Bedroom Cut

Bedroom Cut

She sat atop me with her breasts shaking back and forth. I watched her throw her head forward and from side to side, her long brown hair flowing back and forth. I told her yesterday how much I wanted her to get that long hair cut off. I got tired of it hitting me in the face when we made love. I watched as she leaned way back and reached to the edge of the bed. She picked up a shiny pair of scissors and told me to enjoy this, because she was doing it only for me. She reached up with her left hand as she rode my cock. Her hand now reached her long bangs. I watched in amazement as she slid the scissors into that tangled mass of hanging hair. She said for me to watch as she hacked off an 18-inch chunk of her bangs. She threw them onto my chest and felt me pump her even faster. She asked if I wanted her to chop any more of her lovely hair off.

I replied, “Yes.”

With that she got off me, turned around facing my feet and mounted me once more. I watched as she arched her back and lowered her long hair backwards onto my body. She reached around to her back as she rode me and placed the scissors into my hand. I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to hack her long hair off. She told me, “Just do it.” I reached up into her long brown hair, grabbed a hank of her hair, raised the scissors and placed them into it. I closed the scissors with such force that a 5-inch section of her long mid-shoulder hair fell onto my body.

I heard her scream, “I want you to come as you cut my long hair all off.”

I started pumping as fast as I could, putting down the scissors so as not to accidentally cut her. She reached for the scissors, and with her free hand reached up and grabbed a big chunk of hair right on the top of her head and placed the scissors at the base of it and hacked it right off. I felt my body surge as she dropped the hair over her shoulders and it fell onto my face. I came inside her shaved pussy as I watched her hack another hank of hair from her head. My wife then got off me and asked that I climb on top of her. I mounded her missionary style, and lay face to face with her. I told her how much I loved her and my hands went up into her butchered hair. I felt the bristles of the short hair were her bangs once were, and saw the quarter-inch-long nubs on top of her head. She asked me to start pumping again and this time to slowly cut the rest of her long hair off. She said she wanted to be bald for me and would allow me to cut her hair all off. I slowly started cutting as I started pumping her again


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