Karen’s New Existence

Karen's New Existence

Karen’s New Existence by EddyZ

It started in the course of Karen’s junior year at college. One day she was on her way back to her apartment on the campus, which she shared with her roommates Wendy and Marcia. Then she was overtaken by a shower and she had been soaked.

She took a hot shower and washed her hair. Normally it was waist length but when it was wet it touched her buttocks. While blow-drying it Wendy and Marcia looked on.

“Gosh Karen, what a waste of time! You have been working on it for half an hour at least. If we wash our hair we are ready in five minutes,” Wendy noticed.

Yes, she knew, it took her much time.

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Marcy interfered: “All that hair! It is so laborious to maintain! Why don’t you get it cut?”

They both sported rather short hairstyles. Wendy a pageboy and Marcia a bowl cut. Karen had to admit that they looked cute. Perhaps she should opt for a shorter haircut. But….

At high school everyone had admired and envied her luscious and luxurious mane. She had been a cheerleader and the movement of her hair during her performance had made a strong impact on all watching.

But she was no longer a high school pupil and cheerleader. She was a college girl now. That high school look seemed out of date.

When she went home to her parents to celebrate Thanksgiving she mentioned it to her mother. Karen’s mum, still good looking in her early forties, looked at her daughter and caressed a lock of her thick dark blonde hair.

“I want to tell you something,” she said. “When I was a teenager I had long hair too. Not as long and beautiful as yours but your grandmother loved it. One afternoon when she was away, my brother, your uncle John, wanted to play barber. He was sixteen and I fourteen. He talked me into acting as his client. Crazy of course. You can imagine what happened, he made a mess of it. My mother was furious. She took both of us to a barbershop. As a punishment his head was shaved and my hair cut very short. That spelt the end of my long hair.”

“Didn’t you grow it back?”

“My mother didn’t allow me to do so for a whole year. When I was fifteen I had for some time a boyfriend who liked short hair. And in fact it was easy. When I went to college I left it short. And then I met your father, we were married and I got pregnant with you and well, that settled it. So, think about it before you do something which you might regret, sweetheart. Once cut it is not so easy to get it back. At least, that is my own experience.”

Well, her mother advised her to keep her hair long and Karen, being an obedient daughter, listened to her.

Then she got a boyfriend…. When they had dated a few times and had got to know each other better, he had suddenly noticed: “Don’t you think that you look too girlish with such long flowing hair?”

Surprised, Karen had asked him: “Do you mean that I should cut it?”

“I don’t know. Could be. I don’t know what you girls do with your hair.”

He knew what he wanted but he didn’t say it. Karen asked her roommates what Alex could have meant and they said: “You don’t know much about boys, Karen. When he brings up that subject he expects something of you. When will you become sensible? Why is it so difficult to understand? We have told you again and again that you are out of date with regards to your hair.”

Karen had to consider a haircut again. On the one side she was shy of doing it, on the other hand she wanted to please Alex and yes, it might be time for a change. In the meantime Wendy and Marcy called Alex and planned to surprise Karen.

“Well, sweetheart, have you thought about your hairdo?”

“Alex, tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

“You may think it is queer but I could cut your hair”

“You?” Karen was amazed.

“Yes, I knew you would wonder but I cut my sister’s hair too.”

He lied. In fact he had once done it when he was a boy, just as Karen’s uncle John had done to her mother.

“How much do you want to cut? My mother will object seeing me with short hair.”

“You say it, darling. I’ll never do something you don’t want.”

Maybe, but when she agreed he could perhaps talk her into something she had never thought of! And she did! Alex couldn’t believe it.

“Darling, I’m ready for you.”

This went too fast. “Let’s wait till tomorrow. If you still feel the same about it, I’ll come to your place and then I’ll do it.”

Karen was nervous all day. And so was Alex. What if he made a mess of it? Well, he won’t cut off too much, no more than to shoulder level. If he spoiled it she could have it tidied up.

Alex came to her at about five o’clock. The girls had put everything in readiness: a chair, a sheet, towels and scissors.

“Do we need a razor and shaving cream?” Marcia had teased Karen.

“Oh, should the case arise, it lies ready,” Wendy answered, “Just like the clippers.”

“Will you stop it?” shouted Karen. “Or I’ll cancel everything.”

The girls washed Karen’s hair. Then sat her on the chair, her hair still wet and put a towel over her shoulders. Alex began to cut. He even managed to make it rather even. But when Karen glanced in the mirror she didn’t like it at all.

“It is awkward. You should do something about it, Alex.”

No longer pulled down by the weight of the long tresses her hair stood out around her face.

“You are right, Karen,” Wendy said, “Alex should cut more, a really short cut.”

“No, I would need clippers then and I don’t have them. Besides, I have no experience in using them,” Alex opposed. “Better go to a hairdresser.”

Karen’s uneasiness increased. “Clippers? I don’t want it cut that short.”

Marcia jumped in: “They were used on my nape when I got my bowl cut.”

That didn’t help bring Karen’s mind at ease. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Honey, if you are scared I won’t do anything more. Go to a beauty salon tomorrow to tidy things up.”

This was not the way Wendy and Marcia wanted.

“Come on, Karen, don’t be a sissy. Say goodbye to your childhood. Have the guts to go for a real short haircut. Now you have the opportunity and now is the time!”

Surprisingly these words were sufficient for Karen to get back her self-confidence.

“You are right, I’m sorry. I should stop showing off. Go ahead, Alex, I don’t care what you do.”

But Alex hesitated. After all, he was frightened to screw everything up. This was not what Wendy and Marcy had in mind. Not Karen but Alex chickening out!

“Come on, Alex, Karen doesn’t care. You heard her. Give her a nice haircut. We’ll help you,” said Wendy. She didn’t waste time. Marcia handed her the clippers.

“Okay, Karen, are you ready? Here we go,” she asked her friend without waiting for an answer. She bent Karen’s head forward and flicked on the switch. Karen was too embarrassed to react and before she knew she felt the clippers running up her nape. Clumps of hair tumbled down while the clippers left only short stubble in their wake.

“Shit, I forgot to put on an attachment,” Wendy said to herself. “Alas, too late now.”

Karen too realized that there was no way back now. She was frightened but noticed that another sensation emanated following the feeling of the clippers shearing away her hair: she got sexually aroused. She moaned. “Oh, that feels good,” she muttered.

Marcia heard her, looked at Karen’s face and gave Wendy a wink.

“Go on, she likes it,” she whispered in Wendy’s ear.

Wendy let the clippers run again and again from the nape up to the crown till the back of Karen’s head was denuded, then went to the right side, the sideburn was over and done with, her ear set free, the right side of her head bared. Next came the left side and then only the still long hair on top existed. Wendy took a big comb and inserted it horizontally in Karen’s hair, close to her scalp. All of the long hair was sheared off leaving about a quarter inch length, standing erect. The last thing to do was to blend the top with the shorn back and sides. All the time Karen had just sat there, mesmerized. She had seen her hair hit the floor but she couldn’t believe that it was really happening.

“Well, all done honey,” said Wendy.

“A real makeover, Karen,” Marcia told her. “You look marvellous.”

Alex had looked on with rising arousal. He ran to her, straddled her and rubbed her head. Embracing and kissing her he exclaimed: “Oh. darling, you are gorgeous. Look at yourself.”

He held up a mirror. Karen was shocked: “Oh, my god. I’m just a recruit”

“A perfect flattop, honey.” He whispered in her ear: “I want you.”

Karen grabbed him. With a hoarse voice she answered; “Please, darling, fuck me.”

Tugging at each other’s clothes they staggered to the bedroom

Wendy and Marcia looked at each other. “You did a good job,” Marcy said.

“I have not yet finished, sweetie.” She pushed her friend on the chair. “Say goodbye to your bowlcut.”

Marcy was surprised at first but then she grinned: “Why not?”

Soon Marcy spotted the same flattop as Karen. Her pale scalp showed a dark shadow owing to her black hair. She got up and said; “Your turn, my friend, you cannot stay behind.”

Wendy sat down. However Marcia wasn’t as skilful as Wendy.

“Mmmm, the left side is shorter than the right, sweetie,” she said when seeing her image in the mirror.

“I’ll even it out.”

The result was a very short flattop, about an eighth of an inch and as Wendy’s hair was so blonde she looked as if she was bald.

“It will grow,” Marcia felt somewhat guilty.

“Well, what does it matter,” Wendy said, “Summer is coming soon. I’ll keep it like this for the next months.”

She looked at the mass of hair on the sheet. “Shall we clean up, those two turtle doves won’t be back soon.”

When they came out, hand in hand, they suddenly halted, perplexed.

“What did you do?” exclaimed Karen.

The two other girls smiled. “We thought it to be appropriate to declare our solidarity with you,” said Wendy. “But I think it is time to celebrate your first time, Karen.”

Karen got red as a beet. “How d… do you know?” she stammered

“I didn’t but I know now,” Wendy laughed, “Nevertheless I didn’t mean that. Well, two celebrations then: the loss of your virginity and of your hair. I assume it has never been so short.”

“No, but yours is shorter, you are as good as bald. That reminds me, Alex told me that you have to shave the sides and back of your head with a razor to get a real flattop.”

“Well, that is no problem,” said Marcia. “I told you before that we have it all ready. You were upset when I mentioned it but now you see that we do need them actually: the clippers, the razor and the shaving cream.”

“I can’t believe that I let you do this, all of my hair gone! Besides, where did you put it?”

“In the waste bin. You don’t want it back, do you?”

“Not me but Alex.”

“Well, if you don’t mind that it is mixed with ours, you may get it.”

“Not at all, Wendy, the more the better,” Alex beamed. “But let me finish Karen’s flattop.”

“Under the condition that you shave us as well.” Marcia had brought disposable razors and cream.

“Of course, I’ll be pleased.”

But that had been no surprise to Wendy and Marcia. And now no longer for Karen too.

“How does it feel, Karen?” asked Wendy while Alex was shaving her.

“It is tremendous.” It was clear that she got aroused again. “It is so weird, I’ve never thought that I would be excited by cutting off my hair, buzzing it off, shaving it off. And when I look at my reflection it is just as if I have been changed into someone else.”

“It is still you in spite of it but you have got a new existence, hon. You have put aside your schoolgirl appearance and you are now one of us. Wellcome to the club of shorthaired women!”



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