Snip Poker

Snip Poker

Snip Poker

A fictional hair fantasy

The night was dragging on, promising to be another boring evening of television and perhaps a game. Lisa and I were hanging around eyeing each other disdainfully at the others inaction to make something of the night. Finally the phone rang breaking the strain and it was Chris and Sue, long time friends and cohorts. They asked us over for an interesting game. We didn’t have to participate but could join in at any time if we liked. Chris and Sue and the two of us had had numerous sexual adventures together and we knew that this was going to be another one those exciting experiences. Upon arriving, we were asked to strip and join them in the living room. I helped Lisa with her dress and we soon were all sitting together, naked as if nothing could be more natural. Sue broke the ice and started to explain the game they were going to play.

“We’re going to call it Snip Poker!” she said mischievously as she brought out a deck of cards. “It’s kind of like Strip poker only each time you lose instead of losing an article of clothing you lose an inch of your hair.” Lisa immediately said that she didn’t want to play. Her long blonde hair was her crowning glory, grazing her ass as she walked into the kitchen to get something to drink.

“Don’t the guys have a considerable disadvantage?” I said running my hand through my average length hair.

“I suppose so.” Sue was a little peeved that everyone was so quick to shoot down her idea. “OK, how about this: if you lose, half of the length of your hair is cut off each time!”

“That sounds more fair to me.” said I, and Chris agreed as well. “When are you out of the game?” I asked

“When you have lost all your hair, silly!” Lisa said, admiring her locks in the dining room mirror. I could tell she was debating whether or not to play. “I’ve always wanted to see you bald anyway, sweetie, I’ll play!”

She jumped into the circle and we all took turns measuring each other’s hair. Lisa had twenty-eight inches from crown to tip, Sue had eighteen inches of tawny brown hair, my own hair was three inches long all over and Chris had six. The first hand was dealt and I could tell it was going to be an interesting night for sure. Lisa and Chris folded and I was left with two pair and Sue had one pair. It was decided that the winner got to cut the loser’s hair so I brandished the scissors and chopped off nine inches of Sue’s hair. There was slight pause after I had finished, to see if we all really wanted to go through with this, then a big smile ran across Sue’s face and we were into the second hand. This time Sue folded and Chris and I lost to Lisa. Lisa chopped off three inches of Chris’s hair but when she came to me she grabbed the clippers and put on the 1″ guard saying it’s only a half inch more. I agreed seeing that we were all going to end up bald anyway. Lisa ran the clippers over my head several times in each direction to make sure that it was all 1″ long all over. I ran my hand through my brushed hair and it felt longer than I thought it would. The next hand Lisa lost to Sue. As she measured off 14″ of Lisa’s hair, Sue chuckled saying that she was always jealous of her blonde hair. With that she hacked off 14″ of Lisa’s lovely blonde locks. Lisa reached back and felt the jagged blunt edge left at about shoulder length, Sue wasn’t too careful about the cut. I thought for sure that Lisa would fold the next hand but she had a big smile on her face as she laid down a full house, but that soon changed to a frown when Sue laid down four 3s. This time seven inches had to go. Lisa complained a little but submitted to the shearing leaving her with a slightly shorter than chin length bob. A little shocked, Lisa folded the next hand, not surprisingly. I lost to Sue who then used the #4 guards on the clippers giving me a 1/2″ brush cut. Lisa giggled as my scalp was exposed under my short bristled crop. Sue and Chris both lost to me the next hand. I used the 1″ guard on Chris and snipped five inches off Sue’s head all over. Having had some haircutting experience I was able to cut Sue’s hair all over to an equal four inches, oops half inch too much. Sue now sported a boyish bob. Next hand Lisa lost to me. She didn’t complain this time she just bowed her head to me as I chopped another 4″ off her quickly disappearing mane, oops 1/2″ too much, leaving her with a three inch bob. Chris and I both lost the next hand to Sue who cropped me down to 1/4″ buzz while Chris got the half inch brush cut. Then Lisa and Sue both lost to me. This was going to be a fun one. Sue was down to four inches which I quickly reduced to two inches, but when it came to Lisa I grabbed the clippers and put on the one inch guards saying “It’s only a half an inch dear.” I plunged the clippers into her hair reducing her three inch bob to a one inch crop. Sue lost the next hand to Chris who did the same thing to her. I could tell Lisa was excited the next hand but was suprised when she lost to Sue with only a pair of 5s. Sue clipped her down to a half inch brush cut and I noticed that Lisa was closing her eyes and enjoying it. Suddenly Lisa reached up and grabbed Sue’s hand and removed the guard from the clippers. I was in awe as Sue reduced Lisa’s once flowing locks to stubble. Next Sue stood in the middle of the circle and did the same thing to herself. Chris and I looked at each other and offered our heads for the burring clippers. Quickly I was bald and soon to follow was Chris. Everybody fell into a heap amongst the locks of hair spread over the floor like waves, laughing and loving.


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