Cyber Clipt

Cyber Clipt

Cyber Clipt

The sound of the clippers buzzing permeated the barber shop. Sitting in the waiting area, and next, was Mercedes. She was staring intensely at the guy in the chair getting a High n Tight, mesmerized by the barber working the clippers. Mercedes was a beautiful Latino girl, about 5’6″ tall with gorgeous natural blond hair, that fell to the middle of her back in soft curls. It was the kind of hair most woman would die for, Mercedes was dying to have it all cut off. She had noticed that she was turned on by women getting buzzed or shaved, and had been wanting for the longest time to experience it herself. Today was the day, she had made the decision, in a few minutes she would say good-bye to her blond locks.

The guy in the chair was done, and got up, paid the barber and was leaving. The Barber said the fateful word, “Next.” Mercedes marched confidently up to the chair and sat down. The Barber pushing away the long blonde hair, fastened a cape around her neck. Mercedes then told the Barber, “I want it all shaved off”. The Barber did not flinch, and she continued, “I want it real smooth too.” Without further delay the barber combed out her lovely long hair and then reached for the clippers, and switched them on. Mercedes’ heart started to race at the anticipation of the clippers touching her scalp. The cold steel head, with no guide, touched down on the front of her scalp. The clippers cut a path across the top of her head, as they effortlessly peeled away the long blonde locks. Mercedes’s excitement deepened as she could see her scalp emerging from beneath her soft yellow growth. Half of her scalp was now bared, and she could begin to see the lovely lines and shape of her previously hidden head. She was pleased on how good it looked on her, when combined with her high cheekbones and other facial features, it was exotic and dazzling. The two simple gold hoop earrings she was wearing, would be perfect complements to her shaved clean look. The Barber finished relieving her of the last lock of her golden hair, and put down the clippers. Mercedes starred at her new look in the mirror and moved her head from side to side to catch the various angles, of her naked scalp. The Barber, in the meanwhile, was filling his palm from the hot lather machine. The hot lather felt good on her newly shorn scalp. The Barber sharpened his straight razor on the strop, and when done started to shave her almost imperceptible blonde stubble. When he was done he lathered her again, and taking a disposable razor, shaved the former blonde till her head was completely smooth. The Barber wiped off any remaining soap, and rubbed some baby oil into her scalp. He removed the cape form Mercedes, who by now was wearing a beaming smile. She brought her hands up to stoke her newly liberated scalp. She loved it, and by now was really turned on. The other male customers were in a silent trance as this transformation was taking place. Mercedes paid the Barber, and turned to face her unprepared audience. Some were in a state of shock, while others gave her a round of applause as she smiled, and left the shop.

On the way back home in her car, Mercedes felt the joy and liberation of her transformation, and the fact that she was incredibly horny. She thought about her cyber-lover Luis. Luis had a hair fetish which was as intense as her own. They had met on the Internet, and traded pictures and hair cutting stories regularly. This then escalated into long cyber-sex sessions on a chat channel. Mercedes knew that Luis would be totally turned on if he saw her now. Unfortunately Mercedes wanted Luis to under go the same transformation, but she knew he would not. He was a little vain and scared, not wanting to part with his precious pony-tail. Just at that point an idea popped into Mercedes’s head, “I’ll have that pony-tail in my hand, and Luis in bed, before this day is through.” She smiled to herself as the plan came together in her mind.

At home Mercedes showered and shaved off any remaining body hair. She stared at herself in the mirror, admiring her new hairless look. She then put a wooden table next to her computer. She wrapped a piece of copper wire around the table, to form a loop, and the wrapped the other end of the wire around the telephone connection coming out of her modem. On the table she placed a white table cloth, on top of which, she placed spiritual candelas, crystals, sacred geometry, incense, and bottles of special oils. Mercedes’s favorite Aunt when she was growing up had been referred to as the family ‘witch’. Actually she was not a witch, but a woman with great psychic and occult knowledge. She had perceived that young Mercedes had inherited the psychic gift, and spent many hours instructing her in the use of her powers. Mercedes had taken her Aunt one better, by figuring a way to couple psychic intent to an Email message.

Mercedes sat down at the computer and started to write a description of her trip to the barber shop. She followed that story with a tale of her clipper shaving an unwilling Luis, while he was bound to his computer chair. She thought in her mind, “That poor boy will have no idea what hit him.” Going over to the table she placed a photograph of Luis in the middle of the sacred geometry. This would be the witness that would connect psychically with Luis. She then sent her story by Email to Luis, whom she knew by habit, would probably be logged on right now. She thought, “As soon as he reads this story, which contains my intent, my thought form will materialize.” She then sat on the floor, and entered a state of deep meditation.

Luis was busy surfing the web, when he decided to check his Email. “Maybe Mercedes sent me some kinky mail.” He thought. He logged onto the Pop server, and sure enough there was a message waiting. He opened it up, and it downloaded an attached file. The message said: Hi Luis, Just thought this little story might tickle your fancy. Love and kisses, Mercedes. Luis immediately popped up the story, and started to read. The first part of the story of Mercedes being shaved at the barber shop really turned him on, little did he suspect that it was true. After reading about her own fantasy, he started to get a little nervous. He thought, “Hmm, good thing I’m at home alone with my computer, and away from that clipper crazed vixen.” All of a sudden he heard a faint buzzing sound. “What the heck is that!” he was puzzled. Next he felt some invisible bonds holding him to his chair so that he couldn’t move. The buzzing sound got louder now, and all of a sudden he felt a tug, as his pony-tail was pulled tight. He was by now in a panic, he couldn’t see anything or anybody, but he was sensing this going on. The buzzing sound now louder, he recognized as hair clippers, and with that, he felt the cold steel and vibration hit the back of his neck. The vibrating specter now ran up his head again and again. He could feel the coolness of the air hitting his scalp. Terror now gripped him, as he realized that some invisible force was shaving his head. The experience lasted a few minutes more and then everything disappeared. Luis slumped down in his chair exhausted by the experience, not knowing what reality he was in. As he regained his composure, he touched his hands to his head. “Oh my God, it really happened!” he exclaimed as he ran his fingers though the stubble which once was hair. He ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, all that was left of his pony-tail was a naked scalp covered with stubble.

Mercedes came out of her meditation to find her left hand grasping Luis’s pony-tail and hair. “It worked!” she exclaimed. “Now to get over to his apartment and straighten that boy out.” she thought. She stripped naked and went into the closet and got some high heeled knee high leather boots, and put them on. She then grabbed a bright red plastic raincoat, and slipped into it. She found a lipstick to match the coat, and made up her sensuous lips. She grabbed Luis’s hair and left. They actually only lived across the city from each other, but had never met in person, only in Cyber Space. Mercedes knew that was about to change.

Mercedes stood in front of Luis’s doorway and rang the door bell. Luis slowly came over and answered it. When he opened the door he froze in shock. There standing before him was his absolute fantasy girl. Mercedes boldly entered the apartment and quickly closed the door. She threw the hair to poor confused Luis, saying, “Were you looking for this?” She then took off her raincoat and displayed her naked smooth form to him. She grabbed him and pulled his body close to hers. He could feel the heat and burning desire racing though her lovely body. She spoke to him in a soft sexy voice. “Now my little stubble boy, it’s time for you to leave your fantasies, and enter reality.” “I have a man size job for you now!” She grabbed his shirt collar and marched him off to the bedroom.

Reality as we perceive it, can change at any time. The next time that you pickup your Email, be careful, you never know what might be attached. In fact do you hear that faint buzzing sound right now?


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