Making of a Slave

Making of a Slave

The Making Of A Slave – Pageboy

I had recently returned to work after 18 months off to have my second child. I had been returned to second in charge of a group of 16 men and woman. Most were aged under 25 years, which made me the oldest at 34 years of age. I was very nervous about returning to work and was very desperate to make friends of the people I worked with, having spent so much time away from people looking after my children. I would consider myself rather conservative in my views and looks having basically dedicated myself to my husband and children, since I was married 9 years earlier. I was having difficulty associating with my colleagues, but had the perfect opportunity to overcome this when a business meeting was scheduled for all of us to travel interstate for a few days.

The first day passed as expected, but when the others planned to go out to dinner and then to a local nightclub, I asked if I could go along. They were very hesitant at first, but when I insisted and told them and I wanted to have some fun they let me go along. I dressed as young and trendy as I could. I couldn’t do much with my hair as it as normal was styled in the classical pageboy as my husband liked most. My hair was dark brown and fell to my shoulders, was curled under and worn as a center part with straight bangs that fell to eye level. I thought of flipping my hair out, but didn’t have the necessary tools required to do so. I donned a sleeveless black dress falling half way to my knees and black high heels with suspenders and stockings

I got lots of comments that I looked nice, but somehow I felt I still didn’t fit in. I didn’t drink much normally but was so nervous at dinner that I consumed far too much champagne. Feeling relaxed after the alcohol, once we reached the nightclub I drank more and began to converse and have fun with the others. It turned out it wasn’t a night club at all but a hellfire club and that the people I was with were right into this scene.

We had apparently booked a back room for the 12 of us (6 male and 6 female). Not thinking any the different of my surrounds as I was now very drunk and just happy to be with the others. One of the girls announced they were going to play Masters and Slaves poker. I was to find out it was a game where the winner of each hand got to choose an act for the loser of the opposite sex to play out.

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I may have been drunk but couldn’t believe what they were doing. One of the other girls lost first and had to take off all her clothes before being spanked 20 times on her backside. I finally lost a round, but everyone said I could wimp out if I wanted. I think it was the alcohol speaking but I committed to play. I was drawn by Nathan one of the younger guys (19 actually) to give him a head-job until he came. I couldn’t believe it, took a mouthful of my cocktail and approached Nathan. He was more nervous than I was alcohol induced. I undid Nathan’s fly and pulled out his warm cock and put it into my mouth. I knew by the aghast looks on people’s faces they thought I wouldn’t do it. I began to move my head up and down as I sucked off Nathan. He leant back too scared to touch me and then eventually came in my mouth. I returned to my place after washing my mouth not sure what had come over me. I had never had any form of sex outside my marriage before, and here I was giving a head-job to a guy I barely knew in the back of a bar. All I could think about at this instant was my husband and children.

I lost again an hour or so and a lot of drinks later. This time I drew submissive and again Nathan was the winner and master. This was to be the revelation to change my life forever. Nathan ordered me to remove my dress. This time I wasn’t keen. Nathan screamed at me, “Remove your dress bitch!” I began to cry and I heard the others say, “I knew she wasn’t like us.” This spurred me to do as I was told. I removed my dress and then under Nathan’s command I removed my panties and stockings, leaving just my suspender belt and bra. Nathan first put me over his knee and began to spank me. The first 6 or so really hurt and then for some reason after that rather than feel pain it felt really good. When he was finished that Nathan made me remove my bra and he then slapped my breasts (20 each), again I felt pleasure and not pain. When he was finished rather than return to my seat and put my clothes back on I went and sat on Nathan’s knee and we kissed passionately. I was out of control. Nathan seemed to know this and decided he would take advantage of it whilst he could. He whispered in my ear “Would you like to be my Master Slave?” (The Master Slave is an induction taken by those heavily into the Bondage and discipline scene and who want to trial the ultimate test in front of an audience.) Not knowing what was in store I immediately answered YES. Nathan helped me to my feet and announced to the others that “Elizabeth is going to be my Master Slave”. The others looked shocked and the girls protested that I didn’t understand and I was obviously drunk and unable to make that decision. Nathan replied with, “It was Elizabeth’s idea, tell them.” As I stood naked in front of my work colleagues I said, “I’ve had so much fun tonight and I would love to take Nathan’s invitation and have some more fun and be his Master Slave.” With that Nathan grabbed me by the hand and led me totally naked out of the room and onto a stage set up at one end of the main area of the club. At this stage I was totally consumed by the alcohol and struggling to stay conscious

An announcer came on stage and beckoned those in the club to stage by announcing, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters and Slaves, we have our first Master Slave for the evening, Elizabeth here has committed to be Nathan’s Master Slave.” Nathan whispered in my ear, “Answer my questions with yes master and do everything you’re told and this will be pretty simple and fun.”

With that a case of implements was brought on stage and Nathan began. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me onto my knees saying, “On your knees bitch.” I answered with a “Yes master”. He put a studded collar around my neck and studded straps around my wrists and ankles. He then pulled a latex bra like thing around and my chest and when he secured it behind it pulled my normally smallish breasts into a conical shape with my nipples exposed through holes. He then secured clips with wires connected to my nipples which ran to a small device he shoved into the top of my latex bra. He then again grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to my feet and turned me around so my back was to the audience and secured me by my wrist and ankle straps to a large upstanding frame, leaving me spread eagles in a star position. As Nathan leaned across me and turned on the device stuffed into my bra he whispered, “This will send small electrical currents into your nipples giving you a fantastic sensation through your body whilst I give you 20 lashes.”

He was right: the electric currents were small but the sensations were incredible. I felt myself becoming very aroused as the first lash struck my back and really hurt. I began to sob uncontrollably with a mixture of pain and ecstasy as the lashes continued. The lashes were carefully placed so that they only fell on my back and so that the whip never struck the same place twice and so never broke the skin. Nathan was experienced so that he struck hard enough to cause pain but so that the welt marks from the lashing would disappear in a day or so.

When the lashes were finished Nathan asked me if I enjoyed that, through the sobs I wanted to say no and stop, but he leaned over and turned up the current in the device connected to my nipples and I felt a course of pleasure travel through my body. I remembered what Nathan had said and replied, “Yes Master”. I wanted it to stop and I tried to turn around and tell Nathan that but my head was held in position by chains running off my collar.

Just then Nathan started my next punishment hitting me across the backside with the first of 20 canes. As I was struck for the second time I felt a wave of nausea from the pain, nerves and especially the alcohol. Strangely after about 5-6 canes the pain seems to subside and I again began to enjoy the caning. My pain turned to a small amount of pleasure when combined with the current running into my nipples I began to feel aroused.

My back and backside were apparently a real mess of ugly red marks and as Nathan finished the caning I began to feel the pain in my back and backside. Nathan leaned across me and asked me if I enjoyed that. I replied “Yes Master”. He said, “Well, you’re halfway through your Master Slave induction.” I began to panic and asked if we could stop. Nathan scoffed at me thinking I was playing submissive because I didn’t use the word mercy. He laughed aloud shouting, “She wants me to stop, well I was going to go straight to the Master Slave wheel but maybe Elizabeth needs some more punishment, what do you think?” The audience unanimously shouted yes, except my work colleagues who could see the terror in my eyes and began to really worry about me.

Nathan paid no attention and moved on, deciding on one more punishment but first he had to prepare me. He removed the electrical connections to my nipples and my latex bra. My breasts felt very tender after being confined to the latex bra. Nathan this time turned me around and again chained me to the frame. This time he placed a latex hood over my head which had holes cut for my mouth and nose only so I couldn’t see. Nathan then touched and played with my furry pussy. I began to panic as I thought he was going to penetrate me. He again whispered to me, “I’m going to insert a plug in through your pussy which again will have some wires and a similar device connected to it. You’ll love it.” I hesitantly answered “Yes Master”. Nathan then turned on the current and the feeling was awesome. He then said, “I’m going to punish you again with 20 lashes to each breast.” I answered “yes master” as I headed toward an orgasm, the lashings really hurt as my breasts were already tender form the latex bra. Nathan himself was getting a little carried away as I sighed and groaned as he whipped me, induced by the electric plug in my vagina. When he was finished my breasts were glowing, only the pain was keeping me conscious, just as Nathan was removing the plug I orgasmed, I couldn’t keep the feeling within and groaned with pleasure the audience loved it. This was the first time I had ever orgasmed not at the hand of my husband

Nathan released the chains and removed my hood. He actually had to hold me but then pushed me down onto the floor, as I could no longer stand as the alcohol took its grip. I looked a mess: my hair was everywhere, my breasts glowed red after the beating and I couldn’t see my back but it hurt

I was taken off stage briefly to clean me up for the final stage of my Master Slave induction. This final stage was what they called the Master Slave wheel. My work colleagues approached me off stage to see how I was feeling. I broke down into tears begging them to stop it. They were stunned and asked why I hadn’t asked for mercy. I looked confused and asked what they meant. I found out that Nathan had forgotten to tell me I could have stopped everything by saying the word ‘Mercy’. I was confused, frightened, sore and very drunk. I wanted my husband.

My colleagues were arguing behind me heatedly. The girls didn’t want me to go back out. One of the guys (John) intervened saying, “You know once you get to the wheel on Master Slave you must finish or replace the person with another “Are any of you girls happy to replace Elizabeth?” I began screaming in the background that I wanted to go home. Tracy, one of the girls, approached me, slapped me across the face and said, “You want to be our friend. Well we’re not interested in someone that flirts her way through the night and then when the pressure’s on wimps out. You want to be our friend, you finish Master Slave like you so wanted to.” It had its effect. I stopped crying and regained my composure. Nathan approached me with a towel and hairbrush. I wiped my face and brushed my hair as asked. Nathan then lent across and kissed me lightly on the lips. “I’ll look after you Honey.” He then took me by the hand and led me back out onto the stage

I was taken onto a platform and bound to the wheel spread-eagled, I was still totally naked except for the collar around my neck. The announcer then came back onto the stage. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters and Slaves, now for the final stage of Master Slave for the lovely Elizabeth. The wheel will be spun 3 times and each time the role-play her heads ends up pointing to will be played out.” I should have been frantic but for the effects of the alcohol. On the first spin my head stopped at a role-play called “TRIM THE HEDGE”, the second landed on “TURKEY SHOOT” to everyone’s applause and the final on “PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY”. I had no idea what I was in for, but as Nathan released me from the wheel I was taken to a small table just wheeled on and tied down on my back. Nathan spoke to me as he prepared, whispering that the “Trim the Hedge” was he had to shave my pussy. I screamed, “No! My husband will find out, please no don’t do it.” Nathan put a gag into my mouth to keep me quiet as I struggled against my ropes. Nathan turned on a set of clippers and to speed things up mowed through my pussy hair and within a few minutes had reduced it to stubble. I fainted with panic but came to a few minutes later as Nathan pinched my nipples saying, “Well for now my slave, you’re mine so forget your husband.”

With that my binds were untied and I was moved to the front of the stage, where Nathan grabbed my hair and forced me again to my knees. There my hands were tied behind my back and my legs chained to my hands leaving me in a kneeling position. Nathan gathered my hair into a ponytail on top of my head and secured it with a rubber band. He then wrapped some fine rope around my ponytail and connected it to heavier rope which was run through a pulley on the ceiling. I screamed as Nathan took the strain up on the rope. I was left barely resting on my knees, most of my body weight held by my hair. My scalp ached as I was hung by my own hair. The guys had started to line up in front of the stage. I was soon to find out that Turkey Shoot was to be all the guys in the room (I was told later approx. 100) took it in turns standing around me and masturbating until they came all over me. By the end of the Turkey shoot I was covered in come from head to toe and my scalp ached from the pressure on it. When all of the guys had unloaded on me Nathan released the pressure on my hair and I slumped to the floor. Nathan released the chains and ropes and I was stood free of all binds on the stage. Nathan unwrapped my ponytail and removed the rubber band. My hair fell down around my face looking rather messy and covered in come. Nathan handed me a towel to wipe my body clean and then a brush to try to tidy my hair before my final role-play. I ran the brush through my hair a few times and then shook my head to fluff out my style. It felt like it all went back into place. I actually loved this style like my husband, it could be very provocative, sleek and could be worn up or down

I couldn’t understand why Nathan kept wanting me to tidy my hair, I guessed it was because he wanted me to look my best to heighten the sensation of those watching. (I was to later find out that most of the guys in the room were used to watching Master Slave females who had ultra trendy hairstyles or short or shaved heads. The guys were very turned on by a normal looking woman and nice hairstyle)

Nathan again grabbed me by the hair and this time forced me onto my hands and knees. He then asked me to pull my hair into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. He whispered that I should make the ponytail low on my head (something I would be grateful for later). I was a little concerned but knelt up and did as I was told. I leant my head back and shook my hair from side to side as I gathered my glorious brown locks into a ponytail. I almost forgot Nathan’s advice as I gathered my hair high on my head. As Nathan passed me the rubber band I remembered and readjusted the position of the ponytail so that it was down around my hairline at the nape of my neck. Nathan pushed me back until I was on all fours. I started to get an idea of what “Pin the tail on the donkey” was all about when Nathan approached me with a saddle and secured it on my back and around my chest. He then pushed a bit into my mouth which was connected to a bridle secured behind my head and reins. It was so humiliating as in front of hundreds of people Nathan mounted into the saddle on my back, put his feet into a set of stirrups and grabbed hold of the reins and kicked his heels into my ribs and said, “Away horsey!”

I got the idea and started to walk on all fours around the stage with Nathan on my back. I was only a slightly built woman standing 5ft7″ and wearing a size 8, but I was lucky that Nathan was only about my height and not heavily built. Nathan spurred me along as we moved around the stage a few times with the horsewhip in his hand. After a few passes my backside was even further red and marked than from the caning. Nathan brought me to a stop in the front middle of the stage by pulling back on the reins and saying, “Whoa horsey!” I thought that was finally the end of the Master Slave induction. Nathan dismounted me and turned to me speaking loudly.

“You know Elizabeth there is something missing that’s stopping you from looking like an authentic horse. Do you know what it is?” The audience in unison shouted “A TAIL!” I still didn’t really have any idea what they had in mind even when Nathan grabbed me by the ponytail and pulled my head back roughly and said, “So where do you think we could find a tail, Elizabeth, my little slave?”

I answered as I thought I could, “I don’t know master.”

Nathan snarled at me saying, “You don’t know, but you really need a tail don’t you bitch?”

I said as I thought was right, “Yes master.”

“Yes master what?” replied Nathan.

“Yes master, I really need a tail.”

Nathan released my hair and stepped around in front of me saying, “I think you should beg for a tail.”

I pleased Nathan as I leaned down and kissed his feet saying, “Please Master I’m begging I need a tail.” Nathan obviously enjoyed this and had me repeat it over and over loudly as I kissed his feet.

He stopped and announced, “I’ve found the horse’s tail: it’s just in the wrong spot.” He grabbed me again by my ponytail and thrust my head back. It was then that I released what was to happen. I reached up to grab my ponytail from his hands shouting “NO!” He slapped me hard across my face causing the bridle to pinch the corner of my mouth causing it to bleed. I became frantic and grabbed him around the ankles and began to kiss his shoes screaming, “Please master don’t cut my hair please, please!”

“No my little filly I’m not going to cut your hair, you’re going to beg me to let you cut it yourself.”

“No master, I can’t,” I replied. “My husband will find out.”

“It’s easy my filly you cut your ponytail or I’ll shave your head”. I screamed “NO” uncontrollably as Nathan grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to a chair and bound me so I couldn’t move. Nathan leant over me and whispered, “Don’t be a silly bitch, Elizabeth, I did the right thing and got you to secure your ponytail low, the alternative is baldness.” Nathan walked behind me and picked up and turned on a set of clippers. I screamed “No” and sobbed uncontrollably. Nathan gave me one last chance saying, “This is your last chance Elizabeth my filly, you cut your ponytail or it’s a bald look for you.” My mind was racing but I was rational enough to know what I had to do. I answered as I had to.

“Please Master will you let me cut my hair?” I was made to repeat this over and over again. Nathan then pulled a large pair of shears from his bag and placed them on my hair just in front of the rubber band. I then raised my hands up to the shears. Nathan whispered, “Now you can thank me for getting you to place the ponytail low.” I closed my eyes and tears poured down my face as I closed the shears on my ponytail. Nathan held out my hair tight whilst I opened and closed the shears until my ponytail came free. My hair fell free dancing around my face to about chin level. My final humiliation came as I was pushed back down onto all fours and my now hacked hair fell around my face and my severed ponytail was fixed onto my backside with a large piece of tape. I was again made to walk around the stage as Nathan sat in the saddle on my back. As I came to a stop I thought I was finished until Nathan dragged me to my feet for the last time announcing, “Well masters and slaves you may be interested to know that tonight was Elizabeth’s first experience at any form of bondage or discipline. She came along tonight to make some friends of her new work mates and has had the time of her life. I can speak for her colleagues in saying that she has a gained a whole new level in our respect. I’m also confident in saying that this won’t be her last.”

Nathan as a last final act made me walk back to the bathrooms through the crowd holding my ponytail in front of me. Everyone in the audience ran their hands across my hair. My head began to spin and I felt really weak in the legs, as I walked through the door into the bathroom I collapsed.


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