Caged – by Ponytan

RRRRIIIIINNNGGGG. The phone rings impatiently as you hurry to get it. “Hello?”

“Kelli, hiiii. This is Amber. How are you?” she says like she wants something.

“I’m fine, Amber. What’s up?” you reply.

“So…there’s this great new club opening up downtown tonight. I met the guy who works the front door and decides who gets in. He told me to come tonight. He said it is going to be the best thing you’ll ever see. You want to go?”

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“Okay, I guess I’ll go.”

“Oh yeah, he said that the dress is very classy, very sexy. So look REALLY good, OK? I’ll pick you up at 10.” And with that you hang up. You think to yourself Amber has met another guy who is just trying to get laid by inviting her to some club. Besides, you have not heard anything about a new club. But you have not done anything all day and are up for some excitement, so you get excited about the opportunity to go out.

Around 8:30, you decide it is probably time to start getting ready. While in a nice hot, steamy shower, you decide that you need to look your absolute best. Hey, there just might be somebody there worth meeting. You grab your little pair of scissors as you run your other fingers through your soft blonde bush. A trim will suit you nicely. The scissors tickle as they clip away the curls. You begin to become aroused, but remember that you have to get ready for later. So, you clam yourself down. While drying off, you check out yourself in the mirror. “I’m gonna knock ’em dead tonight,” you think. You admire your body–its luscious curves, tanned skin, tight apple of an ass, firm breasts that fill out any shirt well. You now admire your handiwork on your bush– nicely trimmed, very inviting.

Of course, your hair is your pride and joy. Those lovely blonde locks that frame such an angelic face. They always get you noticed. Men just love blondes. You stand out in a crowd, something different from the norm.

“What should I wear?” You stand naked in front of your closet, caressing your body, imagining what will work in this type of setting. Finally, you pick out a little black skirt. It is very thin and hangs lightly on your firm butt, showing its shape very well. It shows off your figure very well–it hardly covers your ass–and is very easy to move in. This skirt will definitely show panty lines, so you pick out a racy black thong for underneath. You enjoy the feeling of a thong–the way it slides up between your ass cheeks, the feeling of freedom, the hidden sexiness. Your shirt is hardly that. You pick out a little white top that ties in the back and behind the neck. It shows off your tan, flat stomach and the sexy curves of your hips and your back. No bra tonight, but your breasts are firm and stand on their own. They are a very sexy asset, sitting out in front of you with nipples barely visible through the thin fabric. No thigh-highs tonight either; the skirt wouldn’t cover them. You are glad you shaved your legs well. They do not need any help, though. Long, lean, quite shapely from regular exercise. Now the right shoe–a strappy, open-toe black heel. With your perfectly manicured fingernails and toenails sporting a matching bright red, you are the perfect ensemble.

After a few minutes, knock, knock, knock. You stroll to the door, checking yourself just one more time, confirming that you are, in fact, quite stunning. You open the door to reveal Amber, wearing a tight, black minidress. She is also showing off her figure–firm breasts, tight butt, shapely legs (but shorter than yours). Her layered auburn hair frames her beautiful face perfectly, and creates a perfect palate for her luscious lips that men swoon over. In unison you both say, “WOW!” You are both stunning.

“Trying to get some tonight, are we?” she says to you with a snide tone.

“Oh, and you aren’t?” you reply with the same tone. Both of you laugh and head for her car to go.

She pulls up to the club downtown. Oooh, valet parking, this must be a pretty nice club. Two attractive young men help you two out of the car and show you to the long line out front. Amber says she is not going to wait for all these people. They probably won’t get in anyway. You put on your sexiest strut toward the door, checking out all the people in line. Many heads turn as you pass. Men admire thoroughly, women sneer jealously. When you reach the front door, Amber puts on her flirtiest smile toward the doorman. He has just turned away two underdressed young men. He notices Amber and smiles. He remembers her from earlier in the day, and motions for the two of you to enter. This brings a mild uproar from those in line who have been waiting. Amber gives the doorman a little kiss on the lips and says, “Find me later if you can.”

You then make your presence felt in the club, strutting around sexily, eyeing many attractive men. They return the glances with stares. The men in here are all quite attractive. And the women are, too. But, you and Amber run this place, you think to yourself. You can have anyone you want. However, you both decide to give the whole place a look before gracing any lucky man (or woman–you are feeling quite adventurous tonight) with your presence. At the bar, several men vie for position as they see you two approach. After several offers and denials, you order your own drinks. Are you unattainable? Let them think that, the poor saps. This only makes you more attractive to them. Your ego is being fed every instant. This feels so good.

The music is loud, and the dance floor is alive with movement. When your drinks are finished, you decide to head toward the dance floor. Several men “inconspicuously” follow. While you dance, you both scan the whole club. This place is really cool. Great light show, great DJ, great music, and many attractive people. On the walls in the corners, there are mannequins dressed in lace, leather, vinyl, s&m; garb…. There are all kinds. After a few minutes, you notice a lighted cage up high on the wall. There is a half-naked young woman dancing in it. She flails around to the beat of the music, obviously enjoying herself. While she dances, she removes articles of clothing–high heels, stockings, garter, bra, and panties. Now she is totally naked and loving it. Of course, the men in the place cannot take their eyes off of her. You point this out to Amber, and you both have a good laugh. She says, “I wonder what that is like? She looks like she’s having a great time.” Soon another cage lights up and another woman looks to be having a great time taking her clothes off while dancing.

Your attention turned back to dancing now, you notice that guys are all around you two wishing to dance/grind. An attractive, tall, well-muscled, brunette man moves up behind Amber and places his hands on her hips. You give her the nod that he looks good and she relaxes back against him. She closes her eyes and gives a grin of pleasure. She leans slightly forward toward you and juts her ass out against the young man. Her hands cover his as she starts to grind her ass around against his hips.

Other young men give the eye to you hoping to achieve the same position. They adore you. Those wondrous long legs–muscular and tan on top of sexy little shoes, not hidden at all by your skirt. Your perfectly round ass bouncing and grinding under the very thin material. Your flat, fit stomach, with a beautiful little belly button showing. You gorgeous breasts bouncing to the music under not much of a shirt, nipples pert and very visible. Your beautiful face surrounded by all that blonde hair–those lovely locks that make you stand out from everyone else. You smile at them flirtatiously, but they are rebuffed by your body language.

You are noticing Amber right now. Wow, she really is beautiful. Her body, her legs, her breasts, her hair, and that face with those lips. You find yourself getting turned on by your own friend. A slight tingle arises between your legs as you feel yourself becoming moist. You have never really thought about her like this before. But you get an idea. All these men will just love a show. And maybe Amber will take to it. You dance very provocatively in front of her as she grinds with the young man. When she looks up you make eye contact and give her a sexy smile. She smiles back, half expecting what is coming next. You dance/walk as sexily as possible toward her. On the way, you run your hands up the sides of your legs, over your skirt and hips. This pulls up your skirt enough to show just the bottom of your tight ass, revealing that you have on a thong. The men who take notice get quite a treat. Your hands continue to caress your body upwards over your curves and the cup under your breasts. They continue over your breasts–the men love this too–and shoulders, past the nape of your neck, and your fingers run through your hair, tousling it just a little. God, you are sexy! And you can feel it.

You reach Amber, hands in the air. Your arms descend around her as you pull yourself close to her body. She returns the favor by pushing her hips against yours. Her suitor will have to sit this one out. She wraps her arms around your waist and you pull close together. Your hips grind, you can feel her pubis on your leg, feel her leg between yours.

You feel her breasts push into you and yours rub on her chest. This is quite a show for the men dancing around. But neither of you are really concerned about them. You are both feeling very uninhibited–those must have been strong drinks. The two of you continue to grind through the whole song, becoming very turned on in the process. What little bit of the thong that covers your pussy is wet by now–you are sooo horny. The next thing you know, all the men are clapping and hooting. You open your eyes to find that you and Amber are in the midst of a deep, sensual kiss, her wonderful lips on yours, tongues lightly wrestling. Whoa! You both realize that you are getting caught up in a strange moment and break the kiss.

You leave the floor and head for some air. After a few minutes of regaining your senses, you just look at each other and smile. “That was a little weird, huh?” you ask.

“Yeah, but god I’m turned on right now! You?” she replies.

You answer, “Very much so.”

Just then, you notice that five cages are lit up. More young women, dancing, stripping, smiling. After a few minutes, another lights up. Hey, it’s the girl you saw at the bar. Now she is up there doing the same thing and seeming to love it. Amber notices this fact also, and says she just has to figure out how she can get up there. She is horny and feeling adventurous. You ask her, “You aren’t really serious are you?” She says it would be a rush, and that she probably would not get totally naked. And if she did…who cares. She wants to have fun. Amber has been known to have a wild streak in her, but you were not really prepared for this.

Amber heads for a bar near the dance floor. When she gets the bartender’s attention, she asks, “So what’s the deal with the cages? Can anyone do it?”

The bartender takes a good look at Amber–takes in her beautiful model-like face, her tight body and ass, her firm breasts, and those lips he wished were wrapped around his cock–and says, “Yeah, you and your friend would be good for that,” as he motions toward you. He then tells Amber to go to a door at the back of the club where a man in a suit stood. So you both walk over.

Amber greets the man with a sexy grin and strut. She leans up to him and purrs, “So, handsome, how can I get in there?” He opens the door, expressionless, and motions the two of you in. Once up a flight of stairs and through another door, you are in a hidden room. A very nice room–well furnished with couches, art on the walls, and a bar in the back. A man in a tuxedo approaches with two glasses of champagne. You both take the glasses with a hearty smile, and he turns away. Hmmm, you don’t have to pay. It is very fine quality champagne. The bubbles tickle your mouth and throat as you sip.

You notice the couple on one of the couches. She is in his lap. Wait, they are having sex right here. You notice her skirt does not hide all as she grinds around on the man’s hard shaft.

“Join in if you feel the urge.” The voice cracks the awkward silence of muffled bass from the club. You see that the voice came from a handsome, muscular, blonde man who has just entered the room from the back. He introduces himself as Tony, as he kisses both of your hands. “Has everything been enjoyable here?” he asks as he motions for you to sit down on a soft leather couch. ,P> “Oh, I think we’ve been enjoying ourselves quite well,” Amber replies. Tony explains that he is the club owner and likes to take care of his customers, to offer them the most unique nightlife experience available. You sit and chat as you sip your champagne and the couple grinds on silently. Both you and Amber give Tony sexy little grins and flirt without being too obvious to each other. Amber leans forward to show cleavage and pouts out her luscious lips. You uncross and recross your legs so you can hike up your skirt to reveal your wet mons barely hidden from view by the tiny thong.

Tony snaps his fingers and your drinks are promptly refilled. Then he asks if you came up to be in a cage. Amber quickly replies, “Oh yes! That looks like such fun!” When you do not reply, he asks, “and you?” You explain that Amber is the wild one, that she came to do it. He then says, “Well, you put on quite a show out there on the dance floor. Didn’t she Amber?” Amber smiles evilly and leans into you, snickering. You feel her soft skin on your arm. You close your eyes and lean your head on hers. You are both getting that strange overwhelming feeling again, that you had on the dance floor. For some reason, you both feel very turned on. You knew you were feeling adventurous tonight, but this was way more than you had planned for.

Amber slowly reaches her hand down between your thighs, softly caressing your legs. You know what she is reaching for and you do not protest. Your body sinks back into the plush couch and your legs uncross, revealing the moist sliver of black fabric between your legs. From his angle, Tony can see everything. He thinks to himself how much he loves the sight of a pussy that is well taken care of, and he longs to see yours. Your legs creep wider apart as Amber’s fingers delicately stroke your lips through your panties. She lay across your lap as she grabs for what she wants. Tony notices your perfectly formed breasts, nipples erect, heave with a sigh of pleasure. His little drink mixture always tends to bring out the best in women. Then, he sees what he has wanted to see for some time. Amber pulls your thong to the side to reveal a neatly trimmed, beautiful blonde bush. Her middle finger expertly separates your mons to show the dripping wet pink insides and a yearning clit. She strokes your clit and fingers your hole while you hold her tight to your body.

Tony is enjoying himself thoroughly now. The two most beautiful women in the club putting on a private show for him! Amber licks the sweet juice from her fingers. She wants more. Her head drops between your thighs as she pushes your shapely legs farther apart. With no hesitation, her tongue dives deep within your recesses, and you squirm with delight. It’s as if she knows exactly what you like. She traces the shape of your pussy lips with her tongue, and flicks it across your clit. Her finger enters you again and gropes for any reaction. Her tongue concentrates on your clit. You moan with desire as you feel orgasm approach. You tightly grasp Amber’s body as you shudder with an intense orgasm. Tony’s drink concoction obviously has its full grip on you two. “What would you do if you knew you were with each other?” Tony wondered. How embarrassed you must feel. But then, neither of you can really think right now.

Tony calls another young man over. He grabs Amber by the hand and leads her down a hallway. She follows stupidly, not really knowing what is in store. As you lay gasping for air, legs wide, mons in full view, Amber is receiving her wish. The other young man leads her into a cage above the dance floor. He exits and flips a switch. Her cage is lit for all to see her. The music is loud and the rhythm beats in her ears and loins. She begins to dance provocatively as if for someone in particular. She grabs the bars and lustfully grinds up and down on them. Overcome with the urge, she slowly pulls off her minidress, putting on a great show for all who want to see. She throws it to the side and flings her auburn hair as she stands in a strong sexy pose. Men shout and whistle as they see her there in a pushup bra, stockings, and high heels. No panties reveals a freshly shaven pussy. Tony looks over to a monitor in the back of the room, notices Amber cleanly shaven, and gets an idea.

It is opening night at his club. He wants all guests to really remember this place. You will be the star attraction; you just do not know it yet. He leans over to you, grabs your hands, and helps you up. You stand, wrap your arms around Tony’s neck and pull him close. You move in for a passionate kiss. Your tongue snakes into Tony’s mouth, and his into yours, chasing each other in an elaborate dance. More ideas stream into his head. When the kiss is broken, he calls to the other man, but you do not understand him–or you don’t care. While he leads you down a hallway, he is overcome with the urge to stroke your beautiful pussy. His fingers discover soft, hot, wet lips that feel better than any other he has known.

When you arrive to the door of the cage, the other man arrives and hands Tony some things. Tony quickly strips off his clothes to reveal a marvelous body and a raging hard-on. He puts on a black mask and leads you into the cage. The sudden volume of the music is almost deafening. But all the excitement of the sound and lights gets you going. You start to dance sexy moves and show off. You would never do this in your normal state. You like to have fun, but this is very different for you. You toss your blonde mane in order to be sexy, and click! The cold of steel wraps around your wrist as Tony clamps a handcuff around it. You turn, half startled, toward him. He dances sexily with you and you return the favor, rubbing up and down his cock. He slowly lifts your unknowing hands to the top of the cage. Click! Both hands are bound together and to the cage.

Still completely out of it, you smile and use your new surroundings to enhance the sexy dance. Your hips grind as you “hang” from the cage. You fling your luscious blonde locks around in order to turn on this handsome “suitor.” He dances with you as you rub your hips on his thick hard cock. He wraps his arms around you and unties the bottom half of your top. Your breasts now begin to feel free. With masterful hands he unties the top. The little white top falls to the cage floor as your perfect breasts are loosed from their confinement. Your nipples immediately stand pert and you push them toward Tony, urging him to have fun. He leans forward, and licks each nipple with a long stroke. He suckles each one while flicking his tongue across them. You are burning with lust now. Your juices are flowing so much that it drips down your inner thighs.

Tony’s kisses and licks continue down our body, over that tight flat stomach. He pulls at your skirt with his teeth, while he unzips the back. The flimsy black material slides down your luscious long legs to the floor. Your blonde bush is still visible, thong panties still pulled aside. You are more beautiful than he could have imagined. He can smell your sweet sex as it flows. Again with expert teeth, he pulls down your panties. The back is released from its grip between your tight firm ass cheeks. It hits the floor, leaving you completely naked, except for your high heels. Men and women in the crowd below hoot and shout at the show, but you do not even take notice. You hips thrust toward Tony’s covered face, pressing your dripping pussy against his mask. His tongue flicks out of a cleverly placed hole to taste the sweet juice. He lovingly laps you up and drives you wild with pleasure. Before you can reach orgasm he stops. Your face and body language plead with him to continue.

He will, but not yet. Tony grabs a razor and shaving cream. He wants to taste your bald pussy. He lathers your mons with knowing hands as you enjoy. With careful strokes, he removes all signs of your soft bush. The crowd loves it, as men chant, “Shave that cunt! Shave that cunt!” When finished, he wipes you clean–clean as a baby. He just must have those soft wet lips. His tongue separates them and he continues with his pleasure and yours. His strong tongue enters you, strokes your most receptive clit, and brings up another strong orgasm in you. In a rush of ecstasy, your body tightens and shudders, hanging from the cage, as orgasm engulfs you. You are completely helpless and obedient. You are beautiful, dumb, and willing–quite the fantasy of many men.

Tony uncuffs one hand and lowers your arms to your rear. He cuffs the wrist again. He pinches your sensitive erect nipples and guides you down to your knees. The men in the club love this, of course, and they yell and whistle. He places a throbbing cock to your lips and you gladly take it in. You suck on his shaft with no abandon, like a child on a lollipop. Your saliva lubricates as you suck hard and bob your head up and down. Your beautiful blonde mane sways back and forth, covering much of the action. This must be remedied. Tony grabs his scissors, pulls much of your hair back into a large, thick ponytail. The scissors make a crunching sound as they remove your pride–those luscious locks that gathered so much attention for you. The shiny hair floats lightly to the cage floor as he cuts. The crowd gasps. Wow! What were they seeing? They will definitely remember this club.

More and more hair is cut away to reveal more scalp. But you do not even care. You are too engrossed in the fabulous dick in your mouth. You suck hard and fast, hoping to taste the hot load this cock can give. You don’t even realize the cold on your head as shaving cream is lathered on it. The razor makes one swipe after another–and so on. Your wonderful blonde hair–so shiny and thick–reduced to stubble, which now was disappearing, too. You kneel, naked, helpless, obediently sucking the man who was removing one of your best features–those lovely blonde locks. He wipes your bald scalp clean as he moans, “OH god.” He lightly slaps his hand on the back of your head as his head rears back. His body begins to tense and his grip on your head tightens. You will go nowhere–not that you want to. He shudders as orgasm approaches and you suck hard. The cock in your mouth throbs and a shot of hot come shoots forcefully into your throat. You lovingly gulp it down, trying to get it all. Some of it drips down your chin as he comes what seems to be quarts into your awaiting mouth. You suck him dry and pay special attention to clean the head and lick the hole clean.

This was by far the most exciting blowjob he has had. Putting on a show for the crowd and making a once beautiful blonde into his freak show sex slave really got him turned on. He wants more, though. He guides you to your feet. You stand there in front of him, bald, with a dumb look on your face, not even aware that several hundred people are staring at you. Tony uncuffs one hand again, and turns you to face the crowd. He leans you forward and cuffs your hands to the bars of the cage. You stand, but you are bent forward, luscious ass sticking out toward Tony. He grabs your ass and begins to caress it. You return his stroking with a sort of writhing body movement. His hand creeps down the curve of your ass and between your thighs. He feels the hot wet juice flowing, running down your legs. You are very turned on, very wet. You moan lightly as his fingers go to work on your clit. Your legs creep apart and reveal what Tony has been wanting all night.

He takes hold of his hard cock and rubs the head up and down against your pussy lips, moistening it. You want him inside of you now. Your hips thrust backward to engulf his dick, but he pulls back. You will get it on his terms. His other hand still on your ass pushes you forward and holds you there. He again starts to tease your pussy with the head of his cock. Finally, after what seems like ages to you, he shoves the full length of his hard shaft into you, slamming home with his balls slapping against your pussy. You cry out in ecstasy, and the crowd goes wild. They can hear you and are transfixed on every move and sound you two make. Tony fucks you hard from behind. You want to finger your clit so bad, but your hands are bound to the cage. You moan louder and louder with desire. Your hips move in time with Tony’s pumping to further increase your ecstasy. Your legs spread wide now, the crowd can see up between your legs to the dick pumping in and out of you forcefully. With no hair to hide it, your face gives the crowd every idea of your feelings of lust and pleasure.

Tony is fucking you hard now, the full length of his shaft sliding in and out of you with every stroke. He decides he wants you to come with him also. He reaches around with a very knowing hand and begins to stroke your clit. You have been wanting this for a while now. “Oooooohhhhhh!” you moan loudly as the crowd cheers. Tony can feel his own orgasm starting to build in him, but he must wait for you. This will only enhance both of your orgasms, which will, of course, be a better show for the crowd. You moan very loudly now, and everyone knows that you are close to orgasm. He can feel the walls of your hot wet pussy tighten around his shaft and he fucks you. His own orgasm imminent, he can feel you starting to shudder. He must hold for just the right moment. A low moan starts from you and takes a long crescendo as you clamp down hard around Tony’s cock when you hit your highest loudest note. You scream loud and your whole body tightens and shudders with an incredibly intense orgasm. Tony keeps pumping as much as he can into your tight hole. His body also tightens as he shoves his dick all the way into your creaming pussy. He hits your deepest recesses, and sets off a chain reaction in you that only prolongs your orgasm. You come for what seems forever. All the while Tony is coming, shooting load after load of hot sticky come into you. He comes hard and fills you with his juice. You feel his cock throbbing within you and the hot wet load he has put in you.

When your bodies finally relax after the most intense orgasm either of you has ever experienced, the crowd goes into an uproar. Men and women alike cheer and yell for more. They can’t believe what they have witnessed, along with all the other people stripping in their cages. At this point Tony pulls his still-hard cock out of your hole and stands you upright. The load of come pours out of your pussy lips. It drips down your leg and you feel how hot it really is. You stand there, a show to the whole world, naked with high heels, dumb, bald from head to toe, a masked man’s come running down your legs after you gladly sucked and fucked him, handcuffed to a cage. He uncuffs your hands releasing them from the bars of the cage. He turns you around and takes you out the door of the cage and back into the hidden room.

As you leave the crowd chants, more, more, more! So they want more do they? Hmmmm…. He has an idea. Your eyes finally open as he walks you toward to staircase that brought you into the room. You mutter a barely audible, “Where am I?” Tony says you are going home as he leads you down the stairs. You start to recognize your surroundings as his “potion” is starting to wear off. “Amber?” you mumble. “You’ll see her in just a minute,” he replies. A door opens and loud music and people are waiting. The man standing guard at the door pulls you out onto the dance floor and quickly disappears. The crowd surges toward you as they realize you are out on the floor, still completely naked and dripping with sex. Everyone cheers loudly as you become visible. Hands seem to come from everywhere as they pat you on the head and your tight little ass. They grope your breasts, and some even feel your dripping pussy. You can’t tell whose hands are whose. Men and women are all around you. They all want a glimpse and to feel that bald head.

You realize now what is going on, but you are still very confused. You have no idea how you got into this situation. You begin to push your way through the crowd of oglers yelling for Amber. It seems that you are going nowhere through the thick crowd. You begin to yell louder and cry. Amber is nowhere to be found and you can’t figure out what has happened to you. You look down to discover that your pussy is completely bald and dripping wet. You have on nothing but your heels. Another hand slaps down on your scalp where your once proud mane used to be. Now you realize something is very wrong. You hands are shaking as they discover that your head is also COMPLETELY BALD! “Amber!” you scream loud as you begin to run toward the front door. Once again, the crowd erupts into a cheer for you, voices raised, hands clapping, drinks raised in you direction. You have never been so embarrassed in your life! And you could not even begin to imagine that anything like this could have ever happened to anyone.

You run out the front door crying, leaving the cheers and jeers of the club behind. You stumble into the street bald, naked, used, and confused. You do not remember where you parked (what you do not remember is the valet parking). You run wildly in your high heels looking for anything familiar like your car or Amber. You search for what seems an eternity. Any amount of time in this situation seems an eternity. Eventually you see what looks like Amber’s car. You run to it and find that it is Amber’s. But of course, you have no keys. What will you do? You try to open the door and find it unlocked. However, two startled faces quickly turn to see you. You see Amber’s naked backside, her legs straddled across a man’s lap as she rides his cock. “Kelli!” she says annoyed, “we’re using it right now. Go away!” You shut the door and crumble to the ground in disbelief. You are sitting naked outside your friend’s car, totally confused, naked, and bald while she fucks some guy in her car. Not only did Amber not notice your situation, she did not care. You sit, a mere wreck of your former self. Unknowingly, you had been the object of pleasure for so many people. Ironically, they lusted and cheered for a freak, the disfigured carnival show that you had become….


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