Mr. Missy

Mr Missy

Mr. Missy

Missy walked in the door, as usual in her normal chipper mode. Her mistress enjoyed this usually, but as of late was growing a bit tired. Missy was becoming increasingly defiant and it was taking much more of the mistress to harness her.

“Missy, go get dressed. I am trying to finish dinner and that outfit is distracting me,” the mistress stated. “You know the rules.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Missy said quietly and headed towards their quarters.

She climbed out of her lace panties and her cute sundress. Missy was allowed to wear what she wished outside of the house, but once she came home, she was required to change into her collar, with accompanying leash and whatever outfit the mistress had deemed appropriate for the evening. If there was no outfit laid out, then Missy was to put on the collar and chain herself to the bed until the mistress came in the room.

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Tonight was just such a night. The mistress had a big weekend planned for Missy. It would serve her purpose. She would get Missy straightened out and back in the slave behavior that she was supposed to conduct.

The Mistress entered their quarters to find Missy in her collar and chained, just as she was supposed to be. Before the mistress would dress her though, she would have some fun. She climbed on the bed and straddled Missy. She placed her hot, wet sex in Missy’s face for some pleasure. Missy was good at this and she knew exactly what to do. After Missy pleasured her mistress, the mistress backed down slowly over Missy’s body and began to enjoy her pert, voluptuous breasts, sucking and licking them. She then went down her body and continued the pleasure. She figured that tonight she should show Missy just how mush she loved her, as after tomorrow, Missy might be a little confused about that. Tough love is, after all, still love, she thought.

When they finished their lovemaking session, the mistress unlocked Missy and began to compose her evening outfit. The outfit tonight would be minimal. It would simply be a rope bondage creation. She would suspend those beautiful breasts so as just to show their magnificent glory. When she was finished, Missy headed down to dinner.

They had a wonderful, quiet evening. The mistress revealed to Missy that she had a day of surprises in store for her. She told her that tomorrow would be the beginning of a new life for Missy. Missy was puzzled, but was not going to question her mistress’s plan. Mistress smiled and assured her it would be okay. Missy was still intrigued, but never failed to fall in the comfort of her mistress’s assurance. Missy fell asleep tied up in her mistress’s arms. She was in heaven.

The next morning the mistress was up early as usual. She wanted to make sure that Missy had a wonderful breakfast, because she would need the energy today. She had spent the past 6 weeks preparing for today, to ensure that everything would go exactly as planned.

She went in to wake Missy.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” she said as she gently kissed her forehead. “You have quite a day ahead of you, so you’d better get cracking. I have started your shower and have everything just as you like.”

Missy proceeded to get up and followed her mistress’s instructions. She took a nice, long, hot shower. When she got out, she took time to dry herself completely and add all of her scents. She headed into the bedroom to find out what her mistress had designated her to wear. She found nothing but a note that said: “Today is a free day, so wear what you like! Love 😉 M.” Missy was again puzzled, but remembered that the mistress had said today was a special day. She thought nothing more of it and proceeded to get dressed as usual.

When she was finally ready to go, she found the Mistress at the breakfast table waiting on her, with her favorite breakfast ready – pancakes. Missy and the mistress dined peacefully. On her way out the door, the mistress gave Missy a long, deep kiss and a note to where she was to go first. The mistress explained that she would go several places today. When she finished at one place, they would give her instructions where to head next. The mistress re-emphasized that today was important to her as well. She also informed her that she would be watching, so to be on her best behavior.

It was a beautiful day outside; Missy had selected the perfect sundress for the weather. It showed off her amazing figure brilliantly. The slip-ons she had selected were also perfect. Her golden hair reflected her gorgeous eyes well. It was long and flowing halfway down her back. She so treasured it, as did her mistress.

The first place Missy was to go was Braxton’s Department Store. When she got there, she asked for Lisa Spooner. Lisa was a nice and beautiful girl with waist-length brown hair. She greeted Missy and showed her to the back where they had a room reserved.

In the room, Missy saw several men’s suits and undergarments. Missy looked puzzled.

Lisa said, “Your mistress came by and picked these out herself. She said they would look great on you. These will be delivered to your house in a while, but you are here for your special outfit for today. Now go into that dressing room and take off every piece of clothing, including undergarments. Put each piece in the bag in the corner. Make sure you put in everything, including your purse. You need to leave out your driver’s license and keys only. Then put on everything you see in the room waiting. I will be right back in a moment.”

Missy began to utter something, but Lisa had already left the room. Missy was very perplexed. When she looked behind her, she saw a pair of boxers, a pair of black leather pants, white men’s socks and black leather boots. Why was she changing into these clothes? Her mistress had never steered her wrong. She slowly began to undress and placed her belongings in the black leather duffel bag. By the time she heard Lisa re-enter the room, she had finished her task. Lisa asked her to throw the bag under the door. She then threw a corset-type garment under the door and instructed Missy to put it on.

“Put it over your chest. It will be tight and it will flatten your abdomen completely. When you are finished, take the white T-shirt over the door and put it on. Then come out.”

Missy came out looking very manlike in these clothes. The smell of leather overpowered her delicate feminine scents. Lisa admired her new look.

“Your mistress said you looked great in leather, but I didn’t think this look would work for you. It does, honey, and to think it’s only begun. Now take this leather jacket and these sunglasses and put them on. Here is your stuff back. Your mistress has the key to the bag’s lock and you can get into it when she feels ready. Now here is the next place you are to go.”

Missy opened the piece of paper, having no idea what might be next. It said, “Go to Spiegleman’s Day Spa and Salon. Ask for Manda.” Spiegleman’s was just two doors down. She deposited the bag into the car and headed down. Speigleman’s was a ritzy place and Missy had often wondered what it was like. Her face brightened. She knew her Mistress was taking care of her. Her happiness dissipated, however, when she realized what she was wearing. She went in anyway, hoping for the best.

Manda was a very pretty girl with an adorable pixie haircut. Her hair was the most unique shade of red Missy had ever seen. She greeted her with a smile. “I have been expecting you.” She led Missy to the back where she said, “What a day we have in store for you. Half of it will be done here and then you will go next door for the rest.” Missy was so excited that she did not even realize what was next door – Spiegleman’s Barbershop.

Manda took her back to the shampoo area and began to wash her hair. She massaged her scalp for what seemed like an eternity. Missy had never had this type of treatment before. When she got back to the chair, Manda began to apply some hair color. Missy was excited. Manda seemed very hush-hush about what they were going to do. Missy did not seem to pay attention though. She washed out the color and Missy’s hair was the perfect shade of white blonde. She loved that particular color. Manda snipped the ends and blow-dried out the style.

She walked Missy through the back to the corresponding men’s shop. She led her to a barber’s chair and whispered something to one of the barbers. The elation that Missy had just felt slowly began to evaporate. The man walked up behind her. He handed her a note and returned to the back. He told her he would be right back.

The note was from Mistress. It was more instructions. It said: “Missy, You know that I love you very much. I know that you love me too, or that you did. This all seems very weird to you, I know. When the barber is finished, you will have the explanation.”

This note puzzled Missy. What could this mean? she thought. About that time, the barber came back. With him was a young guy with a video camera.

The Barber said, “My name is Herb. I will be working with you today. This fellow here is a student at the local barber college and they are shooting some video on technique. You do not mind do you? Everybody else here has been letting him tape their cuts.”

Before Missy could say no, she took one look at the shop. It was empty! The door was locked and the closed sign was turned. She began to stand up, when both of them forced her into the chair. The student grabbed some duct tape and to taped her to the chair and put more over her mouth.

The barber whispered in her ear, “We are going to do this. Whether we do it nice or not nice is up to you.”

Missy calmed down slightly as he began to brush her hair. He pushed her head down forward and threw a cape over her. This cape was different though: it had a built-in trough to catch the hair. It was not looking good for her, she thought. He grabbed all of her hair into his hand and with the other grabbed a pair of clippers, with no guard! She had never had her hair clipped before, and the thought was frightening.

Bzzzzz! The clippers dived into the back of her neck. Pieces of hair began to fall into her lap. Piece after piece of long, almost white, hair. He cleared off the back then began to work on the sides. Up and down and over again. The clippers covered her hair repeatedly. The breeze began to hit her neck. With each piece of hair that fell, her eyes filled with tears increasingly. Finally, nothing was left but her long bangs in the front. With a few swift strokes, however, it was all gone. She looked up and could not believe what they had done. Her mistress would never have ordered this for her. She would not believe it. Fred grabbed then a smaller set of clippers and came towards her. “What more could he do? I am bald!” He buzzed off each of her eyebrows. One at a time, they were gone.

He left and came back with a steaming hot towel and placed it over her entire head. It felt good. He left it on for what must have been 15 minutes. He came back with a cup of white lather. and began to brush it all over her head. No, she thought, not the fuzz! He took out a straight razor and shaved all over the surface of her head, even where her eyebrows had been. He then wiped it all off. As her eyes came back into focus, he turned her around and there was her Mistress. Missy wanted to cry.

Her Mistress began, “My dear love, I am so sorry. I had to do this for a reason. You have been neglecting your slave duties for quite some time. I have been letting you get worse and worse, giving you enough rope with which to hang yourself. And that my pretty, you have managed to do quite successfully. These are pictures that I had a private investigator take of you and some guy named William. You cannot hurt me like that and expect to get away unscathed.”

Missy was appalled. She had thought that no one had even known about that. How did they find out? Her eyes filled with sadness, realizing that it had been she that had done this to her own self.

“Now the rules have changed. You will be allowed to wear a wig to work and we will modify your work wardrobe so that your infidelity is not visible to all. That is the only concession I will make for your new appearance. When you come home, I will have your wardrobe as usual. When we go out together, you will dress and carry yourself as a man. Your name is now Michael. That is how I will refer to you. Your head will be shaven until such a time as you can behave, and I will determine that. I will shave your head every morning on the front porch. You will not be allowed to carry yourself as a woman any more. You have been re-born. This includes no shaving, unless I do it. You will wear a penis all the time. In fact we are having one surgically attached. Don’t worry though, once you have changed your behavior, it will be removed. You will wear your new collar from the moment you walk in the house until you leave the next morning. Any questions?”

Michael had none. He realized less would be more right now.

Fred came back in the room and released him. Mistress applied his collar with a new lock. She attached the leash and told him that she would accompany him on the remainder of his journey today, which only consisted of one more trip.

They arrived at Bucky’s Palace of Piercing about 5 hours after Michael had left home this morning. He knew whatever else Mistress had planned was going to hurt. They walked in and were taken straight to the back. Mistress told Michael that he might want to take some Valium, because it was going to be a while. He popped the pills and got into the chair and they locked him in. He did not remember much after that.

The next morning he woke up with quite a headache. He had hoped the day before had been a dream, but as he reached up to feel his head; he realized it was anything but. Not only was he bald, but also he had numerous piercings in his ears, nose, eyebrows, tongue and lips. He looked down and noticed that his breast and what used to be his pussy were not left unscathed.

The mistress came in and told him to get dressed. He noticed that the mistress had her clothes laid out. He also noticed that his collar was still attached. Usually the mistress would release him after their lovemaking, but realized this was a new part of the rules, as was his arms and legs still being chained, as if he were in prison. He had to ring for the mistress as he was also gagged and partially hooded. The mistress came in with a smile on her face.

“Well Michael, how are we doing right now? Need me to unchain you? I will help you get dressed then you will get to see your new room. Had it finished this morning especially for you.”

The mistress finished with Michael and led him down to the basement, which had in it a 12 x 10 cell. “This will be your new home for a while. You will not sleep in my bed for now. Your new wardrobe is here. You may wear what of it you wish. As for your old things, they are now mine. I will be wearing them, because men do not wear dresses.

“You will need to follow instructions. That will help to get you back. If you prefer to act like a man by cheating, then you can be one.”

With that, Mistress walked upstairs and began to make dinner. Michael looked around his new home. Where there had been perfumes and body scents, there was after-shave and cologne. In the shower was simply a bar of soap. Michael had not yet seen himself; he knew he must look hideous. His once bald head was now covered in tattoos. He began to cry.

The mistress was not all harsh. The tattoos were not even permanent. She would, however let Michael, figure that out for himself.


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