End of Humanity

End of Humanity

The End Of Humanity – Sean Adams

It is around the year 2120 A.D. The earth has changed a lot since the millennium. There was a giant war, which featured a breed of war females. The war ended when the Earth surrendered. The women took over the Earth, taking captives. There was a leader of the Amazons, a woman named Tammy. She was a well-built woman. She had breasts, like grapefruits. She had long legs and beautiful red lips, her body a great curve and a tight ass. Though she had a main attraction. It was her cherry blonde hair. It flew in thick straight waves down to her feet. Let us fast-forward to the afterworld.

Two years have passed. The island of Cuba is the new fortress for the Amazons. It is a strong island, with barbed wire fences surrounding the island to prevent escapes. Some new prisoners are arriving today. Two prisoners are talking. There is Terry, who has white tender skin and a perfect figure. Along with her perfect figure, she has waist-length blonde hair. The other woman is a Japanese female. Her name is Hoku Hoku and she also has a beautiful body highlighted by her jet-black hair which reaches her knees. The boat comes to the dock as it disbands. The two women step off the boat.

“I am not sure about this place. It gives me the creeps. I heard they do unthinkable things to the prisoners,” Terry says.

“Don’t worry. I am here and we are together. Whatever they do, we will overcome it,” says Hoku as she tries to comfort the sad Terry. They both look around. There are thousands of prisoners that are bald. All of a sudden the girls are rushed into the prison. The gates flies open as two big ugly women push them with the barrels of M-16s.

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“Watch out for these big apes,” says Hoku.

“Shut up,” murmurs one of the guards. Hoku turns around, nailing the guard with her handcuffs. The guard staggers as another one grabs Hoku. They grab Hoku by the arm and throw her against the wall and into a room. Terry screams as they carry her into another room. Meanwhile Hoku is locked in a room. One of the guards throws Hoku to the ground. There are shackles on the ground. The guard quickly grabs the shackles and straps them to Hoku’s wrists. One of the guards grabs a pair of crude-looking fabric shears. She makes two snips in the air with the shears. SNNNIIIIPPPP… SSSNNNIIIPPPP. Hoku tries to fight as the other guard yanks her hair back and holds it in a ponytail. It was open for the shears to massacre. The shears’ teeth open wide ready to consume the mass. They make the first cut through the black thick hair. SNAP… SNAP… SWATCH… SNIP… CRUNCH. The ponytail was severed. The guards throw the ponytail down in front of Hoku’s face as tears drip down. There is a noise that startled Hoku. It was a pop, then a buzzing noise. Hoku could not see what was coming towards her. Then the feeling of cold steel meets her neck. The teeth of the clippers leave behind a white strip on her head. The clippers run back and forth. Jet-black hair begins to form a huge pile of hair on the floor. Then a guard hits Hoku in the back of the head with her M-16. Hoku falls to the floor, not moving at all.

Terry is dragged way across the main plaza to an isolation chamber. It was completely dark with nothing in the room. It would drive a person insane. The torture was unbelievable, though five days passed quickly. Finally the doors open and a ray of light strikes Terry’s eyes. She runs for the light but is cut short by a blow to the stomach. An officer grabs her by her hair and yanks her up. They slap a pair of handcuffs around her wrists. They march her out to the prison field. All the women are stared at Terry with her long golden mane. The entire line of female prisoners are reaching out to try to touch it and rub it. This attention is too much for Terry. All of a sudden her pants get a stain on them from her climax.

All of a sudden a single rugged-looking prisoner breaks through to fend off the attack of the other females. A whistle blows and the Amazons invaded the prison, shooting their weapons in the air. The prisoners scatter.

“Who are you?” says Terry quickly.

“It is me,” Hoku exclaims.

“What have they done to you?” says Terry.

“Don’t worry about it.” All goes quiet as the Amazon queen, Tammy, steps forward.

“Die you bastard,” Hoku yells as she charges across the yard at Tammy. Tammy draws a revolver from under her skirt. As Hoku approaches, Tammy cocks the gun. Hoku reaches three feet away. A loud noise erupts. Hoku falls to her stomach as Tammy puts away the revolver. Terry screams and runs to her friend.

“Hoku don’t go now. You said we would always be together. Please don’t go.”

Two guards grab her by her arms and drag her back into the cellblock. Terry hits the guard with a fist and runs. The other guard nails her with a butt of a rifle. They drag a limp Terry into a cell. They chain her to the floor and leave her. When Terry wakes up she finds Tammy in the cell. She is looking at the top of the cell now. Tammy is cranking a lever lifting her up on a platform. She tries not to think of her friend’s death. She is looking at a guillotine. She is fucking scared. She pisses in her pants. The guillotine drops down, shaving every bit of hair to 1/8 of an inch. A huge pile of long hair just lies on the cold cement floor. From then on she had a shave every five months. Tammy treated them all.

Five years had passed since that horrible day. During all that time Terry had made plans to revolt. She wanted to get revenge on Tammy. Since then Tammy had grown her hair to where it was like a cape flowing down her back and on to the ground. Terry started making plans with prisoners. The plan was going to be perfect. The escape plan was underway. Terry constructed a knife-like object. She used this to unlock her handcuffs. While the guards were out in the plaza, she released several other prisoners. They waited for the two guards to come and take them to the plaza. Terry planned to take out the two guards. She would release all the prisoners and reach the weapon archives. Then with weapons and supplies, she would be in a position to capture a boat and take them elsewhere.

The two guards entered as usual. Two women jump on each guard’s back. Terry then stabbed each guard with her stone knife. The guards lay lifeless on the floor in a pool of blood. The first step was complete. They each took grenades and pistols with two M-16s. They hid behind the prison cell block. Two girls took the grenades and hid them in their prison suits. They gradually walked over to the fence and placed two grenades on the locks. The other girls backed up. The women pulled the pins and ran. The gates were blown off their hinges as Terry started shooting her M-16, killing the guards in the towers. The gates flew open in a rage. The girls rushed through finding dead Amazons and as they stood looking at the Amazon guards, they picked up all the weapons they could collect. They fought a violent battle. Terry made it to the archives and blew it open. The women stormed in stealing the weapons. In a matter of 90 minutes, the girls captured twenty Amazons and a gigantic boat. The rest of the Amazons were killed or escaped on boats off the island. Terry went among the Amazons, looking at the long hair hanging way past their waists. Terry began to pass out barber shears and electric clippers. She set the women loose as they made short work of the hair of the Amazons.

That day each one of the Amazon women would be sporting new looks. The clippers hummed and the scissors smacked. The ground was now covered by huge layers of hair. Finally the Amazons brought forth a woman. It was Tammy. Terry told them she was hers. Tammy pleaded, only to be slapped in the face. She was thrown to the ground as other women held her down. Terry began to stroke the long ponytail. She took some rusty shears and began to desecrate the hair. SWAAATTTCCHH… SWWWAAATTTTCCCCCHHHH. The scissors hacked away at the head of hair. Finally the ponytail was severed. She held it high above her head. With that the scissors were put away. Then a humming noise as the clippers mowed a patch through the Tammy’s hair. They nuzzled themselves through the mass. With five easy sweeps the hair was reduced to stubble. Terry headed for the docks as the rest of the women escaped and roam the Earth till it is destroyed.


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