Cut or Be Cut

Cut or Be Cut

Cut or be Cut by DkennM24

The high school that I attended had vocational classes in the same building as the general and college preparatory classes. Choices of vocational programs included Auto Mechanics, Agriculture, Electronics, Welding, and my personal favorites Cosmetology. While I would have loved to have taken the cosmetology program, there were two things which kept me from it. One was that I had set my mind on getting an engineering degree, and the other was that it was unheard of to have a male student in this program. My favorite time of the year was just before graduation. Not only did this mean summer break would be around the corner, it meant that there would be several shearings occurring. Let me explain this last statement.

While I don’t know if the cosmetology teacher had a secret passion for seeing her young students’ long hair shorn, I do know that there was a cut or be cut stipulation at the end of the year for the seniors. The deal was that you had the option of finding a model and giving them a mutually agreed upon style or of having your hair cut in the style chosen by the class. My friend Tricia had long reddish brown hair full of waves that fell to the middle of her back. Having dated her for some time while I was a senior and she was a sophomore, I had enjoyed playing with those luscious locks. She had decided to take the Cosmetology program as most of the girls who did think they wanted to go to college did. I didn’t think that she would have any problem making other people’s hair look good after all she had no problem making hers look good. Tricia enjoyed the class and excelled always being the best in the class when it came to grades. The other students where jealous of her and her hair. Tricia’s hair was the kind of hair that most women would die for but few actually have. This lead to jealousy among many of the other girls at the school, and even the instructor I think. When it came near to the end of her senior year, the cut or be cut time came. The class had arranged with the instructor for Tricia to be first, which gave her little notice. While we dated I had noticed that she was somewhat of a procrastinator, but never thought a lot about it.

The deadline for her to have her model came up very quickly and while trying her best, she could not find a model. Jealousy and the knowledge of what would happen to Tricia if she did not find a model had caused all the girls at the school to decline the invitation for a free style. At this point, Tricia was very upset and knew that no-one was going to model for her.

The night before her cut or be cut date, she knew that she would probably not be left with her crowning glory in a state anywhere near where it was now. That night she carefully washed her hair for what seemed like hours. After finishing washing and drying her hair, she spent the rest of the night brushing it. The brushing felt so wonderful that she ended up crying herself to sleep when she finished brushing.

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The next morning she woke up early, unable to fall back to sleep knowing that her hair was good as gone. Finally the time to go to school arrived and she headed out the door. When she reached the class, everyone was waiting. There was a level of excitement that was even greater than she had expected. Her instructor said, “Come right to the front of the room and take a seat in the stylist’s chair.” The instructor then asked “What style should we give Tricia, since she did not take the time to find a model? How about a bob about shoulder length?”

This was immediately met with a resounding “No, shorter!” from the class. The instructor continued toying with Tricia by giving other mid length styles to the class that she knew they would never agree to. Tricia tried to remain strong but could not hold back the tears when class started chanting “Shave her!” The instructor finally said “No, we can’t do that, however a nice close buzz cut would look spectacular on her wouldn’t it?” With that the students knew that that was the closest they would get and quickly agreed.

Normally the instructor would have selected one of the students to perform the deed, but this time it was special. She had waited for this moment for two years since Tricia had entered her program. She was one of those women who never did look good in long hair and had always kept hers short. Wanting to make this cut last as long as possible she reached for the scissors and slowly started the cut by lifting up a lock near the corner of Tricia’s eye. The chair was turned toward the mirror so that Tricia saw the entire cut snip by snip. The instructor continued cropping Tricia’s hair lock by lock. The eighteen inch lengths continued to build up on the floor as the onlookers cheered. Tricia’s hair was reduced to a more or less inch length from the initial cut with the scissors and then instructor picked up a pair of clippers and put on a guard which would leave only a 1/4″. Pass by pass her head was reduced to only stubble when compared to the hair that she started with. The mass of hair laying on the floor was picked up and placed in a plastic bag and handed to Tricia. As coincidence would have it, today was the day that yearbook pictures would come out and Tricia would wear this hairstyle in the yearbook of her senior year.

Tricia left school that day and when home and sulked. The thought occurred to her that since it was already so short, why not just go ahead and shave the rest of it. This thought suddenly started to thrill her more and more, so she ran to the bathroom and reached for the shaving cream and razor and finished the job herself.


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