Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise – Bob

As I heard the captain ask the flight attendants to take their seats and prepare for landing I knew it wouldn’t be long. It had been nearly two weeks since I had seen my wife Lori and I was quite anxious to get home. Tomorrow was my birthday. I had talked to my wife earlier in the evening and told her that since my plane was landing at 11:57pm and I didn’t expect to be home until at least 1:00am, that she didn’t need to wait up for me. Of course I was hoping that she would.

For the past couple of years Lori had been experimenting with different hairstyles and even different colors. Nothing drastic, curly one month, straight the next, a little blond or even a little red. I would do the coloring for her in our kitchen. I always wanted her to have red hair and she knew it. I would try to convince her to get a bright shade of red the next time, but as always, the next time would come and she would decide to just even out the color with a moderate shade of blonde.

Just before I left on my trip she had announced that she was going to be outrageous and get her hair cut really short. She was sick of spending an hour or more with it every day. She said she saw another girl with a really short cut and the more she thought about it the more she liked it. I said no way. The topic came up again during one of our phone calls the two weeks I was away. She told me that she had made her decision. She said it was kind of a compromise and that I was definitely going to like it. I tried to get her to tell me more but she said that I would have to wait for my birthday to get the surprise. I left it at that.

Pulling in the driveway at about 1:10am I could see that the bedroom light was on. I was glad that she was still awake. It also made me really nervous and sort of excited. I couldn’t wait to see her new hair. I didn’t know what to expect but knew it would be shorter than before. When I walked in the door and put down what I was carrying, I heard Lori yell from up in the bedroom, “I’m up here!” I went upstairs and saw a note on the door.

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“STOP. Take off your shoes and your tie, take a deep breath and get comfortable. When you are ready, come in for a big surprise. Happy Birthday My Husband.”

When I opened the door I was breathless. There was my gorgeous wife sitting totally naked on our bed. Her hair was not cut at all. In fact there seemed to be more than before. It was totally teased and colored bright red. More red then I thought possible. It was as if every strand of her hair had been inflated. I stood there in awe. After a moment I said simply, “Wow.”

She looked back at me and, “There’s more.” She stood up and glanced down at her pussy. She had neatly clipped her pussy hairs to a 1/2 inch length, shaven her bush in a heart shape and colored it bright red. I began to run my fingers through her hair and touch every part of her beautifully shaped body.

“What happened to the short haircut?” I asked.

“Well,” she replied. “That too will come tonight but I didn’t want anybody to cut all my hair off but you. And since this is the last evening that I will have hair for a while I thought I would give you that red hair that you wanted.” She turned around to look me straight in the eyes and said very softly, “I want you to shave every hair from my body. Every hair!” she emphasized.

Before I could even react, she grabbed my hand and led me back downstairs to the kitchen. She opened a drawer and pulled out an electric clipper, a can of shaving cream and a new razor. She put a small towel in a bowl and poured hot water from the tea kettle in the bowl. All of this was pre set up. She got a large ziploc bag from another drawer, put in my hand, sat down in a chair and said, “Have at it my husband, and remember, don’t leave a single hair.”

Without hesitation I lifted her hair from the back of her neck, positioned the clippers and plunged up and over her head. Working from the top center towards her left ear, I uncovered her large gold hoop earrings that were totally hidden by the poofed up mass of hair. Five minutes later my gorgeous redhead was even more gorgeous bald. I then turned the clippers to that beautiful heart-shaped pussy. When I had turned off the clippers, she looked up at me. I saw a perfectly shaped head, wonderful ears with earrings and a pair of the deepest blue eyes that I had never noticed in that way before.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she said. I looked at her eyebrows and she nodded, “Yes, them too.”

I used the warm towel to soften her skin and shaved her head, pussy and eyebrows to a clean smooth shine. What a transformation, I thought. I couldn’t stop touching her body. That clean, smooth, perfect, sexy body. I never did get to sleep that night. We made the most passionate love all night long.

That was four months ago. Every morning before work my wife takes her shower first. When she steps out of the shower, I’m there, at her request, with a razor and shaving cream to keep her looking the best she ever has. I have to go away on business next week. I wonder what’s in store for me when I get home.


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