Tonsure of a Mumbai Girl

Tonsure of a Mumbai Girl

Tonsure of a Mumbai girl – Sabu

I live in Baroda. I have a girl friend named Sabitha who lives in Mumbai. I met her in a beauty parlor in Mumbai. She has jet black hair with thick curls moving from the shoulders to her buttocks. Since she works in beauty parlor she never has time to cut or trim or shave the hair in her armpits or cunt, never mind her head.

I often fantasize about shaving her. My fantasy is about cutting girls’ hair and shaving their heads smooth.

One Friday I rang up Sabitha from Baroda and told her that I wanted to meet her in Mumbai. I would be in Mumbai on Saturday morning and she should receive me at the station. She agreed to meet me there.

On Saturday morning she met me at Mumbai. She was in her usual clothes with her jet-black hair flowing over her boobs and wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed her bushy armpits. We went to her house in her car. I asked her why she did not trim her hair and shave her armpits. She told me she couldn’t find time. I told her, “Don’t worry, I will be here in Mumbai throughout the weekend and look after your needs.”

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After reaching the house she asked me to take a bath and be myself. She went in to her room to change her dress. While she was going to change from the dress into a housecoat, she removed her dress and her underwear. I was surprised to see a thick forest of pubic hair above her cunt. Then I decided I should shave her whole body and make her a complete baldy.

After a shower and breakfast I asked her if I could trim her hair. She told me that she was nervous and anyway that we would go to the beauty parlor where she worked and trim her hair. While on the way we met her friend Asha and she asked where we were going. We told her we were going to the beauty parlor to trim Sabitha’s hair. She said she would also like to see and she joined us.

On entering the parlor Sabitha put the closed sign and asked me to proceed. I asked her to remove her dress and sit on the barber’s chair naked. As directed she removed her dress and sat on the barber’s chair with her long hair dancing on her buttocks. I combed her hair and piled it into two lengths, one falling on each breast.

I cut her hair to shoulder length with two snips of the barber’s scissors. Then I asked her if she wanted me to cut more. My fantasy was to shave her whole body. But she told me that her hair should be still shorter and like a boy’s haircut. I took the electric clippers and clipped the hair in the back with long locks falling on the floor. The sideburns were also trimmed and she looked like a boy. The whole process was watched by her friend Asha.

Then I told Sabitha that with her head shaved bald that she wold look like a goddess. With tears in her eyes she asked me to proceed.

I ran the electric clippers down the middle of her head and removed all the hair from her head. She was totally bald on her head with only stubble remaining. Then I told her that her head was to be shaved, along with her armpits and her pussy. She lifted one of her arms. I ran the clippers through the dense forest of the armpit and it too fell on the floor. Similarly I clipped off all the hair on her other armpit.

Then I proceeded to her pussy. In the meantime Asha was licking Sabitha’s nipples and her shorn armpits. Her pubic hair ran jet black from the pelvis right to her ass. I ran the clippers, making a pathway through the pussy and all the grass on her pussy was mowed by the electric clippers. Now all the body hair had been clippered and only stubble remained.

Sabitha had tears in her eyes and she told me that it was because of joy. Next I applied shaving gel to her head and with a barber’s straight razor I shaved off all the hair on the head. Now Asha became impatient and she started licking her shaved head, which was looking brown as she was a tanned girl. Next I applied shaving gel to her armpits and shaved both of them. And they looked nice without hair. Then it was the pussy to be shaved and I applied shaving gel and shaved her pussy with the straight razor.

After the pussy was denuded I applied scent and Asha sucked her bald cunt till she came to a violent orgasm. Then I licked her whole hairless body from head to feet and fucked her to my heart’s content.

Then Asha also wanted to be shaved and I told her it would be done tomorrow.


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