Mia – Belle

Mia walked slowly home from school, fingering the folded progress report in her pocket. She felt mildly nauseous as she thought of the incompletes and fails when she’d made a promise to her dad that she would get her act together for senior year. When she’d made that promise, she sincerely meant it. After all, she was smart enough to get the grades, it would simply be a matter of taking the time to do her homework and to study. She hadn’t taken into consideration that she might meet a funny, attractive college junior who drove a beautiful car and had his own apartment.

Mike was a student at the near by community college and since Mia had been with him, she hadn’t had much time for schoolwork. In fact, she’d taken to skipping so that she could spend her afternoons gazing into his big grey eyes, listening to good music and getting better aquatinted with his bedroom. The school had sent a list of absences to her parents. Being the quick girl that she was, Mia had intercepted the letter and her parents were never the wiser. She again, fingered the progress report in her pocket and made the decision to forge her mom or dad’s signature and never show it to them. This instantly relieved her nausea and put a spring in her step.

She smoothed her long black skirt and adjusted her skimpy blue tank top that exposed her newly pierced navel, which had been Mike’s idea. She didn’t want there to be any evidence that she had been anywhere but school. Her hair was tied in a loose knot in the back of her head and she had reapplied her lipstick. She figured it was safe to enter her house. She walked in and tossed her backpack on the floor. Her dad was sitting on the couch reading the paper. “Hi Dad,” she said casually.

“Mia, your mom and I got a call from the school today, and I found this in your room.” He waved the absence notification. “Now let’s see that progress report.” Mia’s heart sank as she pulled it out of her pocket and silently handed it to him. The tears welled up in her eyes, she knew there was no getting out of this.

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Her dad was surprisingly calm and collect as his eyes scanned the bad grades and even worse comments. He buried his face in his hands and sighed. “Oh Mia, Mia, Mia. How did it come to this? I know about Mike, I know where you go.” He looked at her. “My beautiful Mia, your mother and I have talked and you must be punished.”

She nodded. “I know.” She thought of all the weekends she would most likely be spending within the confines of her room. “I’m so sorry dad.”

Her dad stood up and put his hands on the office chair. “Follow me”. He wheeled the chair down the hallway and into the big bathroom, Mia reluctantly followed him. Once inside the bathroom, he pushed the lever so that the chair got to its full height. “Sit down sweetheart,” he said gently, but firmly. Mia gingerly sat down in the chair. Her dad undid her hair fastener and her thick brown hair came tumbling down to the middle of her back.

As she realized what was happening she began to protest. “No, please. At least let me go to the salon.” The thought of her dad cutting her hair sickened her. She used her huge brown eyes to try to dissuade him. He silenced her though.

“I’m sorry Mia, but I want to do this myself. Your mother and I thought this was the only way to devastate you while allowing you to concentrate more on your studies.” He brushed her hair until it shone and then produced a pair of barber shears.

He placed the shears just under her chin. Mia protested. “No, please!! That’s too short!”

“That’s enough Mia, you have this coming. This breaks my heart, you are my beauty but it must be done. Now watch carefully and accept your punishment.” He roughly grabbed the rest of her hair into a ponytail and hacked it off above his fist. Her hair now hung just above her shoulders. She cried and her dad handed her the long ponytail. “Do you like your hair like this?” She could only nod no in response. “I think this is not severe enough, I think I should give you a boy’s haircut.”

“Dad, please. This is bad enough, this is terrible.”

“You should be embarrassed and feel awkward when you go to school. This is still very feminine pretty hair. Your mother and I feel you should not want to face Mike with your new haircut.”

“Please not a boy’s haircut, please not short hair.”

“Not another word Mia, when I feel satisfied, I will quit cutting. If you protest again, you will be sorry.” Mia shut her mouth, but the tears kept flowing.

Her dad studied his daughter’s face in the mirror, contemplating what cut he’d try next. He opened the scissors and closed them right above her chin. A thick piece of hair fell down and slid off Mia’s bare arm. He cut all the way around until she had a slightly uneven bob. “No, I’m going to have to go all the way,” he said almost to himself. With that he put his hand on her scalp and lifted it up a couple of inches so that six-inch strands were coming out from between his fingers. To Mia’s horror, he cut the hair off right at his fingers. This left the patch of hair only a little over two inches long. He smiled which sickened her. He continued and when he got to the front of her head she lost it, sobbing uncontrollably. He cut the hair at the top of her head and the sides till her hair was very short and boyish. He rubbed a little gel into it and experimented combing it into different styles. He parted it on the side and smoothed it down, like a little boy going to church would wear his hair.

Mai got up and vomited, she crouched over the toilet and when she got up, her dad handed her a washcloth. “You don’t even look like the same girl any more Mia.” Mia looked at herself in the mirror. She looked ridiculous, she touched her shorn locks and almost vomited again. “This is still long enough to style though, we can’t have that. I wish I had kept my clippers. Oh, there are some disposable razors, that will do the trick. ” He grabbed the shears and this time cut all of her hair off close to the scalp. He then lathered her head and with a disposable razor shaved his daughter completely bald.

Now go show your mother and brother. Mia ran weeping out of the bathroom, which was covered with hair. Her mother saw her and started crying herself. “You didn’t tell me you were going to shave her head bald, she looks so terrible!” Her father just looked at her.

“Mia, I’m truly sorry I had to do this. Until you raise your grades though, you will have a daily shaving and will not be permitted to wear hats or wigs to school. Ill drop you off myself and if you skip again, you will be bald for the rest of the year.”

That night Mia stared at her reflection. Bald, with nicks and cuts on her head, she looked so ugly. She hated her dad so much. She would never forgive him, not only because he had taken so long, and shaved her bald, but because she felt that he had truly enjoyed it. She felt worse and more ashamed then she ever had. The thought of going to school seemed like even worse punishment.

The End.


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