Kelly’s Haircut

Kelly's Haircut


She had been trying to grow her hair out now for what seemed like forever, but she was beginning to tire of the process. She had been downtown at the market with a friend and they had been talking about hair for the last few minutes when they passed a barber shop.

Kelly stopped to look inside. “You know for two cents I’d go in there and get my hair cut,” she said to her friend.

“Well I’ve got the two cents if you’ve got the guts,” said her friend.

“I’m going to do it,” said Kelly and they walked into the barber shop.

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Kelly’s hair had grown down past her shoulders so when she walked in, everyone turned to look, wondering why such a pretty girl with such lovely hair was entering a barber shop. They took their place with the other people (all men) in the waiting area.

“How short are you going to get it cut?” her friend asked.

“Well, I am in a barber shop you know…if I’m going to get it cut, I’m going all the way ” she said with amazing confidence.

“No way” exclaimed her friend.

“If you get your head shaved, I’ll get mine crewcut.”

Her friend, Cheryl had hair that reached down to her bra strap and Kelly thought she would never see the day those words would come out her mouth.

“Don’t make any promises you can’t keep, Cheryl because I’m going for it,” said Kelly of her friend’s last comment.

“I’m serious, if you do it , so will I.”

As they were talking between themselves about their upcoming fate the barber looked over their way and yelled “Next?” sending both girls into a sort of panic feeling. Kelly looked at Cheryl and raised herself slowly off her chair and started moving towards the massive barber chair waiting for her.

Kelly had never sat in a barber chair before, the size of it was a little intimidating, her not knowing what all the handles and equipment was for but little did she know she was about to find out. Cheryl just sat in awe that her friend was actually sitting in that immense chair about to be shorn of all her long blonde tresses. But Kelly was in control and she knew what she wanted , she also knew that she was going to hold her friend, Cheryl to the bet she had just made. It was almost worth the shave just to see it. It turned out to be icing on the cake for something Kelly was going to do anyway.

“My name is Dave,” said the barber as he fastened the clean barber cloth around Kelly’s neck. He tightened it firmly and turned her to the mirror to discuss her haircut. “What can I do for you today?” he asked her.

“I want all my hair cut off and my head shaved,” she said without hesitation. “Did I say that?” she wondered. She amazed herself at just how easy it was to say the words. She knew she was ready. “And after you finish me, my friend over there wants a crewcut”, she said pointing to Cheryl.

“I don’t think you’ll do it Kelly” said Cheryl.

“Watch me!” exclaimed Kelly.

“One at a time,” said Dave as he turned Kelly back away from the mirror before shearing her beautiful blonde hair to the floor. “You’re sure about this?”

“I’m positive just do it ” said Kelly.

With that Dave reached for his scissors, picked up the hair just above Kelly’s forehead, placed it between his fingers and SNIP…that piece was gone, sent to the barber shop floor in one swift move. Kelly could feel the excitement brewing in her already and that was just the first cut. Again and again she heard the fateful snip ….snip…. snip…. snip, her hair now cascading down in front of her eyes, falling in a pile in her lap and onto the barber shop floor. Time after time she felt Dave’s massive fingers grip her hair between them and the “snip” of the shears relieving her of all her glorious tresses. She felt the excitement grow with each closing of Dave’s shears. She could even see Cheryl start to get excited . Kelly had no idea getting a haircut could be so much fun. Having finished with his handy scissors, she felt Dave’s strong hand on top of her head forcing her chin down to her chest. The loud “click” of the clippers being turned on startled her but she didn’t move. He slowly began to move the humming clipper up the back of her head until she could feel the air breezing past her newly clippered scalp. He now pushed her head to one side ,again holding her in place with one hand and performing his deed with the other. Soon he moved directly in front of her and positioning the clipper at her front hairline gently but firmly cut a two inch path down the middle of her top. She could hear the hair being rapidly sheared off at the scalp as it fell to her lap adding to the collection of hair that she already had.

“There,” said the barber, “Phase one complete. Now for phase two, you’re sure you want to do this?”

“Absolutely,” said Kelly, looking over at her friend that stared back at her in disbelief. She knew now that she would have to be next but strangely enough she was beginning to get excited about it.

Dave reached behind him to get a handful of warm lather from the machine that was on his counter. He gently spread the lather across Kelly’s shapely scalp completely covering the 1/8 inch stubble left by the final pass of the clippers. He picked up his razor and began hitting it against the large leather strop attached to the side of is chair, honing it to a fine edge sharp enough to do the job. With the precision of a skilled surgeon, Dave pulled the razor across Kelly’ scalp again and again until the stubble was replaced by a smooth silky feeling scalp, pausing only long enough to wipe the lather from his instrument on the back of his hand. He then finished her time in the chair with the application of a hot steaming towel wrapped around her head, clearing away any remaining lather. He gently rubbed a sweet smelling conditioner on her newly shorn head, removed the now tainted cape and turned her to the mirror for her to see her new look.

“My God, I look beautiful” she screamed. “I had no idea it would look so wonderful. This is great, Dave, thank you so much.”

“Glad to do it for you,” he proclaimed. “It was fun for me too”.

With that, Dave helped Kelly from the barber chair, looked over at her friend, slapped the new barber cloth he was holding and said with a wide grin, “NEXT”?


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