It’s About Time

It's About Time

It’s About Time by Shorthaironwomenfan

Jennifer looked in the mirror that Saturday as she combed out her mid-back-length hair. “This just won’t do right, it’s about time to cut this a little shorter,” she thought to herself as she looked in the mirror. “I’ve let this grow way too long anyway.”

So Jennifer got into her car and drove to the shopping center with the walk-in salon she had been going to for the last 2 years. She parked and walked in, then she sat down and waited for her turn while she thought about how she should get her hair cut.

“Next!” And with that Jennifer walked to the chair at the end of the salon and sat down.

“What will it be?” the stylist questioned her.

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“I’m not exactly sure, I’m thinking something in the range of shoulder length,” she said as she touched her collar bone.

“That’s a lot to cut off,” the stylist interrupted.

“I know, but I’ve let this grow out too much anyway. Do you have any suggestions for that length.”

“I think you would look good with a shoulder-length layered style, what do you think?” The stylist looked at Jennifer and watched her nod. She then got out the scissors and started to work on her long hair. Jennifer just watched as the scissors took 6 inches of hair off her and thought how much easier this would be to take care of, and how much better it would look on her.

“Done,” the stylist said.

“Thanks,” replied Jennifer as she quickly paid her and left.

The next couple of days Jennifer was happy with her new cut, but knew she wanted something shorter. So she turned to the internet to get help. To her surprise she founds lots and lots of sites dedicated to short hair, and looked through them to see what she should get. She couldn’t help but be intrigued by the clippered styles. She tried to resist, but got more and more addicted to looking at them. Finally she knew what she wanted, so the next day she drove over to the barbershop and waited her turn.

“Next!” the barber shouted at the front.

Jennifer stood up and sat in his chair

“This is a barbershop Miss. We don’t give trims, we give haircuts.”

“Then I’m in the right place,” Jennifer said as she looked around.

The barber caped her, and asked, “What do you want, Miss?”

“I’ve been thinking of a #3 crewcut, can you do one of those?” she asked.

The barber said nothing and got the clippers. He put the #3 guard on and turned them on. Then without warning placed them on her forehead and began to remove her hair. Jennifer just sat still as he kept pressing the clippers on top of her head. Moved her head down when he asked her to, and watched as her hair was all cropped off. Not saying a word.

“Done,” the barber said.

Jennifer looked in the mirror and saw a new girl. One she liked much better. The barber started to say next, but before he could Jennifer interrupted him by saying, “I would like to remove all of this”

The barber looked angry. Most men wont consider going this short. “I’ll have to oblige and shave her head smooth,” he thought.

So he took the guard off and went around her buzzed head very quickly, as Jennifer began to smile. He could not help but notice, so he asked her, “You like this don’t you?”

“I love this,” she replied as he finished with the clippers on the top of her head.

“It looks better than I thought it would,” he admitted as he began to lather up her head.

“I didn’t think I would like it this much, that’s why I asked for the #3 first. But this is great, it won’t take much to keep this looking good,” she said as he placed the straight razor on her nape and began to remove the stubble on her neck. The breeze came in and she felt a new sensation that she had never felt before. She knew that she had made the right decision. With every swipe she became more and more fond of this look. It really suited her, she thought. Finally all the cream was off of her head and the barber yelled, “Next!”

She paid him and said, “Ill be back next week for a cleanup.”


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