Twelve O’Clock High

Twelve O'Clock High

Twelve o’Clock High – Buzz

It was noon hour and I wanted my hair cut, I felt that if I didn’t go and get it cut, then tomorrow it would be hacked off by me when I got up and had to go and brush it out for the day. I went down to the shop down the street. It was a beauty school and I figured that it didn’t matter how they cut it, just cut it short.

I walked in the shop and there was four student women and one guy learning their trade. A girl with burgundy hair bobbed off at ear level on one side of her head and buzzed over the ears on the other came up and asked if she could help. I told her that I wanted my hair cut and I wasn’t sure what style, but that if I had to, that I would cut it myself. She assured me that I didn’t have to cut it off, and that they would be glad to cut my hair, and that they were all professionals and that they would be graduating soon from the hairdressing course that they were on. Another girl came over and spoke up that the instructor was away, and that she had only left for about one half hour to take her car to the garage two streets over and that they were not to cut any hair until she returned.

I told them that if they didn’t want to cut my hair then I would go to the shop down the street. Soon the other two in the shop came over and told me that not to worry, they could cut my hair and that it would be a good cut. I thanked them and was led to the shampoo chair. The guy had me lean back in the chair and my hair was saturated with luke warm water, and poured Sassoon shampoo into my medium length brownish, red hair.

He talked all about the first hair cut he gave one of his customers. He said that she had long middle of the back red hair and that she had decided to cut it all off to above the shoulders and she wanted the bangs trimmed to mid forehead. He said that cutting hair had always been something that he enjoyed and that he hoped that he could be allowed to give me my haircut.

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A towel was wrapped around my hair and I was led to a stylist chair. There the towel was pulled off and my hair fell in tangles down around my shoulders. I looked up and saw the girl with her hair permed and hanging in soft curls down to the bottom of her ears. She then started to comb out my hair and started to ask how I wanted to cut my hair. Well soon all of the students came over and started to talk about my hair. They suggested that I get it cut real short, pixey like, another said that I should get a short taper up the back and sides with the top buzzed down to about one inch. They said that I should just trim up the length …….finally I grabbed the five inch scissors in front of me and with my left hand grabbed the front left temple area of my hair and slashed off about twelve inched of my hair. Well with that I reached over and passed the chopped off lock of my hair to the guy and told him to fix it, and buzz it off close before the head instructor came back. They all just looked in shock, and then the girl with burgundy hair started to clap and said that I had guts. The guy still holding my chopped of hair snuck it into his pocket, probably to masturbate to later, stepped forward and start to comb my now hacked off hair and suggesting a very short buzz with very short wispy bangs and maybe a braid of long hair hanging down the left side of my nape. I told him to go for it. The girl with the short permed hair asked if I would let her buzz some off too, I told them all to give it a try.

With that they all went to their work stations and returned with their battery held clippers, used for edging. The guy asked me how short they should shear my hair off to, and I told them to buzz it off so that I still have hair but if they could, can they taper close over my ears and nape to give me a bit of what they call white walls, since I remember how clean looking my brothers hair looked after he had it cut for the service. I was happy to know that soon, all my hair would be shaved off close and that tomorrow, all I would have to do it get up and brush cold water over my head and fluff my bangs and no more bad hair days.The sound of the clippers as they shaved my temple area free of hair was powerful. My hair fell softly to the black cape and pooled in my lap. The girls all reached over each other and the sound of four clippers cutting my hair down to the skull was exciting.

The guy stopped them before they could chop my hair off the nape of my neck. He braided about one inch square of hair and this beautiful braid just hung over my collar, as the clippers started again. Bald patches of scalp emerged all over as my hair was sheared off my head. Stubble was soon smoothly cut so that my entire head of hair was now laying in my lap. The reflection of me with a eighth of an inch of hair all over my head and this thick clump of bangs hanging over my forehead was exciting to look at. Then the male hairdressing student picked up a pair of thinning shears. He chopped into my hair so that the blades kept clogging up with hair. But the finished look after he finished my bangs was neat to look at. Just short wispy bangs hung about one and a half inches down my forehead. The burgundy headed girl then put warm lather around my ears and up the back of my neck. She quickly shaved my hair close and white strips soon emerged along my hair line. They finished up with some talcum powder and I reached up and felt my now almost shaven head. God, it felt great. They all told me that I had guts to cut my hair so short. I smiled and reached for my purse to pay, they all said that this was a freebie.

The guy said that he enjoyed buzzing my hair off and that next time I need a trim (in about two weeks, he said) then come back and see him. I put on my coat and headed for the door. As I reached the door, a lady, probably the head instructor was just entering the shop, I saw the look of astonishment on her face and I heard the girl tell her that I had just stopped in to ask directions. With that I reached up and flicked my braid and chuckled as I headed to my car.


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