My 25-Year-Long Fantasy

My 25-Year-Long Fantasy

My 25-Year-Long Fantasy – Vinni

I came home from work to pick you up for we are leaving on an overnight trip. You look especially good and are very playful. We tease each other in the car, which turns into a sex conversation. You tease me while I am driving and I am playing with you. We are having a great time. We get to the hotel and we check in. I leave you to go to work, but I don’t want to leave. I just want to take you, but I cannot. Not knowing you have a plan for tonight.

You unpack and have some playthings, sexy nightgown, and a wrapped package. You have a relaxing day, while I am working. I call you and tell you I will be back in about 2 hours. You start to get ready and you take a long shower, it feels so good. You are going over in your mind what is about to happen and getting very turned on. You inspect yourself… and decide to shave your pussy, for it has not been done for about a week, to have it ready and smooth for me. With all the anticipation of what is going to happen and the shaving of your pussy you place your fingers in yourself and come in ecstasy. Again you take a shower to hide that you came before I got back. As you are drying off you look at yourself in the mirror, thinking how you would look with short hair. You brush and play with your long thick auburn hair for this, maybe the last, time. You get ready… you look great, hair in a French braid and nails perfect, great dress, no panties. You are now ready for me. I get back and see you; you’re stunning, and I get an instant hard-on. It’s dinnertime and we go out to a restaurant. You are unusually quiet now, planning what you will do.

We are seated in this restaurant that is now very busy. We order drinks and I tell you about my day… you’re listening, but thinking… “Shall I?” You slip off your shoes and you place your foot in my crotch and start rubbing.

The waiter comes over, serves us our drinks and he sees your foot in my crotch and gazes over to you and smiles. I am getting hard again… you do that well. We order dinner and you are still playing with me. During dinner instead of playing with me you are playing with your food in a very seductive way, especially with your mashed potatoes, practicing sculpturing.

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Dinner was great, and I am very hot at this point. You are loving every minute of this, and when I get up I have a very noticeable hard-on that everyone around us can see. We get to the car, I turn you around so you are facing me and I plunge my tongue into your mouth for the longest, deepest kiss. You reach down and are playing with me; I can’t stand it any more. We get in the car and we are continuing, you unzip my pants and you take me into your mouth. I come instantly.

We get to the hotel and we are passionately kissing in the car and getting very hot. As we enter the hotel lobby and go to the elevator I have an idea. We get into the elevator and as the door shuts I get to my knees and thrust my tongue into your wet pussy. You softy moan. The elevator stops at our floor, the door opens and I am still on the floor. You press a button and we go up to the top floor while I am still eating you. The door opens again and someone is standing there waiting to use the elevator. I stop and you say sorry and push the button back down to our floor. On the way down you come as we arrive at our floor.

We are walking hand in hand to our room both satisfied, but you have a lot more in store for me. We get into the room and settle in for the night. You disappear into the bathroom while I pour us a glass of wine. You come out wearing this sexy teddy, which you know will turn me on. We sip our wine and you are teasing me with your tongue. I am getting very hot again. Now you walk over to me and you start removing my clothes and tease me with your body movements. You take your time in removing my clothes and take special care in folding them as you tease me with your body. I try to take you in your arms but you wiggle away and you say, “Not yet.” I am completely naked standing there, as you place me on the bed with my legs draped over the side. You get on your knees and gently play with me. You take out a can of whipped cream and squirt it on my penis and proceed to lick it off me. I prop myself up and am watching your handiwork and I begin to massage your neck and your ears. You stop and now look at me directly in my eyes as to see what I was feeling at that moment. You get up and walk over to the closet, thinking, “Am I really going to go through with this?” and pick up a wrapped package. You walk back to me with your hands trembling slightly and you hand me the box. I place the box down and gently kiss you. The kiss seams to last forever. You get up and again hand me the box as you go to the bathroom. I open the box and there is a set of clippers and scissors. I know what they are for. You come out of the bathroom with a hairbrush and you ask me to brush your hair. You again kneel down facing away from me and I proceed to undo your French braid and brush your hair. I take my time using nice long strokes and your hair is getting a shine to it like I have not seen before.

After several minutes of brushing you turn around and face me, again looking directly into my eyes. You say to me, “Just shave the nape.” You place your head down and take your hand and move all your long flowing hair forward showing me your neck. I hesitate and you hand me the clipper. I turn on the clipper and you jump at the sound, and I again hesitate. You now start to tease me with your tongue on my penis, take my hand and place it on the back of your head as I lower the clippers to your neck. You feel the vibration and you are getting very wet from it. I move the clippers up slightly and they start to cut some of your hair, you take me completely in your mouth as I clip the nape. As I am clipping I explode in your mouth. You stop and put your head up and ask, “How did it feel?” I stand you up and take you into your arms and passionately kiss you. I continue to kiss you and probe your ear with my tongue, then move toward the clipped nape area. The feeling is incredible and you start to moan. You are very wet and you want me to be inside you. We gently lie in bed. I am now kissing you passionately and play with your nipples. I position myself on top of you and tease the entrance of your vagina with my again erect penis, just penetrating ever so slightly. You are holding my butt trying to push me closer so I can penetrate you completely. You’re going nuts and are about to explode and I penetrate you completely. That sends you over the edge to an enormous orgasm and you begin to cry softly. You have never come this hard before.

We lay in each other arms, not saying anything, just enjoying the moment together. I get up and get us some wine and you are hesitant to feel the area where I clipped. How far up did I go? Will it show? As you are touching the area you get a tingle inside you. This feels nice…. I turn around seeing what you are doing; I move your hair so you can feel the entire area. We drink our wine and are discussing what we had just done. I instantly got another erection. You say to yourself, “I will fix this for good.” You lay me down on the bed, and you position yourself on top of me. You take my hard erection and guide it into your wet hole. We are making love and French kissing at the same time. Your hair is flowing all over my face and body, acting as a drape. My hands find the area that clipped and I begin to gently massage it. You take your tongue from my mouth and sit up on me. You lean over and pick up the clipper and turn it on. You again kiss me deeply. You raise yourself up and down while I am still inside you. You begin to moan. You take the clippers and off come the bangs, floating down to my chest. We both explode into an orgasm. You turn off the clipper and I look at you in disbelief… did you really do that? We just lie there hugging each other and we fall asleep.

In the morning you are the first one up and you go to the bathroom, and examine our handiwork. “What did I do, no bangs and a shaved nape?” You go over to the chair next to the table and place it sideways in front of the sliding doors. There is a space between the curtains so someone could see in with ease.

You come to bed and you begin to play with me, I quickly respond, you passionately kiss me and I open my eyes. I look at you; I wasn’t dreaming you did cut off all your bangs. I place my hand on the area where the bangs were and I feel 1/8″ of hair. You passionately kiss me and you get me out of bed. I go to the bathroom for a moment and I find you sitting in the chair. I go over to you and kiss you. You look at me and say, “Finish the job,” handing me the clipper. I hesitate and you say, “Do it now.” I turn on the clipper and again you jump. I place the clipper on your forehead and push to the back of your head. Mounds of hair come falling down on your shoulders and lap, and some on my erect penis. Tears are in your eyes as I continue to clip all that beautiful hair away. As I finish you begin to play with me. When I am done I lead you to the bed and we make passionate love together. We both explode into an orgasm and fall asleep.

We awake and I feel your head. It’s so soft and I get hard again. I lead you into the shower and we take a long shower together, playing with each other, and having a great time. I get out for a moment and get my razor and shaving cream. I lather your head and proceed to remove the last of the 20″ of hair. Since that day we repeat the head shaving every 3 days and we enjoy every minute of it.

This is a real fantasy, and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments email me at [email protected]


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