Nurse Brooks’ Barber Shop Part II – The Shaving

Nurse Brooks' Barber Shop Part II - The Shaving

The following story contains a forced female head shaving, whipping, and mouth scrubbing. It is intended as a fantasy for adults, and does not advocate such activities in real life. If such material offends you, do not read any further.
************************************************* NURSE BROOKS’ BARBER SHOP II – “The Shaving” – Joan Rathburn

Cindy Manning stood at the door of Miss Roberts’ English class with tears streaming down her face. The rebellious eighteen year old had just returned from a conference with the school nurse, where Cindy had been ordered to have something done about her wild, waist-length hair that the girl was constantly attending to instead of her studies. Cindy had made the mistake of entering the no-nonsense Nurse Brooks’ office with a defiant attitude, and leaving with a well-spanked bottom and a crew cut. Cindy blew her nose, as she stood uncertainly before the closed class room door, and took a deep breath in anticipation at her school mates’ shocked reaction to her shorn appearance. She tried to push open the door with her usual insolent flourish, but could only manage a meek nudge that barely gained her entry. The entire class hushed in astonishment as Cindy entered the class room. The gorgeous young schoolgirl had been ordered out by Miss Roberts forty-five minutes before with a head of flowing curls, and was coming back with a half-inch stubble. Cindy’s lips trembled as she trudged miserably back to her seat, her eyes glued to the floor in attempt to avoid the looks of the other kids. But she couldn’t help but notice the gleeful smirks of the other girls, who had always hated Cindy for her stuck-up personality and obnoxious vanity. And the boys, who were looking at her long, brown legs descending from her white shorts as she left, were staring only at the her shorn scalp. Cindy could have heard a pin drop as she sat painfully back at her desk, her bottom still red and sore from the spanking that Nurse Brooks had given her.

After a moment’s awkward silence, Miss Roberts’ returned to her lecture on “Macbeth,” but all Cindy could hear was the pounding in her ears from rage at the ordeal she had just gone through. They were going to pay for this, she thought. Nurse Brooks, and that bitch, Miss Roberts, who had sent orders for Cindy’s hair to be clipped in the first place. The girl looked up at Miss Roberts in contempt, only to see the teacher wearing a wide, self-satisfied smile, that seemed to widen with every subtle glace she shot in Cindy’s direction.

The final ten minutes of the class seemed to last for hours as Cindy noticed the other girls making a great to-do of running their fingers through their own long hair to grab her attention. Tears began running down her cheeks just as the closing bell rang, finally signalling a end to Cindy’s agony. The girl jumped out of her seat and bolted out the door. Cindy ran all the way home, crying all the way. She was going to tell her mother about this, and get revenge. Those bitches Brooks and Roberts were going to be fired, Cindy decided. And they were going to sue the school board, too. Her mother WASN’T going to be a weak-willed wimp this time! Sure, Mommy’s feeble indecision had always served Cindy in the past. Cindy had the poor woman tied around her finger, and could make her jump through hoops. But now Cindy needed her to be tough. The school was going to pay for this. But when Cindy got home, her mother was nowhere to be found. Instead, she found a note taped to the refrigerator door:

“Cindy, I had to go to an emergency meeting at work. Your Aunt Jane will be by to sit with you. Love, Mommy”

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Cindy kicked the refrigerator in frustration. Not only couldn’t she tell her mother about what happened, but she had to put up with her Mommy’s friend Jane. Jane was actually ten years younger than Mrs. Manning, but always acted like the older of the two, and had no compunction in ordering Cindy around. With Jane here, Cindy would have to do her homework, play her music softly, and go to bed at 10:00. The girl punched the refrigerator again, and walked into the bathroom to survey the damage that Nurse Brooks’ clippers had done.

Minutes later, Jane Cleveland drove into the Manning driveway. The tall, 33 year old African American had known Jane’s mother for years, and was thought of as a member of the family. But there had always been tension between her and Cindy, as Jane had a much more hard-line personality than Cindy’s lenient mother, and often exasperated the girl by overruling so many of the questionable decisions Cindy had coerced out of Mrs. Manning. In fact, since Cindy’s father had died ten years ago, Jane had become the only controlling influence in Cindy’s life. Cindy wasn’t thinking about any of that as she stared at the reflection of her close-cropped head in the mirror. She could only think about how angry she was, and how they were all going to pay. The haughty girl began plotting devious fantasies of revenge as she heard Jane let herself in and begin calling Cindy’s name for reply. Cindy said nothing, until Jane finally walked into the bathroom and found her gazing miserably in the mirror.

“What happened,” asked Jane with an incredulous laugh as she gazed in astonish- ment at Cindy’s shorn head. Jane couldn’t believe her eyes, as she knew Cindy to be uncommonly vain about her hair, and the last thing she expected was to see the girl with a shaven scalp.

“They did it at school,” answered Jane. “Teacher said I was brushing my hair too much in class, and told the nurse to cut it. And when I told the nurse that she wasn’t going to touch my hair, she did THIS!”

Jane couldn’t suppress a smile as she pictured the scene in her mind. She had often chastised Cindy about paying too much attention to her hair, and sometimes toyed with the idea of cutting it herself. Jane’s opinion of the local school district began to rise considerably.

“Well, I think you look very pretty like that,” said the attractive black woman, whose own hair was actually shorter than Cindy’s. “And maybe now you’ll pay more attention to school. Speaking of which, I want you to tear yourself away from that mirror and start on your homework, while I figure out what to make you for dinner.”

Cindy’s eyes remained fastened on her reflection. “I’m not going to do my homework,” answered the girl defiantly. “After what they did to me, I’m never doing my homework again.

Jane dropped her head in frustration, tired of having the same argument with Cindy every time she baby-sat, when she noticed the thigh area just below Cindy’s shorts was glowing bright red.

“What happened here,” asked Jane, lifting the shorts slightly to observe that the area became redder as it went higher. Cindy didn’t answer, as her face flushed a shade to match her scarlet thighs. “Cindy!” snapped Jane, confounded by the girl’s unaccustomed uneasiness. “I asked you why your thighs are red!”

Cindy closed her eyes and stiffened herself. “When I told Nurse Brooks that there was no fucking way that she was going to touch my fucking hair,” recounted the girl, “she took my shorts down and spanked me.”

There was a moment of silence as Cindy waited for Jane to explode in anger at the assault. Instead, after taking a few seconds to let the news to sink in, she broke out in joyful laughter. “Well it’s about time!” Jane mused as Cindy’s eyes grew wide in a feeling of betrayal. “You’ve needed your fanny paddled since you were five years old. I’m going to have to write that nurse a fan letter!”

Cindy was aghast. Her mother’s friend had always mildly annoyed her, but now she was going way too far. She gave the tall ebony beauty a long glare of contempt, and blurted out a curse.

“Fuck you!”

Jane was dumbstruck by what the girl said. She had always taken Cindy’s defiance as patiently as she could, but suddenly she became overcome with anger. Without even thinking, she swung her open palm and slapped Cindy across the face hard. And again. Cindy’s eyes welled up with tears and she began running out of the bathroom. Jane grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back over to the sink. Cindy tried to fight, but stood a full head shorter than Jane and was easily subdued. Jane held on to Cindy’s wrist hard, and turned the tap on. Cindy’s eyes became saucers as Jane fumbled with a bar of soap in her free hand and began lathering it under the water. Cindy opened her mouth to curse at the woman, but Jane thrust the bar into her mouth before she could get a sound out. Cindy began choking on the horrible tasting stuff as Jane roughly scrubbed over her tongue and gums. After a few seconds of hard scrubbing, Jane pulled the soap out and pushed the girl back at the sink. Cindy lunged at the water, taking large gulps while Jane watched still too angry to talk.

“Little brat,” she thought. “How DARE she talk to me that way, just because she got a little haircut! Why MY hair is shorter than that!”

Cindy had spit out her last gulp of water, and was leaning over the sink crying as the tap continued streaming against her bristly hair. Jane stared down at the little brat, and decided suddenly that Cindy needed a REAL lesson. As the girl continued her hysterics, Jane grabbed a stool from the outer hall and placed it opposite the bathroom mirror. Ignoring the child’s sobs, she then reached into medicine cabinet and found a pair of scissors, some shaving cream, and Cindy’s leg razor. Cindy was still crying as Jane dumped the articles onto the counter. With a single-minded determination, she grabbed the girl and pushed her onto the stool. Cindy tried to protest, but Jane slapped the girl across the face again, sending her into more hysterics. The furious woman grabbed the scissors and began chopping at Cindy’s already short hair, increasing the volume of the girl’s sobs. When that proved futile, Jane put down the scissors and took the shaving cream, smoothing it over Cindy’s shorn scalp. Cindy became frantic as she realized her mother’s friend’s intentions, and tried to jump out of the chair, only to be greeted with another hard slap in the face.

“You stay right where you are,” hissed Jane through clenched teeth. “You didn’t like the way they cut your hair at school? That’s NOTHING compared with what you’re going to get now!”

Cindy’s heart jumped to her throat as she saw Jane drag the razor across the expanse of shaving cream in the mirror, leaving a neat trail of shiny smooth skin. And again, and still again. Cindy eyes were glued to the mirror as Jane continued the shaving, as the girl felt her body tense so tightly that she felt paralyzed. Jane took the last drag across Cindy’s scalp, and reached for a towel. She rubbed the terry cloth across Cindy’s head to cream off the excess cream, and threw the towel roughly in the hamper. Cindy tried to look away from the mirror, but Jane grabbed the girl’s head and jerked it roughly back so that she was cruelly confronted with her own shaven reflection. After holding Cindy’s head in place for a few seconds, Jane tucked her face over Cindy’s shoulder and so that their cheeks touched together. The woman and the girl looked at other in the mirror.

“THIS is what happens to bad girls,” whispered Jane softly, her eyes cutting a hole through Cindy’s pathetic frown in the reflection.

Cindy thought that her punishment was over, but instead Jane lifted her out of the stool and bent the girl stiffly over the counter. The child didn’t try to resist as the woman pulled down Cindy’s sweat-soaked shorts and panties to observe her reddened fanny. Jane was unimpressed.

“It doesn’t look like they were very hard on you at all,” said the sable-skinned disciplinarian as she studied Cindy’s punished backside that was already returning to a pale shade of pink. “When I was in high school, if you got a spanking, you couldn’t sit for the rest of the day. And when I got home, my mother saw to it that I couldn’t sit for a week.”

Cindy cringed as Jane unfastened her belt and pulled it out from the loops of her short tweed skirt.

“Here,” Jane said, doubling the belt over. “I’ll show you what I mean.”

Cindy gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as Jane came down with the first lash from her stiff leather belt. The girl thought that the spanking Nurse Brooks had given her was painful, but that was NOTHING compared to this. As the belt met her already tender fanny with a loud CRACK!, Cindy let out a scream that could be heard from two blocks away.

“You think that’s painful?” asked Jane sarcastically? Wait until you feel the next nine!”

They could have been nine, or a thousand for all Cindy knew. After the fourth she was screaming so hard that she couldn’t feel it anymore. But it must have finally ended, because she felt Jane pull her away from the counter and take her out of the bathroom and into the living room. Tears were still running down her cheeks as Cindy stood wearing only a tee-shirt, as Jane unsympathetically handed her a clip board.

“This is to do your homework on,” said the dark-skinned beauty. “I’m going to sit here and drink tea while I watch you stand there and do your homework. After it’s done, I am going to put you to bed early and without any supper. And if you EVER talk that way to me again, you won’t be able to sit on your bottom or have a hair to run a comb through for the next five years! Now get to work!”

Without a sound, Cindy took her math work out of her back pack, placed it in the clip board, and began on problem one.

The next morning, Cindy rose from bed and rubbed her hand over her head. The smoothness to her touch, and the firey pain in her bottom made her realize that yesterday was no dream. Sadly, she pulled herself out of bed, threw a tee-shirt over her naked body, and went into the kitchen; where she was surprised to see her mother sitting with Jane, both with a very disappointed look.

“Cindy,” her mother began as Jane sat over a cup of coffee. “Jane told me all about yesterday, and I can only say that she did the right thing. I also know about what happened at school, and it seems to me that you’ve become wild without my knowing it. Yesterday I was told that my work wants me to take a transfer to Japan. I was going to take you with me, but I’m going to be working fifteen hour days, and I can’t keep an eye on you. So, I’ve talked it over with Jane, and we’ve decided that you’re going to move in with her.”

Cindy took in what her mother said without betraying any expression. She felt the cool breeze from the window wafting against her shaven head, as the whipping she got yesterday still beat a fire on her behind. She looked at the clock, as she realized she would soon have to leave for school, so that she would have time to stop by Nurse Brooks’ office for some salve for her fanny so that she could sit through class. She thought about Miss Roberts, and realized that the teacher would no doubt want to punish her when she found out about her disrespect to Miss Brooks, and hoped that it would only be some line writing and corner time and not another spanking. Cindy looked at her mother stern, expression, and then observed Jane’s imperious gaze, and looked away. The child briefly assessed her own behavior, came to a conclusion, and looked back at Jane.

“When should I move in, Ma’am?”


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