Bibles, that Barber shop is haunted!” exclaimed Tammy Faye.

“You’re full of it, girl!” replied a disbelieving Becky.

“I should know, shouldn’t I, it’s my father’s shop!” Tammy Faye came back.

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“Yeah, and the ghost is probably Casper, right.” quipped Becky, drawing a laugh form the other girls in the group.

“It’s the ghost of my Great Uncle Fred Jones, that’s who it is. He killed himself right there in the shop, twenty years ago this very night!” explained Tammy Faye.

“Yeah right, and this is ‘The Twilight Zone’ and I’m Rod Serling.” replied Becky while humming the theme song from the TV show. The other girls giggled again. Tammy Faye, who by now was getting a little perturbed, then issued this challenge.

“OK, Miss Skeptical, Fifty bucks says you aren’t brave enough to spend the night alone in the shop.”

Becky answered immediately, “And if I chicken out, what do I forfeit? I don’t have fifty to put up.” Tammy Faye face broke into a sly smile as she eyed Becky’s long blonde braid.

“I get to give you a haircut,” she replied.

Becky froze for a second and said, “I don’t know about this bet. The last girl that lost a bet, and had to sit in your barber’s chair, the Asian girl with the long black hair, came out looking like she was ready to become a Buddhist nun!”

“Well girls, do I detect a chicken in our midst?” taunted Tammy Faye.

Becky was thinking it over. Tammy Faye was the daughter of a barber and by now knew how to cut hair very well. In fact she was going to get her License soon. However, she had a little quirk. She really enjoyed doing drastic makeovers on girls, very long to very short and her favorite a shaved head. She was well known to wrangle other girls, especially those with long hair, into hair bets, and when she won, take them though a series of shorter and shorter haircuts till she was shaving their scalp smooth and bald. Becky was well aware of Tammy Faye’s reputation, and was carefully considering the offer. Well at least as careful as one can be after a few beers. Finally Becky approached Tammy Faye with a outstretched hand, and the girls had a deal. The girls dumped the empties and headed over to the barbershop on Main Street.

Fred Jones’s story was a tragic one at best. He had been the town barber for thirty years, and was a well-liked and personable man. He never married and lived a simple bachelor existence. At least until a very sexy young women came to town. She was gorgeous with long blonde hair, and to Fred’s and everyone’s surprise took a liking to old Fred. They started to date and soon became quite the couple. Fred was completely aesthetic with his new love, and showered her with anything and everything she wanted. He even managed to deplete his life savings just to keep her happy. Unfortunately for poor Fred, his lady love just took off one day in the new car he had brought her, and was never heard from again. Fred sank into a black depression from which he never returned, and a week after she left him, exactly twenty years ago this evening, Fred took his own life. It was rumored that poor Fred’s ghost still roamed the barber shop at night.

The girls reached the back door to the barbershop, and with her key Tammy Faye let them in. The blinds and shades were drawn so Tammy turned on the lights. Becky walked in and sat down in the first chair. The other girls relaxed and in the chairs around the room. Tammy Faye got up and picked up her father’s Oster clippers and played with them while eyeing Becky in the chair, and said, “I can’t wait to sink these into that long blonde mane of yours Becky.”

To which Becky replied, “Only in your dreams girl, tomorrow morning you’ll owe me fifty bucks. This is will be a piece of cake.”

“Don’t get over confident, my soon to be ex-blonde, it’s only eleven o’clock, things don’t get interesting here till midnight.” warned Tammy Faye.

The girls were leaving Becky alone in the shop, and it was agreed that Tammy Faye would come back at 6:00 AM, before her father opened, to get Becky, if she was still there. On the way out Becky said to Tammy Faye, “See you at six dear.”

Becky gathered up a pile of reading material and went back and sat on the barber’s chair. She was busy reading though the comics and men’s magazines and didn’t happen to notice the time. The hands of the clock were pointing straight up and that witching hour had arrived. A sudden cold sensation permeated the shop and even Becky noticed the change. “Must be a draft from some place,” she reasoned in her mind. She started to get an uneasy feeling, and looked up from her reading, into the mirror in front of her. She could almost make out a kind of blurry shape behind her. Her skin started to develop goose bumps and her heart picked up a little. She tried to rationalize it in her mind, but she dared not turn her head to see if there was really something there or not. The sensation lasted a few more minutes and then as quickly as it appeared it vanished. She thought, “Big deal, if that’s the best you can do, I can feel that fifty bucks in my hand now.” After a number of magazines and comics Becky was starting to get tired. She thought, “There is nothing in the bet about falling asleep, I’ll get a little shut eye, and collect the money in the morning.” She closed her eyes and soon succumbed to the tiredness.

Becky started to open her eyes, and could make out the clock on the wall to be 3:00 am. She went to get up from the chair when she noticed that she couldn’t. She tried to move her hands and feet but couldn’t. She looked and realized that she had been bound to the barber chair with surgical adhesive tape! Even her mouth was taped shut. She started to perceive that cold creepy feeling again. In the mirror she could barely make out the vague protoplasmic form of a man in a white barbers jacket, looking back at her. She started to panic, but managed to calm herself down, and did a little praying also. All of a sudden a barbers cape appeared to float through the air and ended being tied around Becky’s neck. The little piece of tissue around her neck was next. Through all this Becky could sense the cold spirit form as it approached her. She knew that she was in for a haircut of some kind, by this eerie specter.

As she watched in the mirror a pair of large shears started to float towards her. They opened their jaws and approached her beautiful braid. Becky could feel the cold steel bite into her lovely blonde hair, chopping down though her thick braid. The jaws finally closed and her braid along with the shears floated through the air. A barber’s comb and cutting scissors were the next tools of the trade to levitate. She again felt the cold energy of the apparition as it started to clip away at what was left of her golden locks. From the way this spirit was cutting she could see that she was being given a regular man’s style haircut. The scissors reduced her once long hair to a much shorter length, as she started to see herself with a boyish cut. The scissors were soon replaced by the Oster clippers. The clippers buzzed the sides and back by the nape to finish this transformation. The phantom then stopped for a while, as if to admire his work. Becky hoped that this was the end of her haircut.

She knew that it wasn’t when she heard the snap of the switch as the big Osters buzzed back to action. The clippers were now wearing a guard, and within seconds set upon Becky’s head. The clippers were now busy reducing the back and the sides to a short blonde fur. When done they and the comb started working on the top. The hair on the top was rubbed with some butch wax and cut down to about a half-inch flat top. Clippers stopped, and again Becky hoped that this was the final style.

When she saw the guard come off the clippers she knew that her hopes were in vain. Becky realized that by morning she would probably have not a single hair on her head. With the start of the buzzing sound, Becky resigned herself that she would soon be bald. The Oster, with its naked close cutting blades, touched the front of her head. With a smooth steady motion this machine plowed its way across the top of Becky’s head, leaving in its wake a patch of naked hairless skin. It reached the back and came back for another helping of the short blonde hair that it was fond of devouring. Soon the entire top of Becky’s head was bald. They moved to the right side of her head shearing off the blonde fur and sending little tufts flying in the air. In front of the ear, behind the ear, and in the back the relentless clippers reduced whatever short crop she had to white skin. The finally clippers fell silent, only because there was no more blonde nourishment for it to consume.

Becky’s head had been reduced to a fine blonde stubble, but she had little time to rest, for she began to perceive a warm soapy sensation covering her scalp. She could feel that she was being lathered up and she heard the characteristic slapping sound of a straight razor being honed on a strop. The scraping sensation of a straight razor moving across her scalp was her next perception. The sharp honed blade moved carefully over her entire scalp removing the remaining stubble that had been left by the clippers. When that was finished her scalp was lathered again and this time a disposable razor was used, leaving the already smooth scalp even smoother. Finally a towel wiped off any remaining lather, and the mysterious specter held up a mirror and showed the unwilling Becky the results of her de- tressing. Becky took a long look at her naked head. Her whole scalp was smooth and hairless, not even a trace of stubble. Looking at herself now, it was hard to tell she ever had hair. She could see the shape of the back of her head, and the indentation in the neck beneath the base of the skull. The mirror was put back and soon the whole sensation of the specter started to dissolve. The energy in the room soon returned to normal and there Becky sat bound to the chair, and gagged staring at her hairless pate in the mirror.

It seemed like an eternity till Becky heard the sound of the back door of the barbershop being unlocked. The door shut and the sound of footsteps could be heard walking toward the front room. Becky turned her head toward the back of the shop anticipating Tammy Faye’s impending entrance. Tammy Faye’s voice pierced the silence, “Hello, Becky are you here? I hope you’re not.”

Becky was trying to scream though her taped mouth with little success. Tammy Faye entered the room. When she saw Becky, with the barber’s cape, sitting in the chair, with her clean shaven head, her mouth dropped open. Tammy Faye nearly had an orgasm. She felt herself getting hot and moist, and she said, “My oh my, what do we have here? If it isn’t a little baldie girl.” Tammy Faye walked over to the helpless Becky who by now was screaming at the top of her lungs through her taped mouth to be released. Tammy Faye gently started to run her fingers over Becky’s smooth scalp, and says, “Emm, this feels so good, I guess the ghost of my dear departed Great Uncle beat me to the punch.” Tammy Faye reached over to the counter and garbed a bottle of baby oil and putting some in her palm, started to massage it in to Becky’s smooth scalp in a sensuous manner. “OK Becky, I’ve had my fun, I’ll let you out of that chair. She removed the cape, and cut the bonds that held poor Becky to the chair.

Becky immediately jumped out of the chair and ripped the tape off her mouth and said, “Took your sweet old time didn’t you, Tammy Faye? Where’s my fifty dollars, I think I earned it, don’t you?”

“Honey, fifty dollars is a cheap price to pay to see what I saw this morning.” Tammy Faye replied handing her the money.

Tammy Faye grabbed the cut-off blonde braid from the floor, and both girls swept up the hair left on the floor. They put everything in order and left by the back door. As they were walking home Tammy Faye asked Becky, “Well Beck, what do you think of your new hairless style?”

Becky answered, “Well at first I was totally freaked out by it, but after staring at it for two hours I’ve started to dig it. Actually I was going to ask you if I could come over tomorrow and you could give me another shave to keep it smooth.”

Tammy Faye snapped back, “I’d love to girl, come over anytime, I know you’ll enjoy it.” The two girls laughed and walked toward Tammy Faye’s house.

After this incident it seems that no one ever heard from the ghost of poor old Fred Jones, maybe Becky’s little haircut released him. Hopefully he can now go find peace in the great barbershop of the hereafter.


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