Nice Hair

Nice Hair


I always liked the way she looked after her hair. When I met her, her hair was long and neatly combed. It hung down to the middle of her shoulder blades and was always smooth and soft. The small curls at the ends of her lovely hair always danced when she walked. Her bangs were tapered at the ends so that her hair always looked as if she just left a salon. She would spend hours just brushing her long hair and asking me to smooth it down straight for her. She would colour her hair any colour that I would ask, blonde, red, brown but never black. She said that with her light skin and pencil thin brows that the look would be to severe. I asked her to streak her brown hair once and she had me use the little hook to pull strands of her long hair through the cap. She looked so sexy as I pulled her hair through, her hair sticking out at all different angles. I asked her if she would be willing to try something that I saw in a magazine. She asked me what it was and I told her to trust me. With that I took a pair of kitchen scissors and cut off all the pulled through hair sticking up out of the cap. The finished length of the hair sticking out was only two inches long. She shrieked at first, but I told her not to worry, as the finished look was neat to look at. Well I streaked her hair and when the colour was a golden yellow, I had her go into the bathroom and rinse off the cap. Under the water emerged a bright yellow mass of cut off hair. I then pulled the cap off her head and with the hair coming out of the small holes in the cap, her blonde streaks stood up at strange angles. She laughed at the sight of her hair sticking up and the bright contrast of her streaks against her long brown hair. We blew dry her hair and the effect of the short blonde streaks mixed in with her long brown hair was exciting to see. I had a hard on, and I know she noticed. It was fun.

Another time she wanted to trim her own bangs and I told her the best way to do it was to take a comb and lay if flat on her head, and at the pivot point of the comb sitting on top of her hair was were her bangs should start. Then comb all the hair from that point straight forward and spray down the bangs to get a nice straight, even cut. Remember that when they dry they are a bit shorter. Well she knew that cutting hair turned me on, so she let me take my thing out and masturbate as she brought the scissors close to her bangs. I did myself slowly so as to get the full effect of her barbering skills. She knew it excited me and she slowly maneuvered the scissors across her forehead three or four times. Well I watched her bangs get shorter and shorter. She said that if I didn’t come soon, she would be bald. With that I came….a good one. Her bangs were quite short after that for the next few months as she found it neat to watch me get excited while she cut her own bangs.

The summer brought a whole bunch of different hairstyles with it. She wanted to get her hair chopped off for the hot summer months and I talked her into getting her hair cut shorter every two weeks, and by the end of the summer her hair would be nice and short. She agreed, and left with me to Sally’s Clip and Curl, a local shop run by this middle-aged women who lived around the corner from us. My wife walked in and told the lady to cut her hair about 3 inches shorter all over, in a long surf style, about shoulder length in back. They washed her hair and wrapped it up in a pink towel. She was led over to a booth and her hair was brushed out. Hanging down to the middle of her shoulder blades, the lady then separated her hair into four on top and then unpinned the bottom section of hair. It was such a shame seeing the scissors chop off 7 inches of hair in one cut, but the feeling I was getting sitting in a salon surrounded by women getting perms and cutting their hair was great. More of her hair in back was combed down and chopped off at shoulder length. The sides came down next and where cut at an angle, so that the finished cut was a beautiful surf cut. Her bangs did not need cutting as they were still growing out from the summer of self cutting.

Then two weeks later she told me to get in the car, we were both going to get our hair cut. I asked her if we were going to a barber shop, since that is the only place I had ever had my hair cut. She laughed and said no silly, not this time, next time. With that I started to get excited. (Did she mean next time?) We arrived at a shop down town that was marked unisex cuts. We went in and the person at the reception asked my name. I told her and she said that I could sit right down in the stylist chair and Brian would come over and fix me up. Well I looked over at my wife and she just smiled and said that I was not to worry, she had arranged my cut and given orders for the style I was to get. I knew better than to argue. I sat down and a “man” named Brian came over and said that he was waiting all day for this appointment. My hair was wet down and he started to put small blue curlers in my hair. I looked over at my wife and she smiled and said that it was for her and she’d like it if I went through with it for her. I said OK only next week I get my choice of cuts for her. She smiled and agreed. Brian was enjoying it, as I could tell. Soon perm solution was put on the small curlers and my head was cold from the reaction of the agent on my hair. The smell filled my nose and I must admit, I liked the smell. My wife sat in the chair next to me and told the girl to cut her hair shorter. The lady asked her how short, and my wife said whatever. With that my wife received a cut of about 3 more inches getting chopped off. My curlers where taken out after 20 minutes and rinsed and my head was a mass of curls. Brian cut my hair, nipping off the ends and when he blew dry my hair, the finished look was one that even I thought looked good on me. My wife’s hair was now just about the same length as mine, only a little longer in the back. When we arrived home my wife stripped my clothes off, saying how turned on she was with me getting a perm and the smell filled my nose and I thought of her having her hair cut and with that we made love for what seemed hours.

Two weeks later, I told my wife that if she was ready then it was time to get the ultimate haircut. She smiled and said OK, after all you did allow Brian to give you a perm, so I guess you can have your way. We left and went to Lou the barber. He was an older guy, and had been giving haircuts for 40 years. When we arrived, my wife kind of balked, but then said go for it. Lou looked at me and said next, with that I pushed my wife forward, and she sat in the old white barbers chair. He looked surprised then put the cape around my wife’s neck. He asked her what she would like done, with that my wife looked him in the eye and said “SHORT” I’ve joined the military and I want it cut so they don’t hack it off and ruin it. She looked at me and winked, I smiled and sat down and put a magazine on my lap and started to rub slowly…..My wife noticed and mouthed the words “this is for you”. The old barber put the one eight inch guard on the clippers and brought them up to my wife’s forehead and said “here goes nothing lady”….and the lovely bangs, just growing out fell into her lap….leaving a bald strip of scalp……what a sight.



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