Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

The following screenplay is provided for the entertainment of adult connoisseurs of bald female beauty. If you don’t fit the description then don’t read any further.

HAIR TODAY AND GONE TOMORROW. Copyright 1996 by [email protected]

The Players:
Connie – A bonny lady unaware she is soon to be bald.
Beryl – Connie’s elder sister.
Angela ) Beryl’s twin
Jill ) daughters.
Wig saleswoman – she get some commission
Paul – Connie’s appreciative swain.

Scene 1: a sunlit garden

Connie is a good looking well built brunette in her early thirties. She comes out of the house carrying a tray. On the tray there are two bowls of ice cream. Connie is looking after her older sister’s two daughters. They are quite a handful. The sort that only twin ten year old kids can be.

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Connie hopes for a rest in the sun while the girls tuck in. Jill and Angela swoop on the ice cream and Connie subsides gratefully onto her sun lounger. Warm sunshine works its magic and in moments Connie falls asleep.

“Oh! Auntie’s asleep, I want more ice cream”, exclaims Angela as she scrapes her bowl and then licks it.

Jill also licks her bowl and manages to smear her chin with more ice cream than she licks up. Then she says, “Don’t wake her. We’ll look in the kitchen.”

Through the kitchen window we see that there is more ice cream. But it soon vanishes, into the twins. Then they find a big tube of `Superglue`.

“Lets play a joke” whispers Jill. They creep round behind Auntie and begin to dribble the glue into Connie’s fine head of chestnut hair. Connie is sound asleep and does not waken as the twins empty the tube all round her head. The glue soaks through Connie’s hair to her scalp and onto the lounger. The sun helps the drying. By the time Connie awakes the glue has set rock hard.

The first Connie knows is when she tries to sit up, she can’t. She can’t move her head, let alone lift it. Tugging does no good. The twins are nowhere to be seen but Connie calls, “Help, Help!”

Radiating innocence, the twins appear. “What’s the matter, Auntie?”

“I’m stuck. What is the matter with my hair?”

“There’s some dried stuff in it”, giggles Angela. That giggle is enough to pinpoint the culprits but for the moment Connie has more immediate concerns. She feels her hair and her head. Much of her hair feels more like concrete.

Connie realises that there is only one way to get free. “Girls, I need some scissors. If you help we will say no more about it.”

Connie has to describe where the scissors are. First she tries kitchen scissors but they are not a success. On the one hand they will not cut through the glue. On the other, they are too big for Connie to slide them in between scalp and glue. All that Connie manages with them is to chop off a big hank of her chestnut tresses which need not have been removed. Connie next sends the twins to the bathroom. They fetch the First Aid box. The small surgical scissors are just right. Gingerly Connie begins to snip. It is awkward working above and behind her head and she is working blind. She can’t see what she is cutting. But the girls can! Their eyes widen like saucers as, lock by lock and curl by curl, head and hair part company. It takes a long time with the small scissors and Connie is so intent on getting free that she does not really consider what the effect on her appearance will be. Indeed she actually feels pleased when she feels the parting of the last strands tethering her to the lounger. She sits up. She sees an awful lot of hair on the lounger and her head feels funny, sort of lop sided. Connie reaches up and pats the right side. It is the side she had been resting on the lounger. She feels skin! Only then does she screech “I’m bald!!”

Madly she rushes into the house.

Scene 2: in the bathroom

When Connie reaches the bathroom she stands horrified staring into the mirror. Then she slumps slowly into the make up chair. She sits gazing forlornly at the mess. Sadly she picks up a hand towel and wraps it around her head. As she finishes tying her turban there is the sound of a car outside. The twins’ parents are back.

Connie plucks up her courage and goes downstairs.

Scene 3; the lounge

Beryl has just come in from the hall as Connie enters. “Hi Con! Ben’s putting the car away. How have the twins been?” At this point Beryl realises something is wrong.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, Beryl!! Come upstairs”.

Wondering what it can be, Beryl follows Connie back to the bathroom.

Scene 4: the bathroom again

Connie pulls off the towel, “Look!”

Beryl goggles, unable to believe her own eyes. “What? Uh!, What happened?”

Connie explains about waking. Being unable to move her head. About the twins getting the scissors. And about ending up with almost all of her hair missing on one side. Beryl doesn’t need to be told who was to blame. She knows her twins. She concentrates on the immediate problem. “Let me see what I can do.”

While Connie just sits mute in the chair Beryl starts combing and arranging and trying different ideas. She tries combing the remaining hair across. It just looks silly. Like some balding men do who try to comb what hair they still have across to hide the bald patch. She tries sweeping Connie’s hair back. She tries an arrangement treating the bare area as a feature. Nothing makes it look any better. Eventually she speaks. “Look, I have a wig. It’s a bit slutty. It’s one Ben likes me to wear in bed sometimes. You know, sort of a turn on.” That admission of sexual nonconformity does at least manage to re awaken Connie to the world outside her horrified thoughts.

The wig is a bit unusual. For a start it is platinum blonde. Intended to make Beryl look like Ben’s idea of a hooker it doesn’t suit her younger sister at all. What is worse it will not fit properly. It persists in going lop sided. Natural of course, with so much more hair on one side of Connie’s head than on the other. Even so, the off centre wig is better than nothing. It cheers Connie a little but it is not good enough.

“There is only one solution Con. We must buy you a proper wig. But it won’t fit right with you hair like that. We are going to have to cut it all off.” That was not a concept that Connie found easy to take on board. However Beryl went on. “Obviously it will grow again. It will take time though and it will be better if it can grow evenly.”

Connie eventually decides. No matter what is done, her hair couldn’t look any worse and so she agrees. The poor woman just sits staring at her ravaged hair while Beryl bustles off to find the scissors and Ben’s electric razor. It is also a chance for her to tell Ben what has happened.

Beryl returns with the equipment. “Right”, she sounds determinedly cheerful. “Here we go!”

Beryl makes no attempt at finesse. She is no hairdresser. She just grasps Connie’s hair a handful at a time and snips it off close to her sister’s scalp. Beryl tries not to pull and she cuts as gently as possible. After watching the first cuts Connie sits with her eyes tight shut. Tears squeeze out between her eye lashes. Looking at Beryl’s face it is clear that she is high on the feeling of power as she clips her sister bald. At last Beryl speaks.

“There, its all off. I’ll just tidy up with Ben’s razor”.

Connie looks in the mirror and is appalled. Bare pink scalp is showing in large patches, there is the shortest spiky, uneven, brown stubble over most of her head. Just here and there random longer tufts still remain. Connie swallows, “I was going out with Paul tonight. After this he will never want to see me again.” As she speaks her voice becomes a wail. She drops her head in her hands and breaks down in sobs.

Beryl firmly pulls Connie back upright in the chair and switches on the razor. Connie shuts her eyes again. The feel of the buzzing razor is oddly soothing. Beryl moves Connie’s head first to one side and then the other. In only a few minutes it is done.

The shave makes a great improvement. Beryl says, “Ha, that’s a lot better. It suits you. You have a nicely shaped head”.

But Connie was scarcely in a state to agree. “Its all right for you. I’m the one who’s sitting here stone bald!. It feels so naked!”

“Look”, said Beryl. “Now we can put my wig on you. Then we’ll go out to buy a nice one.” Connie allowed herself to be persuaded.

Scene 5: In the car – on the way

As they leave the house Connie is wearing a hat and dark glasses as well as the wig. She still feels as if everyone is staring and pointing and so she hides down as low as possible in the car. On reaching the wig shop it is possible to park right outside. Connie cowers in the car while Beryl goes in first. “Its fixed”, Beryl says when she returns. “We can go to a private fitting room and there is a woman to serve us.”

Scene 6: The Fitting room

Connie is ushered in and is followed by Beryl and the sales assistant. The assistant speaks to Connie. “Your sister has told me your problem. First I need to measure your head.” Connie nods dumbly and removes the wig. As she carefully measures Connie’s scalp the wig seller comments. “I have known worse, you know. Just last week a young woman in her twenties came in. A big patch of her head was quite bald. She lost it during her pregnancy. You have got the consolation that yours will grow back.” It was well meant encouragement but scarcely helped! What did help was browsing through the stock of ready made wigs and finding one which looked quite fetching. It was shorter than Connie’s natural hair. It was also several shades lighter. But when it was properly fitted Connie could look at the mirror and feel something like her old self. Nothing was said between the sisters, but it was somehow understood that the cost of the wig would go on Beryl’s Visa.

Connie leaves the store wearing the new wig and feeling a little bit more contented with her lot.

Scene 7: In the car on the way home

As Beryl drives home she chatters about Connie’s date. “You can’t cancel it Con. I know you really like him. You’ve had several dates. He won’t understand if you just pull out! Besides, there’s no need. You look great now. He will just think you’ve gone to the trouble of a new hairdo for the occasion.”

“Yes, maybe. I’ll think about it.” Connie’s maybe was converted into a go ahead by the time she was dropped off at her flat.

Scene 8: In the restaurant

Paul had booked a table at one of those nice ethnic restaurants. “I know how you love the sweet spicy Malaysian food so I thought we might come to the Rangoon.”

They sat at a private table too, set back in a little alcove. It is exactly what Connie would have chosen herself. Paul likes Connie’s new hair style. “The new style sure suits you. I really like it shorter and the lightening of shade does wonders too”.

Paul’s interest and the wine, spurs Connie to tell Paul what happened earlier in the day. “So you see I nearly didn’t come because I felt so embarrassed.” Paul’s whole face lights up as he smiles.

“Honey, I’m going to tell you something I never admitted to a living soul. Ever since I was a kid I have always wished I had the nerve to admit how excited I am by even the thought of a woman with her head shaved. It began when a girl down our street got ringworm and had her head shaved. I always dreamed of meeting a woman who had shaved all her hair off. Hearing what you just told me and I can’t keep it to myself. I know it’s selfish.” He hesitated, “But…. Please Honey, just lift that wig for a moment and I’ll be your slave for life.”

Connie is amazed, then uplifted by his obvious excitement. She looks around the restaurant. In their alcove no one can see. “Hell, all right”, she whispers. “I’ve lost it. So at least you might as well enjoy it. Here we go.” She reaches up to her ears slips her fingers under and grasps the wig. Then she even gives a little flourish as she lifts the whole head covering up and off. Once the glory of her pate is revealed Paul just sits open mouthed. Even though Connie does have a patchy light fuzz of brown hair which Beryl managed to save, Connie can see what a hit she has made. To break the spell she tips her head on one side. “Say something. Even if its `Hello Baldy`,” she smiles. “Look I’ve got to put this back. I feel so naked”. If Connie is amazed by the impact of her revelation she is also delighted. Paul is entranced. He can hardly speak.

“You look great, just perfect”.

Paul is so far gone that afterwards he will remember nothing of paying the bill or how they ended up at Connie’s place. He does remember suggesting a coffee and Connie saying “Not here, I’ll have one served by a bald waitress” when you drop me at my flat”. That just pushed him further up onto cloud nine. Connie’s last words in the restaurant were another boost. “I’ll drive us back to my place for that coffee.”

Scene 9: Connie’s apartment – living room

Connie is positively glowing as she leads Paul into the living room. She is really enjoying herself now. She is on a high too. It just comes from the effect she is having on Paul.

“Paul, would you like to take my wig off for me?”

Would he just? Paul’s hands are shaking as he lifts off the wig to reveal Connie’s delectable scalp. Connie teases, “I’m off to make the coffee I promised. I’ll put on something more comfortable too. Put the wig somewhere. Hide it while I’m gone. Don’t tell me where.” She pauses and smiles. “I will be bald for you for as long as you want.” With those words the gorgeous scalp with its dusting of brunette fuzz disappears into the kitchen.

Scene 10: Connie’s Bedroom -Connie alone

While the coffee is preparing Connie goes into the bedroom. She strips to reveal a fine body to match the loveliness of her smooth hairless head. She whispers, “Go for it girl.” She is disconcerted though. Her bush does not look right now that she is bald. “It’s got to go”, she thinks. “It looks like an oasis in the desert. Vegetation all clustered round the waterhole.”

Then smiling brightly at her naughty thoughts she picks up the perfume bottle. She deftly dabs perfume where she thinks she needs it, and throws on her negligee. The negligee and her bedroom slippers are her complete attire as she leaves the room. It is quite clear that Connie has decided to make a night of it.

Scene 11: Living room:

Back in the living room Paul has been on tenterhooks. Hiding the wig didn’t take long. Then it was just waiting. He put the television on. Then off, who wants television? The coffee is ready in five minutes and Paul is on the boil too. Connie appears and her appearance answers a lot of Paul’s questions. A woman does not put on a sheer robe, with obviously, nothing else, unless she thinks there is a good chance she will want all the rest of her clothes off. Paul knows it is all going to be perfect. He can relax and enjoy it. Well. Relax as much as a man can with a nearly nude bald beauty asking “Cream and sugar?”

“I’m a fraud as bald waitress you know. I still have a light fuzz that Beryl’s clippers left”. Connie’s next words are almost too much for Paul. “I wonder if some kind man would shave me? I could really get used to being an egg head. But it needs a man who knows how to shave.” There was a glint in Connie’s eye and a smile on her lips. Casually Connie strokes her scalp. “I don’t just mean my head you know. Most of my hair is somewhere else. I look a bit funny at the moment. A bald head and a big bush!”

Paul tried for the man of the world effect. “I think I might help you, my dear.” The effect was spoilt a bit because he had leapt to his feet and was so obviously anxious to start.

Connie didn’t mind, saying “All right then. Luckily I’ve got a new pack of Bic disposable razors because I was planning to shave my bikini line. You can do my shave in the bedroom. Will you fetch the razor and the tube of shaving foam from the bathroom for me?”

Scene 12: Back in the bedroom

As Connie had hoped, Paul took a couple of minutes in the bathroom. She got a big beach towel and spread it on the bed. Then she prepared herself and sat down.

When Paul returns he does a double take which is almost comic. Connie is sitting demurely on the bed in her birthday suit. She looks archly at him. “I thought you might get foam on my robe.” She strokes the gentle curve of her bare belly. “It will wash off this!” She smiles at him. “Besides, you are going to do both ends.” Then, as if suddenly worried, “I hope you have a steady hand”. Paul sees it is a joke though as she goes on, “How do you want me?”

By this time the only honest answer would be “On your back with your legs apart”. Paul contains himself though. “Head first”, it comes out as almost a squeak. “I will stand behind you”.

Connie takes the pillows and makes them into a low seat so that she can sit comfortably with her back to the edge of the bed. As she reaches for the pillows she `accidentally on purpose` gives Paul a glimpse of the still hairy gates of paradise. Connie is really enjoying herself. Once Connie is comfortable Paul squeezes foam onto the top of her head. “Ooh, its cold”, Connie squeals.

Paul gently lathers the foam into Connie’s scalp. “May I see, there’s a hand mirror on the dressing table.” Connie is amused to see that Paul walks funny as he goes for the mirror. He looks as though his trousers are too small for him.

Connie inspects herself. “Just like a bathing cap. Right, Off with her hair!”

Paul starts right at the top of Connie’s head. Slowly and smoothly he sweeps away the foam and with it the last vestiges of Connie’s hair. He is very careful not to razor burn Connie’s tender scalp. Swathe by swathe the delectable fresh pinkness of Connie’s cranium is revealed in all its glory. It is now becoming absolutely bald for the very first time.

“What delightful ears you have”. Paul takes extra care in folding Connie’s ears forward to shave behind them. He makes quite sure that no single hair escapes. Eventually he speaks. It comes out almost as a gasp. “The only hairs on your head are in your eyelashes and your eyebrows!”

“Oh don’t stop now”, giggles Connie. “I want to keep my eyelashes but I can always draw on some eyebrows. I want to see what I look like without them.”

Several smooth stokes later they are gone. Paul speaks again. “There, you’re perfect, my dream woman. You can have a look in the mirror now.”

Connie’s first reaction was a long sigh. “Ooh, how beautifully you’ve done it. I hardly felt a thing.” She twists her head from side to side. “You would never believe that I ever had hair!” She looks up into Paul’s eyes and twinkles “Do you like it?”

That is the last straw. Paul has already put his shaving things on the floor. Now his response is to grasp the delectable teasing minx in his arms and collapse with her onto the bed. All thoughts of shaving pussies are gone. Very soon Paul’s clothes are gone too. Connie knows when to tease and when to please. As Paul pulls off his trousers she rolls over on her back. Then with legs spread wide and her arms outstretched she waits to receive him.

Paul has no time for finesse. Connie is ready though. The nut fits the bolt and soon it is getting well screwed.

{This part doesn’t need dialogue or directions. Paul and Connie just do what comes naturally.}

End Credits

Connie sits up in bed and looks down at Paul. She smiles blissfully, “You’re marvellous. I really feel fucked.”

She reaches up to her scalp and places her hands on the smooth skin above her ears. “And this makes it a hundred times better.” She flings her arms out and up to the ceiling. “I’m never going to let it grow. I want to be bald forever”.

After a few moments Connie drops her hands to rest them on her knees. As she sits there smiling happily, the camera sweeps round her through 360 degrees. Discreetly, so as not to spoil the view, two words appear.

“The End”

After the credits

Another brief view of Connie. She is standing naked at her dressing table mirror. She dabs talcum powder on her bald head. Then she takes up her hair brush and brushes the thick bush on her pubes.

“I guess I’ve still got something for the sequel”, she muses.


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