Tina’s Fantasy

Tina's Fantasy

Tina’s Fantasy

My girlfriend Tina is really a knockout. She has a beautiful face, a great figure and lovely, thick black hair down to her shoulders. She was 19 and I would do anything for her, and do anything to make her happy.

This past July we were riding in my convertible Mustang in downtown LA. It was a sultry 1040. The air-conditioning did not work in the car.

Lifting her wet and sweaty hair from her neck, she said, “My lord, it’s terribly hot.” Pointing to three girls on a street corner, she continued, “One has a crew-cut and the other two are bald headed. I bet they feel cool, they sure don’t look like they’re suffering from the heat like I am.”

I just listened to her as she kept talking.

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“Why can’t I be comfortable too?”

Turning towards me, she continued, “You’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you honey?”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Of course I would.”

“Then would you cool me off?” she asked.

“You know that I would do anything you want me to.”

She had me pull the car over to the side of the street, and took her pocketbook with her telling me to wait for her, and she would be back soon.

Tina came back after 25 minutes with a couple of bags of things in her arms. She put the bags into the back seat and sat next to me.

“What’s in the bags?” I asked.

She turned towards me and answered, “You’ll see, it’s part of my fantasy. Let’s return to my apartment.”

When we arrived at her place, Tina excused herself to me and went into the kitchen. She came out in a few minutes, told me to wait there for her, and went into her bedroom. Again, in a few minutes she returned, but this time she was completely naked. I thought we were going to have another one of our marathon love making sessions. She asked me to strip down naked also, and I did so.

She came over to me and asked, “You said you would do anything for me. Do you still mean it?”

“Of course I meant it, honey.”

She took me by my hand and led me into the kitchen and sat down in a chair at the table. On the table were scissors, clippers and a wig, along with some other things.

She looked into my eyes and said, “If you’ll do anything, then please give me my fantasy. Cut off all my hair, clip me bald and shave my head nice and clean.”

I could not believe this was happening to me, I was getting sexually aroused at the prospect of what was going to happen.

The both of us were hot for her haircut.

I started combing her hair out nice and smooth, and Tina said very loudly, “DO IT BABY… DO IT NOW… CUT IT ALL OFF RIGHT NOW!”

I threw the comb on the table and took the scissors. With my left hand I grabbed her hair, lifted it and scissored through it. There was a very loud “squenching” sound in the kitchen as I cut my way through her tresses. Tina’s mouth was wide open as she watched her hair fall to the floor and all around her, and I kept snipping away at her tresses.

Watching her hair fall away from her she said, “Take your time if you need to, honey. Just enjoy yourself.”

I kept cutting her hair all over until it was less than an inch.

Tina was feeling herself and said to me, “Use the clippers baby. Clip it all off. First give me a nice short crew-cut honey.”

I picked up the clipper and snapped on the 3/8th-inch blade and plugged it in the outlet. I turned it on and there was a loud “whirring” sound in the room. I took her cropped head in my left hand, pushed it forward and placed the whirring machine’s blades at the back of her neck. Slowly I pushed it upwards and over to the front hairline. All over I pushed the whirring clipper all over her head and soon she had less than a half inch of hair left. I kept running my hands all over her head feeling the soft brushy effect her crew-cut had. It felt real good touching her crop of hair. She could hardly keep from running her hands all over her clipped head.

“Quick, honey, now shave me clean and smooth. I want to be bald headed,” she pleaded.

I snapped the “0000” blade onto the machine and placed it at her forehead I ran the clipper to the back of her head over and over until she was bare on top. I continued clipping the sides and back of her head until she was completely bald and a tiny bit of fuzz was left.

While cutting her hair with the clippers, there was a deep burring sound in the room as her short, short hair fell to her naked body. It was really great to be making her head bare. Impulsively, I clipped her eyebrows off. She looked so cute sitting there succumbing herself to my clippers, and she seemed to enjoy me clipping her brows.

She said, “Honey, I want you to clip me all over.” and she lay down on the tile floor, and spread her legs wide.

I obviously knew what she wanted and quickly clipped her crotch bare. She wiggled her ass on the floor as she felt her pubic hair being clipped and the feel of the vibrating machine.

I finished clipping her and I took her hand to help her up into the chair that I put next to the sink. I wet her scalp with warm water and then lathered it with soap. Slowly, I shaved her head clean and smooth. I shaved her head five times to get it smooth enough, and because of her thick head of hair. I shaved her eyebrows and all over her body, until she was smooth all over. When we were finished with her, she took me and shaved my body also. I looked at her, and she took me to the sink and chair. I sat down and my pretty bald-headed Tina slowly clipped my head bald and shaved me clean and smooth like her. It felt so good having her soft hand feeling my bald head. It was so very erotic.

Tina finished with me, and we went into the bedroom and made the hot passionate love we ever had before.

Tina’s apartment was situated on the beach. The surf was about 50 feet from the Mexican tiled deck in the back. We dressed and went out to sit in the back and drank iced tea. While sitting there, a young woman a little older than Tina came over from her place next door. She was smiling as she saw our bald heads. Her own hair was just touching her shoulders, as Tina’s was, and was a pale blond color.

After talking for a while and finding out from us what transpired, she said she wanted to be bald like we were. Her name was Sandy, and she said that the shaven look was quite becoming on us, and she thought that she should try it herself.

I took her into the house and over to the kitchen table where the haircutting equipment still remained.

Sandy eagerly sat in the chair when she saw the equipment and what we would do. I snapped the cutting apron around her shoulders and neck, and picked up the heavy-duty shears.

“Is there any special haircut you would like first, before I shave your head, honey?” I asked.

She looked at me in the mirror, and answered, “No, nothing special. Just cut it all off and shave me clean and smooth.”

“Wait,” she said as I picked up a large amount of hair and placed the shears to her scalp. “Before you cut it all off, please give me a nice crew-cut or brush-cut?”

I assured her that it was fine with me, and continued the shearing action. Her hair came off at the base of her neck as I scissored through it. I quickly sheared all around her head leaving about 3/4 inch of hair on the sides and back. I picked up the hairclipper, snapped on the 3/8th-inch blade, and after switching on the machine, I placed the whirring blades at her front hairline. Slowly I pushed the clipper back to her crown. I continued running the hairclipper all over her head, leaving a nice brushy crew-cut. I casually looked at her face, and she had a small smile and a dreamy expression on her face as her clipped-off hair fell in front to her breasts and lap. I finished clipping her brush-cut and tapered all around the sides and back. I told her I was finished and she ran her hands all over her head and laughed, saying she loved the feeling. As she was feeling her haircut, I snapped the “0000” blade on the whirring machine and quickly clipped the hair up the back of her head and over to the front. Over and over I clipped away at her hair until there was just a fine stubble left. I wet her hair with hot water and spread shaving lather all over her scalp. I shaved her head clean and smooth, and when I wiped the traces of soap away and powdered her smooth scalp. I then took her hand and helped her up from the chair and into the toilet. She looked at herself in the mirror and ran her hands all over her bald head, pleased at what she saw there. She said she loved her baldness and we went out to the deck so Tina could see her new bald-headed neighbor. We all touched our shaven heads and each others’. It felt so sexy.


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