Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch – Steve M.

This is a true story, these events occurred over the weekend of 28th/29th October 2000 and prove why you should be public spirited and think about others. It might be to your advantage…

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Since we have moved into a new house in the village we have been very community spirited and made a point of offering to help our neighbour, Joanna, as she lives alone, without a car in what is a remote location. Until yesterday, those jobs I did for her were run of the mill, like getting heavy shopping, putting up fences when they blew down, re-roofing her shed etc.

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Earlier in the summer Joanna had fallen and broke her wrist and she still had a light bandage on it, which restricted what she could do. Before my girlfriend had left for her evening shift she told me to go and check on Joanna and see if there was anything she needed doing. As I was at a loose end I was not too bothered and just after my girlfriend left I knocked at Joanna’s door.

She asked me in and as I sat in her kitchen she made me a coffee and we chatted away, when I asked her if there was anything she wanted doing she said that she was OK apart from the fact that she wanted to dye her hair, and with her wrist she couldn’t manage it by herself. She told me that she could wait until my girlfriend was able to do it and I think she was surprised when I insisted that I help her. Perhaps I should mention that I have a bit of a hair fetish and the chance to assist Joanna in such a way was making my cock twitch in my jeans. I tried my hardest to disguise my interest, whilst flattering Joanna. I told her I had no idea that she dyed her hair, but she admitted that she did and said that it needed seeing to as her roots were showing through. As she tilted her head and pulled her hair close to her scalp I noticed that her roots were showing, a much lighter and greyer shade than the rest of her russet brown hair.

Joanna asked me again if I really didn’t mind and when I told her I didn’t she began to give me instructions on how to do it. As she spoke she fetched a bottle of wine and poured me a glass. Joanna went away and left me to read the directions on the box. When she returned to the kitchen she was wearing her dressing gown. She told me that she had set everything up in the bathroom and I followed her upstairs where she had arranged the “salon”, with towels, a chair that faced a mirror and combs and brushes. “Looks like you have everything here that a proper salon would, except the scissors,” I joked. Joanna smiled and replied she had them too. Joanna began to run the sink taps and explained to me that her hair would have to be wet first, before straddling the chair and leaning her head over the sink. I squeezed out some shampoo and began to wash her hair. I felt my cock grow, I was relieved that my jeans restrained it. But as she had taken her glasses off and had her eyes shut tight I doubt that Joanna would have noticed it at that point anyway. As I washed her hair I lightly massaged her head, Joanna told me that I was wasted and should take it up full time. As I massaged her head it became covered in scented foam, the more I felt her hair and delicate skin the harder my erection grew. Unfortunately some stray foam must have made its way into her eyes as she quickly jerked her head back, spraying the room with water. Most of the water seemed to land on my jeans and they were soaked. As I apologised for getting soap in her eyes Joanna apologised for my jeans, she told me to take them off and she’d dry them later. Carefully I peeled off my jeans and socks, taking care not to disrobe completely and to reveal my excited state. As I undressed Joanna rinsed her face and once again leant over the sink.

As I rinsed the shampoo away my knob resumed its throbbing, and as I finished washing off the last bubbles the material of my boxer shorts made a futile attempt at hiding my erection. As Joanna lifted her head up her eyes recognised the fact and with a glint in her eyes she smiled, “Looks like someone’s having fun,” she teased. To my surprise I then found myself admitting to my fondness for all things hair, and I was surprised by Joanna’s understanding response. When I said that we should be getting on with the colouring Joanna smiled and said that she would be keeping a close eye on me. As I turned to get the dye I caught a glimpse in the mirror of Joanna taking a healthy sip of wine before letting her dressing gown slip from her shoulders to expose them. Her heavy breasts remained hidden in her lacy bra. Forgetting all efforts to hide my arousal I turned back to face her as she gathered her dressing gown around her waist. I was impressed by the figure that my neighbour had concealed within the gown, she explained that she thought it was best, as she didn’t want the hair dye to colour her robe. When I agreed Joanna said that it was also probably a good idea for me to take off my T-shirt as well. As my T-shirt was forming a second line of defence between Joanna and my ever-stiffening cock too I was a bit unsure. My reluctance eased when Joanna said that if I took off my T-shirt she would remove her bra, as it too was white. So it was that I was soon standing in my neighbour’s bathroom, with just my boxers on, whilst my 50-something neighbour sat half-naked with her hair dripping wet.

The actual colouring of her hair went quite well. I soon got into a routine and a rhythm as I worked round her head Joanna kept complimenting me on my technique and her comments were getting all the more suggestive as more and more wine went down her neck. Soon I had covered all the roots and I carefully combed the colour through so each individual hair was covered in the red foam. Joanna sat still whilst the colour took and we chatted again. Joanna asked me more about my hair fetish. She asked me what excited me so much, and what were my favourite colours. When I replied that I liked women with darker hair she seemed pleased. She said that she noticed that Ellie (my girlfriend) dyed her hair some funky colours and she asked me about my sex life, saying that the walls between our houses were thin, and there wasn’t a lot else around to make a noise and disguise Ellie’s moans. Joanna also asked me what time Ellie would be back and without thinking I replied that she was on a 12-hour shift till 8 the next morning.

The 20 minutes soon elapsed and I rinsed off the dye, taking care not to spill any. Once all the water was running clear Joanna sat back in the chair and I noticed how hard her nipples were. Feeling more at ease I asked her if she was cold. Straightaway she knew what I was referring to and as she tweaked her nipple she said no she wasn’t. “Better not let you get a real chill then,” I said as I started to towel dry her hair. As I rubbed her hair dry Joanna (deliberately?) eased the belt on her gown. Her face remained hidden in the towel but as the material slipped aside revealing her thighs, so did Joanna’s legs, revealing a very hairy pussy. As her pubes came into view I noticed a finger sneak between her thighs. “Now I can see why you need to dye your hair.” Her roots had revealed a few millimetres of grey hairs, whilst her pussy had a luxuriant covering. I finished drying her hair and as I took the towel away I ruffled her hair. “Now your collar and cuffs don’t match,” I joked.

Joanna asked me what I meant and I explained that her pussy hairs weren’t the same colour as her head. When she asked me what I could do about it I gave her two choices, we either dye her pubes, or remove them. Joanna picked up the bottle of hair dye and seemed pleased to discover that it was empty. “Looks like there’s nothing for it except a shave then,” she laughed. Joanna seemed delighted when I said that I thought she’d look better without any hair there, I also told her that Ellie shaves her pussy and that it was bald most of the time. Joanna seemed fascinated by this revelation and asked me more questions. When I confided in her that I had shaved Ellie’s thatch Joanna replied by saying, “Good, you can do mine then.” I looked around for some suitable equipment but Joanna lacked the necessary tools to tackle this job. I said that as she had an abundant bush it would be better tackled with clippers. I told her that I was going to pop back to mine to get what I needed.

On the way back to my own house I took stock of what had just happened and what was about to happen, my conscious kept pushing an image of Ellie into my mind, but my cock persuaded me to think about the job in hand. I had soon recovered the clippers from the bedroom and on the way out I popped into the bathroom for my razor and foam, as I was sure that Joanna wouldn’t have those either. When I got back into Joanna’s bathroom she was now nude and opening another bottle of wine. Standing in the buff she offered me a full glass before quickly downing her own.

I told her to lie down and once she was on her back I grabbed a brush that Joanna had arranged earlier. I carefully fluffed up her pussy hairs to make them easier to clip off. Her hairs were finer than Ellie’s and they looked like silver threads. Turning on the clippers I picked up a comb and selected a small section of Joanna’s pussy hair. I pulled on the comb to make her hairs taut before passing the clippers over the teeth of the comb to shear away the first clump of her pussy hairs. I repeated this action working across Joanna’s mound, the silvery pile of clippings grew as I reduced Joanna’s pussy fur to stubble. I put the comb down and then passed the clippers over her pussy so the teeth of the clippers were close to the skin, the clippers were just as efficient shaving away the hairs close to the skin. The bulk of Joanna’s pussy was soon shorn away and I moved the clippers lower, between her legs, cutting away the hairs that grew either side of a rapidly moistening slit. I followed the path of the clippers with my fingers brushing away the longer pubes to reveal ones that were cut much closer. Joanna’s cunt clippings gathered in a mound between her legs and soon her formerly plush bush was reduced to skin-tight stubble. I continued with the clipping until no more hair was being removed. Putting down the clippers I shook the can of shaving foam, before squirting some into my palm to warm it up before lathering it around Joanna’s pussy. Soon her pussy was covered in as much shaving foam as her head had been previously covered with shampoo foam. The only difference being that this time instead of being rinsed off with water it was being removed with the sharp blade of my razor. Smooth skin appeared in the wake of the blade, the white foam became speckled with stubble. As I shaved either side of her labia Joanna’s pussy opened like the pinkest rose to reveal the delicate flesh of her womanhood. As I shaved I told Joanna of the transformation that was occurring I told her how sexy her shaven pussy was going to be, how soft and smooth her bald flesh would feel to her touch. As if to confirm my words I carefully stroked her denuded flesh, before easing my fingers into her pussy. The more I shaved, the more I spoke to her, the more Joanna squirmed and writhed as the close attention of the razor to her pussy and of my fingers to her clitoris bought her to a climax.

In next to no time there was no more for me to shave. Joanna’s pussy was as smooth as it could be, smoother and more hair-free than Ellie’s who had taken the same clippers to her own pussy the day before. As she lay there I compared Joanna’s pussy to that of my girlfriend. Joanna’s pussy lips were darker than Ellie’s and they protruded more, her cunt gaped open, in comparison to Ellie’s that was much tighter. Joanna’s clit was more secretive though and the fleshy folds of her pussy had to be teased apart to seek it out. Ellie’s clit was more prominent. I asked Joanna how it felt to be shaven and as her hand explored her newly balded mons and labia she sighed and fingered herself once more.

By now my erection was straining at my shorts. Using her good wrist Joanna propped herself up and grabbed a vanity mirror which she placed between her legs to judge my handiwork. I told her that there was not a hair left and that she was as beautiful as I told her she would be. I asked her if she had enjoyed herself and her smile was the only answer I needed. I stood up, and helped Joanna up as well. As we stood face to face Joanna leant forward and we kissed, as my tongue explored hers I eased my fingers into her pussy, slowly stroking her shaved slit. Joanna beckoned to me to sit down, as I moved to sit on the side of the bath she slipped her fingers either side of my boxer shorts and tugged them down my legs. My eager cock sprang forwards and presented itself to Joanna who was now squatting between my legs. Joanna looked at me and mouthed thank you before accepting my cock deep into her mouth. As the warmth and moisture of her tongue caressed my cock she used her good hand to pull the foreskin firmly back, before hungrily sucking on my cock. The combination of her hand action and tongue dancing all over my knob soon had me on the edge. When I told her I was coming Joanna placed her hands either side of my cock. Using just her fingertips she continued her energetic masturbation as I came deep in her mouth. Joanna kept her lips closed around my cock. Trapped by this velvety embrace my spunk emptied into her mouth. Slowly she drew her head backwards, cleansing my cock as she released it. As my penis left her mouth I saw Joanna swallow, ingesting all of the spunk I had deposited into her mouth.

Both of us were covered in sweat, Joanna’s face was flushed through a combination of a post-orgasmic glow and the efforts of her cock sucking. She asked me if she was any good at it. I’m ashamed to say that I told her she was the best ever. “Was I better than Ellie?” she asked. I nodded and kissed her. We cuddled for a while before Joanna poured herself another glass of wine, and as with all the others dispatched it rather quickly.

“Now no-one will know that you aren’t a natural brunette,” I smiled at her has I fingered her again. Joanna didn’t reply, preferring to sip at her wine. As she said nothing I continued. “Now you have no hair on your pussy there is nothing to disclose your natural colour.”

Joanna smiled. “What if you cut this too?” she asked, toying with her bob. When I told her that she would still have her all too obvious roots Joanna replied as if the answer to this problem was obvious. “Then you’ll have to make sure that I have no roots, if I have no roots showing then no-one will know that I dye my hair, just you and me.”

This lit the biggest fire imaginable in me, my hair fetish was on major alert status. Before I finished my reply Joanna had chipped in with the end to my sentence.

“Does that mean that you want me to….”

“Cut off my hair?” Joanna concluded the sentence, seizing my stiff cock as she spoke. “Yes, I have a bald pussy and now I want a bald head. Do you want me to have a bald head too?” Joanna teased me. Knowing that she had had a fair amount to drink I asked her if she was really up for this. “I think you have taken advantage of me already,” she said teasingly. “Besides do you really want to stop now? I fancy you and me having a little secret.” Quite how Joanna proposed keeping a shaven head a secret I didn’t know, but I wasn’t willing to get into that discussion.

“How short do you want to go?” I asked her again. I wanted to be sure that I had given her enough opportunity to back out.

Joanna was quite firm in her reply. “I think bald would be short enough, I don’t want a hair left to betray me.” My cock throbbed with anticipation as she spoke. Joanna rubbed the head of my cock. “And once you have shaved me, you can fuck me. I can be as loud as a I like tonight and I can keep going to morning.” I knew that if I shaved her there was no way I would be going home to a cold bed and wanking myself sore but I would be spending the night with this sexy woman, exploring every inch of her smooth body.

Joanna opened a cupboard and handed me some scissors. “See, I told you I had scissors too,” she smiled and emptied her glass.

Once again I double-checked. “If you’re sure about this I’d love to shave you,” I told her.

Joanna picked up the clippers and handed them to me. “Use the scissors first but then I want these to be busy buzzing all over my head.”

I started cutting the hair at the back of Joanna’s head. I used the scissors all around her hairline. Clumps of brown hair fell to the bathroom floor as the scissors snipped away. I cut away at her hairline from ear to ear, two inches fell away with each snip. This was more than a mere trim – as I snipped away at her head my cock leaked pre-come. Joanna’s eyes shut as I clipped away at her skull, her fingers busied themselves in her shaven snatch. The aroma of her aroused pussy began to fill the room, the only sounds to be heard were the metallic schnick of the scissors and a squelching sound from Joanna. “I am so turned on.” The scissor blades disappeared into the hair on Joanna’s head before revealing themselves as they met, shearing away her curls. I cut away at the back of Joanna’s head, making more dramatic cuts, in bold horizontal lines from one side of her head to the other, now 6 inches of hair fell to the floor. Soon Joanna’s head became more ragged as the previously precise cut of her bob was delivered to the floor. The longest hair on her head remained at her fringe and I kept the scissors well away from these lengths, as I was leaving them to last.

The sound of the clippers and the touch of them on her head caused Joanna to open her eyes again. I clipped away from her temple to her ears. Joanna watched as the clippers pushed the shorn hair away from her face, a clearly mown path unveiling her scalp left in its wake. I moved to the other side of her head, to continue this mohican cut. Once each side was cut as close as the clippers allowed I moved to the back of her head, shaving her skull from her nape to her crown. As I clipped away some hair became trapped by Joanna’s necklace. As I brushed it away Joanna shuddered as she came. Once I had cut to her crown I moved the clippers forward across the top of her head. As the clippers finished their journey at her fringe tufts of hair showered down in front of her face. “It won’t be long now,” Joanna enthused. All too quickly I had reduced most of Joanna’s luxuriant tresses to a severe stubble. Her fringe remained as an oasis of hair, eagerly sprouting forward. Joanna fingered it questionably. “It will be going, but not yet!” I assured her. “Now is madam ready for her shave?”

As Joanna nodded I began to disguise her stubble with shaving foam. “Soon there’ll be no brown roots, no grey roots, no hair.” I began to get into my role of barber. I allowed the foam time to soften Joanna’s stubble before selecting a new blade for the razor. I handed the razor to Joanna and asked her if she wanted the privilege. Joanna placed the razor above her right ear, before slowly and deliberately drawing it back to reveal scalp for the first time in years. She passed me back the razor and I rinsed it in the sink, the hairy foam danced on the surface of the water. The foam in the sink grew as I removed the foam, and the rest of the hair from the right-hand side of her head. Joanna’s scalp was pale, much paler than the skin on her neck. Unperturbed I carried on, and Joanna carried on with her masturbation. The razor took no time in razoring through her stubble, the oils in the foam helping it to glide over the skin as it sheared close to her skin, leaving no hair whatsoever.

I repeated my careful strokes at the back of her head, then the top. Joanna’s makeover continued as more of her cranium was transformed into its new smooth state. Joanna checked on the progress by feeling her scalp with her hands. Her fringe was soon the only hair Joanna had left. I wiped away the traces of the foam from her head and Joanna moved her head from side to side checking out her bald state. “Happy so far?” I checked.

“I like the bit you’ve left,” Joanna replied.

“Yes but you can’t keep it,” I said insistently.

Remembering a tip I read somewhere I covered Joanna’s head with some moisturiser she had on her shelf. I used enough for some not to be absorbed by the skin. Whilst there was still this slippery coating I shaved away once more at Joanna’s head. Once the razor had passed her skin shone in its smooth brilliance. Joanna’s face was covered in a smile. As she put her wine down I put the scissors into her unbandaged hand. Joanna opened the blades before placing them horizontally along her head. The last remnants of her hair were encased by the waiting metal. With two snips Joanna had cut off her own fringe, leaving me to lather up and shave away the sparse tufts that remained. Another application of moisturiser and another shave and a bald Joanna looked at herself in the mirror.

“Not bad,” she said.

“It’s better than that,” I said, smiling back at her reflection and caressing her smooth dome.

Joanna stood up and led me to her bedroom. As she promised me Joanna let me fuck her. I slipped in between her smooth thighs, her shaven pussy eager for my cock. It didn’t take long for me to orgasm as I was continually stroking and kissing her bare scalp as I entered her. Joanna joined me in an orgasm and I was glad that Ellie was working nights. I spent the rest of the night with Joanna, when we woke Joanna was as happy with her style as she was the night before.

When Ellie asked me what Joanna wanted me to do I told her that I trimmed her bushes. Instead of going to work yesterday I went to Manchester and bought Joanna a couple of wigs, one like her normal bob style and another one, with black long hair. I went around to Joanna’s last night. I was greeted by my bald neighbour with a kiss and a cuddle and we were soon in bed again. Joanna is keen for stubble to appear so we can relive the events of two days ago. My bald lover had also collected up her hair and is keeping in it a silver box. Now that they won’t be needed Joanna has also retired her hairbrushes and comb – they are wrapped up and stored away. With the money she saves on hair colour she is going to buy some clippers and a razor and I am taking her shopping tonight when she will wear her wig for the first time.

We have both agreed that the results of my neighbourly concern and her new hairstyle will remain secret. I know that I won’t need Ellie’s prompting to go and check on Joanna’s welfare though.

– – –

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