Leslie’s Barbershop Visit

Leslie's Barbershop Visit

Leslie’s Barbershop Visit – Blade03

When I was young I used to get my hair cut in the barbershop, like all the guys in town. It wasn’t unusual to see a female with short hair getting a trim there. The barber was very good. One lady that came in regularly was Ms. Brown. She would bring her son and daughter with her. He would usually get the average boy’s haircut. She would also get hers cut into a boyish cut. She looked good in it. I always treasured getting to watch that.

One summer day, I was passing by the shop and saw Ms. Brown taking her children into the shop. I decided I would go in and watch. Her son got a buzzcut today. Then, it was Ms. Brown’s turn. I watched as the barber did his work. It was great, as always. When she was done, she got up and motioned to her daughter, Leslie.

“Today, Leslie is going to grow up some,” said Ms. Brown. Leslie climbed into the booster seat the barber had placed on the chair. Ms. Brown talked to the barber about how to cut it as he draped the cape around her daughter. Then Ms. Brown took her seat and gave Leslie one of those looks that say, “If you know what’s good for you…”

Leslie was 7. She had long, curly, blonde hair. I could see that she wasn’t very happy about this. The barber took one of the long curly strands and cut it near the hairline. He gave it to Ms. Brown. Leslie’s eyes just stared at the bouncy curl now being tucked into an envelope. I was anxious for this cut to start.

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The barber gathered her hair into a ponytail, placed the scissors close to her neck and… SHHHHHHNNIIIK! He dropped the mass of curls to the floor. I could see the tears begin to build in Leslie’s eyes. The barber began cutting around the perimeter…SHNIK SHHNIK SHNIK SHNIK… Little blonde strands fell on the cape. She now had a nice little boy’s cut.

Ms. Brown nodded her head and the barber went back to work. Using the comb-over-scissors method, he shortened the hair on top to a length of 2 inches. Leslie’s bottom lip quivered as gold clippings fell to her shoulders. I just kept hoping it wouldn’t stop.

Then the barber picked up the clippers. Ms. Brown smiled and nodded. He pushed Leslie’s head forward. BZZZZZZZZZZ…. Using a comb with the clippers, he started tapering the back without a guard.

Suddenly, the most wonderful thing happened! A car outside backfired out of its exhaust and Leslie jerked her head up and over simply by reflex! The clippers plowed past the comb, up the back and into the top! Ms. Brown paused and then gave the barber an understanding smile and a nod.

“Sorry honey, there’s only one thing I can do now,” he said to Leslie. She was crying now as he pushed her head forward. He placed the clippers at her nape with no guard and pushed them upward. BZZZZRRRRRR… he continued stroking upward… ZRRRRRRRRZZ… Finishing the back, he tilted her head up and to the side as he did each side. ZZZZZRRRRRRZZZZRR ZZZZZZRRRRRZZZRRRRRZZZRRRRRR… Blonde clumps were fallimg at an amazing rate, building up and rolling down the cape! Finally he placed the clippers at her crown and pushed them over her head. ZZRRRRRRRRRRZZZZ RRRRRRZZZZRRRRRRRRT!

Ms. Brown hugged her daughter and said something to her that stopped the crying and even brought a smile. She walked over to the barber and told him something and then sat in his chair as Leslie watched and smiled. The barber pushed her head forward and… BZZZZZZRRRRRRRZZRRRRRRZZZZRRR… He buzzed her hair as short as her daughter’s! ZZZRRRRRZZZZT! He wasn’t finished. SHWWSHHHHHHHHHHH… He filled his hand full of shaving cream and rubbed it all over her head. With a straight razor, he took it all off!


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