Gina’s New Job

Gina's New Job

Gina’s New Job (Adult bondage headshaving story)

It wasn’t long after Gina became Danny’s slave that she broke the BIG RULE. Just six months before, the slim, pretty 18 year-old had been a virgin. Now, there she was , on her knees with her hands tied behind her back, sucking her master’s dick and craving punishment. She knew Danny hated to see his juice spit out. She would get a severe punishment for doing it, but that’s what she wanted. After he squirted off into her slippery mouth she looked him in the eye and paused for a moment, then wilfully opened her mouth and let the entire load dribble onto his thigh.

“You stupid bitch!” he shouted, and slapped her face.

He looked madder than she had ever seen him, and she started to cry. She loved it when he made her cry, but she wondered if she had gone too far. He didn’t slap her again, though. When he cooled down he tied her to her bed and turn out the lights. “Get a good night’s sleep,” he said before he closed the door, “because in the morning you’re going on a job interview.” She was sleepless for a while, getting horny wondering what he meant about the job, and what would happen to her.

The next morning, Danny ordered her into the car and headed downtown. He still didn’t say what her punishment was to be, and she knew better than to ask. She remained silent until he parked in an alley behind a row of stores and rang the bell at a door marked “NICK’S”. They were led into a room with six red leather and porcelain chairs. Gina realized it was a barber shop, and got scared when she heard the door lock behind her. “Are you going to get a haircut?” she asked Dan, although she feared something else. Her fear was realized when Dan replied,

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“No, you are!”

She turned in a blind panic and tried to run, but Dan grabbed her, and with the help of the barber stripped her and bound her to one of the chairs with leather straps around her wrists and ankles. Her long, dark hair was lifted up momentarily while a red and white striped cape was fastened tightly around her neck. Dan and Nick left her tied there for a few minutes and conversed softly at the other end of the shop. When they came back, the barber addressed her.

“Danny tells me you’ve been a bad girl and need to learn a lesson.” He took a pair of scissors out of his pocket, opening and closing them before her eyes. “Let’s see if we can teach you something with these.”

Tears welled up in her eyes. “Please, no, not my HAIR!” she cried, but they showed no mercy. Danny stood at one side of the chair and held her head still while Nick placed the blades of his scissors into the silky black hair in front of her ear and made the first cut. She got an empty feeling in her stomach when she heard the scissors crunch through the long strands. She begged them to stop, but Dan just told her to shut up and sit still if she wanted any hair at all left when they let her out of the chair. She stopped struggling and just cried while Nick continued around her head, shearing off….

Nick stood back to admire his work while Dan ran his fingers through the cropped remains of her crowning glory.

It was like a nightmare to her. She thought she looked horrible, but Dan was getting turned on. Her eyes dried a little, and she was thinking that as much as she hated having short hair, a good stylist might be able to repair the damage. That theory was shot to hell when Nick came up behind her, switched on the electric clippers, and tightly grabbed a handful of hair on top of her head to hold her still. She tried to move her head away as the buzz of the clippers got louder in her ear, but Nick just pulled on her hair until it hurt, and she couldn’t get away. Then she felt the vibration of the clippers on her cheek, and the terrible sound of her hair being clipped to bristles as he ran a path right up the side of her head and over the top. She couldn’t stand it, and tried once more to twist her head away.

“Look, slut, it’s too late now,” said Nick, letting go of her hair. “If you sit still for your haircut like a good girl you’ll get a nice little crewcut. If you don’t, I have to shave you baldheaded.”

“Not bald!” she managed to choke out between sobs. “Please, anything but that!”

“Okay then,” Nick said, lifting her chin with his finger. “Sit up straight and watch in the mirror while I finish your haircut.”

She tried her best to hold still while she suffered the ordeal of the clippers buzzing all over her head. Nick slapped her when he caught her closing her eyes, so she had to watch in the mirror as thick clumps of hair fell away from her head and dropped to the floor. After what seemed like an eternity Nick switched off his clippers for a moment to change attachments. Gina couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror: A female Marine! She sobbed so hard she got the hiccups.

While Nick was using the bare blade of his clipper to shave her neck, she let out a big, involuntary “HIC,” and the clippers jumped, spoiling the V-shaped outline he was trying to create. “Damn it, I told you to be still,” he scolded. “Now I’ll have to shave it all off,” he commented, and immediately began rasping a bare strip up behind her ear and right over the top of her head to the front. When Gina saw the result she went into a state of shock. Her head slumped down, not from shame, but because she had lost control of the muscles in her neck, and everywhere else. “Please, it wasn’t my fault,” she sobbed over and over, but the clippers kept traveling over her head until all she had left was a shadow. Then she felt the hot lather spread over her exposed scalp, followed by the scrape of Nick’s straight razor. He shaved her face too, removing the baby fine down from her cheeks and upper lip.

When Nick unstrapped her legs she thought it was over. Instead he hooked her knees over the arms of the chair and pulled her sweet young ass forward until it was on the edge of the seat. She was beyond any kind of resistance then Nick again took up his clippers and sheared her exposed crotch from belly to butt, followed by the steaming lather and the razor. As a finishing touch, he shaved away the fine hair on her forearms. The cape was removed, and her arms were unstrapped.

She hated seeing herself that way, but she couldn’t look away. Nick wiped the remnants of cream and stubble from her denuded crotch and announced, “All done!” Then he planted a big, open-mouthed kiss squarely on her sex, probing deeply with his tongue. Danny stroked her hairless scalp and leaned over to kiss her, while Nick kept sucking on her shaven bottom. “I’m sorry this had to happen,” whispered Danny, between kissing all over her face and bald head, “but you asked for it.”

He palmed the back of her head and turned it toward the mirror. “Well, how do you like your new haircut?”

“If you like it, master, I like it too.” She meant it in a way.

Danny seemed to love it. She knew it was time for love now that her punishment was over, and it really felt good to have her bald head and slit licked simultaneously. She would get a wig to wear in public until it grew back.

Danny unzipped and pressed the head of his throbber at her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked his organ greedily, but not sloppily. Even though she was climaxing on Nick’s hot tongue at the same time Danny squirted into her mouth, she swallowed it all without losing a drop. Next, Nick took her place in the chair and pulled his pants down. It was the first time she’d gone down on another man, and she was surprised to find Nick’s cock and balls completely shaven. Once again she had a hot, wet blowjob but not even a drop of saliva leaking past her soft lips.

“Ohhhh! She sucks so good,” Nick moaned after he came.

“Yeah,” Danny replied, “she’s learning. Okay, Gina, you can get dressed now.” She avoided looking in the mirror while she pulled on her panties and spandex slacks, grateful for the opportunity to cover her shaven privates. It was still early, and all she could think about was getting home before anyone else saw her bald. Danny addressed Nick.

“Well, what do you think? Can you take her on for a while?”

“Sure,” Nick replied. “Nothing like a baldheaded blow job to bring in the customers.”

Gina stopped buttoning up her blouse and looked at Danny sadly as he walked toward the back door. See you at five, cunt. Until then, Nick is the boss. You do everything he says, and I’ll be real nice to you after work. Understand?”

“Yes, master.” Her voice broke on the last syllable. She felt totally hopeless. Danny had left her alone with a stranger who’d just stripped her of her femininity. So this was the “job” Danny had mentioned the night before. She didn’t think she could be more humiliated than to be a bald woman. Nick was fully aware of her fragile emotional state. He looked at the clock. 8:30.

“Okay, it’s half an hour till opening tome, so let’s get this place cleaned up. There’s a dustpan and brush over there. For a start, let’s get all that garbage swept up.” Nick indicated Gina’s shorn hair on the barbershop floor. Nick went to open the blinds as Gina reluctantly knelt and swept up the tresses that had just been shaved away after a lifetime of long hair. Now it was only ‘garbage,’ she thought. She felt the heat of the sun on her bare pate when Nick raised the blinds at the front of the shop… another reminder that she was now baldheaded. She tried not to notice the pedestrians who were already lingering at the front window, staring at her bald head while she dumped pile after pile of her shorn locks into a wastebasket lined with a white plastic bag. A baldheaded freak! The beautiful hairless teenager began to cry again, but no tears came out. They had all been used up long before.


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