Clipper Cut for Diane

Clipper Cut for Diane


Diane sat nervously on the waiting bench while her friend walked over to the barber chair. How did she let herself get talked into this, she wondered. Her friend, Beth, had suggested the other day that she join her for a “clipper cut” at the local barbershop. At first Diane laughed off the invitation as a joke, but Beth was persistent in her request.

“Come on, Diane,” her friend had pleaded with her. “You’ll love having short hair for the summer!”

“I don’t know,” Diane had replied. “I’m not sure if I want to cut my hair that short. I’ve never even had it cut above my shoulders.”

“It will look great,” said Beth, “besides, you have the right facial structure to pull off a short haircut.”

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“Let me think about it.” Diane had finally responded.

She had been considering cutting her hair short for a while. She was tired of spending thirty minutes a day on her long hair and it would be a relief to have a short style for the summer months. She was also single so she didn’t have to worry about upsetting any men in her life. Now she found herself sitting next in line for a clipper cut at the barber shop.

“How would you like it?” the woman barber asked her friend, Beth, who was now in the barber chair.

“We both came in for clipper cuts today.” Beth answered.

Without hesitating, the woman barber pulled out a comb and ran it through Beth’s thick blond hair. Beth’s hair was just below her shoulders and slightly curly. Diane watched in anticipation as the woman then pulled out her scissors and started to go to work on her friend. Using her fingers to pull up a long section of hair, the woman cut off the first piece from the back. Then she moved in closer to Beth and started to snip furiously at the long curls. Within minutes, several inches of Beth’s hair fell onto the floor and gathered into a pile behind the chair. While Diane waited on the bench, she reached up to the back of her head and pulled out the band that held her ponytail in place. Her auburn brown hair fell down past her shoulders, and she nervously began to play with it. Suddenly Diane wasn’t sure if she wanted a clipper cut. It wasn’t too late to back out of this, Diane told herself. She could just tell the barber that she only wanted a few inches taken off. Hopefully Beth would understand her last minute change of mind and would not be too upset.

Diane watched as the barber moved to the right side of Beth and pulled out her hair clippers. The sound of the electric clippers sent a cold chill up Diane’s spine. She watched as the middle-aged woman started to run the clippers up the sides and back of Beth’s head. Strips of Beth’s hair flew into the air.

Soon her hair was brushed off and Diane was asked to take her place in the chair. Diane’s heart started to race as she walked over to the barber chair. The lady grinned at Diane as she sat down in the old fashioned barber chair.

“Same thing, honey?” she asked as she wrapped the light blue cape around Diane’s neck.

“Actually I don’t want it that short.” Diane replied.

“But your friend said that you both came in here for clipper cuts,” the lady barber inquired, slightly puzzled.

“Oh, I know, but I’ve changed my mind.” Diane responded. “I just want three or four inches cut off.”

The woman barber stopped for a moment and stared strangely at Diane for a few seconds. Diane felt her knees begin to shake slightly.

“O.K.” the woman barber reassured her. “Sit back, I’ll take care of it.”

Diane directed her attention to the mirror in front of her as the woman started to run the comb through her hair. She needed to relax, Diane told herself. Surely this woman wouldn’t cut more off than what she had asked for.

“You have beautiful hair.” the woman remarked as she combed out Diane’s shiny brown hair.

“Thank you.” Diane replied.

Suddenly the barber grabbed a section of her hair in back and Diane felt the scissors hack through it. Diane tried to see in the mirror how much had been cut off. Before she had the chance to see anything, she felt the scissors chopping through her hair again. She closed her eyes for a moment and wondered if the woman had heard her instructions correctly.

Then she opened them just in time to see a nine-inch strip of her hair float down her cape and into her lap.

“No!” Diane cried as the locks fell down her cape, “You’re cutting off too much!”

“It’s O.K.” the woman replied, “I know what you want.”

“But I just wanted three or four inches trimmed off.” Diane pleaded in vain.

“Calm down, it’s too late to put it back.” the barber said as she took another snip. Diane felt a panic attack coming on as she wondered how far this bitch was going to take this. Already she suspected that her hair was being cut shorter than chin-length. Several more inches of hair cascaded down her cape and onto her lap as the woman barber moved around to her side. Then Diane felt the scissors snip high above her right ear and hack wildly above her hair.

“Please, it’s too short.” Diane again begged the woman, who continued to ignore her requests.

“I just have to even it out now.” she replied as she moved to Diane’s other side and started to chop away around her left ear. Diane glanced down at the linoleum floor and saw the huge pile of her reddish-brown hair. Unable to hold them back, Diane felt tears run down her cheeks.

“Now for the bangs,” the woman said as she stood in front of Diane, ignoring her customer’s emotional state.

She pulled up Diane’s bangs and quickly sliced off two inches with the scissors. Diane looked over at the mirror and stared at her reflection. She barely recognized herself. ‘Oh my God’, she thought to herself, ‘I look like a little boy.’

“Almost done, honey.” the woman barber gleefully said as she made a few last snips.

Then Diane watched in horror as the barber placed her scissors back in her apron pocket and picked up her hair clippers from the counter. She wanted to scream as she heard the humming sound get closer and then felt the cold metal claw up the back of her head. The barber seemed to sense Diane’s terror as she started to run the clippers up the lower part of Diane’s head. Soon Diane’s hair was no longer than a quarter inch in the back and sides and about two inches on top.

“Okay, all done.” the woman finally said as she lifted up the cape covered with hair. “Who says short hair isn’t sexy.”

Diane was in shock as she stepped down from the barber chair wearing a new clipper cut. She couldn’t believe her instructions had been completely ignored by the woman barber.

“Diane, you look great!” exclaimed Beth as she jumped up from the waiting bench and walked over to her friend. Diane wiped away the tears and tried to smile as Beth ran her fingers through what was left of her hair. ‘It will grow back’, Diane tried to tell herself as she pulled out her purse and paid the woman barber.


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