Tina’s Adventure

Tina's Adventure

Tina’s Adventure – THG777

It was a beautiful spring morning. Tina had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed for work. She was not in a hurry, as she knew that today was going to be a very light day as her new boss would be out of town.

Tina had just moved to Atlanta 2 weeks ago, she loved the warm climate and friendly people.

She decided to wear her pretty white dress, it fit her body so well, and she loved the way it showed off her petite figure. She wore her new red high-heeled shoes that she had just bought; they made her tanned legs look so long and slender.

Tina finished drying and brushing her long, light brown hair. It looked especially pretty today; she loved how it felt touching her bare shoulders…it glistened as the morning sun shined on it through the window. It was cut in a very straight line at her waist.

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Tina decided to walk to work today. The air was warm, the leaves were just starting to come out on the trees, and the grass smelled so sweet. She was so happy about her new life in a new city.

As Tina strolled down the quiet street, she walked past a very elegant little hair salon; she looked through the window as she walked by, and saw a very striking woman sitting in one of the salon chairs as she went by. The woman looked to be in her late 20’s, she was very attractive. She had a very stunning short haircut that looked so sexy.

Tina smiled at her, and the woman smiled back. She was impressed by how pretty the shop was. The marble floor, and the lighting was just right. It just seemed to be so tranquil.

Tina kept on going, as she knew she better get to the office, which was another block and a half down the street. Things were quiet when she got there. She opened the mail and was doing some filing when her boss called. His flight had been delayed… he was just boarding his plane. It would be 4 hours before he landed in LA.

Tina knew she only had about an hour’s worth of work to do, and had the rest of the day to get it finished. She kept thinking about the pretty hair salon, and the beautiful woman sitting in the chair, she just looked so friendly. Tina brushed her hair, and looked at it in the mirror. It was still very pretty, but she knew that she needed the ends trimmed. It had been about 8 or 9 weeks since she had it trimmed. She knew that she would need to find a new stylist in her new town.

Tina decided to take a walk back to the salon just to check things out. She thought that if it still looked quiet in there she might try to get her hair cut. As she approached the salon windows again, she saw the pretty blonde woman sitting in the same chair, this time the chair was turned around, and the woman was reading a book. She now could see the back of the woman’s head, and she just loved her haircut. It was cut super short at the nape, and it was much fuller on the top. It was such a pretty blonde color. Her long slender neck was very sexy.

She decided to go in. The shop was empty except for the woman in the chair; she turned around as the door opened and smiled as she saw Tina standing in the doorway.

“Hi, my name is Melinda. Can I help you?”

Tina just could not get over how beautiful she was. She felt rather strange because she had never felt these feelings in the presence of another woman before. She was almost embarrassed. Tina regained her composure and said, “Yes… I was passing by and I thought I would stop in to see if I could get my hair trimmed.”

Melinda beamed and said, “Of course you can, please come on back.” As Tina approached the station she smelled the sweet scent of Melinda’s perfume. It was such a wonderful scent, so very sexy.

Melinda had Tina turn around and stand next to the chair as she brushed out her long hair. “You have such beautiful hair,” she said. “How do you want it cut?” Tina told her that she just wanted it trimmed maybe an inch or two off of the ends. Tina was having strange feelings as she stared at Melinda’s short haircut. She could not believe that she was considering cutting her hair, she loved her hair – it was her pride and joy. She did not dare mention this to Melinda.

Melinda asked Tina to come to the back and she would shampoo her hair for her. The shampoo bowl was set up in the middle of the back room which made it much easier for the person washing the hair as they could stand behind the client. Tina sat in the chair, her long slender figure in her pretty dress. Melinda could not help but notice how pretty she looked as she leaned back in the chair with all of her pretty long hair spilling into the shampoo bowl.

Melinda proceeded to wet the hair and started working in the shampoo. She had long fingers and very sexy long fingernails, this made for such a wonderful feeling as she shampooed Tina’s hair, it was almost erotic as she massaged her scalp. Tina was almost in a trance as she slowly opened her eyes to see Melinda staring into her eyes. There was an incredible chemistry between these beautiful ladies. Neither one had ever had feelings for another woman before so it was very strange for both of them. They broke their gaze, but both of them realized the attraction that they felt for each other. Tina could feel the wetness in her panties as Melinda continued her scalp massage, it was true ecstasy. She wanted it to last forever.

As Melinda finished up she had Tina follow her to the styling chair. Tina looked so sexy as she climbed into the chair, her long slender legs and high-heeled shoes.

Melinda started to comb out Tina’s long wet hair, it was then that Tina spoke up and told Melinda how sexy she thought Melinda looked with her short haircut, she told her it was just stunning. Both girls were so aroused and it was difficult holding in the secret feelings that they shared.

As Melinda now had all of the wet hair sectioned out and pinned up, the first section in the back was ready to be trimmed. For some reason, she held her scissors at Tina’s nape just even with the bottom of her ears. Tina shuddered as she felt the cold steel resting against her neck, her nipples became hard instantly and she got very wet. Her eyes met Melinda’s in the mirror and neither of them spoke, there was just that gaze that had them both mesmerized. Tina then grinned and gave the slightest nod with her head. Without saying a word, Melinda proceeded to cut a straight line across her neck. 30″ pieces of long wet hair slithered down to the floor. Both women were very sexually aroused at this point.

Tina could not believe what was happening, so had no intention of having her hair cut off, but there was no way she was going to stop what was happening, she had never been so turned on in her life.

Melinda continued combing out sections of long hair and her shears cut the hair off effortlessly. In a matter of 5 minutes, there was a huge pile of long wet hair lying on the floor and on Tina’s lap & shoulders. Their eyes met again, and they did not have to speak. Both of them knew how aroused each other was during this transformation. When Melinda finished cutting all of the length off, she proceeded to dry the back with her blow dryer. Tina could not get over how different it felt as the warm air blew onto her neck, it felt so light and exciting.

After the back and sides were dry, Melinda snapped a #1 guard onto her clippers and moved behind Tina, she tilted her head down and firmly held it in place with her hand as she ran the clippers up the back of Tina’s nape. Tina was ready to melt as she felt the vibration of the clippers on the back of her neck. Her crotch was now dripping wet and she could not help but to massage herself with her fingers under the cape, she was ready to explode.

Melinda moved to the side and ran the clippers up the sides starting at the temples and over the ears. Tina looked so delicate and pretty as her beautiful face was no longer hidden by all of that hair. She could not believe her reflection in the mirror. The haircut was just as stunning on her as it was on Melinda.

Melinda finished layering the top and then with her finishing clippers cut a sharp clean line at the nape and the sides. Tina loved how the small clippers felt as they ran down the back of her neck.

Melinda squeezed some gel into her hands and with her long sexy fingers worked it through Tina’s new short hair. She finished blow-drying it. And then she took her large soft brush off of the counter and sprinkled it full of barber’s talc. As she loosened the cape, she brushed all of the hair clippings off Tina’s neck and her face. The powder smelled so wonderful and added to the ecstasy that they were both experiencing. As the cape was removed, Melinda noticed how hard Tina’s nipples were. She also noticed the wet spot that had developed on the front of Tina’s white dress.

Tina stood up and looked in the mirror, she smiled as she ran her fingers up the back of her neck and felt the tiny little stubble left was left from the clippers. She just loved her new haircut.

Tina turned to Melinda and said, “Thank you so much, this has been the most wonderful experience.” With that they both looked deep into each other’s eyes, and with out saying a word their lips met and they embraced with a very sensual wet kiss. Their tongues explored each other as they held each other close. It was a haircut that neither of them would ever forget

Tina opened her purse to pay, and Melinda told her that this one was on the house.

Needless to say, Tina could not wait until it was time to have her hair trimmed again. And she knew that she would be a regular visitor to Melinda’s salon.


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