The Pet – DeB.

Kelli ran smoothly, her arms and legs pumping rhythmically as she neared the end of her daily fitness routine. She worked out regularly, and it showed in her taut, fit body and tanned, smooth skin. Her pace increased as she approached the end of her run, a bench on the north side of the park. Exploding with final effort, she crossed the imaginary finish line and flopped over, panting, exhausted but happy.

Sitting on the bench was an old man, seventy-five years old, to be exact, but in relatively good health despite his paunch; clear of mind and steady of hand, and still with an interest in the fairer sex. He checked Kelli out unabashedly as she fought for breath.

White Nikes and pink ankle socks; two immaculate, tanned, fit, gorgeous legs; a pink and black spandex body stocking tightly hugging a firm, yet voluptuous form; slim but muscular arms reaching for the sky as she stretched out; a beautiful, sun-bronzed face with clear blue eyes and dazzling white teeth; and long, magnificent, shimmering strawberry-blonde hair pulled back into a thick pony-tail. He watched lustfully as Kelli, unaware of his presence, bent and stretched and got her wind back. He loved watching her tits rise and fall as she panted; loved seeing the smooth, spandex-covered curve of her ass as she bent forward to stretch her hamstrings; loved the way her heavy pony-tail swung to and fro as she twisted.

Finally she noticed him staring at her. She smirked with contempt (yes, and a little pride, too) and sauntered over to him.

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“And just what are YOU staring at, you old, old man?”

“Well, missy, in my day I would have said, ‘one hot little number’,” he replied with a smile.

“Phah,” Kelli snorted, hearing herself referred to with such an archaic phrase. Mischievously she decided to give this lecher a little show. Languidly she placed one foot on the bench between the old man’s legs and leaned forward, stroking her ankle, giving him an excellent view of her cleavage. With her other hand she tugged down on the neckline of her leotard, not enough to fully reveal her breasts but enough to give the man a tantalizing peek; then she reached up and pulled the scrunchie from her hair.

Golden locks spilled forth as Kelli shook her hair free from its bondage. Still slightly damp with sweat (and therefore a little darker than it would be when fully dry) her hair tumbled forth in a shining cascade, releasing the sweet perfume of Kelli’s favorite shampoo, settling finally into an indescribably sexy disarray.

“So I’m a hot little number, am I? Shame you can’t do anything about it, old man,” Kelli sneered, peering at him through a curtain of shining blonde hair.

The senior citizen’s face became a stone mask. “Don’t tease an old dog, young lady. He might just have one bite left in him. I’ll have you know that my virility remains intact, even at my advanced age.”

“Hah!” Kelli scoffed. “Face it, fossil, the only stiffness you have to look forward to involves a coffin and six of your buddies carrying your ass!” Kelli laughed at her own witticism.

“You wouldn’t want to bet on that, would you, dear?”

“Bet? Bet? A bet involves chance, man! You couldn’t get it to stand up if you tied a balloon to it!”

“I’ll bet my house on it.”

Kelli guffawed. “Your house? Your whole house? And what, pray tell, would I have to wager?”

“If you lose…you become my pet for one full year.”

Kelli stared at him, agog. “Your pet?” she spat. “As in Penthouse? Your sweet little sex toy?” Kelli licked her lips, gave him a seductive little pout, put a slim hand on her hip and thrust her chest forward. “Like this, honey?”

“I said pet, I mean pet!” the old man raged. “Is it a bet or not?”

“Sure!” Kelli enthused. “I’d love to take your house. Go for it, perv.”

Kelli sat down next to the old man as he spread his newspaper across his lap. With a shaking hand he pulled down his zipper, extracted his wrinkled dick, and began fumbling with it. Kelli, sure of herself, mockingly draped an arm across his shoulders and leaned into him, her firm young breasts pressing into his side. She reached up and ruffled his sparse hair…kissed his chubby cheek…her breath hot and sweet against his face…

He began stroking in earnest. Amazingly the tired old warrior began to rise, like Rocky in the last round. Kelli, alarmed, stopped her teasing and watched in horror as the aged organ engorged and lengthened. STROKE STROKE STROKE…

Finally, at seven inches, he stopped and removed his hand. His manly monolith stood proudly. He turned and grinned at Kelli.

“…oh…shit…no…a year…”

“Oh, yes, my dear! One erection, made to order! And not a balloon in sight! Thanks for the help, by the way…I might have had trouble without it!”

Kelli silently cursed her cockiness. She’d helped to lose the bet!

“And now you’re my pet for one year! Isn’t that grand? What’s your name, bitch?”

“B-bitch?” Kelli asked, still in shock.

“Yes, bitch. A female dog, my pet. What’s your name?”

“K-Kelli,” she replied.

“Kelli,” he repeated. “Well, Kelli, come with me, now. Heel!” And he stood up slowly, his pot-belly shaking slightly, and began shuffling towards a gray station wagon. She resignedly matched his stride…began following him…she was sure that he’d tire of her in a few days, and let her go…and sex with him wouldn’t be so bad…he did have a big dick…and she’d never in her life welched on a bet, and didn’t want to start now…

He halted abruptly as she pulled alongside him.

“I said heel, bitch. That means you walk to the right side of me, two paces behind.” Head bowed in shame, Kelli complied. “Good girl!” the old man praised, and they proceeded slowly to the car.

The old man moved to the back and opened the rear gate of the wagon. Inside was a large cage. Kelli looked at him quizzically.

He smiled demonically. “Before I retired I trained dogs for a living. Still like to keep my hand in.” He reached into the car and with a large key unlocked the cage door, swinging it open. “In you get!” he exclaimed cheerily.

“You…you can’t be serious,” Kelli stammered.

“Absolutely. I’ve found it’s generally a bad idea to travel in the car with an unrestrained pet. Get in!”

Kelli looked around shame-facedly, then blushing fiercely in humiliation she clambered into the cage. The old man clanged the door shut and locked it with an audible click! Kelli shivered.

“Where…where are we going?” she stammered.

“To the doctor’s office,” her new master replied.

“I…I don’t need to see a doctor,” she said.

“This one, you do. Trust me. Trust is so important between a pet and its owner.”

Kelli fell into an anguished silence as the old man climbed behind the wheel and drove away. She felt ridiculous…crouched on all fours…locked in a cage in the back of a station wagon with an old man…people pointing at her and laughing…Deeply embarrassed, she threw her long blonde hair in front of her face to prevent anyone from recognizing her.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to the abashed girl the station wagon slowed to a halt in front of a large white house.

“Okay, we’re here,” the old man intoned, unlocking first the station wagon’s gate and then the cage door. Kelli reached up and pushed her heavy hair out of her eyes. Blinking to adjust to the bright sunlight, her eyes focussed on a sign in front of the house.

Doctor Alyssa Reynolds

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

“A vet?” she asked, astonished. “Aren’t you taking things a little far, here?”

“The first thing you do with any stray you pick up is to have it checked over thoroughly. I don’t know what diseases you may have.”

Kelli hung her head, ashamed. “I don’t have any diseases,” she pouted.

“I’ll let Dr. Reynolds tell me that, after she’s examined you. Come along now.” And he slapped his right thigh smartly, indicating that he wanted her to heel again. Resignedly, she obeyed. Stupid bet!

The old man knocked on the thick white door. It swung open to reveal a tall, stocky, homely woman with short black hair, dressed in a white lab coat. She greeted him warmly.

“Donald! You old codger. Long time no see! To what do I owe the honor?”

“Hey, Doc. Good to see you! I got a new pet and I’d like you to check her over for me.”

“Don, you’re impossible. Another stray? You’ve got so many dogs now!” she scolded, good-naturedly. “Well, bring the poor little thing in and let’s have a look.”

The old man stepped aside, revealing Kelli.

“Kelli?” Dr. Reynolds exclaimed, surprised.

“Ummm…hi, Alyssa…” Kelli mumbled.

“Don, you won’t believe this, but Kelli and I went to school together! Actually, I’m stunned that she remembers me…I was a bookworm, you see, and Kelli only hung out with the popular crowd…you should have seen her, walking around campus looking down her nose at everyone…quite the little princess…” Alyssa’s voice dripped with venom as she recalled her ill-treatment at the hands of this lovely girl.

“Um…Alyssa…that was a long time ago…” Kelli offered lamely.

“Not quite long enough,” Alyssa replied coldly. “Don, do I understand right? THIS is the pet you want me to examine?”

“Yep…Sassy little thing was strutting around the park, shaking those big tits and wiggling that sweet ass…then she had to open that big mouth of hers…got offended when I stared at what she was so publicly displaying…so we bet and she lost, and now she’s my pet for one full year! Neat, huh?”

“She bet herself for a full year? Well, she never was the sharpest knife in the drawer,” Dr. Reynolds said, oozing malice. Kelli turned beet red. “So your new bitch needs her shots, does she? Well, we’d better get to it, then!”

“S-shots? Now, hold on! You two are nuts! I’m not going to let you inject me with dog vaccinations! I’m out of here!” Kelli tried to push past Don to get to the door, but he grabbed her in a surprisingly strong bear hug. She began struggling wildly.

“Doc, she’s cute as hell…but she’s a yappy little thing! Got anything to fix that?’

“I surely do, Don…Usually when a dog continues to make unwanted noise, we have to snip his vocal chords…” Kelli shivered violently in Don’s grasp…”but I’ve come up with a more humane alternative. Wait here!”

Dr. Reynolds returned within two minutes carrying an aerosol can with a long tube attached to the nozzle. “Hold her mouth open,” she commanded. Donald grabbed Kelli’s face and squeezed, forcing her jaws apart. Kelli yelped in pain and twisted furiously in Don’s grasp. Alyssa approached Kelli’s mouth with the tube…began sliding it down Kelli’s resisting throat…

“No…no…g-guk…gukkk…ggukkk…” Kelli’s protests were silenced as she was compelled to swallow the long plastic intruder. then her eyes widened in horror as Alyssa depressed the button…

A cool liquid jetted into Kelli’s helpless throat. She felt an increasing numbness as the substance coated her esophagial tract. Alyssa kept the pressure on the button and pumped more and more of the fluid into Kelli. Finally satisfied, she gently eased the tube out past Kelli’s lush, full lips. Kelli felt a bizarre tingling in her throat…she opened her mouth to protest…

A barely-audible squeak emerged!

As Don released her, Kelli’s hands flew to her throat, grasping and massaging. What’s this crazy bitch done to me? her mind shrieked. Taking a deep, deep breath, she screamed as loudly as she could.

A soft croaking noise was all that escaped her lips.

“Hey, that stuff works great, Doc! What is it?”

“A special numbing spray…eliminates the need for surgery, but the effects only last about three months, so you’ll have to bring her back for re-treatment.” She smiled evilly. “I’m really going to enjoy silencing this slut every three months for the next year!”

Kelli shuddered…rubbed her now-useless throat. She’d been rendered mute!

“Well, let’s get her into the exam room, Don. Lots of work to do!”

Kelli was too stunned to resist as Don led her into the gleaming-white, brightly-lit exam room. Once there, and with the door securely locked, Dr. Reynolds turned to the old man.

“You know, Don, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a pet with so many clothes on!”

“You’re right, Doc!” He turned to Kelli with a big smile. “Strip,” he commanded.

With shaking hands, Kelli began removing her clothes. Her Nikes hit the ground with a loud thump; then she peeled off her socks and began wiggling out of her spandex suit, revealing the fact that while she did have a sports bra on, she’d gone out without panties that day.

“My God,” Alyssa gushed, “What a whore! No panties!”

Kelli flushed deep red as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor, finally standing before them fully naked. Wordlessly Dr. Reynolds gathered up Kelli’s duds and threw them in the roaring fireplace. A tear rolled down Kelli’s face as she watched the destruction of her clothes.

“Yep, she does appear to be a highly-oversexed bitch. You should have seen her in the park. We definitely need to address that problem.”

“Absolutely, Don…but first things first. Let’s get her on the table.”

“Kelli?” he commanded.

Sobbing silently, Kelli mounted the examination table and allowed herself to be positioned on all fours.

“Well, let’s see.” Snapping on a pair of rubber gloves she approached Kelli’s rear. Removing a thermometer from her lab coat pocket, she pried Kelli’s ass cheeks apart and inserted the long, cool instrument deep into Kelli’s rectum. Kelli started in shock and discomfort. “Sorry, dear,” the doctor cooed. “My last patient was a St. Bernard…The thermometer should still have been warm from him.”

Kelli twisted fiercely, trying to free herself from her anal impalement, but Don tightly hugged her head and began stroking her long blonde hair.

“There, there, girl…everything’s okay…” he crooned soothingly as he petted her.

With an audible POP Alyssa pulled the thermometer from Kelli’s ass. “98.6! Normal! Very good!” she praised. “Now for your shots. Don? Hold her tight, now!”

Kelli trembled as Alyssa readied the injections. She took a moment to stroke Kelli’s delectable ass before snatching up the first needle. “This is your rabies vaccine,” she announced as she jabbed the needle into Kelli’s butt. Kelli jerked in pain…”And this is for distemper…” Another shot entered her rear…All in all, five syringes emptied their contents into the struggling girl’s smooth ass as her new owner looked on in obvious arousal. Her face burned in shame as she was inoculated…vaccinated, just like a she-dog. Finally Alyssa drew some blood “to run some tests, see if she’s clean.” Dr. Reynolds strode over to her desk, pulled out a legal-looking form and filled it out. Signing it with a flourish she returned to Don’s side and presented him with the document.

“Here’s her Certificate of Vaccination, Don. Hold onto this and you shouldn’t have any trouble if Animal Control comes around.”

Don laughed out loud. “Okay, Doc, thanks!”

“By the way, you DID want to name her ‘Kelli’, didn’t you? That’s the name I put on the certificate.”

“Yep, I guess so…that’s what she’ll answer to…”

Kelli quailed, realizing that her official “pet name” was now “Kelli”! She felt as if her humanity was being ripped from her piece by piece!

Meanwhile, Dr. Reynolds positioned herself at the front of the exam table. Gathering Kelli’s thick hair in her fist, she yanked Kelli’s head up and peered into her eyes, running a gloved finger around their rims…”No excessive crusting, that’s good…” Her fingers trailed down, pulled Kelli’s lip up and away from her teeth. “…excellent dentition…” Reaching up with her free hand she combed through Kelli’s luxuriant mane with her fingers. “…EXQUISITE coat…gloriously shiny…easily show-quality…But Donald, if she’s a pet we’re going to have to talk about grooming her…” Alyssa smiled wickedly, looking at Kelli’s tear-streaked face…then continued the examination, closely scrutinizing Kelli’s scalp. “No sign of flea infestation…I don’t think a flea dip will be necessary, this visit,” she leered. “Maybe next time…”

“Okay, Donald, let’s turn her over.” Together the two maneuvered Kelli onto her back. She flinched violently at the feel of the cold steel table on her bare skin…despite her terror, her nipples engorged…goosebumps graced her beautiful breasts…then Donald pulled her legs wide apart.

Alyssa ran her fingernails and fingers through Kelli’s dark blonde bush. “You know, she might not be potty trained yet…I would recommend diapers for her so she doesn’t make a mess of your house…and although she has a pretty bush, when she makes a mess …it’ll be a pain to clean up with all this pubic hair.”

He smiled. “What do you recommend then?”

She grinned…”I think she needs to have it taken off…better to shave her bush off than to let it accumulate filth.” Donald laughed and responded, “Hmmm…maybe…I kinda like her like this but let’s take a look…”

Kelli’s eyes widened. S-shave? my bush?!? She began twisting in earnest, struggling to break free. They merely held her until she tired. Then Don continued to hold her shoulders as Alyssa fetched her clippers.

She straddled Kelli’s torso and gave Kelli’s fur one last lingering stroke. “Still, it’s a shame…such a waste…so soft and thick…” Then snapping on the clippers she mowed a swath right down the middle of Kelli’s crotch! A tingle went down Kelli’s spine as she experienced the pleasant sensation of the vibrating shears being pressed into her pubic area; she might even have achieved an orgasm if it weren’t for the fact that her pussy was being clipped bare!

The doctor made pass after pass with the shears over Kelli’s rapidly-denuding crotch…mounds of fine hair slid down the inside of Kelli’s legs and collected on the table as her abundant shag was cut away…leaving only the shortest stubble. Kelli trembled…forcibly shaved…

“Wait here,” the doctor commanded. She went into her bathroom and returned carrying a white spray bottle with red lettering. “This is a new product I bought through the mail…it’s called Epil-Stop Plus…it’s supposed to significantly retard hair growth…they advertise it as ‘electrolysis in a can’. I’ve been longing to try it out, but I’m not sure about it…would you mind if I used it on your pet?”

“Sure! I was a bit leery when you wanted to shave her cunt, but I think it looks great bald! I wouldn’t mind if it stayed that way permanently!”

Kelli twitched fiercely in his grip…No…no…they’re going to try out that stuff on me…on my…my pussy…make me hairless forever…no…

Deftly the doctor positioned the can eight inches above Kelli’s public region and began spraying, coating her crotch liberally with the foul-smelling substance…letting it sit for two minutes…Kelli’s pubes tingled as the strong chemicals did their foul work…then Alyssa wiped her crotch smooth with a clean cloth.

“Amazing!!! Completely hairless!!! This stuff works great…I can’t wait to see her in three months…see if any of her hair re-grows…” Kelli could feel the dictor’s fingers glide smoothly down her denuded mons…Tears poured forth from her eyes as she realized that her beautiful bush was forever gone…she was as hairless as a prepubescent girl.

The doctor then began a thorough pelvic exam. She pinched and pulled Kelli’s pussy lips…inserted a finger deep inside her…tweaked her clit…all the while giving Donald training tips. “And when she does make a mess, make sure you punish her right away…smack her across the snout with a rolled up newspaper…” Donald smiled. “I have done this before, Doc…and I’ve usually found that rubbing their noses in it works best…” Kelli sobbed soundlessly.

“Let me ask you: do you plan to breed her? Do you think we should spay her, just to be safe?” Kelli stiffened in horror. The old man smiled. “No, Doc…I’ll be breeding her myself…and on those nights when I’m…not up to the challenge…I’ll have Bruno cover her for me.”

“Bruno…that’s your Doberman, right?”

“Right you are, Doc. He should be big enough to satisfy even a sex-mad slut like her.” The pair laughed insanely as Kelli trembled.

“Well! What say we groom her, Donald? Help me turn her over.” And together they re-positioned her on all fours.

Alyssa began stroking and fingering Kelli’s long gleaming hair. “You know what? Her golden mane is very beautiful…but it’s going to cause so much trouble…won’t look pretty, all tangled…” Donald frowned. “It takes that much time to take care of it? Her hair is so shiny…I really love it.” Alyssa detailed for him just how much work it would take to keep Kelli’s hair in such exquisite shape. “Damn…that is a lot of work…and she can’t do it, being a pet…hmmmm…what do you recommend?” She smiled. “I think you should cut this long mane short…a shorter coat is much easier to maintain…this long hair is too luxurious for a pet anyway.” He thought about it. He really loved her hair! But the doctor made a lot of sense. “How short do you think?”

She got a vengeful look in her eyes at the thought of Kelli getting a short haircut…then she spoke quiet softly. “If it were me…” running a hand thoughtfully through Kelli’s hair as she said this…”I would cut it all off…” she shrugged…”just shave her entirely bald…It will also make her less appealing to other…younger male pets…keep her obedient…and totally yours…”

“Shit…if it’ll deter her from strutting her sex like she was doing in the park, I say let’s do it!”

“Now you’re talking,” Alyssa exclaimed, very pleased that she’d talked Don into letting her shave Kelli’s head. Kelli’s reserves had expired…she was powerless to resist…her head hung down in shame…

Alyssa combed Kelli’s hair forward with her fingers, obscuring her face. The long shimmering mass hung down to the table top. Kelli breathed deeply, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her crowning glory…she longingly contemplated its golden length…years and years of growth…

She flinched as she heard the SNAP! of the clippers being activated…listened in horror as the buzzing neared…felt the blade’s edge press firmly into the nape of her neck…

Alyssa was as sexually excited as she’d ever been in her life. This stuck-up bitch, who’d made her life unbearable in school, was now completely at her mercy! On the brink of orgasm she plowed the shears into Kelli’s luxuriant mane, clippering a wide white path down the center of her head…a huge skein of strawberry-blonde hair fell softly down, landing on the table right between Kelli’s hands. She drew the shears back, placed them once again at Kelli’s nape, and shaved away another swath. Again and again Alyssa dragged the clippers over Kelli’s head…the shears chewing into her glorious locks…the buzzing deepening in tone as the clippers cut…and cut…and cut…the pile of hair on the table between Kelli’s hands grew and grew…an AMAZING amount of shimmering blonde hair…and more and more every second as her shearing continued. Finally the doctor finished. Kelli’s mane was reduced to the faintest down. Tears plipped on the table as Kelli wept openly. Her crowning glory gone! Her beautiful, beautiful hair!

She jerked in surprise as she felt the cold spritz of liquid on her hanging head…heard the ssshhhhttt ssshhhttt ssshhhttt of the spray bottle…smelled the dreadful chemical smell…

Alyssa was out of control, now. She emptied the bottle’s contents on Kelli’s shorn scalp…waited impatiently for the two minutes to be up before breaking out her cloth and rubbing Kelli’s stubble away. Kelli’s naked head gleamed obscenely in the bright light.

Reaching up with a shaking hand, Kelli felt her egg-smooth cranium. Her entire body shook as she sobbed…realizing that her hair had been stolen from her forever…never again would she be lusted-after as a blonde…now she was only a freak…hairless top and bottom, forever…

“Well, Doc…I guess that takes care of business. What do I owe you?”

“Oh, please, Donald! Don’t speak of payment! The satisfaction I get from tending to people’s beloved animals is more than reward enough.” They both laughed uproariously as Kelli flushed. “But you can’t take her out without a collar and leash…it’s a $50.00 fine!” And chuckling, she moved back to her desk, opened a drawer and rummaged through it. “Ah, here we are!” And returning to Kelli’s side she showed her a pink leather collar with rhinestones. “A pretty pink collar for a pretty little pet!” She fastened it snugly around Kelli’s throat. “Don’t worry, darling, it’s you. Bruno will love you in it.”

“Bruno’s gonna have to wait,” Don said with a smile. And reaching up he fastened a matching pink leash to Kelli’s collar and yanked on it sharply. Kelli stumblingly got up from the table, her naked pate shining in the glaring lights. “Thanks again, Doc…see you in three months!” And he tugged on the leash and strode towards the door, a thoroughly defeated Kelli following behind.


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