Heidi’s Cut and Colour

Heidi's Cut and Colour

Heidi’s cut and color – Ex Dutch

I have known Heidi for years. We were casual friends, and early during our friendship we had been on a few dates. Nothing much exciting happened, and we stayed in touch. Her hair was never very interesting. A plain, dirty blonde, about 10 inches past her shoulders. Very straight.

When she spent a year in Europe, we occasionally emailed. At one point she wrote that she had ‘radically changed her hair.’ Turns out she had chopped it off, in a one-length bob, between her shoulders and ears, and she had also dyed it lighter. She said she was thinking about a fun color, but wasn’t sure about that. I half-jokingly suggested blue, but by the time she emailed me back, it was already yellow. I wish I could have seen her when she had just gotten this done. As it turned out, I saw her a few months later, and the yellow had faded a lot, and was starting to grow out. She did look better than ever, though.

In casual conversations, she told me that she had gotten her belly button pierced, and that she wanted to do more. We lost touch again for a few months, and next time I saw her, her hair was longer, and dirty blonde again. She proudly announced that she had gotten a nipple piercing, but (of course) refrained from offering to show it…

After that, I didn’t see her for years. We emailed maybe three times, but that was it. Until…

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I was sitting in a coffee shop in the strip mall near my old university. I had moved away some time ago, and was visiting for business. The coffee shop was busy as usual, with some people darting in before getting their hair cut at the high-end salon next door. I was reading my paper when I heard my name. When I looked up, Heidi was smiling at me, and I jumped up to hug her. We spent a few minutes catching up, and I was admiring the way she looked. Her hair was down to mid-back (very straight, but that boring dirty blonde again), and she looked vibrant. Her eyes were alight with excitement, and her face was more flawless than I remembered. Her clothes were hugging her great body.

She was furtively looking at her watch, and announced that while it had been great to see me, she had to run next door, as she was late for her hair appointment. On a whim, I asked her if she was doing anything fun, knowing full well that it had taken her years to grow her hair to that length. She gave me a sly smile, and said, ‘Maybe. If you want we could meet later and you can see for yourself.’ At that point her eyes twinkled more than ever. When I said that that would be great, she thoughtfully asked me if I could maybe pick her up later, in order to give her a ride home. Her car was in the shop, and she had taken a cab to the salon. We agreed that I would be back in three hours.

I spent the entire three hours trying to think what she might be getting done that would take that long.

When Heidi walked into the salon she was running late for her appointment and did not have to wait. Her stylist, Sandy, brushed Heidi’s long hair, and asked her what she wanted done. Again, Heidi had her sly smile out, and reached into her purse for a picture. Sandy’s smile betrayed her excitement as she saw the picture.

“Is that really how you want it?” she asked.

“Just like that,” Heidi replied. “And then there is the matter of color.”

“What did you have in mind?” Sandy asked. And Heidi told her what her plans were.

When Sandy had brushed Heidi’s hair out to a perfect straight, Heidi touched its length once more. Sandy asked if she was sure about her choice. She was.

Sandy gathered most of Heidi’s hair at the back, and took the sharpest shears she had. With one crunch, a foot of hair started twirling down. Heidi immediately looked different. She now had a very rough inverted bob, a few inches below her chin, and barely angling up. “No turning back now,” Sandy said, as she reached for a pair of clippers. The snap with which they turned on made Heidi jump. Bust she just smiled as Sandy approached. Heidi’s body shuddered when the vibrating clippers touched the nape of her neck, but she kept smiling, even more now than before. With swift skilful strokes, Sandy removed most of the length of Heidi’s hair in the back. Heidi shuddered again when a cold breath of air hit her much barer neck. Sandy kept using the clippers with no guard and her comb. She was now working her way to the front, on both sides. Here, however, she created a tapering effect to the front. In what seemed barely a few minutes, Sandy had created a severe inverted line up both sides of Heidi’s head. In front, her hair was just past her chin, and it moved up in a very sharp and very straight line to the top of her neck in the back. The hair at the back of Heidi’s head was perfectly blended in from bare at the bottom of her nape, to barely an inch long at the top. Heidi looked at her image in the mirror, and shuddered again. This time it was an orgasm. Heidi knew that this look would stop traffic, but she was far from done.

“Let’s do the color!”

Sandy marvelled at Heidi’s resolve, and brought her to a shampooing station. Heidi shuddered again when Sandy’s skilled hands massaged her hair, her temples and her newly bared nape.

With the hair still wet, Sandy mixed the formula for the right coloration. She applied it to Heidi’s hair, and covered it all with a cap. “Just sit under here, until the dinger dings.” Heidi was told.

Driving back to the strip mall with the salon, I could not help but be excited. If nothing else, I had not seen Heidi in a few years. But I kept thinking that she had to have something fun done to her hair in three hours. She had said she would be in the coffee shop, if she was done before I came. Somewhere along the way the thought crossed my mind that she could just have been stringing me along, but she never was that kind of person.

I walked into the coffee shop, looking towards the back, where we had sat before. As I passed the tables in the front, I was struck by the sensation of an extremely hot girl sitting just there. I turned to see Heidi, with her new hair. My jaw must have dropped, because she had a mischievous grin on her face and jumped up to hug me tightly. She looked amazing! I am sure she felt my instant response during that hug.

Heidi had one of the tightest, sharpest inverted bobs I had ever seen. But that was only part of it. The color… She had gotten all color bleached out of her hair. And it looked absolutely stunning. I reached out and touched the point of her hair that caressed her chin. It was unbelievably silky smooth. She twirled around, and the longer parts of her hair danced around her face. I was floored. She was grinning. “Touch the back,” she said, excitedly. I ran my hand up the back of her neck. The feeling was amazing. She shuddered at my touch. “There is one more thing,” she said, “and I am going to need your help with it.”

“Anything,” I said. She told me that she needed my help with something at home. I had a tough time keeping my eyes on the traffic as she gave me directions to her condo.

She told me to get us some drinks, as she slipped into the bedroom. When she came out, she was wearing old short jean cutoffs, and a faded T-shirt tied under her breasts. She may not have been wearing anything under the shirt, I could not quite tell, and I was admittedly very distracted by her hair. She was holding something in her hand.

“Ready?” She asked.

“I guess”

She tossed me what she was holding. It was a tube with something blue in it. She asked me to read the directions, and I got even more excited than I had been before. It was a semi-permanent dye. It was blue.

Following the directions, I put on the latex gloves she had ready, and started applying the dye to her bleached hair. It said that if applied to dry hair, the color would be much deeper, and be as permanent as it could be. I applied it to her dry hair. Rubbing the blue goo into her soft, super blonde hair completely turned her on again. When I rubbed it into the short hairs in the back, I am sure she came. After some time, all her hair was covered in blue. I could not believe what was happening. We waited more than the required time, all the while reminiscing about ‘the old days’ and what we had done since. Then time came to rinse.

It got a bit messy when we rinsed over the bathtub. When she got a big (blue) splash all over her, her shirt clung to her breasts. But I hardly noticed, as rinsing the goo out of her hair made our handiwork visible. When Heidi’s hair was rinsed out, she blew it dry. The dry hair was the most amazing color. It was a deep, deep electric blue. Her cut and color were a perfect match. The sharp lines, the dramatic angle and the vibrant color.

This is my first attempt at a hair story. Please let me know what you think, and send your feedback to: [email protected]


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