Witch of Bald Mountain

Witch of Bald Mountain

The Witch of Bald Mountain R. King

I would like to thank Templar_Saint for me asking to write this story. Enjoy

I don’t know whether to believe this story or not. It sounds so strange that it could be true and then there is the proof by one of the people to whom this took place.

This story took place about two weeks ago when four very inquisitive coeds decided to investigate the legend of the Witch of Bald Mountain. The mountain location will remain a secret but I will tell you it is in one of our southern states.

Before I go any further with my tale let me describe the four women of this tale. The leader was a 23-year-old named Shannon, a redhead with a 50DD bust. The next two busty beauties were Donna, a blonde, and Maria was a raven-haired lovely with blonde streaks in it, these two coeds had 38D busts and were 21 and 20 respectively. The last of our brave explorers of the unknown was the 19-year-old Carmen whose tits were not as impressive as the other girls but still big at 36C. It was their bustlines and their long hair that brought this group together.

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This group made the trip to small town where the witch was last reported to be seen. Once there they began to interview the townspeople about their legendary celebrity. For the most part the four women were warned to stop their investigation of the witch. Being college girls they thought they knew better than the townsfolk. By this time the girls had thought the witch was a hoax but they still wanted to pursue their investigation. But there seemed to be one person who was more than willing to help these lovely ladies.

It was a young woman who dressed very strangely. Her clothes looked liked they were from the last century – about the time the witch started making her appearance. “Let me tell you about the true origins of The Witch of Bald Mountain,” she began her tale. Everyone in the area knew the legend but for those of you don’t here is how it goes.

It started a little over a century ago when the townswomen grew jealous of her beauty and her long hair, hair that was a black as a raven’s wing. All the men of this community flocked to her to try to win her heart. It didn’t matter to the men if they were married and this infuriated the women even more, even if it wasn’t her fault. After six months of this the women decided she had to go and she had to be punished as well.

So at high noon the women paid a visit to the girl. They chose this time because their husbands were at work in the fields so they could not help the poor girl. The first thing the women did when they found the “witch” at the river washing her clothes was pull her from her chores. The group without a word began to strip the poor girl of her clothing.

The leader of the group couldn’t leave well enough alone by just stripping the poor girl. She decided she needed to be shaved bald as well. The witch was marched into town in all her naked glory and into the town’s barbershop. She was forced into the chair and bound to it.

“We are going to teach you a lesson about stealing our men, whore!” the leader of the group said. “Just stripping you naked and marching you through town was only the beginning – now for the real fun part we are going to shave your head until it is as smooth as an egg.”

The barber was pushed back against the wall by a small group of the women. As the leader picked up the scissors, she made the first cut close to the raven-haired beauty’s scalp. Her shorn lock was dropped into her lap. The barber tried to turn his head but the women forced him to watch the haircutting. The old biddy took her time shearing away the lovely woman’s hair just to show how cruel she was. Thirty minutes later the so-called man-stealer’s head was covered with ebony stubble.

“I wonder what the men will say if they saw you this way?” the bitch taunted her captive. “Don’t worry, they will see you almost like this but I have to hurry and shave you now.”

Not bothering to lather the poor woman’s head, she began to dry-shave her. As she was shaved she begged the woman to stop and use some lather on her head. Her pleas fell on deaf ears and the unlucky barber had to listen to the woman in the chair’s pitiful cries. The straight razor left nothing behind except for nicks and smooth skin. Once all traces of the black hair was removed the women released her from the chair and forced her out into the muddy streets. You see, while they were inside there was thunderstorm turning the dirt streets into mud.

To humiliate the now bald woman even more they pushed her into the mud and covered her entire body in it from head to toe. Then they picked her up and marched her through the streets before the men before they rushed her out of town. That was the last time anyone saw her but it wasn’t till later that the long-haired beauties of the area started disappearing for six months at time. And when they reappeared they were naked and covered in mud and completely bald and the strange thing was, when their hair grew back in it was jet black like the witch’s – even true blondes’ hair grew back black but their pussy hair remained blonde.

Before the foursome left she gave the curious friends a bit of advice on finding the witch. “If you want to summon the witch, you have to sacrifice a little of your pubic hair.” This tidbit of information aroused the girls but they didn’t tell each other about it. With the instructions given to them by the strange girl they left town.

So the girls hiked to the section of the woods the young woman had told them about. She had told them it was this section the witch was seen the most. The women set up camp and they carefully placed their video equipment all around the site. After hiking all day and then setting up the camp, the college coeds were almost totally exhausted but not quite. Once everything in the campsite was in place, the girls decided to reward themselves with nude sunbathing since they seemed be the only people in the area.

While they enjoyed the sun on their smooth skin, they started talking more about their project and what to do next.

“Do you really believe what that crazy woman said about summoning the witch by sacrificing a bit of your pussy hair?” asked the raven-tressed Maria with the blonde streaks.

“I don’t know, but it sounds like fun just for one of us to cut a bit of pubic hair off.” Shannon the super-busty redhead sounded off with a smile on her face. ” If no one wants to do it I will but if we cut mine off, I want it all shaved off so I’m bald below. Who knows, the witch might visit us sooner.”

“I have a better idea,” sprouted off black-haired Carmen, “Why don’t we all cut off our pussy hair? Then Maria and I can be a Mexican Hairless.”

“I love the idea,” Donna, the blonde, put in her two cents. After seeing her naked you could tell she wasn’t a natural blonde. “That way I can get rid of my tattle tale.” She rubbed hands over her dark pubic hair.

After a few more minutes of discussion it was decided that all the girls would shave. Little knowing, it would really bring the witch all right. You see the only sacrifice needed to see her was just a little bit of a woman’s pubic hair. But if the woman shaves her entire mons the witch felt it was her right to take the woman’s entire head of hair, leaving her bald.

After a simple dinner the four naked women retired to the big tent. Being the first volunteer to shave her pussy, crimson-tressed Shannon pulled scissors, shaving cream and a package of disposable razors from her backpack. Scissors in her right hand she began to snip away her red pubic hair. As she snipped the kinky curls off the other three women got horny and started to explore each others’ sexy bodies.

Unknown to our investigators the witch had turned on their video equipment. The cameras would catch everything with the first snip of Shannon’s red pussy hair.

Once Shannon had sheared off her red pubic hair she passed the scissors onto Carmen. While this Hispanic beauty started cutting off her black pussy hair, Shannon sprayed shaving foam over her red nubs. Taking up one of the razors, she began to scrape away the lather and the red stubble of her pussy. While she was finishing herself with the razor, Carmen passed the scissors onto Donna.

Shannon sprayed the foamy on Carmen’s dark pussy and spread it around her slit. The blonde started using the scissors on Maria’s long, dark, coarse pussy hair. As the second Hispanic beauty’s pussy hair was sheared away, Carmen’s pussy was being shaved by Shannon. By the time the second snatch shaving was over, Maria’s cunt was clipped clean, she then applied the shaving cream to her nearly naked nooky.

Now Carmen’s and Shannon’s pubes were smooth and hairless. They began to explore each other’s bald pussy with their long pink tongues. They were in the 69 position but they could still see what the other two girls were doing.

Then Donna took the scissors to herself. Her dark pubic hair fell to the tent’s canvas floor while Maria carefully pulled the razor across her crewcut crotch. The razor stripped away the white foam and ebony curlies. By the time she was finished shaving her pussy, Donna was finishing up with the shears.

Then Maria coated the blonde’s fuzz-covered mons with the shaving cream, just like Shannon had done to Carmen. The Hispanic beauty shaved away the last of Donna’s pubic hair. Five minutes later all the busty women were sporting hairless honeypots.

For the rest of the night the foursome experimented with their new hairless cunts. But they didn’t stop there – they continued by exploring each other’s mouths and big breasts. They did this well into the night. They were sexually exhausted by this time and slept soundly.

During their sleep, the witch made her appearance. She looked amazingly like the girl who had given them directions to this site, but she wasn’t caught on tape. She was there to collect the pubic hair the four women had shorn off. The sorceress just smiled as she saw they had shaved their pussies bald. This pleased her, soon she would have four bald victims to play with for a while in these woods.

The next morning after the girls’ pubic shaving, Donna went outside the tent and screamed and that brought the rest of the girls out of the spacious tent. What she had found had shocked her, there were four very expensive razors laying on the ground; each one was next to each of the girls’ backpacks and video equipment. These were no ordinary razors that could be bought off the shelf at drugs stores or supermarkets. These were special razors called head blades. They didn’t know what kind of razors they were and neither did I until I did some research on them. But I’m getting ahead of myself on this story. These razors frightened the four women because each of them had their names engraved on them. So they picked them up and threw them into woods. There was no possible way for anyone to find them without a metal detector

The first coed to fall under the spell of the hair witch was the Hispanic beauty Carmen. From the evidence I have seen she was chosen because she had the longest, thickest black mane of hair I had ever seen on a woman.

Carmen carefully set the video camera up at the edge of what looked like a rather large mud hole. The camera seemed to be focused on the center of the muddy pit. I couldn’t see anything but Carmen must have. Then the next thing I saw on the tape was Carmen wading out to the center of the hole and looking up at someone who wasn’t there.

“Please don’t cut my hair,” she pleaded as she began to hack off her knee-length ebony locks with a hunting knife. I thought to myself, who the hell she is talking to, because I couldn’t see anyone on the tape other than her. The keen edge of the knife sliced away hank after hank of gorgeous black hair. The only other odd thing I noticed was the way wind was blowing away the shorn tresses. The leaves in the trees didn’t move but Carmen’s dark curls did.

While she was sawing her strands of hair off she was constantly pleading for the invisible person to stop. Some twenty minutes later all of Carmen’s long hair was gone and replaced by a butchered mess. There were places on her scalp where pale skin was peeking through.

Carmen’s eyes grew wide but I couldn’t see what was causing such terror. She went out of the range of the camera for a few seconds. When she returned Carmen’s shapely head was covered with shaving cream and in her right hand was the head blade she had thrown away earlier in the day at the campsite.

Still pleading with someone I could not see on the tape to stop. Carmen placed the keen edge of the uniquely styled razor at her dark hairline. The blade ran smoothly and effortlessly from her forehead to the crown of her head. A path of pale skin was revealed as the razor stripped away the white lather and black stubble from Carmen’s scalp. In a matter of five minutes the Hispanic beauty’s front hemisphere of her head was totally free of any stubble. Using her left hand Carmen felt the area she had just shaved to see if it was smooth, it was.

Then the real test for her began. She had to shave the back of her head. Bending down her left ear she scraped away the foamy that was there, then she continued to shave the left back quarter of her head. It didn’t take long, even if she was using the touch method. Once that side of her head was slick and shiny Carmen moved the razor onto the right side of her head. And just as quickly the last of the shaving cream and ebony stubble was gone from her perfect bald head.

Try as she might to put the razor down she had one more task for it to do. Not even bothering to lather her eyebrows, she razored them away. The only hair Carmen had left on her lush body were her long dark eyelashes.

From what I have observed on the tape this new razor doesn’t leave any hair behind. And it seems to be made to fit both the hand and the curves of the user’s skull.

Now that she was completely bald, Carmen did something totally unexpected. She acted like she was being pushed under the dark muck of the pit. While she went under she had a bizarre smile on her lovely face. It seemed she was enjoying this part of her strange experience. Carmen was under the mud but not for long before she jumped from the pit.

Carmen was now covered completely in ooze from the top her bald dome to the bottoms of her feet. The witch released her from the spell. Free of the witch’s enchantment she ran screaming through the forest into the campsite. The sight and sound of this strange howling creature terrified the other members of the team. Needless to say they panicked and ran off deeper into the forest but the trio had enough foresight to grab their cameras.

As for Carmen, she kept running until she found a stream. Once she found one she washed the muck form her now hairless body. Now free of the muck she began to rub her hands over her smooth scalp and began to moan. Carmen was turned on by having a bald head. She decided to return to camp to show the other girls that she had been visited by the witch. Then Carmen noticed she was naked, it would be a while before she got back to camp.

An hour later Donna caught up with Maria at the very same mud hole Carmen had met the witch. They were frightened to find their friend’s long black hair and clothing on the ground. They started to go to their friend’s video camera to see what had happened to her. Before they got to the camera the witch had placed the two women under an enchantment.

It was a simple illusion. Donna and Maria saw one another as the witch, then the real fun began. Just like Carmen they set their own cameras up to catch the entire event on tape.

The first thing the two busty women did was start wrestling in the mud. While they were fighting one another they were ripping what little clothing they had off their sexy bodies. A few seconds later they were naked and covered, with except for their heads, in dirt. But that was going to change in about twenty minutes.

With a little help from the witch, she provided our two investigators with shears. Donna went straight to work on Maria’s shoulder length black hair and the section she focused on first was the blonde streak. The first snip was made quickly and it removed the blonde strands from the Hispanic beauty’s head. All the while she thought the witch was doing it to her instead of her Caucasian friend.

She was totally unaware she was doing the same thing to her blonde friend Donna. Maria grabbed the two foot blond ponytail attached to her friend’s head and closed the scissors on it. With the tail and blonde streaked removed from the women’s heads the witch’s magic caused the shorn strands to float over the muck pit to join Carmen’s cut-off tresses.

It was about this time the red-headed Shannon showed up at the “magic mud trap”. Instead of seeing her friends Donna and Maria, she saw two witches instead of one. And they were hacking off each other’s long black hair.

But what I saw on the tapes were the three friends and no witch. I continued my duty and watched the tapes.

While Shannon watched her friends clip off their manes, she started removing her clothing. She divested herself of the halter top that barely covered her massive 50-DD tits. Shannon rubbed her hands over her enormous funbags. She managed to tweak the pink nipples, which sent her into ecstasy as she ogled the two “witches” cut their hair off.

By this time Maria and Donna had reduced each other’s long curls to a short butchered mess. Then the camera blinked off for a couple of seconds and when the picture returned the two women were spreading shaving cream over one another’s head.

So focused on the event transpiring before her, Shannon didn’t notice the arrival of the beautiful bald Carmen. Since all four were still under the influence of the Hair Witch, they saw one another as the witch instead of her friend.

The two women pulled from beneath the mire the head blades they had thrown away earlier that day. Donna grabbed Maria’s foam-covered head and began to pull the unique razor from the nape of her companion’s neck to the her crown. Like Carmen before the blade left nothing in its wake. Every trace of dark hair and shaving froth was removed. By the same token Maria was quickly razoring away the last of Donna’s bleach-blonde curls.

Just as this was happening Shannon had removed her cut-offs and she was naked, just like her bald and near-bald girlfriends. Not taking her green eyes off her two friends in the pit she grew more excited at the scene taking place before her. Her hairless pussy was oozing at the sight of the two females razoring away each other’s hair.

As Donna’s hair was being stripped away by Maria’s head blade, Carmen made her move on the only person with any hair left: Shannon. The naked and bald woman grabbed the redhead and jerked her head back. Picking up the knife she had used to hack off her own ebony hair, she began to saw away at Shannon’s crimson curls. As the first hank was pulled from the super-busty coed Donna had finished her work on Maria head leaving her completely hairless. Not even thinking about it she even razored away her Hispanic friend’s eyebrows.

Shannon was screaming for the “witch” to stop cutting her hair. But since it was Carmen the screams fell on deaf ears. By the time the bald woman had destroyed the long red hair, the twosome in the pit were finishing up.

Maria had just completed stripping the last of the lather and flaxen stubble from Donna’s smooth scalp. Without missing a beat she scraped away the former blonde’s eyebrows. The lockless ladies in the pit were totally hairless just like their friend, Carmen.

The newly bald women heard Shannon scream and turned to see Carmen cutting the “siren”‘s long hair off. They scrambled from the pit to help the bald Carmen punish the being that turned them into busty bald babes. Still unaware that they were no way close to having the witch in their grasp.

Carmen saw the denuded duo climb from the slime and saw it was her friends. “I see the witch got you too.”

“Yeah,” said Donna.

Maria chimed in, ” Si, but she not going to get away with it.”

The two mud-encrusted baldies grabbed Shannon’s arms and held her still while Carmen quickly hacked away the last of the long red hair. Like before the severed red hair gently floated in the air over the pit to its final resting-place, with the rest of the other women’s hair.

Not bothering with shaving cream, Carmen picked up Shannon’s head blade and started pulling it across the top of her friend’s head. It felt like the blade was pulling the hair out instead of stripping it away with a keen edge. All Shannon could do was scream for them to stop as her friends turned her into a baldie too.

Ten minutes later the three friends had finished shaving who they thought was the bitch-witch bald. Without a word the trio now tossed the shaved Shannon into the mire of the pit. But they went in with her. Once the now completely bald women’s entire bodies were coated with the slime of the hole the witch’s spell was lifted from their eyes.

Maria, Shannon, Donna, and Carmen saw themselves as the friends they truly were. Since they couldn’t do anything about their baldness, they decided to stay and play in the mud. As they did so the wind blew through the trees and it sounded like a woman laughing but it went unnoticed while the girls wrestled in the mud.

After a couple of hours of playing in the mud the girls went to the stream and washed the slime off their bodies. They returned to their campsite and began to explore the wonders of their completely hairless bodies and heads.

Once the four bald women were back at camp Shannon was singled out by the girls. They had her lay down on one of sleeping bags. Maria and Donna started sucking on her massive 50DD breasts and rubbing their hands over their hairless heads and the woman they were servicing. Donna took her place between Shannon’s smooth snatch. They kept this up until the tape ran out.

That was the last thing seen on these tapes that were found in the woods a couple weeks later by a couple of hikers. And being the sheriff I had to see if there clues to where the four women went on the tapes. So far I haven’t found anything yet but I will say one thing about watching the tapes – I discovered a side me I never knew existed.

But now I am receiving reports about the witch again and this time she is not alone. It seems she has four totally bald women with her. With these new reports I started watching the tapes again. What I saw on the tapes this time freaked me out. Each one of the tapes had another girl on them and she was naked like the rest of the coeds, except she seemed to giggling at them as their heads were shaved. While the four women were shaving their heads, I guess it was the witch, was brushing her long brown hair.

A few weeks later we found the four women. They were still bald and naked but they didn’t seem to care. I showed the women the tapes and they confirmed the other woman was not a part of their group. They all swear it was the Witch of Bald Mountain and she had them under her spell, since the day they arrived.

One of these days I am going to have really investigate the Witch of Bald Mountain more closely. Maybe I’ll take my girlfriend along with a couple of her long-haired friends to help. I hope the witch turns up and turns my girlfriend into a baldie.


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