Brenda and Tina’s Voyage

Brenda and Tina's Voyage


Brenda had gone to the grocery store near the marina and was standing in the checkout line when a distinguished looking, handsome man came in. He was dressed in white yachting clothes and had the look of money. He introduced himself to the store manager as Mr. Swift and handed over a list of supplies he would need for his next voyage. As he was getting ready to leave, Brenda, who was shamelessly eavesdropping, heard him say, “By the way, I am in need of a cook and general helper. Do you know anyone who could do this?”

Brenda caught up to him in the parking lot. “Mr. Swift, I heard you telling the manager that you need a cook and a general helper. I can cook and I have a daughter who is seventeen who could be the helper.” Her words came out in a rush. She had been out of work for three weeks and was getting desperate for some money. It was summer so her daughter didn’t need to worry about school for a while.

He looked with some interest at this woman standing before him. The first thing that caught his eye was her luxurious, thick hair – it was a lovely auburn color with the reddish highlights glimmering in the suns rays. She wore it in a smooth bob ending just above her shoulders – it covered the collar of her shirt – with the ends curled slightly under. The fringe on her forehead touched her eyebrows. She appeared to be in her early to mid-thirties, but was probably older if she had a seventeen year old daughter, he thought. He agreed to have her come by his yacht, “The Lil’ Shaver” for an interview. He told her to bring the daughter also.

They showed up promptly at the appointed time and he invited them into the main salon. They walked in wide-eyed seeing the rich opulence of the expensive yacht and its luxurious appointments. They were seated in comfortable chairs and Mr Swift began talking to them. Soon a young woman came in, dressed in a very skimpy bikini. Mr. Swift introduced her as his wife, Mrs. Swift. She couldn’t be more than twenty-eight, Brenda thought and he must be at least fifty-five! She had a real pretty face but her hair was thin and it looked like she didn’t much know what to do with it. It was layered and might look nicer if she curled it, but the damp sea air made it kind of frizzy. Brenda smugly thought of her own shiny thick smooth hair and couldn’t stop herself from reaching up and patting it into place.

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She looked over at Tina, her daughter, who had put her nearly waist-length reddish-blond hair into a thick braid. Brenda reached over and tucked a few stray wisps behind Tina’s ear. Tina had gone out on a yacht once with some friends from school and being a curious girl she asked a lot of questions and learned a lot. Mr. Swift was asking the right questions because Tina was able to respond with good answers. As the interview was drawing to a close a young boy, about twelve years old, came walking through. They introduced him as their son, Albert. He looked like a nerd and was awkward and self-conscious. He looked down at the carpet even when he spoke. He responded to questions with polite answers, but looked very uncomfortable.

Brenda was shown through the galley and she confidently claimed that she would be able to cook for the family and the crew, which consisted of two other men who were not introduced. Mr. Swift accompanied them off the boat onto the dock. He said they wanted to set out the next day and couldn’t wait to see if any other applicants came along. If they wanted the jobs they were hired, he said with a smile.

Brenda and Tina looked at each other with the same thought – a lovely yachting vacation and getting paid to boot. Both said, “Oh yes,” at the same time. They then giggled and Brenda shook his hand, promising to be packed and ready to go by nine o-clock the next morning.

At nine-o’clock they showed up on the dock with four suitcases apiece. One of the crew helped them carry the bags while Mr. Swift showed them to their room. They passed by several empty cabins with pretty carpet and paintings and linens. The room they were given was back by the engine compartment and about half the size of the cabins they had seen. There was a set of bunks for them to sleep on and very little closet or dresser space. Brenda told Tina she would have the upper bunk and they tried to unpack as much as they could. Some things just had to be left in the suitcases and there really wasn’t any room for them.

At lunch Brenda appeared with a sassy little pony tail that bounced around as she swiveled her head this way and that. She turned on the charm, flirting shamelessly with Mr. Swift. She knew what her inviting smile, husky voice and a toss of her auburn hair could do to men. After all, she’d been married three times and had countless boyfriends.

It appeared as though Mr. and Mrs. Swift had a strained relationship and the more attention he paid to Brenda the angrier Mrs. Swift got. Brenda finally convinced him to let her and Tina stay in one of the larger cabins. When he agreed to that, Mrs. Swift put down her fork and excused herself saying she was full and wanted to go rest. Brenda thought, with a little luck he may dump Mrs. Swift and latch on to me – then I’d be set for the rest of my life. She looked around at all the luxury and thought, “I could get used to this!”

Tina was catching on to her duties – she was a sharp girl that way. From watching her mother she had learned how to get men to go along with her. She turned those big blue eyes on a man and smiled her sweet, innocent smile and they would do almost anything for her.

At breakfast the second morning, everyone was angry because breakfast was late. What did they know about how long it took a girl to make herself presentable in the morning? Finally, an hour and a half after the time she’d been told to have it ready they were sitting down to eat. There wasn’t much conversation but Albert piped up and said, “Father, did you remember that today you were going to teach me how to use the navigation equipment?”

Before Mr. Swift could reply, Tina said breathlessly and with her eyes widened, “Oh, that sounds so interesting. I’d like to learn about that too!” Mr. Swift smiled at her and turned to his son, “Albert, I’ll teach you that another day. We must have the crew well-trained, mustn’t we!” He patted Tina’s hand. Mrs. Swift actually rolled her eyes at that little exchange. Albert retreated inside himself and didn’t say another word the rest of the morning.

Lunch was more or less on time (only forty-five minutes late) and Mrs. Swift openly said to her husband in front of Brenda, “You should speak to the cook about preparing meals on time. We have a schedule and we must run a tight ship, mustn’t we?” (imitating her husband’s tone from breakfast).

He grimaced and said, “I’m sure Brenda is just getting the hang of things, finding out where everything is in the kitchen and so on. It will get better.” Brenda looked at him from behind his wife and gave him a wink. He barely suppressed a smile.

Brenda and Tina had both taken a long shower that morning – that’s one reason why breakfast was so late. They each took another long shower that evening before going to bed – in one of the larger cabins. After a third long shower in the morning, washing her hair again, Brenda was told (by Mrs. Swift and in a very haughty, know-it-all voice) that “On a ship we must practice water conservation. If we run out of fresh water it could be very dangerous.” Brenda just shrugged it off not even answering her, just walking away. Mrs. Swift was infuriated! It didn’t stop Brenda (or Tina) from taking regular and long showers and washing her hair frequently.

Albert had a computer set up in the main salon and he spent a lot of time with it, using a satellite phone and a modem to go on-line. He would hunch over the keyboard and tap-tap- tap his way through most of the day and long into the evenings. No one seemed to know much about what he was doing with it.

Tina liked computers and had learned about them in school. She thought she knew her way around pretty good, so one time when she was taking a break and Albert was in his room, she sat at his computer and fired it up. She didn’t know what she did, but somehow half of his hard drive got erased. She realized what had happened and was desperately trying to fix it when Albert came walking in.

When he saw her sitting there at his computer he let out a screech, “What are you doing?” And then when she jumped away and he looked at the screen he realized she had deleted half of his files he was livid. His face turned purple and he started to turn on Tina. He wasn’t very big, kind of scrawny, actually, but he looked possessed. If his mother and father hadn’t walked in right then Tina didn’t know what he might have done. Tina was shaken at the sight of his fury and apologized to him.

Mr. Swift tried to calm Albert down, “Now she has apologized. It was an accident, just let it go.” Tina could tell that he wasn’t about to do that, but he did regain control of himself. Later that day when Brenda had gone to use the head, she was sitting on the toilet when the door burst open. Albert stood there looking at her. She felt defenseless sitting on the john with her shorts down around her ankles. She said, “Get out of here, now, you jerk!”

He smiled a really evil smile and stood there staring at her until she had taken a deep breath to scream for somebody. He slammed the door shut and was gone. She was shaking – “that’s some weird kid,” she thought to herself.

On the Friday evening of the first week, Mr. Swift, after supper, announced to Brenda and Tina that he was the medical officer of the ship (as well as the captain and every other officer). To fulfil his responsibility for the medical well-being of the crew, he went on, he would have to give them an examination each week. He named one of the empty cabins and said that would be the sick bay where he would perform his examination.

Brenda thought this sounded like it had some possibilities for her – to be alone with him and perhaps take some of her clothes off. She eagerly went to the “sick bay” at the appointed time and walked in with what she thought of as her seductive smile. He looked at her from behind a little desk and said, “Close the door, Brenda.” She turned to close the door and saw his wife standing in the corner of the room with her arms folded.

When he saw that she had noticed his wife he said, “Mrs. Swift is a nurse, she will assist me in the weekly exams.” He had her remove her clothes and his wife gave a cursory look and said she was in great health. He asked a few other questions, like if she was having regular bowel movements and so on. Mrs. Swift was anxious to get her out as quickly as possible so it was soon over.

They called Tina in next. They took longer with her. Later Tina told her mom that they had her unfasten her hair and comb it out in front of them. Then she had to take all her clothes off and both the Swifts examined her in minute detail. They asked about her bathroom habits, specifically the last time she’d had a bowel movement. She wasn’t in the habit of keeping track of those things so she said she didn’t know. Then she said, “Mom, they made me bend over and then they stuck some kind of hose in my bottom. They called it an enema. He said it would be just a little bit of water, but I thought it would never end. It went on and on – I felt like I was going to burst. I was getting awful cramps inside. Finally they pulled out the hose and then laughed as they made me wait a couple of minutes before I raced for the bathroom.” Tears poured down her face, “I hope they never do that again.”

At breakfast the next morning (which was still not on time because Brenda was putting the finishing touches on her hair – a pretty ribbon tied on top of her head) Albert spoke up. “Father, you are the captain of this ship, right?” His father nodded in an abstract way. “And I am your only son and direct descendant, right?” Once again his father nodded, bemused. “So, that means that if you were indisposed then I would be the captain, right?”

“Nothing is going to happen to me, son.”

“I know that, Father, but if it did wouldn’t I be captain?”

Mr. Swift looked at his wife and raised his eyebrows. Finally just to end the conversation he said, “I suppose you’re right Albert.” That satisfied Albert so he said no more.

That day they faced their first really bad weather. A vicious storm blew them around for a while and then went away. It was gone by the middle of the afternoon but as a result one of the masts was damaged. Mr. Swift went up in a bosuns chair to check it out. One of the ropes, which were nearly new, had evidently gotten a worn spot in it because when Mr. Swift was halfway up the rope broke. He came crashing down to the deck. He barely missed a pile of gear that would have injured him badly, but as it was he landed on his right wrist which bent the wrong way with a sickening snap. He hollered in pain and everyone was right there immediately to help him.

Mrs. Swift brought out some medical supplies, gave him a pain-killer and with the help of the other crewmen set the wrist. They put splints on and bound it snugly. The two crewmen assisted him to the room he shared with Mrs. Swift. The pain killer had made him drowsy so he soon nodded off. Supper was quite subdued as each reflected on how far they were from shore and how easy it was to get hurt.

They set up a schedule for the watch through the night. Every three hours it would change so each one could get some sleep. At one o’clock in the morning it was Tina’s turn. She knew enough about running the ship that she could be in charge for two hours. When her turn was done it would be Mrs. Swift’s turn.

She started out fine but by the time three-thirty rolled around she was nodding at the wheel. At three forty-five Albert snuck on deck and found her sound asleep. She woke with a yelp when Albert grabbed a fistful of her abundant hair and gave a mighty yank. He told her that his mother wanted to see her in the main salon. When they got there, Mrs. Swift was standing in the galley drinking a cup of coffee.

“Here she is, Mom,” Albert said. “I found her asleep at her watch.”

“Oh, that is serious,” Mrs. Swift said, “were you asleep, Tina?”

She thought about lying, but decided not to and nodded her head, saying, “Yes I was.”

“O.K., we will have a court martial and sentencing as soon as we get someone else on watch and wake up her mother.” She left to wake up one of the other crewman who would take over the helm. When she got back she went to get Brenda. Tina sat in a chair under the watchful eye of Albert. She didn’t say a word but she nervously twisted a lock of hair around her finger and looked worried.

Brenda stumbled into the room rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “What’s going on?” she asked.

Two chairs had been set in the middle of the room and Mrs. Swift coldly pointed to them and ordered Brenda and Tina to sit. “This is your moment of reckoning,” she told them. “Ever since you have come on board you have been nothing but trouble. You have made an obvious play for my husband – who is too smart to fall for a cheap thing like you. You have disrupted the orderly schedule of this ship. You have been wasteful of our precious water. You have been hostile and insolent to me. Then Tina, here, has usurped my husbands affections for his own son, ruined my son’s computer and has also wasted precious water not to mention she fell asleep on her watch tonight.” She continued, itemizing every slight and hurt – both imagined and real – that had been building in her mind the whole voyage.

Brenda and Tina sat there unspeaking, thinking, this can’t be for real. When Mrs. Swift got done with her tirade. Brenda stood up and said, “Now wait a minute. This is a bunch of crap. What do you think you’re doing waking me up in the middle of the night to spew this venom all over us. Wait until the Captain hears about it.” She started to walk toward his bedroom.

She hadn’t gone three steps before a surprisingly strong Mrs. Swift grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. It hurt so much it brought tears to her eyes. Mrs. Swift marched her back to the chair and said, “Albert, I believe Brenda needs to be restrained.” Albert produced a pair of handcuffs and Brenda’s arms were fastened behind her back. She was pushed into the chair and told to stay there. To be on the safe side they also handcuffed Tina. The two looked decidedly less cocky now – they looked really worried.

“Now for the sentencing. Albert, what do you think would be appropriate for these two?”

“I know what we should do, Mom. Tina should get a spanking because she’s been a naughty girl. Maybe Brenda is too old for a spanking but we could give her a haircut. That would help her be on time because she wouldn’t have to spend so much time fixing her hair.”

Brenda wiggled uncomfortably in her chair. They both did for that matter. “You’ll never get away with this. You can’t touch us,” Brenda shouted at Mrs. Swift.

That seemed to settle the matter. “Albert, go get the paddle. I’ll get the haircutting kit.”

Albert scurried away with delight. He brought back a slender wooden paddle resembling an elongated ping pong paddle. Tina groaned. Mrs. Swift and Albert approached Tina and lifted her from the chair. She could hardly stand – her legs were weak with fear. Brenda shouted, “Don’t you touch her!”

Mrs. Swift just looked at her and said, “Shut up. We will do what we want and you can’t stop us. The more you carry on the worse it will be for you.”

Mrs. Swift had Albert unfasten the front of Tina’s shorts and tug them down to her knees. “Should we pull her panties down too?” Albert asked.

“No son, you’ve seen enough for a boy your age. Those panties are thin she’ll feel it plenty. Do you want to do the honors, Albert?” He readily agreed. He picked up the paddle, which had never been used on him, and positioned himself behind Tina. “Give her ten hard whacks, Albert. And Tina, I want you to count them out for us. Go ahead now.”

Albert took his time winding up and delivered a home run swing. The whack resounded through the room. Tina screamed in agony. They waited. “Tina, you must count them out, if you don’t more will be added on the end.”

Finally through her sobs they heard a faint, “One.”

Albert kept them coming at a steady pace after that. He aimed at different parts of her bottom covering it all completely. The skin turned a fiery red which could be seen through her panties. He even aimed a little low and caught the top of her thighs on a couple. She really screamed after those. Finally with a weak, “Ten.” They were done and allowed Tina to collapse into her chair – although that was agonizing also.

Mrs. Swift turned to Brenda who had quieted down during the paddling and said, “Now it’s your turn. I think it would be a good learning experience for you to be paddled also.” Albert had to help her because Brenda put up a struggle, but they finally arranged her bottom up across the seat of the chair. They tied her arms and legs to keep her in place. Mrs. Swift took the paddle in her own hands for this one – she was going to enjoy it immensely. She lifted up the hem of Brenda’s over-sized tee shirt which served for pajamas and uncovered her panty-clad bottom. Mrs. Swift delivered the first swat then paused to see the effect. Brenda exercised all her self control to keep from yelling in pain. But by the third hard swat she couldn’t keep still. She was crying and blubbering as bad as her daughter. Tina watched with wide-eyed amazement. Mrs. Swift got into a rhythm and kept swinging and swinging. Albert kept track – Brenda was paddled sixteen times!

They left her spread out over the chair and turned back to Tina who was still whimpering from her own ordeal. “Maybe Tina needs to have her hair trimmed,” Mrs. Swift said. “She seems to know just how to use her charms to get her way with men. It would be better for her to learn this lesson at her young age. Albert hand me the scissors.”

“Mom, can I give Tina her haircut?” Albert asked. “After all, she did ruin my computer.”

“Well, I suppose.” Mrs. Swift answered. “You can give her whatever kind of haircut you’d like.”

Tina let out a wail. She had kept her hair long, for as long as she could remember. It was almost to her waist now and she had her mother carefully trim off a half an inch every couple of months to keep it straight across her back. On the boat she usually had it in a braid to keep it out of the way. This evening she had let it up in a ponytail.

They tied her arms and legs so she couldn’t move. Then Albert took out the ponytail holder and combed out her long hair. She used expensive hair-care products so it was soft and shiny. He combed it for a long time, thinking out loud about what hairstyle he would give her. “I want this to be a dramatic change for you,” he said. “Have you ever had really short hair?”

Tina tearfully shook her head, “No.”

“Should we cut it to your shoulder blades? Or maybe to your shoulders, about like your mom’s. What about a chin length. Or should we cut it like a boys – maybe taper it up the back with the clippers and shave around your ears. What should I do?” He mused to himself.

Finally he took the scissors and starting at the top of one ear he cut straight across to the other ear. He then cut off at the scalp all the hair below that line. He then flicked on the electric clippers and shaved her neck and everything up to the ear line. When he got done it looked like he’d set a bowl on top of her head and shave off everything below it. He handed her a small mirror and when she looked at herself she let out a loud wail. “I’m ruined,” she said, “I can’t go anywhere looking like this. You spiteful little boy. You’ve planned this ever since I lost the programs on your computer.”

That was much truer than she knew. Albert and his mom just smiled at each other. “Keep that up,” Albert said, “and I’ll just finish the job shaving your whole head.” She got quiet really fast.

They untied Brenda and forced her to sit in the chair on her raw bottom then retied her legs and arms to the chair so she couldn’t move. “Now for your haircut.” Mrs Swift announced after she’d caught her breath from the exercise.

“What? You’ve already paddled me. What more do you need to do?” Brenda tearfully cried.

“Oh, you haven’t really learned your lesson, yet.” Mrs. Swift replied. “Right now you just hate us. When I’m done with you you’re going to hate yourself also. I just might shave your entire head. Wouldn’t that be pretty,” she said sarcastically. She plugged in the electric clippers and stepped up behind Brenda. “Oh, Brenda, would you prefer to have me give you your haircut or Albert?”

Brenda thought that Albert might be a little more sympathetic to her, or at least respectful of the fact that she was an adult. “Let Albert do it.”

Albert grinned broadly. “O.K.” he said.

“Now just a little trim,” Brenda replied. “It hasn’t been that long since I had it cut.”

Albert grabbed a wide-toothed comb and stood behind Brenda combing her hair. Over and over he gently moved the comb through her auburn locks. It was so thick and soft and shiny. He bent over and lifted the weight of it to his face sniffing the scent of her shampoo. “Umm. That’s nice – a strawberry smell,” he said. “You have such pretty hair, Brenda.”

“Thank you, Albert,” she said politely trying to make him feel important.

“What do you think, Brenda” Albert said to her holding just the ends of her hair between his fingers, “a quarter of an inch or a half an inch?”

“I could probably stand a quarter of an inch.” Brenda responded.

Albert took the clippers from his mom and put on the smallest trim guide they had. He stood behind her and pushed her head forward. Then taking his left hand he moved it under her hair and up her neck until he had lifted the hair off her neck and was holding it up in the air. He placed the clippers on the nape of her neck and flicked the switch on then moved them upward. The teeth bit into her hair, laboring to work through the thick locks. When he had made a swipe halfway up her head, he lifted away the severed strands and deposited them in her lap.

“I told you to cut off only a quarter of an inch,” Brenda screamed at him.

“Oh, no, you told me to leave just a quarter of an inch,” he laughed.

“That’s right. That’s what I heard you say,” Mrs. Swift joined in with a big smile.

Pushing her head forward again Albert continued holding up sections of her beautiful shiny auburn hair and buzzing it off close to her scalp. When the back was done, he moved around to the sides and then took off the top. He saved the fringe on her forehead for last. He clippered the strands off letting the severed pieces slide down her nose and drop onto her chest.

Mrs. Swift came over to examine his work. “Excellent, Albert. Good work,” she said as she rubbed her hands over Brenda’s bristly head. They held out a hand mirror for Brenda to see. She broke down completely. Her shoulders slumped in defeat. No longer was she the proud flirt that had come onto the ship. She was bald and ugly. It made her look years older. Her hair, which had been her best feature, now lay in shining piles at her feet. It appeared that all of her pride went with it. She looked so different – a real contrast from the stunning beauty which attracted men’s eyes effortlessly.


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