Anything for a Date

Anything for a Date

Jessica sat down in one of the waiting room chairs as the receptionist went to the back of the salon to inform Thomas that his next appointment had arrived. She had been referred to the salon a little over a year ago now by a friend who had told her how nice not only the salon itself was, but in particular how nice Thomas was. She found her friend was not wrong. From the very first time she had seen him, Jessica had had an incredible crush on Thomas. He was tall, thin, very well toned, with thick black hair, and ice blue eyes. For over a year now she had tried to conjure up the willpower, the nerve, to ask this man for a date. But each time she felt right on the verge of asking, the thought of him politely declining made her think twice. She knew he was not gay, and did not have a steady girlfriend, at least not as of the last time she had talked to him. But that was a month and a half ago. ‘Surely a guy this gorgeous is not gonna be available forever’ she thought to herself. This time she was going to ask him for a date. ‘If he says no, he says no,’ she thought. ‘I’ll never know unless I ask.’

Just then a woman strode from the back of the salon to the receptionist’s desk, followed closely by the receptionist herself. The woman had one of the most incredibly short hairstyles she had ever seen in her life. The back and sides were nearly completely shaven, with the top no more than a half inch in length. Jessica stared with amazement at the woman’s hair. Although she herself had never felt the urge to cut her hair short, she was instantly aware of the reason that this woman had hers shorn so short. She was absolutely stunning!

The receptionist peered at Jessica and said “Thomas says to go on back and he’ll be right with you.” Jessica thanked her and headed for the rear of the salon to Thomas’ station, pausing to catch a final glimpse of the woman with the shorn head. She touched her own nearly waist length, auburn hair, and tried to imagine what it would be like to cut it in such a dramatic style.

The salon was designed in such a way that each of the three stylists had their own private station, within which the stylist and client had near total privacy. As Jessica entered the confines of Thomas’ station, two things struck her immediately. First was the immense amount of blond hair that lay on the floor. She knew instantly that this hair had only a short time ago been a part of the woman she had just seen. She estimated by the size of the pile on the floor, that the woman’s hair must have been nearly as long as her own. The thought sent shivers down her spine. The second thing she noticed was the large and ominous-looking clipper that sat now in the chair. The cord for the machine was wrapped tightly around its main body, obscuring a view of the entire machine. But the blades, with their hungry looking teeth, showed through tauntingly and menacingly. Curious, she reached out and lifted the clipper from the chair. Just then she heard a familiar voice behind her; “Hi Jesse! How are you today?”

She turned quickly, the clipper still in her hand. “I’m fine thanks. How are you?”

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“Great thanks.” He noticed the clipper in her hand and said,” Let me take that from you. My clipper is broke so I had to borrow Tammy’s, and when I was finished I laid them on the chair so I wouldn’t forget to return it.”

She handed the clipper to him and he told her to have a seat and he would be right with her. He left for a minute returning without the clipper. “Sorry about the mess,” he said. “I’m so busy today that I didn’t have a chance to sweep up.”

“That’s ok, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Ok so I trust you want the usual trim?”

“Yup! Just the split ends.”

“You got it.”

He began combing her hair back so that all of it draped over the back of the chair. Then, retrieving his scissors, he began to snip approximately half an inch from the ends. Jessica knew it wouldn’t take him long to trim her hair, and the thought of asking him for a date began to echo in her mind once again. She decided to break the ice a bit. “You have no idea how relieved I am that that clipper wasn’t meant for me. For a second there I thought maybe you had left it on the seat as a hint or something.” Thomas’ voice seemed to catch a little as he said, “Uhhh, n-n-no. Like I said I borrowed it from Tammy and hadn’t had a chance to return it.”

“So I guess you’re the stylist who cut that woman’s hair so short?”

“Yeah. She wanted it that short so I did it for her.”

“Well, I have to admit that I thought she looked great.”

“She did, didn’t she?”

“Yeah she did. To be honest with you when I saw all of her hair laying on the floor, and the clipper on the chair, the thought hit me for a second, and only a second mind you, what it would be like to see my own hair cut like that.”

She noticed that Thomas grew uncharacteristically silent when she said this. Indeed he seemed to grow quite tense. She looked at him in the mirror, and saw him concentrating fiercely on the task at hand. He was standing slightly to the left rear of her, trimming that side of her hair, and as her eyes worked their way down his body in the mirror, she noticed an obvious bulge in his pants. In all the many times she had sat in his chair and got her hair trimmed, she had never seen a bulge in his pants before. And his crotch was an area she paid particular attention to each and every time. Her mind grasped the significance of this instantly, and she decided to see if she was right.

“So what do you think?” she said. “Do you think I could pull a style like that off?” His answer was noncommittal, but his body told her all she needed to know. “Well to be honest with you, you have to really want a style like that. Otherwise I would never even think of doing it.”

“Hmmmm. I don’t know. It never occurred to me before to go short with my hair, but now I’m gonna give it some thought.”

And with those words she knew she was right. Thomas attempted to move further behind her, trying to hide his now more than obvious erection. With her left foot, Jessica swung the chair around quickly so that they faced each other. Her eyes stared directly at his crotch for a moment, and marveled at how wonderfully big the bulge had become. Then she let her eyes drift casually up to meet his. He was obviously embarrassed, and trying as hard as he could to seem casual, he walked to the counter and pretended to look for something. She needed time to think about all this, but already she knew that she had found a sexual button in this man that she could push at will.

After a few minutes of searching, he turned towards her holding a different pair of scissors and explaining that the others seemed to have gotten dull. She smiled inwardly at his attempted deception. He quickly moved behind her again and resumed the trimming. He had very little left to do and she realized that she had little time left to ask him for a date. But because of the knowledge she had just acquired about him, she found herself unable to say anything. So she sat quietly as he finished trimming her hair. Soon he removed the cape and said, “All done!”

“Thanks. I’ll see you again in about a month and a half.”

“I’ll look forward to it. Bye-bye Jesse.” An uncomfortable smile crossed his face.

“Bye bye Thom,” she said, a more sardonic smile on her face.

She paid the receptionist and left, regretting that she was unable to work up the nerve once again to ask him out. But the regret was soon replaced by nervous excitement. She knew now at least one thing that aroused this man. She wondered if it was the thought of cutting any woman’s hair short that excited him, or if it was her hair in particular. She wondered if he had been erect as he sheared the woman before her. She wondered what good this knowledge did her in the first place. Sure she knew a sure-fire way to arouse him. But in order to effect that arousal she would have to submit to having her beautiful hair shorn off. As that thought settled in, a sudden surge of erotic dread coursed through her body. Her hand reached up to her hair, and stroked it gently. She looked at herself in the rear view mirror of her car. A decision galvanized itself in her mind. She got back out of her car and went back into the salon. She walked straight back to his station and found him sweeping the floor around his chair. He looked up at her. “Did you forget something?”

“Yeah you could say that,” she began. ” I’ve been wanting to ask you something for a long time now, and I guess now is as good a time as any.”

“Ask away.”

“Are you busy this Friday night?”

“No, why do you ask.”

“I was thinking maybe we could get together for a drink?”

“I’d like that very much.”

“Great!” She retrieved a pen and slip of paper from her purse and wrote her number and address on it. “Why don’t we make it for 9 o’clock Friday?”

“Ok I’ll pick you up then.”

“I’ll be ready. But call me if anything comes up, ok?”

“You bet. But nothing will come up. It’s a date.”

“Great. Then I’ll see you Friday night.”

“Nine o’clock sharp.”

Jessica left the salon with the biggest smile she had ever had on her face. She had two days till their date, and four days to make all her preparations. She could hardly believe she was really going to go through with it, yet at the same time, there was not even the slightest bit of doubt in her mind that she was going to. The decision was made. Friday night would be a turning point in her life. The image of the shorn woman filled her mind. As if talking to that image she said aloud, “You think your hair is short? Wait till you see mine!”

Jessica put the finishing touches on her makeup, and made a final inspection of her look for the evening. She decided on a simple but elegant outfit, tan mid thigh length skirt, white low cut blouse, shear hose, and matching pumps. Her hair was impeccably perfect. She had set it earlier in large curlers, which she rolled to shoulder length. The result was stunning. Her beautiful long auburn hair, now parted in the center, fell smooth and straight to mid back where it then formed a lustrous mass of loose curls that completely enveloped the rest of her back. As a finishing touch she added a few spritzes of her favorite perfume to the underside of her mane, giving it an erotic fragrance to match its alluring style. Satisfied, she made herself a drink while she waited for Thomas to arrive.

As she sat sipping her drink her mind drifted back to the same thoughts that had had filled her mind for the past two days. Images began to coalesce in her consciousness. The woman with the super short hair style. The huge pile of hair on the floor. The image of all that hair falling from the woman’s head. The menacing clipper, with its shiny blades, and hungry teeth, greedily awaiting their next meal. The obvious bulge in Thom’s pants as she talked of getting her own hair cut short. The image of her own face in the rear view mirror of her car as she made the decision. A knock at the door interrupted her reverie.

She invited Thom in and they sat on the couch for a few minutes making light talk. “Well. Shall we go?” she said.

“Sure thing.”

At the club they selected a small table that was set apart from the main hustle bustle of the club. They ordered drinks and were soon very deep in conversation. The waitress was very good, and made sure that neither of them had an empty glass at any time. Hours passed, and they talked about everything from soup to nuts. Jessica found that Thom was as intelligent as he was good looking. She also found that she was quite intoxicated, and her inhibitions were melting away more and more with each drink. She decided it was time to breach the subject that had been ever present in her mind for the past two days.

“Thom, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything.”

“Ok, but before I do I want you to know that there is no reason for you to feel embarrassed or anything. Just be completely honest with me. If I’m right, then I don’t think you’ll have anything to be embarrassed about anyway. So just be honest with me, OK?”

“You have my word. I’ll be completely honest.”

“Ok. Well, do you remember the other day when I came to the salon to get my hair done you had just finished doing a really super short haircut for that woman?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Well I’m just wondering if you got….. you know…. aroused when you were cutting her hair?”

Thom’s face got rather red. He thought back to that day quickly, and realized the reason she was asking the question. He said, “To be perfectly honest with you, no I didn’t. It was fun to do it for her, no doubt, but not arousing.” A puzzled look crossed her face and Thom added quickly, “Let me explain that, cause I know why you asked. See, that was the first time I had ever done that woman’s hair. So I didn’t know her at all. And because I didn’t know her I had no way of knowing if I was attracted to her. I mean she was definitely an attractive woman, but for me there is more to being attracted to a woman than how physically attractive she is. So since I wasn’t attracted to her, cutting her hair that short didn’t get me aroused. Do you understand?”

“No. I’m sorry but I’m not sure that I do.”

“Ok. The reason you asked is because you saw how aroused I got when you mentioned that you might go short with your hair right?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, but I couldn’t help but notice it, and it got me very curious.”

“I’m not embarrassed. Well maybe just a little, but the truth is, the reason it got me aroused is because you’ve been coming to me to get your hair done for over a year now. And in that year I have gotten to know you pretty well. And to be perfectly honest with you, I am very attracted to you. And well, when you said you were thinking of going short with your hair, I got aroused because I am attracted to you and would love to cut your hair very short. I just think it would be a very erotic experience to do a short haircut for a woman that I am as attracted to as I am to you. Understand?”

“Yes I think I do. But I have one last question if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Well, I’m just wondering why if you are so attracted to me, you never asked me out?”

“Because I never thought you would go out with me. The way I figured it, you are a very beautiful woman both inside and out. And I figured you could have any man you want. I just didn’t think your hair stylist would be the man you’d choose to go out with.”

“God I can’t believe how much time we wasted. I felt the same way about you. I’ve had the hots for you ever since the first day I came into your salon.”

“Well I for one am very, very glad you asked me out tonight. And I hope that we will be seeing a lot more of each other in the future.”

“So do I. I really like you a lot.”

“The feeling is very mutual.”

A brief silence settled over them as Jessica held a private debate in her mind over whether or not she should ask the question that now filled every fibre of her brain. She had originally planned to wait till Sunday to ask him, but with everything that had just been said, she felt more strongly than ever that she wanted it now. The debate ended quickly. She would wait no longer.

“You have to open the salon sometimes, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“That means you have a set of keys for the salon, right?”


“Let’s go!”

“Where? To the salon?”

“Yes. Right now!”

“Are you sure?”

“Unless you think you’ll get into trouble or something?”

“No, I won’t get into trouble. I mean, how would anyone even know?”

“Exactly. Let’s go right now.”

They paid for their drinks and left. As they walked to the car, Jessica could clearly see a bulge in Thom’s pants. And the best was yet to come.

The salon was recessed from the road in such a way that the buildings on each of its sides obscured a direct view of it until one was directly in front of it. It had a rather large parking area in the rear, from which the salon itself was accessed. The unintentional result of the salon’s location and design was that it afforded almost complete privacy. Even at night, a passerby would have no idea that anyone was inside.

Thomas pulled the car around the back of the salon and made sure to park it in a position that would make it virtually impossible to see from the street. The ride from the club had been made in silence. It was obvious that Jessica intended to have him cut her hair, but why? And how short? And why now? But no matter how many times he asked, and no matter how many different ways he asked, he could not get her to say anything. She simply smiled and said, “You’ll just have to wait till we get there.” But even as those questions ran through his mind, there was one more nagging question, which seemed more pressing than any other. Could he really do this? Sure the idea of cutting her hair was arousing to him, but what if she was doing this solely for that reason? Could he in good conscious cut this woman’s gorgeous hair if the only reason she was doing it was because she knew it would arouse him? Could he even bring himself to cut such lovely, thick, silky, shiny, totally feminine hair? And then there was the fact that she was obviously drunk. What if she did this in her current condition, only to thoroughly regret having done it in the morning? With Jesse as drunk as she was, she could not possibly understand the ramifications of what she was about to do. No! He would not cut her hair. He would tell her that he was too drunk himself to take a chance on cutting her hair. If only she would have answered him, he could have saved them the trip to the salon. But they were here now, and he would have to tell her before they went inside that it was pointless, because he would not cut her hair this night.

“Listen Jesse, I think I know what you have in mind here, and I’m really sorry but I don’t think it’s such a good idea” It was as though she hadn’t even heard him. She got out of the car and in an almost commanding tone said, “Come on! I have to use the bathroom!”

“All right. I’ll let you in to use the bathroom, but that’s it! I mean it Jesse! I don’t think you understand what you’re doing right now because you’re on the drunk side.”

“Oh I know exactly what I’m doing. Now will you please open the door so I can use the bathroom? I really don’t want to ruin this skirt.”

Reluctantly he put the key in the lock and turned it. He switched the hallway runner lights on, being careful not to hit the switch, which would illuminate any of the three private stations. Jesse half walked, half staggered to the bathroom, unbuttoning her skirt as she went. Thomas sat in one of the waiting chairs and went over in his mind all the reasons for not allowing Jesse to do what she obviously came here for. He heard the bathroom door creak a bit, and looked up to see Jesse’s tan skirt fall to the floor in the hallway. He tried to speak, but no words would come out. A minute later the blouse she had been wearing joined the skirt on the floor. Even with all his concerns, he could not stop the arousal that now arose in him. The skirt and blouse were followed in short order by a white lace bra, and panties. The door opened fully and Jesse stepped out into the pale light of the hallway. The light caught her hair in such a way that it seemed to Thomas that she had a halo, an aura of self-illumination. It flowed long and full over her shoulders, covering her breasts. She walked slowly over to him, no longer seeming to stagger in the least. Her hands cupped his chin, pulling him up. Her mouth pressed against his, her tongue searching for every bit of his passion. She took his hands in hers and began to lead him to the chair she had sat in so many times before, pausing only long enough to switch on the lights for the stations.

Thomas wanted to resist her, wanted to tell her, ‘NO, I WILL NOT DO THIS!’ but the words caught in his throat, and only an unintelligible grunt issued forth. Again their mouths were pressed together in a soul-rending kiss, and he felt her hands gently rubbing his crotch and ass at the same time. His willpower deteriorated completely, and in that instant he knew he would do anything she asked of him. Suddenly she pulled away from him, and sat down in the chair. Her fingers went immediately to her already soaking pussy, and began to move in slow, rhythmic circles on her clit.

“Hmmmmmmm, Thom, I want you to cut my hair. I want you to cut it short. Very short. As short as you’d like.”

“Oh god Jesse. I want to so much. But I’m afraid. You’re not thinking straight right now. Why don’t you wait till tomorrow? If you still want it done then, I will be more than happy to do it.” Even he realized just how weak his argument sounded.

” NO! Please do it now? I want it. I’ve wanted it for two days now. I know what I’m doing, and I want it so bad, Thom. Please cut it? Please cut it short?”

Her pleas were so insistently sweet, and he could see her getting more and more excited each time she said the words ‘cut it short’.

“How short do you want it?”

“I don’t care. I want you to make this your ultimate fantasy cut. I want you to make this my ultimate fantasy cut. Please Thom, PLEASE! Shear me! I want this more than you’ll ever know. Please do it now Thom? Please?”

He would not deny her. In that moment he knew that she genuinely wanted this. He dismissed the idea of putting a cape around her, and reached for his scissors. He pulled all of her hair back and let it drape over the back of the chair. He then lifted a large section, held nearly three inches of its length in his fingers, and slipped the scissors into it. The scissors worked back and forth two times quickly, and the three inches of hair came off in his fingers. He held the hair over her head and let it fall onto her firm white breasts. A long low moan escaped her lips, and her hand began to move faster over her clit. He lifted a second large section, and clasped the hair nearly five inches up from the bottom. The scissors made their familiar grinding, slicing sound and the five-inch section came free. Again he let the hair fall over her naked breasts. Her breathing became very labored and erratic, the word ‘ yes’ being the only word she could utter. He lifted the third huge section, closing his fingers on the lock at shoulder length. The nearly three foot section of hair fell across her body, causing her to shudder with a powerful orgasm.

“Oh god yes Thom! More! Cut more off please! Please make it short! Please make it very short!”

Thom was aroused to the point of near insanity at this point. Quickly he swept her hair over the front of her head, and sunk the scissors into her hair snipping a ragged line of bangs to the middle of her forehead. Her auburn hair slithered down her body in waves. He took only one second to decide to continue all the way around her head at the same length he had just cut her bangs. Fifteen seconds later, a jagged uneven bob, two inches above her ears, took shape. Jesse now rubbed her clit at fever pitch with her right hand, while simultaneously lifting large sections of her shorn hair and letting them fall again and again over her naked body. She heard the loud click of the clipper and in a fit of uncontrollable passion screamed aloud, “YES! OH GOD YES THOM! CLIP ME BABY! PLEASE CLIP ME!

Thom had put the largest attachment on the clipper before he had turned it on. Now with her scream of ecstasy, urgency, he removed the attachment resolving to use the bare blades on her. He rested the humming clipper on her forehead. At that moment her body convulsed as an earth-shattering orgasm rocked her body. Her head snapped violently forward, forcing the clipper through her hair at breakneck speed. A wide white swath replaced the once hair-covered scalp on the top of her head, as a sea of hair tumbled over her shoulders and fell to the floor. She was moaning very, very loudly, and her breath came in short forceful bursts. The clipper cleared a second swath of hair from the top of her head, and continued over the crown and down the back. Her left hand was now grabbing the shorn hair fitfully, and tossing it high into the air so that it rained down on her as if she were caught in a hair storm. Thomas ran the clipper over her head again and again. Hair spilled down as though a faucet had been opened wide. More and more of her white scalp became exposed. With a final pass across the left side of her head, the last of her once waist length auburn hair slipped to the floor. Her body went suddenly rigid for several seconds, then relaxed. She sat for what seemed like hours, quivering and moaning, her hair spattered in over nearly every inch of her body. Thomas tilted the seat back into a fully reclined position, and removed his clothes. As he moved in front of her, her hand reached out and gently grabbed his cock, guiding him over, and into her.

“Oh god that felt so good Thom. Make love to me. Make love to me for hours. And then please do it again.”

The End


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