Who Was That Man?

Who Was That Man?

Who Was That Man? By Shorter Kutz

It was a very quiet Friday in the Sandhill Nebraska. So quiet in fact that I was having trouble concentrating on the romance novel my neighbor and confidante Judy had given me. I had been pretty depressed since my divorce became final and I was just sitting on the back porch thinking of ways to humiliate my ex in front of his new girlfriend/slut.

I never heard the muffled sounds of someone sneaking up behind me and I didn’t even flinch or jump when a silk scarf floated in front of my face and was quickly tied behind my head, effectively blinding me. There’s not much to be afraid of in Sandhills Nebraska. I started to ask who the culprit was when I felt a finger touch my lips letting me know I should be quiet. Thinking it was Judy from next door I waited impatiently for her tell me what was up or show me one of her new pairs of shoes that she was forever buying and then returning.

Whoever it was really was dragging out the wait. I felt them move behind my chair and then a man with a very sexy voice whispered in my ear that tonight was an early birthday present and I should just lean back and enjoy. The scarf was replaced with a blindfold made of satin and since my birthday was in a couple of days I relaxed and allowed my brain to start thinking all kinds of nice thoughts about what was happening. I figured this was a surprise present from the girls at work and was probably a male strip-o-gram and I would see a great body, some exaggerated dance moves and the experience would be over.

Into my other ear the voice said, “Please follow me into the house,” and he helped me up and led me through the house and into my bedroom. That made me a little frightened but the voice, sensing my fear, said his one-of-a-kind services had been paid and richly so and that I was not in danger of any sort. The first gift of the evening was to be a sensual massage. He told me I had the right to say stop at any time during the course of the evening and he would stop immediately and leave without a moment’s notice. If I were to remove the blindfold the same thing would happen. Yet, if I were to allow him to complete all the presents I would be the happiest birthday girl in the world and if I wanted anything my wish was his command. I just had to ask.

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Boy, was I intrigued! I couldn’t understand who would do this for me. Still I’d been without a man for over a year. Just the thought of a masculine touch was enough to get me a little wet.

The presence asked if he could continue and I eagerly said yes! It’s funny but I felt no fear of this man!

He very slowly unbuttoned my blouse and gently pulled it from my shoulders. The fabric caressed the skin of my shoulders and arms. He then removed the belt from my shorts and slowly unsnapped them and let them fall to my feet. I was left wearing an old cotton bra and a pair of granny panties that I had put on that morning. He asked if I would rather have the massage with my underclothes on or off. Because they were embarrassing me, I said to please take them off. The bra was first and the panties shortly followed and I was standing in front of a man I didn’t know and in fact had never seen, in the all-together. I was getting rather excited.

This exciting man picked me up and laid me face down on the bed and I felt something cool touching all along the front of my body. I was on a bed full of rose petals. The smell and feeling of the experience was exquisite. I heard the pop of a cap and the sound of palms rubbing together. I then felt strong male hands start to rub and knead my shoulders, my arms, my back, my thighs and my calves with a terrific smelling lotion of vanilla and jasmine. It felt wonderful. I don’t think I had ever had a massage from my ex and as a matter of fact his idea of foreplay was a finger up my pussy like he was testing for oil in the engine. This shadow hunk before me spent considerable time on my feet and my toes and by the time he rolled me over I was starting to squeal and moan. The massage progressed yet none of my really sensitive areas had been touched. No ass or breast squeezing and definitely no nipples or clit rubbing or pinching. Just at this point this wonderful exciting man said I could call him Adam. I asked Adam if he was ever going to include my sensitive bits in his massage and he said he needed my permission to include them. I said, “Go to it!”

Adam pulled my legs off the bed and pressed me down so was I lying on the bed facing the ceiling. I felt him take my legs spread them and put them on his shoulders. The next sensation I had was that of the most explosive orgasm I’ve ever felt as he simultaneously pinched my hard, excited nipples and sucked hard on my clit. I bucked and groaned and even screamed while his tongue explored the surface and depths of my slit and his fingers played a symphony on my nipples. I came at least dozen times as he allowed me to pop and then as I was coming down put me right back over the edge with a few quick licks and nibbles. I finally pushed his head away and pulled him up to cover my body. I turned him over, straddled him, reached down and was wonderfully surprised to feel a full eight inches of man-tool hard and ready to please. What was truly wonderful was the girth of his dick. It was the meatiest I’ve ever even heard about. I didn’t wait to measure it, I just impaled myself on that great cock. I was so wet and so excited that one push got it up close and personal with my cervix. As a matter of fact it felt like this dick fit my pussy perfectly. Well I rode that cock so my clit was getting a lot of friction and my tits were right in front of Adam’s lips. I asked him to work on my nipples. I believe there are nerves in my nipples connected directly to my clit and pussy lips. As he sucked and licked and bit and pinched my tits, I built to another mind-shattering climax. I was using muscles in my vagina I didn’t know existed and milked and squeezed him with my vaginal muscles to increase both our pleasure. As soon as I started coming Adam bear-hugged me and flipped me on my back and turned into a mindless hammering piston. He thrust, hard, time after time after time and faster and faster and faster until I couldn’t stand any more and I said, “STOP…please stop.”

Two things then simultaneously occurred. I had the biggest orgasm of the evening and my body started to shut down. I was passing out when I also realized that I just told Adam, the lover of my dreams, to stop and go away. The words telling him it was a mistake and to never stop, never left my lips and when I awoke 6 hours later Adam was gone.

There was a note though that left open additional possibilities.

Dear Allison,

I will be returning the fee for your birthday present. You are the best fuck I will ever be with and I no longer wish to have sex with anyone else. I wish to make love to only you.

I will return when I believe you are committed to a mutually exclusive relationship.

Here is how you must prove your commitment.

You must cut your long hair to a length that shows me you are willing to sacrifice for our future. I will appear the night your hairstyle meets with my pleasure. Then you can ask me to change one aspect of my appearance and I can not refuse.

If you are willing to make a go of US, get your hair cut tomorrow and I will know you care.

I agonize for your decision.


Well, I loved the sentiment but I wasn’t going to cut my beautiful hair. I had been growing it for 7 years and I loved how it covered my breasts and almost touched my ass. No way!

I just had a physically exhausting world championship sexual encounter that has me still playing with myself whenever I get a few minutes by myself but I didn’t know this guy and a good zipless fuck never hurt anyone. I put it out of my mind and enjoyed the remainder of the day. I went to sleep after a marathon masturbation session but couldn’t replay the events of earlier in the day.

New day and I’m walking downtown during lunch hour when I pass Shear Honesty, the ritzy downtown salon frequented but the elite of Sandhill’s society. I look in and I start getting wet and tingly. Without thinking I go in and ask I there is any chance of seeing a stylist now. A pretty just-out-of-her-teens blond receptionist says she thinks I’m lucky. Tina just had a cancellation. She phones back to Tina’s station and out comes the picture of new millennium beauty. Red, red hair, razor cut and choppy but very attractive. She asks me what I want done & I ask for a trim. Max of 2 inches cut off to clear up any split ends. She says sure and 15 minutes later I’m short $20.00 and actually looking good.

Well I guess by now that momentous sex will always win out over hair and 30 minutes after returning to work. I asked to be excused for the rest of the day because I was experiencing some monthly female problems. It was a lie of course! I had to go back for another haircut – a shorter style. I decided to try a salon out of town that I used in the past and I could be attended to immediately. I asked for a chin-length bob and left looking even better than I had with my blunt cut trim from the previous salon. Driving back home I passed a strip mall and saw a SuperCuts salon and pulled in. I was getting progressively wetter by the minute and had to calm myself down before entering the shop.

I waited until it was my turn and a very pretty young stylist asked what I wanted done. She commented that my hair looked freshly cut and I said that I actually wanted a much shorter style and the last hairdresser wouldn’t give me the hairdo I wanted. Kara asked what I wanted done and I said I wanted an angled bob with a buzzed nape. And Kara said that was a very cute style and it would look quite good with my face shape. She proceeded to section me off, picked up the clippers and buzzed my nape really short. She then cut a heavy weightline just opening up the lobes of my ears and straight but airy bangs. I thought I looked sensational. I couldn’t take my hands off the short hairs on my neck. I gave Kara a big tip and left.

As I exited the door I saw the rotating image of an authentic American barbershop pole and just to quench my interest I walked over and looked in the window of the shop. Inside was a boy about 12 getting a crewcut. I watched mesmerized as the barber methodically tapered the boy’s hair into a perfect summer crewcut.

I unconsciously walked in and waited until I was alone in the shop. The barber asked what I wanted and without looking at him I told him my hairdresser wouldn’t cut my hair as short as I wanted and would he please correct my style for me.

He said, “Hi… I’m Bill. Please sit down and we’ll get you ready for the best haircut you’ll ever get.”

I explained that I wanted the back & sides cut close #2 guard up to about 2 1/2″ above the ears and I wanted the top to stay about 2 inches long. “Similar to my present style but just taper and shorten and take up the sides and back and thin all the hair on top.”

Well, could Bill cut hair! It came out just as I wanted. I was sure Adam would love it. I was getting the seat wet from my pussy juice. As he was dusting off my neck of all the tiny cut hairs from the clippers. I finally noticed how extremely good looking Bill was. As I looked down at my shoes in embarrassment, Bill whispered in my ear, “That’s the perfect style for you. I’m actually Adam and I think I’m taking the rest of the day off to make love to my bride-to-be.”

I walked over and turned over the ‘Closed’ sign on the door and walked over to Adam to start our new life together, my passion and anticipation growing with every step.


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