Kristen’s Conversion

Kristen's Conversion

Kristen’s Conversion – Shearingly

“When it came to the shaving, I savored the moment as long as possible. Jamie was thrilled with my work, and so was I. But soon it was over. Jamie’s naturally brunette stubble had disappeared.”

“Well, what do you think?” Joshua asked with a gigantic grin on his face. Kristen was not as pleased.

“I . . . I . . . I can’t believe you had me read this trash!” she screamed, stunning her boyfriend. “A girl getting her head shaved bald by her boyfriend? Oh, come on! This is totally stupid! How could a girl with any self-respect or self-esteem let her boyfriend shave her bald on a whim? It’s nuts! Doesn’t the girl take into account that other people might see her and think she’s a skinhead or something? And this writer has absolutely no style whatsoever! How can anyone read this shit?”

“I dunno, I thought the writer had a real flair for his subject,” Joshua smirked. He could see that Kristen was obviously not amused. He redoubled his efforts. “Anyway, read the next one. Trust me, it’s better.”

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“Another one? You mean somebody would write about this twice? Ugh.” Soon Kristen was at the end of the piece entitled “Kelli and Her Friends.”

“Finally, it was all over. The girls were shaved and ready for summer. Since we were all staying an additional month for summer classes, I had plenty of opportunities to do touch-up work on each of the four girls, especially Kelli. By the end of the first semester of summer classes Kelli was letting me shave her head with a razor every other day.”

“My God,” Kristen exclaimed. “This guy is sick! How can anyone have such a perverted interest as shaving a girl’s head? Didn’t these girls know what they were getting into when they agreed to this? How can a girl look attractive with a crewcut, or even bald? And no eyebrows? Good lord this is awful! What did people think?”

“Well maybe people didn’t have to think. Maybe they bought wigs or something.” Kristen was not buying into Joshua’s line of reasoning, however.

“Josh, these girls seemed pretty damn pleased with themselves! I doubt it!”

“Look, darling, this is obviously fiction. If anyone was to do this in the real world I’m sure they’d be more discreet about it. I’m sure you’d have a wig ready and waiting if I shaved your head.”

“Maybe I would, but you’d never touch my hair in a million years!” With that, Kristen walked out the door of Joshua’s apartment, her dark tresses shimmering in the fluorescent light that was given off in the hallway. Joshua had lost. He had tried to tell Kristen they were only stories. He had tried to show Kristen what he wanted to do. But he had failed.

Kristen and Joshua hardly spoke during the next week. Finally, one night over the phone, it appeared as if their relationship was over.

“You know what your problem is Kristen? You really want to know? You never try anything new? You’re stuck in a rut and you won’t get out for anyone! You wear your hair the same way all the time! You wear the same earthy makeup every single day! You never even try something new just to see what would happen because you’re too damn afraid! I showed you those stories to prove a point to you. At least those girls had some courage to change, and I admire that. I’m sorry that’s something you lack!” With that Kristen hung up the phone and broke into tears. She had not been hurt by what Joshua had said, but because she knew he was right.

Kristen tried to forget about Joshua, but his final sentiment to her gnawed in her mind. She was walking through the mall one day wrapped up in her own thoughts when she almost missed a woman asking her a question.

“Would you care to have a complimentary makeover?” the woman at the counter asked. At first Kristen planned on walking away without saying a word. But then she stopped to think about what Joshua had said. Within the next few seconds Kristen had sat down while the woman draped a cloth across Kristen’s clothes and was applying a new line of cosmetics to her face. When the woman was done, Kristen was shocked to see herself wearing bold colors on her face that she had never tried before. It was a liberating experience for her; alcoholics have moments of clarity, Kristen had a moment of euphoria. Kristen thanked the woman and bought several items before quickly running out of the store. She knew what she had to do next.

Kristen bought several other items at other stores throughout the day. She took the rest of the afternoon off from work and spent the next several hours making herself over. Kristen bleached her hair blonde. Afterwards she struggled to put on her new strapless mini-dress and garter belt, but when she was finally finished, she couldn’t believe she actually thought she looked gorgeous for the first time in her life. She made preparations in her apartment for dinner and entertainment later in the night. And then, the defining moment: she called Joshua again.

Joshua was surprised to hear from Kristen, much less be invited over for dinner. He was even more surprised when he saw what he thought was a total stranger. Without even saying a word Kristen led Joshua into her darkened apartment for dinner. They ate in silence before Kristen finally found something to say.

“So, do you like my new look?”

“Kristen, you’ve always been stunning, but never this beautiful. What made you decide to go for such a drastic change?”

“You did. I got to thinking about what you said last week. I really was in a rut.” Kristen had reeled Joshua in; now it was time to strike once and for all. “What do you think of my hair?” she asked.

“I love it. I love your hair, I love your face, I love your dress, I love the whole package.”

“Personally I hate my hair. I really wish I hadn’t bleached it! Being a blonde sucks! And my hair is too damaged to try and dye it close to its natural color. What should I do?” At this point Joshua realized he was being set up. He smiled to let Kristen know that he was aware of what she meant.

Kristen led Joshua into her bedroom, lit only with many candles. In the center of her room was a chair. Before sitting down in the chair Kristen removed several items from a paper bag: a brunette wig, a spray bottle filled with water, handcuffs, scissors, and a new set of electric hair clippers. No explanation from Kristen was needed for Joshua. Without making a sound he directed Kristen into the chair and handcuffed her in. Kristen explained that the handcuffs did not turn her on; rather, it was a precaution just in case she should change her mind halfway through. Joshua found the black cape Kristen had bought and draped it over her body. Joshua wet his girlfriend’s hair down and began snipping away at the hair that cascaded beneath her shoulders. At first Kristen was scared each time she heard Joshua take another snip and was glad she did not have a mirror in front of her, but then with each passing snip Kristen felt as if each snip signified not only her hair falling to the floor, but all her problems and inhibitions as well.

Soon Joshua remarked that Kristen’s hair looked just like his younger brother’s in the winter.

“Now it’s time to see what it looks like in the summer,” Joshua quipped as he fired up the electric clippers. The clippers ran against Kristen’s scalp efficiently as her remaining hair was mowed down to about half an inch. Soon Joshua could see Kristen’s natural dark roots.

“Well, your hair is dark again. That ought to do it,” he said as he began to remove Kristen’s cape, but she had other thoughts.

“You might as well finish what you started, you’ve come this far,” Kristen said as she smiled sensually at her boyfriend. Joshua didn’t have to be asked twice.

“Now let’s see what my brother’s hair looked like after he joined the Marines,” Joshua joked as he removed the guard from the clippers. Soon only stubble remained on Kristen’s head, but Joshua knew there was more to be done. He found the last two items Kristen bought in the bottom of the bag and removed them. Kristen nodded her head in silent agreement when Joshua’s body language asked “are you sure?” Kristen had never felt the sensation of warm lather against her head; a feeling that was surprisingly good. She sat in bliss as Joshua removed strip after strip of the last stubble. She was disappointed it was over too soon. But the experience had converted her. No longer would Kristen be in a rut. She and Joshua could try exciting and new things. Kristen no longer was afraid of the world. As Joshua began shaving her head weekly, Kristen began shaving her eyebrows as well. She even contemplated going to work without her wig, wondering what her co-workers would think of her bald pate. Personally Kristen loved it, for after being shaved bare, nothing seemed mundane about her life anymore. Kristen left her head smooth to serve as a symbol for what helped her change her life.


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