Tripleshave by Gloria Klien

It’s already hot, not as hot as it will be later in the day, but already the marble floor is refreshingly cool as you pad across the bedroom floor and start to pull faces at yourself in the mirror. Scooping your hair up in both hands you pile it up on top of your head and start to examine your profile, turning first one way and then the other. “I’m going to cut it all off.” You release your hold and your beautiful mane cascades over your shoulders and down your back. You start to toss your head from side to side feeling the weight brush and swish across your bare back. “I am you know, it’s not a tease.” You are now looking over your shoulder with a coy smile, turning us both on mercilessly.

Caz is the first to respond. “I never regretted cutting mine, and you’ve got such good features you would look stunning at any length.” Caz is my partner, about 15 years your senior, with the kind of lithe body that only dancers seem to hold on to as they get older. Her dark auburn hair has been freshly cropped for this holiday, about an inch left on top, and the back and sides clippered down and neatly trimmed around her ears. I love this look on her and I’m still gently caressing her bare nape as she speaks.

“How short do you want to go?” I ask. “As short as Caz?”

“Noooo… much shorter.” You pad swiftly back to the bed and jump on the pair of us, tossing your head back you throw it forward, burying the pair of us in a world of hair, it’s so soft and warm and fragrant.

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“How short?” asks Caz slipping her fingers between your moist outer lips and starting to work you.

“All of it, I want to cut it all off,” you reply softly.

I stop kissing your nipple and, still cupping your breast, whisper, “Will you let us shave you bald then?”

“Would you like to?” you ask teasingly, your hand on my erect cock and Caz’s exploring fingers thrusting deeper inside you were already answer enough. “Let’s do it then,” you gasp as a wave of both pleasure in what we are doing to you now, and anticipation in what we are going to do to you ripples through you body.

Gently pulling ourselves apart we start to prepare for your de-tressing, luckily enough I’d brought my hairdressing kit to the villa, in case Caz needed a trim, and I leave to get it. Stopping off in the bathroom, I put some towels to soak in hot water and look for the throwaway razors and shaving cream. The razors were there but where were the three cans of shaving cream? When I get back to the bedroom the mystery is explained, at least two of them are over you. You and Caz have been busy while I have been away and now you are both giggling in front of the mirror, as Caz works the last of a can over your chest and breasts. At least another can is in your hair which is piled up and standing stiffly erect like a pointy hat, and white foam is covering the sides of your face and neck, leaving only the centre of your face free. “We thought we’d have a last bit of fun before it all goes.” You can hardly speak for giggling at the wonderful mess you are in, “So whose going to shave me then?”

“Why fight over it, lets both do it,” laughs Caz snatching the razors before I can answer, and then starting to gently shave your right breast, I join in gently holding your left nipple and letting the blade glide over the flawless skin. Of course there was no hair to shave off but it is such fun. Finishing with a flourish, we all go to the shower to clean you up. The powerful water jets soon have the foam rinsed out of your hair, we are all cooled down a bit, and ready to start.

You kneel on the floor, facing the mirror, and we both take it in turns to comb and brush your hair, it is still wet and we work hard to remove all the tangles without pulling too hard on your scalp. Finally you are ready, your hair centre parted and neatly brushed hanging long and straight over your breasts and down to your waist. It looks so beautiful and we wait for a while so the memory of it can burn in. Caz then gently takes your face in her hands and kisses you, letting her tongue explore yours in a soft lingering embrace. I kneel behind you, the barbers’ shears in my left hand, and your left breast cupped in the other. How hard your nipple is in my palm, and I can feel your heart beating faster and faster. I gently but firmly pull you towards me so that you can feel my erect cock against your back, and Caz takes hold of a lock of hair from the front of your head and pulls it out straight. “Not too much at first, let’s make this last,” she says. I slide the shears down to about two inches from your scalp and bring the blades together. Snip… you give out a little gasp, and start to tremble a little. Snip… another long lock falls onto the floor in front of you, you take it and start to idly toy with it.

“How long it is,” you say.

“How long it was,” corrects Caz.

Working quickly together, Caz selecting and me cutting, your wonderful waist length hair is soon reduced to a long boyish crop, for the first time, we can see the real shape of your head, and what cute little ears you have.

We are all kneeling in a mass of hair that is almost covering the cool marble floor, and sticking to the sweat on our bodies. Time to clean up again, but first, time for you to say goodbye to all this cut hair. We both scoop up handfuls and while you look up, eyes closed, let it rain down over your face, and down over your erect nipples and breasts into your cupped hands. I put the wastepaper bin in front of you and with just a small tear forming in the corner of your eye you fill it.


“No, just memories…”

Back in the shower, we are all soon cleaned up, and while you sit on the edge of the bath, Caz shampoos your hair. I go down on you and start to probe and kiss your pussy, sliding my tongue between your sweet folds and teasing your clit, you are so wet, and starting to move and stretch like a cat on heat. Wrapping your shorn head in a hot towel, to soften what little hair you have left ready for shaving, Caz stands behind you, and taking your face in both hands bends your head back, almost as far as it will go. She flicks her tongue across your lips, pulls back, teases your bottom lip with her teeth, and thrusts her tongue into your mouth, probing and exploring … putting her mark on you. Back arched, legs spread, and two tongues working you as well as they know how, you surrender … give in and let the orgasm rip you apart. We both back off, just a little, now just caressing and kissing your face and body, letting you recover.

Arm in arm, intertwined, we slowly go back into the bedroom. While I get the clippers ready, Caz stands you in front of the beautiful gilt-framed mirror. Your freshly washed shorn hair is already dry from the Mediterranean heat, and is standing up stiff and spiky. You’ve never seen yourself like this before, your hair has always been long, now how different you look. How big your eyes are, what cute little ears you have, you twist your head to see the line of your neck as it meets your shoulders. All these things have always been there, but now you are seeing them revealed for the first time. Caz gently clasps your shoulders, leans over from the back so there are now two people in the mirror and smiles. “Happy?”

“Delirious,” you reply. “I think I might let it grow out to this length… one day.”

“Are you ready to go all the way then?” I ask joining the group in the mirror.

“All the way.” You give a wry smile.

“A total skinhead,” teases Caz.

“Noooo … a cue ball.” There is mischief in your eyes, you can hardly believe what you are saying, you have always dreamed about doing this, but now the fantasy is about to become a reality. You have always been known for having waist length hair, and now you are about to become known as a baldie.

We both want you to see as much of this as possible, at least to start with. I stand to one side, clippers at the ready, Caz to the other holding your chin, gently, with just her fingertips, ready to guide you. You are looking straight ahead, looking at this new girl in the mirror. You bite your lip as I flick the clippers into life, you try to turn your head to follow the sound but Caz’s firm but gentle fingers keep you looking straight ahead. You see the clippers touch your cheek, poised by your hairline, how cold the steel is… and the vibration… you can feel it throughout your head. You give a little gulp as I gently push them up the side of your head, giving you a new hairline, this one only just in front of your ear and starting above your temple. We change sides and repeat the process, getting things even. You can see untanned skin now for the first time, how white it looks, and how sensitive, you can feel the warm breeze blowing in through the shutters. Another pass, this time I tenderly twist your ear out of the way, oh how loud the clippers are as they remove all the hair from above your ear, again stopping just above your temple. I even up the other side, then Caz changes her grip, this time grasping you by the top of your head. You can feel her fingernails dig into your scalp as she tilts your head down; you can’t see your reflection now but you can feel the clippers, starting low down your neck and moving up behind your ears, denuding everything in their path. Another pass and then time to do the back, you give a little moan as I let the vibrating blades linger on the back of your neck, right at the base of your skull, and then up and up they go, leaving nothing behind but tiny bristles of stubble. This time I don’t stop until I’ve reached the crown of your head, I want to establish a new hairline, one last one before hairlines will be something belonging to your past. You can’t see how far I’ve gone, but you can feel it. You never thought that it would feel like this, how sensitive your bare scalp would be, how light your head would feel without the weight of your trademark mane cascading down your back. Caz supports your chin with her fingers again, and gently tilts your head back, just a little, so that I can finish the Mohawk that I’ve started, taking the sides up with one pass, front to back, each side, and then straight across the front, taking a blade width out. I run my fingers through the patch of hair that is left. The only trace of your beautiful hair that used gleam in the sunlight, and ripple in wave after wave over your shoulders and down your back, is now just a rectangular patch on the top of your head, a little garden. The rest of your head is completely shorn, clipper shaved, just stubble, visible but bearing no trace of colour or any other link to how things used to be.

You turn your head from side to side, marvelling at the transformation, running your hands over the bristles covering most of your scalp. The only thing you can think to say is, “It’s sooooo scratchy… and sharp.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll soon have you smooth all over,” I say. “I just couldn’t resist turning you into a Punkette for a while.

“Can I finish her?” from Caz. “Go on I never get to use the clippers, and I think she’s seen quite enough of herself for a while, let’s try something different.”

Caz is up to mischief again, I can tell by that glint in her eye. Knowing better than to resist, I do as I’m told and sit on the edge of the bed, legs apart leaning back relaxed, relaxed apart from my cock which isn’t and, having a mind of its own, wants some mischief too. Caz takes you by the hand and leads you over to the bed, whispering into your ear she gets you to kneel between my legs and guides your mouth onto my erect cock. Sitting on your back she playfully runs her fingers through the little garden of hair left on top of your head, and digging her fingers into your scalp, guides and moves your head, sometimes nearly pulling your hungry lips away from my cock, so just the tip is left in your mouth, and other times pushing your head right into my crotch so that you are taking me right down the throat.

“Now you two, if either one of you comes before I’ve finished, then she’s not only going bald, but I want her pubes and her eyebrows too.”

“How about if you come?” I just about manage to ask, the last thing I want to think about now is complex deals, the only thing I can think about is your tongue and what it’s doing to my cock.

Taking the clippers, Caz slowly starts to work away at the last of your hair, nibbling at the little patch that is left, teasing, never making a full pass, playfully reducing it little by little until all that is left is a strip right down the centre, barely two inches wide by six inches long. “Now, hold still.” We both stop, my cock still deep within your mouth, your head buried in my crotch. I take your face in my hands and hold you steady. Using the clippers on edge Caz skilfully reduces the length to about a quarter inch and then starts to carve her name in what’s left, tortuously taking her time, this is just too much for me, and I’m barely able to stop from coming there and then.

“Just a little longer… I’ve nearly done,” smiles Caz, and taking a last look at her nameplate wickedly forces the clippers right through it, sending the last of your hair up into the air. It’s no good, the sight of the ravaging clippers, the look of glee on Caz’s face, and your mouth gripping my cock are just too much, and I give in, filling your mouth with come. Unfortunately for you, there was still just a tiny, tiny patch of Mohawk left, and to Caz a deal was a deal. “I warned you both,” she said. “Now I get to do her pubes and eyebrows.”

You pull away from me, hungrily licking the last of the come from the end of my cock. “I’ll get you for this,” you say. “Still, why not? Come on, let’s get me totally hairless… if you really want to.”

As a penalty for coming too soon, all that Caz will let me do now is get you ready for shaving, and then steady you while she has all the fun. First, I smother your head in shaving foam, and then taking one of the towels that has been soaking in hot water, wrap it like a turban around your shorn scalp. The idea is to soften the bristles up and make them easier to shave. You can’t believe the sensation of first the cooling foam, and then the heat from the towel tightly wrapped around your head. With you now sitting on a chair, I stand behind you and tilt you head back, holding it steady. Caz now swings her leg over and sits in your lap facing you holding a small pair of nail scissors in her hand. “Now my pretty little soon-to-be-bald one,” she coos. “Let’s take off those nasty, nasty eyebrows.” Before, just a short time ago, when you still had your lovely hair, your eyebrows were perfectly in keeping with the rest of your appearance, but now isolated, the only vestige of hair left on your head, they did look like two enormous caterpillars. But not for much longer, you give an involuntary flinch as the cold steel touches your face, and then snip, snip, snip… Caz expertly trims the first one down to match your current hairstyle, leaving the other intact. Smiling to herself she then takes a small amount of foam on her finger tip and works it into the stubble that was once an eyebrow, produces a disposable razor and stretching the skin between forefinger and thumb, shaves it all off. “Mmm, perhaps just one will do for now,” she teases. “Here, have a look.” She shows you her handiwork in a small mirror. You give a little gasp, your head still wrapped in the hot towel hides the baldness and your lack of hair, but the shock of seeing yourself minus one eyebrow is too much.

“Oh please… even it up… you can’t leave me looking like this,” you wail. Caz, only teasing you, finishes the job, as was her intention, finally kissing both your browless eyes as lovingly as she can.

The hot towel is starting to cool a little now, and your pubes will have to stay intact just a little longer. “Well this is it, it’s time to shave your head.” You smile as we unwrap the turban and start to cover your poor head in fresh shaving foam. When it is completely covered we just clean any traces from your face before letting you see yourself. There is a new girl in the mirror now, a smiling though slightly nervous girl with no eyebrows and a cap of white foam where there used to be hair. We take a side each and take it in turns to shave you. Smooth even strokes, removing the foam, and every last vestige of hair with it, little paths of shining skin in the white foam that start to join up and merge. The foam recedes as more and more glistening scalp is exposed. You never expected the sound to be so loud, the sound of two razors working away to get you totally bald. Not only can you hear it, but you can feel it as well, it’s filling your head in a way you never expected. The first shaving over, we coat your head again with foam and start to re-shave you, this time working against the grain, running our fingers over your smooth scalp to find any rough patches and then carefully going over them again. Finally it’s time to polish you up to cue ball status. Caz gently massages your head with moisturising cream, working more and more in until your scalp is fully covered by a thick layer. Taking a new razor, and using long swift strokes, I shave you one last time. This time your head really glistens and shines, not only are you bald but it is like you never had any hair in the first place, the only clue is the tan line where your freshly denuded scalp is a different colour from the rest of your face.

While you stare at yourself in the mirror, Caz gets things ready for your final depilation. Carefully moving your legs just a little further apart, she kneels in front of you, and as the bald girl in the mirror closes her browless eyes, she uses the clippers to mow a path through your thick curls of pubic hair. The bulk removed she now uses the small scissors to work closer to your moist sex. A mass of soft curls now cover the floor, and now as you kneel with your backside high in the air they are only inches from your face. All the hair removed from around your backside, Caz now smothers the area in foam and spreading your cheeks, carefully shaves you. You are now totally bald, the only hair left on your body is the stubble on your pubic mound, which my partner has been saving to last. Leading you to the bed, she lays you down, stretched out on your back but with your legs over the side and your feet just touching the floor. She now gets onto the bed and kneels behind you, taking your bald, smooth head in her hands she lifts it a little, and working herself forward on her knees rubs it against her crotch. All you can feel is her soft pubic hair and moist, hot labia on the top of your head, and all she can feel is your freshly shaved head on her sex. You are both locked in the moment for a while, and then reaching forward, Caz starts to spread foam over your pubic mound, working it in with her fingers, and letting her fingers slide inside you, in and out, exploring you and turning you on like crazy. Pulling back, and changing position, she now kisses you softly but passionately on the lips before stretching out on top of you. Thrusting her hot crotch against your eager mouth, she now starts to shave you. As the razor works away at the last of your pubic hair, your tongue works away at her, both of you are working together and your breathing is getting deeper and deeper. Finally spreading more foam on your already naked and smooth crotch, Caz starts to finger you harder and faster, both of you are on the edge now, and with perfect timing, she slides the handle of the razor right inside you bringing you both to a simultaneous, earth shattering orgasm.

We’ve done it, you are now totally bald, and as the sun is starting to go down you stand framed in the French windows while we cover you from head to toe in body oil, working it all over, and into you, until you glisten like a living statue in the light of the setting sun.


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