Barber Chair

Barber Chair

We both agreed it had been a good decision to leave the big city behind us. My wife and I had just moved to this rural community and we were enjoying the peace and quiet. It was such a different lifestyle but we were learning to adjust. Working for myself had made this possible. We had chosen this area for the sake of our children who were yet to be born. Our decision to raise them in a small town atmosphere where everyone knew everyone was a good one. And the house was an old plantation-style house with the large porch just like we had dreamed about. Of course it needed some work, but we wanted a project home, something we could spend time on together.

It was about six months later that we finally decided to tackle the barn out back. The couple that had lived there before us had passed away and left some rather interesting stuff behind. They had no kids to leave it to so the lawyer had told us we could keep anything we wanted to. Understand there was not a whole lot of keeping of anything. This couple must have been pack rats because we had thrown away a ton of stuff. Now we had the enviable task of ridding the barn of more junk. So that weekend we began cleaning it out. As we made our way up to the loft my wife came across an old barber’s chair. It was rusty but still in working condition. “Wow, I haven’t seen one of these since I was a kid,” I commented. I told my wife how I used to go to a lady barber and loved climbing up in the big barber’s chair to get a haircut. My wife decided she needed a project so she decided to restore the chair and put it in our rec. room. A few months passed by before she had the chance to start restoring the chair and it happened to be on a week I was out of town.

The chair was chrome underneath so she began by stripping it and then using chrome polisher to get the shine back. It turned out to be a bigger project than she thought and by the third day she was getting tired. It was hot out in that barn too and she went back to the house for a glass of tea. As she came back out she sat in it for the first time. It was finally clean enough to sit in and wow, was it comfortable. A thought raced through my wife’s mind to cut all her hair off as soon as she sat down. “That’s weird,” she thought to herself, “that thought came out of nowhere.” You see, my wife liked wearing her hair long and blonde. But the thoughts were getting stronger as she sat there to the point that if she had had some scissors she would have hacked her hair off right there on the spot. When she got up out of the chair the thoughts went away. She thought it just coincidence and went about working on the chair. Evening came and she could not stop working on it. It had become an obsession to finish the chair. She called some friends over to help her move the chair into the house because there was no light in the barn. They got it into the rec. room and my wife took a break and had some coffee with the neighbors who had helped. It was getting late as the neighbors left, but my wife was determined to finish the chair. Finally at 1:00 am she had polished the last part of the chair.

Exhausted she sat in it again, wondering if those thoughts of cutting her hair would return. They did not, and she was so comfortable in the chair that she fell asleep in it. “What can I do for you ma’am?” the barber asked. Startled, my wife looked up and there was a barber looking at her waiting for a reply. She looked down only to find a cape around her neck draped across her body. She could not move. It was as if she were strapped to the chair. She tried to ask the barber what he was doing in her house but the words, “shave my head” came out instead. “You want a clean shave or stubble look?” the barber asked, not blinking an eye. “Smooth,” my wife replied again not being able to control what she was saying.

“Pop!” The noise startled my wife and again she tried to get out of the chair to no avail. She felt the cold blade of the clippers begin at the nape of her neck and crawl their way up to the top of her head. It sent shock waves throughout her body. Again at the nape of her neck moving upward until she felt the cool breeze on her neck. She could not believe it but she was really enjoying this! She stared in the mirror as the clippers made their first pass at her forehead. She watched as the hair came tumbling down in front of her eyes. Again and again he made paths from her forehead to her crown until all that was left were very long patches of hair on both sides of her head. The clippers moved their way around to the right side of her head and the cold steel going around her ear sent more shock waves into her body. By the time he had clipped off the last patch of hair on her left side she had climaxed. Her body now limp, she felt a warm towel on her head. The barber was whistling as he began to apply warm shaving cream all over her head. She watched with anxiety as he took a straight razor and began to shave away the fuzz. Within minutes he wiped her head clean and she lifted up her hand to feel her scalp. “Smooth enough for ya?” he asked with a grin on his face. She smiled and nodded her approval as she checked herself out in the mirror. He handed her a little mirror to check out the back and then turned her around so she could check all sides. She could not believe it! She looked fabulous and she loved it! She turned around to thank him but he was gone. “Sir, sir,” she called out but he was gone. She got up out of the chair and took a close look in the mirror. She felt so liberated! And then she sat back in the chair, pulled the arm and reclined back in it and stared at the ceiling.

The first ray of light beamed through the window and stirred my wife. “Hmm, must have dozed off in the chair,” she thought to herself. As she lay there she thought about the dream she had, or was it real? She battled in her mind whether to look in the mirror but she was too scared. It all seemed so real, could it really be that she was bald? Her head felt lighter than normal. She finally mustered the courage to open one eye and look in the mirror. “Whew, it was just a dream!” She still had all of her hair on her head. But that dream seemed so real.

As the days passed on, the dream and thoughts grew stronger about shaving her head. In fact she sat in the chair quite often fantasizing about shaving her head. The feelings became so strong that she even went out and bought some clippers and a straight razor. One night she shared the dream with me and how it had become an obsession almost to the point she thought she was crazy. I assured her she was not and even told her I thought she would look erotic with her head shaved. Needless to say that night we shaved her head and she loved it. In fact she has kept it that way for the last 15 years. For years we wondered about the chair and its power. It seemed that every friend of ours who sat in it ended up shaving their heads. To this day my wife still likes to take naps in her barber chair. Sweet dreams.


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