Helen’s Humiliating Haircut

Helen's Humiliating Haircut


“Would you wear any style or fashion for me, even if it humiliated you?” he asked. Being submissive and a bit of an exhibitionist, the idea excited me, so of course I said yes. If I’d known what was in store for me, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to go through with it. Not knowing was part of the excitement of putting myself totally at his mercy, and now I’m glad it happened.

The following Friday night I arrived at his place and he told me everything was ready for my “makeover”. He explained that I was going to be given a slutty look, that I would be a real pig when he got done with me, and if I wanted to back out I should say so now. Oooh, that kind of talk gets me hot. I told him I was ready. “Good,” he replied, “we’ll start by getting you cleaned up.”

He ordered me to strip and get into the shower, with special instructions to wash my hair thoroughly. I was wearing what they call “big” hair, very high and poofy on top, the rest cascading down the sides and back. He had told me many times how beautiful it was like that, and I’d just spent an hour fixing it, but I unthinkingly obeyed and lathered three times to make sure all the spray and gel was out of it.

He was waiting to towel me off when I was done, then he stood me in front of the sink and faced me towards the mirror. There was a dry towel folded over the front edge of the vanity to cushion my belly as he bent me over it. He produced two sets of handcuffs. One ring of each set was clamped around my wrists, and the others were quickly fastened to two large eyebolts he had installed on either side of the faucet.

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“Now it’s time to fix your hair” he said, and began working on it with a comb and a blow dryer. “Your hair is so beautiful,” he went on. “I hope you won’t hate me for doing this to you.” Doing what to me, I wondered. Blow drying my hair? Anyway, it felt good, the attention he was paying to my hair, and the feeling of his manhood pressed against my ass and getting stiff there. When he finished with the blower my hair was only slightly damp and all the curl was out of it, so that it hung straight down almost to my butt. He pulled it all back, twisted it into a ponytail, and whispered, “I’m so glad you’ve never had it cut.”

The mirror was still fogged with steam, so I didn’t see him raise the scissors behind me. “So glad I’m the first one to give you a real haircut,” he murmured. What?! His words didn’t really sink in, but the gritty sound of the scissors crunching through my long tresses did. I desperately tried to think of the code word we had agreed on, but that part of my mind went blank. Anyway, I was speechless. My entire being was focused on the feeling of that long ponytail coming loose from the back of my head. Soon the tugging was gone, and with it all of my long hair.

He reached around me with one hand and wiped the mirror so I could see the result of his scissors’ terrible work. The remains of my auburn hair swung forward around my face, chopped off at about collar length. My eyes were glazed with tears, and I felt terrible about losing all that hair so suddenly, but I was also strangely aroused. My nipples were hard, and my sex was so wet he had no trouble slipping his hardness into me from behind. “Oh darling, don’t cry.” He kissed the exposed skin of my neck. “You’re gonna look so beautiful with your hair cut short.”

I heard a loud click, and then a hum filled the bathroom. I wondered where he was going to put the vibrator. He certainly couldn’t get it up my ass with his crotch pressed so tightly against it. The buzzing sound got louder in my ears and I realized it wasn’t a vibrator. It was an electric barber’s clipper, the kind used to give boys crewcuts. What a horrible ecstasy I felt when the clipper touched my neck and climbed upward. Tears streamed down my cheeks as he buzzed forward over the top of my head, sending clumps of my hair falling past my face and into the sink. I clamped down on his cock ever more tightly with each pass. For all my 25 years I’d never had more than a trim, and even that made me nervous that too much would come off. Now it was all coming off! I felt so subservient, so totally subjugated. Although I was crying my eyes out, I started having a series of convulsive orgasms on his stiff, stationary cock. They didn’t end until long after my head was totally shorn and he finally let his hot juice squirt deep inside of me.

He released my from my shackles and took me to bed, where he caressed my new crew cut and made love to me until I literally passed out. It was quite a shock when I woke up the next morning and realized it had really happened… my hair was cut off to just a quarter inch long all over! Instead of my former glamorous mane, I reached up to touch a headful of soft bristles too short to run my fingers through! That Saturday morning he dressed me in a skimpy leather outfit and took my to the local mall to have my upturned nose pierced. This attracted quite a crowd, and I when I blushed I felt everyone staring at the pinkness of my scalp which was visible through my crewcut. I felt ugly and beautiful at the same time with my head clipped to bristles and my new nose ring.


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