Linda’s Story

Linda's Story


Lisa had done a lot of crazy things in her life, but perhaps this time she had gone too far. It all started this morning, when Lisa’s boyfriend, Ron, stopped by before going to class. When he showed up, she hardly recognized him, as her long-haired, bearded boyfriend had shaved his beard and gotten a short haircut. Lisa was more than a bit surprised, shocked you might say, but liked the feel of Ron’s smooth face when he kissed her. She decided that she would just get used to it, since she loved Ron very much. She was a bit miffed, though, that he hadn’t discussed it with her first.

After breakfast, Lisa jumped in the shower. As she shampooed her long, thick blonde hair, she began thinking of cutting it. Should she or shouldn’t she? It had been four years since she last cut it, and her waist length locks were getting to be a chore to take care of. She thought of the last time she had her hair cut, as a sophomore in high school. All the cheerleaders had their hair cut the same way, in a short page boy style cut to chin length. She remembered that one day, after school, all the cheerleaders stood in line in the gym while Miss Meyers, the cheerleading coach, cut their hair, one after another. Some of the girls cried when their hair was cut, but Lisa remembered how she enjoyed her short haircut. At that moment, she made her decision. I’m going to get my hair cut, she thought. Anyway, she thought, turning off the shower, whatever she did, she wouldn’t ask Ron’s opinion before doing it.

After getting out of the shower, Lisa combed and dried her long hair. It looked perfect, flowing luxuriously over her naked breasts, and hanging down to her belly button. It figures, she thought, that when I decide to cut my hair, it looks just perfect. Lisa quickly dressed, left her apartment, and walked three doors down, and knocked on Amey’s door. Amey was the resident hairstylist in the building, and though she was not licensed or anything, gave great haircuts and didn’t charge for them.

Amey answered the door. “Hi Lisa,” she said, “C’mon in.”

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“When can you cut my hair?” asked Lisa, sounding quite determined.

“Right now, if you want,” said Amey.

“Great,” said Lisa, as she walked into the kitchen and sat in Amey’s haircutting chair, facing a mirror on the kitchen wall.

Amey pulled out a haircutting cape, and snapped it around Lisa’s neck. She then pulled out a comb and began combing out Lisa’s long hair.

Lisa told Amey about Ron’s surprise haircut without consulting her, and said that’s what made her want to cut her hair.

“How do you want it cut?” asked Amey.

“I want it short,” said Lisa, “Maybe even a Marla Special,” she said. Marla was a flamboyant black girl who lived upstairs, who had Amey shave her head, and had been keeping it shaved ever since.

“No way,” said Amey.

“Why not?” asked Lisa.

“Because Marla had two inches of hair,” said Amey, “You have three feet! If she wants to grow her hair back, it’ll take a few months. If you want to grow your hair back, it’ll take five years,” said Amey. “Besides, you’ve got such beautiful hair.”

“I know,” said Lisa, “But I’m ready for a haircut… A Marla Special.”

“Okay,” said Amey, pulling out a big pair of electric clippers. “Cut it all off?” Amey asked.

“Cut it all off!” said Lisa, emphatically. Then Amey turned on the noisy electric clippers and held them up near Lisa’s ear, buzzing loudly, and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” said Lisa.

Amey shrugged, and without another word, held the clippers at the top of Lisa’s forehead, and drove them slowly over the top of Lisa’s head, cutting a path from front to back, leaving nothing behind but bare scalp.

Mounds of long, soft hair slid down into Lisa’s lap. Lisa gasped at the suddenness with which she was being shorn, as it quickly sank in that she could no longer change her mind about this haircut.

“Oh my God,” said Lisa, reaching up to feel her bare scalp, “I can’t believe I just shaved my head.”

Amey paused for a moment, feeling the tiny hairs atop Lisa’s scalp. Then Lisa quietly put her hands back under the haircutting cape, as if to say she was ready to continue.

Amey slowly drove the clippers over Lisa’s head again, and as she did so, mounds of long hair tumbled into Lisa’s lap.

Lisa held up a pile of long hair in her hands. She was used to its soft texture, but now it felt strange, knowing it was cut off. She released the pile of hair in her hands, and it tumbled to the floor. As Lisa looked up, Amey continued cutting along the left side of her head, clipping off all the hair around Lisa’s ear, and then, without pausing, began cutting the hair in back.

It looked so strange, Lisa thought, with one side of her head covered by long hair, and the other side clipped clean. Lisa stared at the mirror in silence, a bit stunned at what she was witnessing. She wondered if it was really her in the mirror.

Meanwhile, Amey continued shearing Lisa, cutting the hair in back in long, slow strokes with the clippers. Amey felt guilty about cutting off such beautiful long hair, but she knew that at this point there was no choice but to finish the job.

As Amey came around to the other side, events seemed to unfold in slow motion for Lisa, as Amey slowly clipped the hair around her ear, then on the side of her head, and then with several passes over the top of her head, and then finally, the last pass, from front to back, cutting off the last of Lisa’s long hair.

It seemed like a long time, but in actuality, in a matter of five minutes, Amey had cut every single hair off Lisa’s head.

“Well, what do you think?” asked Amey.

“I hate it,” said Lisa.

“It’ll grow back,” said Amey.

“No, I hate the little stubble that’s left,” said Lisa.

“You want to shave it?” asked Amey.

“Definitely,” said Lisa. “Just like Marla.”

Amey smiled, now feeling a bit less guilty about cutting off all of Lisa’s beautiful hair. She went to the sink, filled a bowl with hot water, and set it on the table next to Lisa.

She then picked up a can of shaving cream and squirted some on the palm of her hand. As Amey began spreading the shaving cream on Lisa’s scalp, Lisa moaned, “That feels good.” Amey then pulled out a straight razor, and swirled it around in the warm water.

Rasp, Rasp, Rasp, went the razor as Amey shaved a small square at the top of Lisa’s forehead. Amey rubbed the shaved spot with her finger to make sure it was perfectly smooth, then raised the razor, and continued shaving a path straight over the top of Lisa’s head.

The shaved path was gleaming white. Amey kept shaving and shaving Lisa’s head for what seemed like an eternity, but was actually about twenty minutes, checking each spot to make sure Lisa’s scalp was shaved perfectly smooth and white. When Amey finished shaving Lisa, she unsnapped the haircutting cape, and Lisa stood up.

There was a tremendous pile of hair on the floor, all long, all blonde, and all gone! Lisa wanted to cry at the loss of all her beautiful hair, but decided to wait until she got back to her apartment.

Once back at the apartment, Lisa went into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. The bald girl in the mirror stared back sadly, and began to cry. Why did I do this, she thought sadly, wishing there was a way to put back all her hair.

Lisa didn’t want to look any more, so she decided to go back to bed. She got undressed, and got under the covers. It felt weird when she laid her head on the pillow, with the bare skin of her scalp touching the pillow. She reached up and felt her scalp, first with one finger, then with her hand running over the top of her scalp. It felt smooth and tingly. It felt strange feeling skin where her long hair had been.

This was going to take a while to get used to, she thought. Each time she took her hand away from her scalp, within a moment, she began touching it again, exploring and touching the skin around her ears, her neck, her forehead. It was all so sensitive to the touch.

Lisa noticed that she was becoming sexually aroused, and reached down with her right hand to touch her most private area. There was a puddle of moisture there. “Hmm,” she thought, “What a weird turn on.”

As her finger stroked her most private fur, her left hand stroked the top of her head. She began to moan as she fantasized about Amey raising the clippers to her head, and cutting off her hair In a moment, she came to a brilliant orgasm, her hips thrusting violently as she rubbed her scalp. “Oh my God,” she said, picturing the sight of Amey cutting off her hair. Just as her body calmed, she began to come again, violently, at the thought of Amey cutting off the last piece of her long hair.

Lisa felt exhilarated and exhausted all at once, and just laid still as her body tingled all over and her heart slowed down to its normal rate.

“This is so weird,” she thought, “I’ve never had such a strong orgasm.” Was it the haircut? Who knows. Lisa just felt wonderful, and was suddenly very glad she had done it.

She jumped out of bed feeling downright frisky. She dressed quickly, and decided to go out and show off her new haircut. “Wait till Marla sees me,” thought Lisa. She went bounding up the stairs, and knocked on Marla’s door.

“Lisa, is that you?” Marla screamed. Marla opened her arms wide, and hugged Lisa tightly, “I don’t believe it. Let me look at you.”

Lisa spun around to model her bald head, and Marla began feeling Lisa’s scalp.

“Baby, that is smooth,” said Marla. “C’mon in here,” she said, inviting Lisa to join her at the kitchen table. Marla fixed some coffee as Lisa told her all about the haircut.

For the next hour, Marla showed Lisa all her headbands, turbans, wigs, and earrings, which she had bought since shaving her head. She taught Lisa that you need to put on a lot of eye makeup to make up for having no hair, and to accent Lisa’s beautiful eyes. When Marla finished with Lisa’s makeup, she looked simply ravishing. They made a date to go out dancing later that evening, and Lisa headed back to her apartment.

By now, it was mid-afternoon, and Lisa knew Ron would be home from class. She called him and asked him to come over in about an hour, and that she had a surprise for him. She also told him to bring a cold bottle of champagne and “lots of protection,” which Ron knew meant condoms.

Lisa began getting ready for Ron by getting completely undressed. She sprayed perfume on her breasts, and rubbed it in with her fingers, twisting her nipples until they stiffened to attention. She then pulled out a bottle of baby oil, and put a small amount on the palm of her hand. then rubbed it on her scalp, until just a light sheen covered her scalp.

“You look great,” Lisa thought, staring at the bald girl who was such a turn-off just a few hours earlier. “But what’s Ron going to think,” she wondered. Well, it didn’t matter what he thought. If he didn’t want her, someone else would.

Lisa closed the curtains in the living room, and lit candles, about fifteen in all, all over the apartment. She unlocked the front door, and laid on the couch, utterly nude, waiting for Ron to arrive. A few moments later, a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Lisa called, not moving from the couch.

“It’s me,” said Ron, through the door.

“C’mon in,” Lisa said.

Ron came in, closed the door, and his eyes beheld a statuesque woman, with beautiful breasts, long thin legs, and shiny bald head. The woman didn’t look like Lisa, his long-haired girlfriend, but as he approached, he could tell it was Lisa’s face, smiling nervously at him. In the dim candlelight, he had never seen anything so beautiful in all his life.

“Is that you?” he asked.

“Come here and find out,” she said. Lisa stood up and hugged Ron, as he hugged her back, both of them incredibly aroused at their embrace.

“When did you…” Ron began to ask.

“Shhh..” she said, placing her finger over his lips, and then covering his lips with hers, in a deep French Kiss. As Lisa kissed Ron, she began unbuttoning his shirt, and began kissing his neck, then his chest, moving slowly down his body. She then unhooked his belt, and unzipped his jeans, and began to have oral sex with him. Ron felt Lisa’s scalp with his hands, incredibly turned on at the sight of her bald scalp, and naked body kneeling before him. Lisa was also incredibly turned on, and wanted Ron inside her. She stopped what she was doing, looked up at Ron, and said, “I want you.”

Lisa stood up, took Ron’s hand and led him to the bedroom. Once inside, Ron finished undressing, and they made love recklessly, feeling wilder than ever before. Ron could not keep his hands off Lisa’s scalp, and Lisa came several times as they made love. When Ron came, it was like an eruption, leaving both of them incredibly satisfied and fulfilled.

As they laid in bed, Lisa said, “I was mad at you this morning for cutting your hair without telling me. So I went to Amey and had her cut off all my hair. At first I was sorry I did it, but now I’m glad. Any questions?”

“Are you still mad at me?” asked Ron.

“No,” said Lisa, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Ron. “And I love your haircut.”

They went into the living room, and Ron opened the bottle of champagne. As they sipped champagne, Ron wanted to know every detail of Lisa’s haircut.

A short time later, a knock came at Amey’s door. It was Lisa, dressed in a bathrobe, asking to borrow Amey’s clippers.

“What do you need clippers for?” asked Amey.

“Ron,” said Lisa, “Is about to get a haircut.”

Amey understood completely, and handed the clippers to Lisa.

Lisa returned to the apartment, and asked Ron, “Where do you want to do it?”

“In the bathroom,” said Ron.

They went into the bathroom, and Lisa unwound the cord on the clippers. She plugged them into the wall, then sat back on the sinktop, opening her legs wide apart. Ron put on a condom, and began making love to Lisa.

The moment he was inside her, Lisa turned on the clippers, and raised them to Ron’s forehead, and began cutting Ron’s hair, slowly driving the clippers over his head, right down the middle. A tuft of hair landed on Ron’s shoulder.

Ron was startled at the path of pure white scalp he saw, but Lisa did not pause, cutting through a second path and then a third, each cut faster than the one before. Lisa was now relentlessly cutting through Ron’s hair, clipping him like a Marine recruit. As Lisa cut through his hair, Ron came deep inside her. Lisa paused a moment as Ron moaned repeatedly, and as soon as he stopped, she matter-of- factly kept cutting his hair until all his hair was gone.

Lisa ran the clippers over Ron’s head again to make sure she cut every bit of hair. She then turned off the clippers, and laid them on the sink top.

“Let’s go in the shower,” Lisa said, “I’ll shave you in there,” leading Ron by the hand toward the shower. They both got in the shower. Ron let the water beat down on his head for a moment, then Lisa started rubbing shaving cream all over his scalp. Lisa held the razor under the shower for a moment, and then began shaving Ron.

Rasp, rasp, rasp. The razor pulled a bit as Lisa began the shaving slowly. She then began shaving more quickly, in long quick strokes. Ron was incredibly turned on by the sensation of the shaving, and when Lisa noticed him getting hard, she reached down with her free hand, covered with shaving cream, and began playing with his penis. He was incredibly turned on by the feeling of the shaving cream on his penis, and in an instant, came all over Lisa’s pubic area and down her leg. Lisa smiled, saying that they both seemed very turned on by the events of the day, and Ron agreed. Lisa continued shaving Ron until his head was perfectly smooth.

When they got out of the shower, Lisa toweled off and began dressing while Ron stood dripping wet in front of the mirror staring at his bald head.

Lisa came back into the bathroom, half dressed, and began putting on eye makeup.

“C’mon, get dressed,” said Lisa.

“What for?” asked Ron.

“We’re going out dancing,” said Lisa.

“Oh,” said Ron, who didn’t feel like doing anything.

Lisa finished dressing, and was ready to go in about five minutes. She was amazed how quickly she could get ready without having to fuss over her hair.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” said Lisa. She bounded up the steps to Marla’s apartment, and knocked.

“Hi Lisa,” said Marla. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

They went into the kitchen, and on the table was a braided headband made of hair, with a long ponytail attached to it, along with a pile of blonde hair.

“That’s my hair,” said Lisa, recognizing it at once.

“Amey gave it to me,” said Marla, “and I made you this headband. Try it on.”

Marla put the headband on Lisa’s head. It looked beautiful.

“Thank you Marla,” said Lisa, “What a great gift.”

Marla finished getting ready, and they went back to Lisa’s to get Ron. As Ron finished getting ready, Lisa poured champagne for all of them, and they toasted.

“To being bald!” said Lisa, and they clinked glasses.

Before leaving the apartment, Lisa took off the headband. She wanted to show off her new haircut, and not cover it up in any way.


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