Colleen was nine years old when she first discovered her true feelings, longings and desires for hair and all its offerings.

The summer of her ninth year, the day after school let out for the year, Colleen’s mother took her to the local barber shop for a nice short haircut. It was cheaper for her to have the barber cut Colleen’s hair, than to go to a beauty salon. Besides, it would be a waste of money on a child so young.

Colleen’s mother’s hair was cut short, about 3 inches long. She wanted Colleen’s hair to be cut extremely close to her head.

After explaining to the barber what she wanted him to do to Colleen’s hair, he helped Colleen into the big Krakow barber chair and snapped the cutting apron around her shoulders. Picking up the heavy duty shears, he quickly chopped off all her hair, leaving about 2 inches all over her head. Colleen felt a strange warmth all over her body as her cut-off hair fell and brushed her cheeks, to her shoulders and to the tiled barber shop floor, to be stepped on by the barber. The barber put down the shears and picked up the clipper, snapped on the 1/2 inch clipper comb and clipped up the back of her head and all around the sides.

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Starting at the right side of her head, in front of her ear, the barber pushed the whirring clipper up the side of her head and worked his way all around to the other side, leaving 1/2 inch hair in its wake exposing a nice short pelt of hair. The barber then picked up a comb and carefully clipped the hair at the top of her head down to 1 inch all over, except for the bangs which he left a little longer. After switching the clipper blades to a closer cutting one, he carefully tapered her hair all around the sides and back, leaving nothing at her nape and tapering up to about 3/8th inch. When he was finished cutting her hair, the barber took some shaving soap and smeared it around her hairline in the back and over her ears. Using a straight razor, he carefully shaved away all the stubble around the perimeter.

The barber unsnapped the cutting gown and Colleen stepped from the chair feeling her new haircut while admiring herself in the mirror. How nice she looked with all the hair gone.

Her mother came over to feel Colleen’s haircut, at the same time asking the barber to give her the same kind of haircut as her daughter.

The barber sat her into the chair, and after snapping the cutting gown around her shoulders, he unceremoniously ran the clipper with the 1/2 inch guide all over her head. Instead of leaving her with bangs as he did Colleen, he just clipped everything off. With a look of satisfaction on the woman’s face, the barber continued clipping the hair off. Next, off came the guide and with the bare ‘000’ clipper blades, he started at her nape and clipped up the back of her head to the occipital bone and tapered up. He did this all around her head leaving a nice, freshly clipped, whitish scalp in the clipper’s wake. Just as her daughter had done, she got from the chair feeling her freshly clipped hair, looking at herself in the shop mirror and admiring how nice she appeared.

Colleen and her mother left the shop feeling each other’s new haircuts and really liking them. That was the day Colleen felt her first urges of the haircutting thing she developed. A few weeks later, Colleen talked her mother into letting her get a regulation style high and tight crew-cut.. The barber ran the bare blades of the whirring clippers up the sides and back of her head leaving bare scalp, and clipped the top to 1/2 inch , so it would stand up straight in a flat-top style. Colleen loved the look and feel of her new haircut, and she liked seeing her own scalp. But, her mother drew the line at Colleen wanting to get a mohawk haircut and then shaving her head completely bald. For the rest of the summer, she kept her hair clipped close all over.

About 4 weeks before school started, Colleen would only get light trims so she would have some hair for the school year. Growing her hair a little longer was her mother’s idea, not Colleen’s. Colleen would let her hair grow out a little bit, and then get it trimmed a little shorter than before. Eventually, about midway through the school year, her hair was clipped as close as it was when the barber did it the first time. Over the period of the school year, the teachers and kids got used to her having such a close cropped haircut.

Over the years, Colleen kept her hair clipped extremely short. Most of her peers accepted her different-than-normal look with much enthusiasm, however some thought she was weird. This did not bother Colleen in any way. She just got the kind of haircuts she wanted and enjoyed them.

In her senior year of high school, she joined the hairdressing club. The students would get lessons on how to cut and curl hair, along with many other things a student hairdresser would learn. Of course, Colleen enjoyed the haircutting part of the lessons most of all. She practised cutting the hair of her friends during the classes. It took a while for her to learn the art, with most of the girls ending up with very close haircuts after they came back from the hairdressers to have the mistakes corrected. A lot of the girls had the same kind of hairstyle that Colleen sported.

Colleen got a part time job after school and on weekends to buy haircutting and related hairstyling equipment. With any extra monies she had, Colleen would buy photographic and photo laboratory equipment to process her own photos.

On her days off work and when she didn’t have anything important to do, Colleen would go to the malls and other places around the city, to ask women to take pictures of their short haircuts for her collection. Most of the females would say yes to her asking to take their picture. However, if there was a particularly short haircut she would like, Colleen would offer the woman $5.00 or $10.00 and they would usually take the money. If the woman would still not let her take the photo, she would follow her around and take her picture from afar with a telephoto lens. No one would bother to question her, because of her being a girl, she could get away with almost anything. Who would doubt her sincerity of liking hairstyling or see anything wrong with it?

Colleen kept her hair in a modified crew-cut throughout her senior year in high school. That following summer, before she was scheduled to go to college, and the day after school let out, Colleen marched into the same barber shop where she got her first short haircut. The old barber who cut her hair the first time, had retired, and a young 25 year old woman took over the business. Her name was Susan and she kept her blond hair trimmed in a short chunky style.

She asked Susan, who usually trimmed her hair for her, to completely shave her head clean and bald for her. Susan was used to Colleen’s requests and had earlier talked with her about trying out the bald look. She sat Colleen down into the chair and snapped the cutting apron around her shoulders.

Smiling at her young customer and friend, Susan picked up the Oster clipper and snapped on the ‘00000’ blade- the closest cutting one available. As she looked into Colleen’s eyes in the reflection of the shop’s mirror, she placed the whirring clipper at the nape of her neck. She pushed her head forward slightly with her left hand and pushed the clipper up the back of her head to her crown, leaving a 2 inch wide path of stubble in its wake. She pushed the clipper all over the young lady’s head until she reduced the crew-cut type hairdo to a stubble. All through the hair clipping, Colleen sat there with a nice smile of contentment on the face, thinking, “finally, I’m getting the haircut I’ve waited for so long”.

After about 5 minutes of chit chat with Colleen, Susan took off the towel, relathered her scalp, and slowly shaved her head clean and smooth. She washed Colleen’s scalp with a warm soapy washcloth, and after toweling her scalp dry, she powdered it to get it nice and smooth.

Susan spent about 5 more minutes running her hands all over the girl’s scalp, massaging it in a lovingly manner. She helped her friend from the cutting chair and they fiercely hugged each other.

Colleen left the barber shop and when she got home, her mother, Lori, could not believe her eyes as she looked at her daughter’s shaven head. She almost fainted. But, after a few seconds, she recovered and walked over to her to give her a big hug. She could hardly keep her hands off her little girl’s head. They sat at the kitchen table for a very long time, and after much discussion, Colleen’s mother decided to go to the barber shop and have her own head shaved.

Lori went upstairs to change and brush out her ‘Dorothy Hamil’ style haircut and then she and Colleen went down the street to Susan’s barber shop.

When they went into the shop, Susan thought Lori was angry with her for shaving her daughter’s head, and stood beside the cutting chair. She relaxed when she saw the smiles on the two women’s faces, and invited them to sit down in the waiting area chairs.

Lori told Susan what she wanted, and Susan immediately became very enthusiastic to give her the haircut. She escorted Lori over to the lone barber chair, and after sitting her down in the seat, she snapped the cutting apron around her shoulders. The pretty barber lady combed out Lori’s short hair so it was nice and smooth. She then picked up the clipper with the closest cutting blade she had and quickly clipped off all her hair and shaved her head clean and smooth with the straight razor and soap – just as smooth and clean as her daughter’s head was. All throughout the haircut, Lori watched herself with rapt fascination in the mirror’s reflection as she became bald headed. She had a dreamy look on her face as Colleen asked her, “How does it feel mom? Do you see how much I liked it?”

Lori agreed with her and when Susan finished massaging her shaven scalp, Lori and Colleen walked out of the barber shop, arm in arm. They went home and showed their friends and family their new looks. Instead of the castigations and admonitions they expected from at least a few of their friends, the two women found 100% encouragement and praise for their daring and adventuresome behavior. Several of their friends shaved their heads like Colleen and Lori and at least several got crew- cuts and similar closely clipped haircuts.

Colleen went to college for less than a year and dropped out. She realized that the college route did not suit her needs and wants. So, she worked for a while at many different jobs to get the money to put herself through beauty school. Her mother and father offered to help her, but Colleen wished to be independent and saved the money by herself. By working a lot of overtime and a lot of extra jobs, Colleen saved enough to pay the entire tuition for the beauty school of her choice. She lived at home while attending the classes and after 1 year she graduated and felt she had accomplished something.

After graduating from the school, Colleen found several jobs over a period of a year at different beauty salons and barber shops, however they did not satisfy her. She had great fun cutting hair, which is what she always wanted to do, but felt she did not have the latitude she wanted, to do the kind of haircutting she wanted. All the time she kept her hair clipped extremely close by her good friend Susan.

Colleen decided that she needed to have her own haircutting salon. However, because of the high expenses, she did not have the necessary monies to finance the project. She did not feel comfortable asking her friends or parents for the money, as it was quite a lot to ask for. So, she resorted to other means to get the required cash. It is not necessary to explain how she got the money needed, but it is suffice to say that it involved counterfeiting money. After a short period of time, she amassed enough real cash to open her own salon. Colleen did not like breaking the law as she did, but with all the taxes she had to face, it was necessary for her to step outside of the normal channels to get what she wanted.

Now was the problem of ‘laundering’ the monies so the tax people would not catch on to what she had done. She rented a place in town that had 2 floors. The bottom floor would be her haircutting shop and the second floor would be her apartment. She bought all the shop equipment and furniture in small lots from many different places so there would be no records of what she was doing. A month passed and she had bought all the salon things she needed as well as furnishing her apartment. She even put a haircutting chair and station in her apartment for her own recreational needs.

She hired 4 girls to work for her on a commission basis. All the girls were fresh out of beauty school and were made to understand that the only services they would provide was a lot of haircutting, shampooing and some blow drying. They were to try and specialize in extremely short hairstyling and one other requirement was made of them. They all were to wear the hairstyles they cut. That is, they would have to clip their hair extremely close and encourage their customers to do likewise.

Within six months, business was extraordinarily good and the hair shop was the focal point of short hair in that region of the country. It became known as the place to go for avant-garde, super short haircuts and shaven heads. Everywhere people looked, they could see many women and girls wearing crew-cut styles and shaved heads. Almost, at any time of the day you could walk into the salon and see some woman either getting a fresh shaving or a re-shave on their heads. Many men and women would loiter around the front of the salon to look into the window at the women getting their hair cut off or shaved bald. Susan closed her shop and came to work for Colleen as a full partner and manager of the salon.

After the initial onslaught of head shaving started, Colleen walked around with her own head shaved all the time. Most of the haircutters in the shop shaved their heads bald too. Of course, Colleen was in seventh heaven with all the haircutting and head shaving going on, and she was in the thick of it. Doing many crew-dos and baldies herself, from her private chair in the back of the salon.

Colleen talked Susan into shaving her head and did the haircutting/shaving herself. With much fanfare in the shop, Colleen sat Susan into one of the barber chairs and gave her the haircut. It seemed interesting to Susan that the young lady who she gave her first head shaving to, was now shaving her head for her. Colleen snapped the cutting apron around Susan’s neck and took the hairclippers. She snapped on the machine and replaced the blade with a # 3 1/2 steel blade, that clipped the hair 3/8th inch. Colleen stepped behind her friend, and with her left hand, she gently pushed her head forward and placed the whirring clipper at the nape of her neck. Slowly, but with a positive force, she pushed the machine up the back of Susan’s head to the top and over to her forehead. Thick hunks of tresses fell forward to the woman’s lap. Over and over, Colleen pushed the clipper all over her buddy’s head until there was just a 3/8th inch of hair all over her head. Colleen then replaced the clipper blade, with the ‘00000’, the closest clipping blade she had. Starting at her forehead, Colleen ran the clipper back to the crown of Susan’s head, leaving a bare almost shaven area in it’s wake. Carefully and gently, Colleen removed the rest of the hair of Susan’s until she was as bald as an egg. When she was done clipping Susan, Colleen then lathered her bald scalp with shaving soap and wrapped a hot wet towel around her head, to soften the remaining minute stubble. After about five minutes she took the towel from her head and re-lathered her scalp. Taking one of the many straight razors from the display case, Colleen re-honed the razor on the leather strop hanging from the back of the barber chair. Very carefully, she started at the right side of Susan’s forehead and shaved away the lather and stubble. It took quite a while, but she finally shaved Susan’s head, clean and smooth. Colleen then re-shaved her head two times, until she got all the stubble off, and Susan’s scalp was smooth enough to both their satisfaction. Colleen took a great delight, satisfaction and savored the experience of shaving her friend’s head for her. Susan enormously enjoyed herself while Colleen clipped and shaved her.

With both Colleen and Susan being bald all the time, they set an example for all the others in the salon to follow suit and soon all the women were constantly bald headed. Every once in a while, someone would grow out their hair to about 1/4″ to 1/2″ and then either re-shave or have many different designs shaved into the scalp. Eventually, they would go back to being bald again.

About 1 year after the salon first opened, Colleen was taking in quite a large amount of money. So much in fact, that she expanded the shop to a total of 12 full time employees. Two years later, she bought her own building and had 2 floors devoted to haircutting and shaving and upped the total haircutters to 22 full time workers. To say her business was a huge success was a understatement of facts.

Colleen no longer did the regular haircutting of the customers, she would only do the ‘special’ haircuts. One of the haircutting sessions she was particularly fond of, was when a woman came into the salon with her 3 daughters for some summer haircuts. The woman planned on getting a nice closely clipped haircut for herself and the girls would get whatever haircuts they so desired. The woman balked at the idea for several weeks, but as it is with kids, they finally wore down her resistance to getting such closely clipped haircuts. It was a few days before school let out, that the woman talked with Colleen about the haircuts and shaving, and they decided to do the haircuts the day after school let out. Of course Colleen strongly encouraged the woman to go through with the shaves the girls wanted and the woman was very fascinated with Colleen’s own shaven head as well as the other stylists in the salon.

She took them to the back where her chair was and talked with them for a while to make sure they really knew what they wanted. She sat the oldest girl down first. She combed out the girl’s shoulder length medium brown hair, and without preamble, Colleen took up her heavy duty shears in her right hand, and a huge hank of hair in her left one. She scissored off the hair, with a loud scrunching sound. The girl’s eyes were wide in wonder and delight, as she watched the bald headed woman cut off all her hair. Colleen worked her way all over the girl’s head, leaving only 1 inch or less hair. When she finished cutting the hair, Colleen picked up the clipper with the closest clipping blade on it, placed it at her forehead and slowly and steadily she pushed the whirring machine to the back of her head. Over and over she ran the clippers over her head until there was only the tiniest stubble left. The girl’s sisters and her mother watched as she became totally bald. Colleen then lathered her scalp with shaving soap, and after soaking the scalp with a hot towel and re-lathering her, she slowly and carefully shaved the girl’s head clean and smooth all over. Colleen shaved the girl’s head 3 times to get it smooth enough to suit her and the mother. The girl’s mother was getting very interested in the head shaving as she watched Colleen do her job.

Then it was the next girl’s turn in the chair. This one was 15 years old as compared to her older sister who was 16 years of age. She snapped the cutting apron around her neck and took up the hairclipper. The girl’s hair was about 4-6 inches in length and did not need to use the scissors. Colleen placed the clipper against the nape of her neck and pushed the whirring blades up the back of her neck and head to the crown area. She worked her way all around the back and both sides leaving a bare area of stubble. Colleen then placed the clipper blade at her forehead and pushed it back until the young girl had no hair left to cut. The girl looked at her reflection in the shop mirror and ran her small hand all over naked scalp. She had a look of great joy on her face as she felt her bald head. As she did with the oldest girl, Colleen lathered her and carefully shaved her head bald for her as well. As before, the girl’s mother felt her daughter’s shaven scalp and was delighted with the look.

It was then the youngest girl’s turn in the chair. She was 13 years old and had shoulder length light blond hair. She asked for and was granted her request, to have a nice short flat-top haircut, and after that to have Colleen shave her head as well as her sisters were.

Colleen snapped the cutting apron around her shoulders and snapped the coarse cutting blade onto the clipper. She snapped on the clipper switch and placed it at the back of the girl’s nape. Up the back she clipped her and did the same all over around her head, leaving about 3/8th inch of hair in the clipper’s wake. Colleen then changed blades for a closer cut, and with the flat-top Clipper Mate, she worked her way over the top, leaving 1/2 inch of hair to stand up straight. She clipped off all her hair and when she was finished doing that, she clipped up the sides and back leaving 1/8th inch of hair. She blended in the top crown area until the little girl had a nice high and tight flat-top haircut. With her hair so blond, she looked almost bald. After they all finished complimenting her on her haircut and feeling it, Colleen then proceeded to clip the remaining hair away and shave her head nice and clean as she did to her sisters.

The mother was very fascinated with the shaven scalps of her daughters and made a small comment about how she might look with her hair cropped very close. The 3 girls and Colleen worked on her to clip off her hair to see what it would be like. The woman gave in for the haircut, but could not shave her head as she had a job and had to look somewhat conventional.

After much discussion with Colleen, they settled on her getting a very close flat-top like her youngest daughter had before the shaving. Her hair was in a short brown gamine style haircut and she would be losing very little anyway. Colleen sat her down and as she did with the others, she took up the clipper and worked her way all around the woman’s head and across the top, clipping off all her hair. With the closest clipping blade, Colleen clipped her hair into a very precise close flat-top haircut. When she was finished with the woman, Colleen left her with a very tightly clipped haircut. The top was less than 1/2 inch at the front and gradually getting shorter towards the crown area. The crown and sides were no longer than 1/8th to 1/4 inch at the longest with the nape tapered to the skin.

When Colleen was finished with her, the girls felt their mother’s head, enjoying the closely clipped head. They left the salon and walked up the street enjoying the stares and admiring looks from the people.


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