Jenny’s New Style

Jenny's New Style

Jenny’s New Style – Redcrop

Jenny paused for a moment and checked her reflection in a shop window. Her hair was bothering her. The cut had looked great when it had just been done. Long bangs sweeping down the right of her face. The length at the left tucked behind the ear. The nape had been cut in quite close, about an inch or so whilst the crown was high, teased, almost bouffant. Complementing it perfectly had been the scattering of thick blonde highlights through the top of her brown (her hairdresser often called it dark blonde to be polite) hair. Now, however, it was a little outgrown and untidy. She had spent an age that morning trying to dry the crown to its full bounce and had emptied half a can of hairspray over it to hold it there but still she didn’t like it. Still there was no time to do anything about it, Carole would be there any minute.

“Hi, Jenny…” She turned to see Carole striding down the street towards her. Jenny found her face breaking into a grin. Carole looked gorgeous as ever in her own, individual way. Carole was tall and slim. She had a confident walk that just begged heads to turn towards her as she passed. Her own hair was dyed a bright red and cropped close about her head, the top a wild mass of one-inch spikes. She was wearing tailored designer pants and a snug little T-shirt with a Pride slogan across it. Carole was gay and proud of it. She often hinted to Jenny that she might find a relationship with another woman far more rewarding. As it was Jenny and Carole were the closest of friends and shared their most intimate of secrets, only the lack of a physical side to the relationship separated them from being a true couple.

Jenny smiled back at her friend. “Hi, you’re looking great…”

Carole smiled at the complement. “Thanks…you look good too.”

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“Don’t lie, I feel really dull. No matter how much I fuss with my hair it just looks a mess…”

Carole ran an appraising eye over Jenny’s locks. It had been she that over time had persuaded Jenny to go shorter with her hair. “It’s just a little too long for you darling. You want something shorter.”

Jenny sighed and reflexively tucked the bangs behind her ear. “I feel like agreeing with you,” she said. “I don’t know what I want with it. I almost wish someone would take over, sort out my image and take all the petty concerns over my appearance away from me.” Carole’s eyes widened a little.

“So you feel like handing over control of your appearance to someone else…”

Jenny immediately began to backtrack a little. “Er well, I don’t know if I’d go that far. It would have to be someone who knew me, who had my interests at heart…”

Carole turned and began to walk back down the street. She looked back over her shoulder. “Are you coming?” Surprised, Jenny said nothing but just followed on in her wake.

As Jenny scurried along beside her Carole smiled before beginning… “OK darling, today is the day. We have talked about your sexuality, about your romances, your insecurities and your needs. Today I am gonna turn you from nervous would-be Ally McBeal to a woman with a life to lead! I’m gonna give you one chance to back out – am I in charge or what?” She didn’t slow her walk but kept striding down the street.

Jenny wanted to pause, to think. Instead she found her emotions speaking for her. “OK, I’m yours, do it…” Carole’s grin grew wider and she turned into a fashion store.

An hour later and Jenny dropped a bag with her old clothes into a trash can. She now wore elegantly tailored tight pants, a dark charcoal grey colour. She also now sported a cute little silk top. This was in a rich blue, shot through with other blue tones, it was sleeveless and with a low scoop neck. Over the top she wore a black leather jacket which paid homage to the biker jacket but was obviously a classy designer version. Feeling more confident already in her new outfit Jenny had no problem with following Carole into a local department store and having one of the usually pushy assistants restyle her makeup. Her usually quite subdued look was replaced with strong smoky eyes and a rich red lipstick. “Only the hair spoils it,” she thought as she checked her reflection in the mirror.

The two girls left the department store and Carole lead the way once more. Surprisingly she turned away from the main street onto a smaller side street. She paused for a moment and made eye contact. “OK Jenny, we are three-quarters of the way there. This is where we leave the old you behind…” She pushed open a door and Jenny stepped through to find herself to her surprise stepping into a barbershop. The shop was small, only two chairs faced the long mirror. In one of those a barber was sitting reading a newspaper. He was an older guy, perhaps in his late fifties. His hair was cut in a crisp white crewcut. He looked up raising a quizzical eyebrow. “Ladies?”

Carole answered. “Hi, we’re here for haircuts. My friend’s first.”

The barber stood, Carole’s response didn’t seem to faze him at all. “My pleasure ma’am. Please take a seat.” He twisted the chair to face Jenny who, handing her jacket over to Carole, found her feet carrying her almost of their own accord over to the chair before she sat down in the large comfortable seat. He turned the chair to face the mirror and swept out a large cape which was soon fastened around her neck. “What’ll it be?” he asked as he pumped the seat up a little.

Carole’s answer was quick and curt. “Flattop.”

The barber paused momentarily then shrugged and nodded. “OK, one flattop coming up.” He reached forward and unhooked the clippers, pausing to click into place a long toothed guide comb. “You’re gonna lose all this fine bleach work lady…” he muttered as – pop, buzzzzzz – the clippers began to whirr.

Jenny stared in mute fascination. Part of her mind wanted to leap from the chair and run. It wondered why she was allowing this to happen, why was she sitting in this barbershop? The other part of her mind fought this down almost as if she knew this were right. The clippers sounded loud behind her as the barber brought them close to the base of her nape. Bzzzzzz. They pressed in firm and unyielding to her neck. Bzzzzzz. They began to move up the back of her head. Jenny found herself instinctively pressing her head back into the clippers. She half closed her eyes, concentrating on the feel of the clippers on her nape. Bzzzz. Up, up over the occipital bone into the thick lacquered hair at the crown.

The barber grumbled, “You sure used plenty of goo on this, lady. If you knew you were getting it cut you should’ve left it….” Bzzzzzzz. The clippers moved up the nape again. Bzzzzz. “Still these clippers can chew through anything…”

He paused at the top of the sweep. Jenny looked into the mirror, a clump of hair dropped from the clippers onto the shoulder of the cape. Bzzzzzzzz. Again up the back then he moved to the side. Jenny looked now at Carole’s reflection. Carole was concentrating on the barber’s work, watching intently as he sheared Jenny’s hair away. She was breathing heavily just as Jenny realised she was herself. Bzzzzzzz. This time Jenny was able to see clearly as the clippers worked through the blonded hair. A thick clump fell onto the cape to slide down into her lap. With the long bangs however she couldn’t see the damage until the barber held it in his left hand then – bzzzzzz – he nonchalantly brought the clippers still with the guide through the silky sweep of hair above Jenny’s suddenly wide eyes. The hair pulled free and he simply tossed it onto the floor.

“How short are we going?” he asked as he walked around to the other side.

Carole was the one who answered once more. “A real high ‘n’ tight please… zero back and sides.”

The barber grinned. “Oh, OK. So a number four on top is OK then…”

He didn’t pause. Jenny had expected the clippers to shear above her ear instead the growling machine rose in front of her eyes to be plunged into her hair above her forehead then eat its way back in a sweep straight down the middle. Jenny gasped but in her aroused state it came out more of a groan of pleasure to hear it echoed by Carole from across the barbershop. Bzzzz. Bzzz. The barber worked more quickly now and soon he paused, clicking off the clippers leaving blissful silence. Jenny was left to stare at her new reflection. She now sported a basic half-inch crewcut. Every hair had been clipped to the same length and was now a soft brown pelt, the bleached and teased tresses now on the cape and barbershop floor rather than her newly exposed head. Jenny felt a momentary panic. What was she doing? Whatever next? Carole must have sensed this as she stood up and walked over to the chair.

“Wow you are just out of this world. I’ve just got to get in that chair next.”

The barber had set down the large clippers and picked up a smaller set. When he clicked them on they had a slightly lighter, less threatening but more insistent tone. Bizzzzzz. “Head down ma’am,” he ordered as he stepped up close behind the chair. The clippers pressed in gently to her neck once more then – bizzzzzzz – he moved them up the centre of the nape, up, up then lifting away at the occipital.

Carole had been watching closely from her new vantage point and interrupted as he moved the clippers back to the neck. “No, higher, to here…” Jenny felt Carole’s manicured fingernail run through the half inch bristles at her crown. Bzzzzzzz. The clippers pressed into the nape once more and this time did not halt their climb but continued up to the crown.

“No problem ma’am I can shave her whole head if you want….”

Jenny’s heart leaped. She half wanted Carole to say, “OK take it all off, leave her bald,” instead she was relieved to hear her friend simply order, “No just the back and sides.”

Bizzz, biiizzzzz. The back shorn, the barber moved to the right. His hand clamped down firmly on Jenny’s crown and pressed her head over to the left. Bizzzz. The clippers were loud in front of Jenny’s ear. She watched intently, holding her breath as the clippers pressed in to her sideburn, then – bizzzzz – they began their journey upwards. Jenny watched in awe as they stripped the hair away leaving slightly grey scalp in their wake. He was shaving her head, there was no hair left. Bizzz. The clippers moved up and up… to the temple then he brought them to the bottom once more. As Jenny stared the barber sheared the sides of her head leaving bare scalp all the way to a patch of half-inch bristles on top. This was all too much and she found herself squirming in the seat. She watched as he used clippers and comb to taper and shape finally creating the most perfect of flattops and also one of the most severe she had ever seen, certainly the most severe she had seen on a woman. Even so he hadn’t finished. He smeared a little gel through the top bristles then used a comb to coax every last hair into a perfectly upright position.

Finally he wiped his hands on a towel before picking up a razor. He opened it and carefully stropped it on the back of the chair. His left hand clamped down on Jenny’s crown once more. The razor hovered near her nape then with, “Back and sides bald, you said, ma’am,” he brought it in at the occipital. There was no soap or foam but the razor was sharp enough to scrape away the remaining shadow. He worked quickly and skilfully, all around the back and sides before rubbing at them with a towel and stepping back to allow Jenny to admire her new hairdo. The customary flash of the small mirror revealed the harshest of flattops. Jenny gasped at her new image. “There we go lady. Tidy-ups every ten days minimum, to keep the back and sides this close I recommend a shaving every week, OK?” He whisked away the sheet with a flourish and a little shakily Jenny got to her feet.

Carole leapt into the chair, a look of excitement on her face. “Me next!”


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