The Nunnery

It had been a disappointing night in the bar. Kelli and her friend Karen were “between boyfriends”, as Karen liked to say; and so they had gotten all dressed up and headed out to their favorite pub to see what was available in the old dating pool. They both looked stupendous: Karen’s long dark hair was arranged in a very sexy loose knot at the top of her head, with rich brown tendrils framing her oval face; her green eyes shone; her tight red and white striped tube top barely stretched enough to cover her 37-inch breasts, and her denim short-shorts showed off her gorgeous legs magnificently. And Kelli was even more remarkable; she’d pulled out all the stops to display her great beauty. Four-inch high heels adorned her feet; fishnet stockings displayed her tanned, athletic legs; a black leather micro-miniskirt barely concealed her pink satin panties; her braless nipples pushed at the fabric of her sheer white long-sleeved blouse, which she had tied off just under her breasts to reveal her flat, fit stomach; her nails were perfectly manicured and were painted the same deep red color as her full, pouting lips; large golden hoops dangled from her pierced ears; her blue eyes were stunning; and her hair was truly her crowning glory: brushed out long and straight, it fell in a shimmering dark-blonde mass to the middle of her back.

Despite all these weapons, the girls seemed to attract only the biggest dorks in the place. One after one these dorks approached them, only to be rejected out of hand. And then they were left alone. So they turned their attention to drinking, and to the football game on the bar TV. The Redskins were playing the 49ers, and as the girls got increasingly wasted their interest in the outcome of the game increased. They were rooting for different teams, with Karen being a Redskins fan and Kelli pulling for San Francisco. The fourth quarter found the teams tied, and the 49ers had the ball with time running out. “Hah!” Kelli slurred. “Dam’ Washington goes down in flames! 49ers Number One!” Karen bridled. “It ain’t over yet, Kel. Still plenty of time. SF hasn’t scored yet.”

“Yeah, but unlike us they will, eventually. The Redskins suck.”

“Oh, yeah? Wanna bet?” Karen asked.

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“We’re both almost broke, Karen”

“Well, then, let’s see…” She glanced around. Her eyes found a group of nuns on the sidewalk outside the bar collecting for charity. “I got it. Loser has to go outside and join the nuns.”

“Are you nuts?” Kelli asked incredulously. “Become a nun?”

“Yeah,” Karen said with a drunken smile. “Go up to them outside here and say you wanna be holy, or somethin’.” Kelli giggled drunkenly. “You’re on! I look great in black, anyway!” They turned their attention to the game. San Francisco drove steadily down the field, but on the Redskins’ five-yard line Steve Young attempted a pass that fell into the hands of Darrell Green; he returned the ball 96 yards for a touchdown! Time ran out as the Redskins won, 24 to 17!

“Oh, shit…” Kelli murmurred. “Ha-Hah! Yeah!” Karen gloated. “Go on, Kelli, your new life awaits!”

“Yeah, right!” slurred Kelli. “Like I’d ever…”

Karen cut her short. “A bet’s a bet. Come on!” She pulled a struggling, wobbly Kelli to her feet and began shoving her towards the door. One hand on Kelli’s back, she threw the bar door open and shoved Kelli towards the nuns! Kelli ricochetted off one of the largest nuns she’d ever seen, who looked down on her with a stern expression. “Umm…hi…” Kelli stumbled meekly. The nun reached down and put a hand on Kelli’s neck just as she passed out.

Kelli awoke slowly. Every molecule in her body was hung over. She languidly raised a hand to rub her sleep-encrusted eyes. Boy, what a night! She grinned painfully as the world began to come into focus.

What the fuck?!! “This isn’t my room”, Kelli puzzled. She was in a dank chamber, eight feet square, constructed of unadorned cinderblock. A small wooden stand held a porcelain pot, and the small bed (more like a cot, actually) had no mattress or pillow. The thick oaken door faced her. “Time to get the hell out of here!” Kelli thought. She strode to the door and yanked on the iron handle. The door didn’t budge an inch. She was locked in! Panic began creeping in around the edges. She pounded on the massively thick door and began to shout. After five minutes of the loudest racket she was capable of, the iron handle began to turn from the other side and the door opened.

Kelli was confronted by five very large nuns. One was smiling cruelly, and the other four stared at her with undisguised hatred. “Greetings, Novice! Welcome to our order!” said the smiling nun.

Oh, shit, the bet! Kelli remembered the previous evening’s follies. “Listen, Sister, there’s been a mistake. I can’t be a nun. I’m not even Catholic!”

“And neither are any of us,” the head nun replied smoothly. “We’re a secular order. Our charter calls for the reformation and recruitment of…fallen ladies, like yourself. We try to rescue prostitutes from their hard lives of servitude. You will one day consider yourself very lucky to have joined us.”

“I’M NOT A PROSTITUTE!” Kelli shouted angrily, insulted beyond rational thought.

Again the cruel smile. “Come, now, my dear. Dressed like that, in that neighborhood, late at night, coming drunk out of a bar—what else could you be but a common little whore?”

“But…but…” Kelli sputtered. “Enough nonsense. Sisters? Bring her along.” The head nun twirled and strode out of the room as her four cohorts descended on Kelli. They seized her none too gently and began to strip her of every ounce of clothing and jewelry. In no time at all Kelli stood before them, as naked as the day she’d been born. Ashamedly she tried to cover herself. “Oh, none of that, Slut! Take one last opportunity to show off your beauty; God knows you won’t have it very much longer!” said one of the nuns.

“My…my beauty?” Kelli stammered. “W-what do you mean?”

“You’ll know soon enough. Come now!” And without further discussion they grabbed Kelli and dragged her out of her cell and down the hall. They escorted her into a very brightly-lit room, and after Kelli’s eyes adjusted she saw that she was in a very modern-looking operating room! Her fear grew as her mind imagined what was in store for her. These bitches were insane! Kelli struggled in earnest, but to no avail; she was strong and athletic, but she was no match for four hulking nuns. They dragged her to a medical table and, placing her on it, secured her lush body with leather hospital restraints. Kelli realized the impossibility of escape, and quit squirming in her bonds. “The doctor will be in soon to begin your…indoctrination…” one of the nuns told her. Kelli sobbed as she wondered what was in store for her.

The woman Kelli began to recognize as the head nun entered the operating room accompanied by what could only be the doctor. A petite woman in full surgical regalia and carrying a clipboard walked purposefully up to the table on which Kelli lay bound and looked her over intensely. “Well! We have our work cut out for us with this one!” she exclaimed. “Let’s see…” She moistened the tip of her pencil with her tongue and began inscribing notes on the clipboard. “I recommend a dual mastectomy, for starters…get rid of those lovely lovely breasts…”

“M-my breasts?!” Kelli cried. “No! No! You’re all crazy! Why are you doing this to me?! Let me go, now! Please, I…I won’t tell anybody…” The Doctor looked at Kelli in disgust. “Sister? This thing is making too much noise. Shut it up, please.” One of the nuns detached herself from the onlooking, smirking group and approached Kelli with a large wad of surgical bandage. “No…no…Mmmmph…gggmmmmph…” Kelli’s pleadings were reduced to nonsensical mumbles as the huge wad was forced into her mouth, then taped tightly in place. “There! That’s much, much better!” the Doctor proclaimed. “Now, where were we? Ah, yes. Dual mastectomy…dental reduction…” The doctor continued on, cataloguing Kelli’s planned defilement as she listened in absolute horror. When the doctor was finished, the head nun leaned over Kelli and began stroking her shimmering blonde hair. “There, there, my dear. We do this for a reason. We do this so that temptations of the flesh are forever removed from you. No longer will you be a slave to your baser instincts. No longer will the sex lust make you seek out men to fuck you. In fact, no man will ever again look on you again with lust in his heart! Isn’t that marvelous?”

Kelli’s mind shrieked. There was no way to stop this. These women could do anything to her. She was helpless.

The Doctor returned with a pair of pliers. Gripping Kelli’s feet firmly, she methodically yanked off each toenail! Kelli nearly passed out from the pain. But her anguish continued as the Doctor moved up to her hands and tore off her perfectly manicured fingernails. Kelli chewed frantically on her gag, trying to get a sound, any sound, to escape her mouth’s brutal confinement. Then the Doctor swabbed her arm with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball and inserted an I.V. needle. Kelli felt her entire body begin to go numb. She prayed that this meant they wouldn’t let her feel the operations they had planned for her. After fifteen minutes the Doctor judged that Kelli was ready, and wheeled out her surgical tray. Kelli could feel the scalpel pulling at the sweet flesh of her tender breasts but could feel no pain as the Doctor dispassionately removed her womanly orbs. Even the nipples were excised! Kelli’s chest now was smoother than a young boy’s, except for two very tiny scars where her beautiful breasts had been.

Her lush pussy was the next target. The Doctor brought out clippers, and began stroking Kelli’s lush bush with them. The head nun took this opportunity to lean over and whisper to Kelli, “Imagine your pussy bald…picture your lush, thick bush clipped from your body as you lie there helplessly.” She too reached down and began stroking Kelli’s soft blonde pubes. “Smooth…smooth as a baby’s ass, my little harlot…” She nodded to the Doctor, who snapped on the clippers and began shaving Kelli’s crotch bare. A thorough lathering and a close shave with a straight razor followed, leaving Kelli as naked as a young girl. The next sensation was even more unpleasant. The Doctor began to reach inside Kelli as if feeling around for something. With a savage cry of triumph the Doctor found Kelli’s clitoris…and with a deft stroke of her scalpel removed it! The only pain Kelli felt was psychic; her clit stolen from her! Never again would sex be pleasurable to her!

Kelli felt a cold plastic tube being inserted into her vagina, and looked up to see the Doctor brandish a large sewing needle trailing heavy black thread! They couldn’t possibly…Kelli’s worst fears were realized as the Doctor began to sew Kelli’s pussy closed! She could feel her labial lips drawn tightly together around the yellow plastic tube! The head nun began to run her fingers up and down Kelli’s body. “You see how nice we are? We’re leaving you a hole to pee through. We COULD have sewn the whole thing shut.” The Doctor finished sewing and with a last vicious tug cut the thread. Kelli’s mind boggled. Her pussy was sealed!

They left Kelli alone on the table to rest after her ordeal. Returning the next morning (Kelli assumed it was morning; there was no way to tell in these windowless chambers) the insane nuns continued Kelli’s defilement.

Kelli was awakened from her troubled sleep by a sharp tugging at her scalp. Her eyes teared as she felt her long blonde hair being gathered roughly into a two and a half-foot ponytail and secured tight against her skull with a rubber band. The head nun smiled down at her beatifically. “Ah, my dear, you’re awake! How was your night?” “Please…please…” Kelli pleaded hopelessly. “Yes, yes, my little trollop, I know you’re eager to complete your transformation. All things in due time.” And she sealed up Kelli’s mouth with special surgical tape. Then taking a sturdy-looking pair of shears in one hand, she gathered Kelli’s ponytail in the other and began hacking through it very close to the skull. Kelli, eyes streaming, could almost feel her head getting lighter as her thick, lustrous blonde mane was stolen from her. With a final SNICK! of the shears Kelli’s crowning glory was hers no more; two and a half feet of long golden silkiness that was such an important part of her one minute ago now lay clenched in the fat hand of the head nun. But Kelli’s torment was not to end there. The nun wheeled over a cart containing a small vat of boiling wax and began to coat long strips of tape using a tongue depressor. Slowly and carefully she began to layer the strips over Kelli’s shorn head, pushing the wax hard against her scalp. She even coated two strips of scotch tape and pressed them into Kelli’s eyebrows! Kelli struggled in earnest as the wax began to cool, but she could gain no purchase against her bonds. After ten minutes the head nun started removing the wax strips with vicious yanks. Kelli screamed into her gag as her blonde hair was ripped away by the roots! And then her eyebrows were ripped off her face! Kelli almost passed out from the pain. To add insult to injury, the nun brought out a jar filled with special polish and buffed Kelli’s egg-naked scalp to a lustrous gleam—the bright lights of the operating room actually reflected off Kelli’s shining pate!

“Just two more procedures and we’re done, dear girl,” the head nun whispered. She removed Kelli’s gag and replaced it with a dental vice, a diabolical contraption that held Kelli’s jaws achingly open. She turned her back to Kelli, and Kelli writhed in fear as she heard the sinister whine of a dentist’s tool! The nun spun around and held up a large drill with a grinding wheel attached. “Your smile is so lovely. So sunny and sexy. We just CAN’T leave it like that…don’t you agree?” Kelli redoubled her efforts to escape, but to no avail. The nun held her down by sitting across her mutilated chest and began grinding her teeth down to little nubs!

“There!” the head nun exclaimed. “Now we only have the bleaching left!” Bleaching? Kelli thought. They’ve cut off every strand of hair I had; what are they going to bleach? Her confusion turned to terror as she saw them prepare what they’d need. They were going to bleach her body! The dark tan she was so proud of…gone? No!

“This is the same procedure that was used on Michael Jackson, but we’ve stepped it up a bit for you. This should leave you looking fish-belly white, as if you hadn’t been out in the sun for years.” Kelli’s bonds were removed and the four large nuns lifted her bodily and placed her in the tub of bleach. Kelli was held down as the pigment was permanently removed from her skin. After two hours of soaking in the caustic fluid they removed her and dried her off carefully. Then they brought out a full-length mirror and showed her her reflection.

She gazed at herself in horror. Toenails and fingernails gone, her clit removed, her pussy sewn shut, her lush full breasts a memory, her entire body pale as an albino’s, her teeth ground away, and her head devoid of hair and gleaming with polish…this was her life now. She knew herself to be hideous, and knew that she now belonged with these strange nuns. She raised her arms hopelessly as they fitted her with her black robe and habit. “Come now, Sister Kelli,” the head nun said. “It’s time for meditation…”


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