Bang On or Gone

Bang On or Gone

“Damn, it’s raining again,” I thought to myself as I looked out the bathroom window. I was getting ready to go to my job interview, and I wanted to look my best.

“My hair will never stay the way I want it with all this rain,” I thought to myself.

I took a brush and slicked back my hair away from my face. My hair was a freshly colored shade of rich red. I had bleached the bangs a bright blonde so that it would accent my great green eyes. I just couldn’t get my bangs to go the way I wanted, they curled over at the ends and didn’t lie the way I liked.

“I know what I’ll do, I’ll trim them. It can’t be that hard, all I have to do is take my time and snip carefully.”

I reached into my makeup bag and brought out my little manicure scissors… “This should work.”

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I then combed down the fringe so that it was as straight as I could get it… but damn, they were curling up.

“I should wet them down.”

I ran my comb under the faucet and raked the comb through my bangs. The water made my bangs heavy and plastered them to my forehead. I reached for the scissors and brought them up to the side of my temple and started to snip a half inch off of the length. I carefully held the bangs down tight to my forehead as I snipped, trying carefully to snip the hair off straight. In no time I had reached the other side of my head and my bangs seemed to be straight except for a piece close to the other side. My right arm and hand seemed to be in the way as I snipped the left side of my fringe, so I switched hands and tried to cut my hair with my left hand. Let me tell you, that is a bit hard to do if you’re right-handed. I steadied my left hand and started to cut into my fringe. The scissors felt too unsteady, so I reached into the drawer and pulled out my husband’s hair scissors, that he uses for his mustache. I was looking in the mirror as I brought up the long scissors to my bangs. My reflection tricked me into putting the scissors at the wrong angle and as I cut, I was cutting high up into my bangs. When I realized what I had done, I was shocked. My poor bangs looked like a child had hacked at her hair viciously. I now looked at my reflection, quickly putting the scissors down on the counter as if to pretend that I didn’t just mess up my hair.

I stood there for a second wondering what to do now. My poor bangs were ruined, cut jagged, and sticking out a half inch from my hairline. I picked up my hairdryer and quickly started to blow dry them. Maybe I can fix them, I thought. After a minute of blowing them and combing them this way and that, I realized that all I could do was either hack them off at the hairline, or go out for my job interview looking like a crazed person attacked my hair… what to do?

I stood there for a second, and figured, “Well, the damage is done now, I’ll just snip them off at the hair line… after all, short bangs are in, and with my hair bobbed off just below the chin, it may look good.”

I reached for my husband’s scissors again, brought my shaking hand up to my bangs and started to snip off the remainder of my jagged red bangs. I watched as my hair rained down on the sink, and my bangs disappeared under the sharp snipping scissors. The finished look was stark, but with my great green eyes, I think I could pull it off. I put my coat on, and rushed out into the rain for my job interview.


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