Hot Erotic Romance

Hot Erotic Romance

A Hot Erotic Romance by Geneva

I love Michael because he puts a little twist into everything he does. Even his hair is very unique yet all his own: brown, shoulder-length and combed straight back. While the both of us prepared dinner and then cleaned up the dishes after that, Michael never passed up an opportunity to be attentive toward me. He would hold my waist, kiss my neck and also say, “I love you, darlin'” at every chance he got, and continually letting me know I was first and foremost on his mind, even after we had gotten married.

In our house in Falls Church, Virginia, we had a 2 level house with a basement and a fireplace. And on that cold and snowy winter night where there was a blizzard outside, Mike made a fire for us while I was going to take a bath upstairs in the master bathroom. “Mike, darlin’. I am going to go and take a bath while you get the fire started. I will be back down in about one half hour or so,” I said as I was heading up the stairs to the bathroom.

Mike looked at me and said, “OK. But hurry up though. The fire won’t last too long without you, and neither will I, if you get my drift.”

So, I took my luxurious bath and bathed myself with bath gel and lotion and then sheared down the hair around my pussy, leaving only a soft tuft of hair around the opening of my pussy. Then, I got into a very sexy teddy that Mike loves me to be in and went downstairs in nothing but a teddy over my body. I wanted to surprise Mike.

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When I got downstairs, Mike had already turned off all of the lamps in the living room. And the fire, plus a few candles throughout the room, were the only things that provided the light for that room. As I walked toward him while he was kneeling down at the fireplace to make sure that it was alright, I tapped him on his shoulder, turned him around to see that I had slipped off my teddy and let it fall to the floor. His eyes became very large and drank in my whole body and then we kissed, savoring the taste of each other’s tongues as they intertwined and mingled with each other in a romantic dance of sorts. Then, his mouth went for my right breast as his hands gently glided down my bare back, and he sucked ever so gently on my right nipple. As my juices inside of me started to heat up, I cradled his head in my hands as he moved over to my left breast — kneading, caressing and sucking on it like a baby’s bottle. My clit was vibrating and throbbing so bad for him.

Finally he took his hands away from my breasts and left the nipples dripping wet, erect and aching for more attention from him. He said to me in a soft and sexy voice, “I love you very much, Geneva. Do you trust me of what I am about to do for you?”

I said to him in a low but sexy voice, “Yes, very much, and I love you too. So, what are you going to do to me, may I ask?”

“You’ll see, my love,” Mike said as he got up and went into the kitchen to get the shaving cream, straight edge razor, scissors and a comb and brought them back to the fireplace area in the living room.

As he was coming back with the things in his hands, I sat down on the rug that he had laid out for us in front of the fireplace. “Geneva, darlin’. Why don’t you sit right in front of the fire while I set up for the next phase of our lovemaking? You would be more comfortable over here.” And he motioned for me to move a few paces to my right so that I would be in front of the fire.

Then, he got a towel from the kitchen and put it around my bare shoulders so that I wouldn’t get cold. And he proceeded to comb my hair very gently, and he whispered to me, “I love you so much, my love.”

“And I love you, Mike, very much. You know that.” Little did I know that he was about to make my ultimate fantasy come true as we are husband and wife now.

As soon as he finished combing out my shoulder length hair, he got the scissors, grabbed a clump of my hair into his fist and then with one swift movement of the scissors, he chopped off that clump from my head. He did it to the rest of my head as well until there was only little tufts of hair remaining on my head. After that, he then got the shaving cream bottle, put some cream in his hands, and then put it all over my head so that it would be white as the snow outside of our house.

He got the straight edge razor and proceeded to go to face me and then make several paths from back to front to scrape off the cream from my head, making ever so gentle strokes as he glided across my head, not to hurt me in any way. After he did that, he then turned my head toward the left side of my body and pulled the top of my ear toward him and then made several paths on the right side of my head from the top of the ear to the top of the head, and repeated the same thing to the left side. Finally, he pushed my head to the right and up this time and then pushed it down so that my chin would touch my chest. He took the razor and made several passes from the back of my head toward the top, not missing a single stubble of hair on my head. As an afterthought, he got the towel from around my shoulders and used it to dry off my head and he put aloe cream on my head to prevent razor burns.

After all of that, he then sat beside me on the rug and then laid me down on the rug. He rubbed my legs, feet and my body, too, stimulating me all over. As he did this, my sex was like ice on fire, burning with my love juices and ready for him. I felt ready to explode right in front of him as his hands then caressed my stomach. His firm strokes traveled all over my entire body, manipulating for my lips of my pussy to come open with each stroke that he made. His thumbs dug firmly into my lower back as he was massaging my clit with his right hand, relaxing me with strong, circular motions. After he did that, he then reached up toward my mouth and kissed me, sending me warmth that traveled all throughout my entire body from the inside out.

As we kissed ever so long and passionately, I could feel the hardness growing ever larger of his beautiful cock against my pussy opening. His tongue probed my mouth as he found my tongue and we then intertwined in a definite French kiss liplock. I sucked on his tongue like it was a popsicle stick, loving it with the gentle but soft suction of my long awaited mouth. I could feel each kiss that we did, spreading like fire in the deepest darkest depths of my abdomen, and these kisses forced the natural nectar of the gods to come out from the depths of my body in absolute courses of waves over and over again. I had never been so ready for Mike in my whole life, but he was going to take his sweet old time to make me beg real hard for it and for him. My nipples of my breasts became harder and harder as he then put his hands lower and lower down my body toward the home of the nectar of the gods.

Mike then caressed the pussy with the palm of one of his hands. And he turned me over onto my stomach so that he would be able to kiss my ass as he parted the lips of my pussy with his strong thumbs, and putting his fingers into my pussy and having them go in and out in a very slow motion, in order for me to beg for more torture.

Then, he turned me over onto my back again and then we kissed again in another long passionate kiss as his mouth and tongue then made their way over to my right ear and caressed it with a lick and a definite nibble. I moaned ever so softly, making sure that my body would press up against his and enjoying the feel of his definite masculine form that would take possession of me at any given moment.

He then broke our long kiss and I watched him as he kissed and licked his way down between my breasts, over my stomach and toward my throbbing clit. I then suggested if we could do the “69” position, and he obliged with excitement. So, he then laid on his back further back from the fire entrance and then I slid back so that my pussy would be in his face. He then started to suck on my nectar and to find my small clit, and when he found it, I then froze but then came into his mouth with definite orgasms galore. While I was having these orgasms, I kept calling out his name several times in excitement and pure joy. These orgasms were numerous to even count, and yet I felt totally pumped and ready for more excitement from him. After he had gotten his fill of my sweet nectar, I then proceeded to give him some torture.

As he was kissing my pussy and my ass one last time, I put my tongue onto his dick and made my way with my tongue from the back to the top and then to the front of Mike’s love rod and back again until I came upon the big vein that lead to his love juices in his love sack below his cock. I then tantalized his rod with my tongue and licked the vein up and down the entire back side of his dick, while he made loud moans and groans with excitement and ecstasy and then begged for me to stop the torture before he would explode into my mouth. I said to him, “Then explode into my mouth. I want that from you so much, Mike. You know that.” And he did just that.

But, then Mike was going to give me torture some more and tantalized and teased me with his fingers going in and out of my already hot and wet pussy and then torturing me even more with his fingers feeling for my clit and rubbing it to make it more sensitive than it already was. He loved it when my body squirmed right down under him as it raised itself up off of the rug. By this time, his cock was even harder and ready for

more excitement and it was a rigid pillar of hard muscle, ready for me to do more torture to him.

So, I then asked for him to lay back down on the rug on his back and for me to get on top of him and then we would plunge to shear ecstasy and pure foreplay and sex. He obliged with that, and then got some pillows from the couch and I put them under my knees so that I would not hurt my knees while we had sex in front of the fire. I said to him as I was placing the pillows under my knees, “Make it last for me, Mike.” My words this time made him stir with excitement and he then placed me on top of his cock and he then slid right in like a 2 x 4, very easily.

I grabbed his shoulders as he mounted me on top of him like a jockey on top of a horse getting ready for a ride, and I then surrendered myself to him. I then relinquished my power from me and then I went under his spell. This time, Michael made it really last for me. As we pumped together in harmony, I could feel his kisses caressing my neck, my face, and even my lips, and all of them were definitely electric and sizzling. The foreplay was fun and I then realized that we maneuvered ourselves so that I would feel the heat of the fire pretty close to my hair, but I didn’t care at the moment. All I wanted was to be with Mike.

We pumped and pumped and it was hot and our rhythm that we had soared to new heights and realms. Mike pumped faster and faster and I held onto him with all of my strength and might. By this time, Mike was on top of me, all 170 lbs. of him to my 100 lbs. As we danced so close to the fire, all I could feel from him was his strength and his burning desire and love for me and that he was DEFINITELY inside of me. Then, without warning from him, he then cried out with a loud moan and groaned as his orgasm came and then mine came as well. The ignitions and explosions of my orgasms at that point went over anything else that was happening at that time. I sang with hot burning passion fever inside of me, making loud harmonious sounds, and was definitely exploding with waves of ecstasy and excitement as they went all over my entire body and consumed me with deep exploding passion from Mike.

Finally, it was over and both of us were totally exhausted from that foreplay. Mike pulled out of me and then laid right next to me on my left side on the rug. I then laid my head on his chest as it went up and down with each breath that he took, and our hearts still beating as one. And my pussy still throbbed with heart impulses as his lovely seeds of pure hot enjoyment spilled out onto the rug from my body.

Then, he asked me ever so softly as we just laid there in front of the fire, “Did you have a good time, Geneva? I certainly did, my wife and my love.”

I looked at Mike as I raised my head to look up at him and I said, “You know, Mike. This is the kind of sex that you remember for a lifetime. This is the kind of sex that we would call it as ‘orgasm flambé’, I believe. How about you?”

And Mike replied, “Yes, I would definitely call this night as an ‘orgasm flambé’ night to remember for all times.”


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