Heatwave – Y10013Y

Huge waves of pure heat melt over the city. Outside, during daytime, the temperature rises over 105 degrees in the shade and drapes of quivering hot air dance over the asphalt. No creature in its right mind ventures out in the unprotected open at this time of day. They’re all waiting the nightfall, in lethargy.

The floor of the spacious villa is covered in brown decorated tiles. The living room has a simplistic but comfortable and tasteful design. White sofas are spread all around it. There is no air conditioning, since the place hasn’t been used until recently. A huge antique ventilator is rotating its wings in vain, attempting to bring some illusory relief.

Three gorgeous young bodies lay on the sofas. The nicely tanned skin looks delicious against the immaculate white of the pillows. None of the women is moving.

Angel has jet black eyes, open wide towards the ceiling. Her body is lying helplessly on the soft pillows. She is not capable of the slightest movement. She even blinks slowly, exhausted. Her thoughts run thick like honey, occasionally quickening for a split second only to be exterminated by the all-powerful heat.

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Her long shapely legs are slightly bent. Her naked arms hang powerless. It takes an incredible amount of will and a long time to bring one of them up to her head. She sticks the palm to her cheek. The skin is wet and warm. The thin fingers slide down on their own, across the full lips, over the chin… The velvety skin on the long neck shivers under the touch. The heat finally did it. Her hand has a life of her own. She can’t stop it, and she can’t muster enough brainpower to even consider it. It just slides…

…Around the neck, to the oh so sensitive nape… she feels them teasing, probing, playing with the wet silky strands of hair falling down the back of her neck… she’s slowly drifting into daydreaming and remembering…

Hair is the ultimate thing that can drive her mad with desire. But then again, she and her girlfriends, Diane and Lou, have long ago got past the madness stage. Back when the summer was still young it didn’t take long for the heat to drive them crazy. They decided they had to take counter-measures, so they set up an appointment at the beauty salon. Angel still remembers every second, in her quiet delusion, while her own treacherous fingers are slowly pushing her towards that good place…

The salon had private rooms set up for them. An athletic brunette, an exotic cross between an army sergeant and a beauty queen, greeted her. Her icy blue eyes had left her speechless from the first look they cast. She just knew there was no way she could not obey this woman. So she just resumed to checking her out. She was a sight indeed. Her black hair was gathered in a bouncy ponytail on top of her head and she wore her bangs cut in a straight line right above the eyebrows. She wore a white cotton top, which couldn’t completely hide her round, full tits. Her nipples could be seen through the thin fabric and her jeans clang like a second skin to her long legs and great butt.

The brunette didn’t say a single word. She just placed her palm on Angel’s nape and directed her through the salon, like she was a child. A door opened and then closed behind the two of them. The brunette spun her around and started unbuttoning Angel’s blouse.

Angel wouldn’t dare protest. She just didn’t have the guts. The brunette just screamed force and authority in a gorgeous wrapping. Still, she attempted some weak meowing when her pushy caretaker got to her bra, but she felt her knees turn to mush when the brunette looked straight into her eyes. That was all it took in order to subjugate her completely. Afterwards she was just a puppet in her hands, a willing slave.

The brunette knew exactly what she was doing. She led Angel to a small shower box in a corner and attended to her personally, with great skill. She was done in less than five minutes. She dragged Angel out and placed her on a chair, dripping wet. She toweled her dry and then took care of her hair. She toweled it dry as well, then split Angel’s golden tresses in half across the middle of her head and braided it into pigtails. There were big mirrors on the walls and Angel saw herself at various angles. She looked and felt like a schoolgirl.

The brunette placed her on a massage table and started the long and tedious operation of permanent hair removal. She was using local electrolysis and it implied a lot of care. Occasionally she would use a small set of clippers, like on her pussy. Angel just allowed herself to be handled. The brunette took care of her armpits, her legs, her pussy and her ass. When she was done she made Angel lean her head back and close her eyes. She used the clippers first and a few moments later Angel’s eyebrows were history.

She was led under the shower again. Her whole body felt differently. The skin was far more sensitive. Her entire body was free of hair, except her head, and this excited her to incredible heights.

Her mistress washed her thoroughly and then pulled her out, only this time she didn’t dry her up. She let her hair loose and gathered it into a braid on top of her head. She got out of the room for a moment and returned with another girl. The newcomer’s body was just as hairless as Angel’s was. Only she didn’t have ANY hair. Her head had been shaved and the hair probably removed permanently, because there wasn’t a trace of hair on it.

They both got to work, oiling Angel’s body with a sweet smelling lotion, from head to toe. The bald girl rubbed lotion on her body as well and then they both climbed the table. The baldie then forced her long tongue into Angel’s mouth. It was warm and had a sweet taste and at first Angel tried to get away, but the brunette grabbed her ponytail and they both held her down. She just gave up when the bald girl’s head got between her legs and that long warm tongue entered her.

She couldn’t remember how long it all lasted. She just recalled getting dressed and stepping out like in a dream. Lou and Diane were waiting, looking like they had some similar experiences. They never talked about any of it.

Her fingers were still hard at work. She just loved her hair, her perfect color, a peachy blonde, cut in a straight line just above her elbows. It was gathered in a high ponytail, but there were always the soft ringlets at the nape which she loved, she thought they were delicious, as delicious as the crazy idea of shaving them off completely…

She succeeded in turning on her side. The other girls were still not moving. She just lay there, admiring their bodies, and Diane’s wavy mass of red hair reaching down to her butt and the equally long black mass of straight hair on Lou’s head. They were all keeping it braided on top of their heads because of the heat. Occasionally they would trim half an inch off…

Angel realized she had been daydreaming again. Her two girlfriends had noticed her movement and they had gotten up from their sofas. They were kneeling next to hers as she snapped back to attention. “Angel…” whispered Diane. “Wake up, sweetie.” She was running her fingers through Angel’s bangs. “Come on, be a good girl. It’s time for your haircut.”

A delicious shiver went through Angel’s body, exploding in her belly and finally making her come. She just lay there, panting, still sure she didn’t hear right, but grateful nonetheless. “What?” she managed to say.

“You forgot already? You said you’d like a shaved nape,” said Lou.

Angel got up slowly. Yeah, she did say that, but now she wasn’t so sure. She really liked her hair the way it was now, all at one length, with long bangs. She would rather stall, but Lou and Diane were moving fast now. Diane was already setting up a straight back chair, and Lou was plugging the clippers in. They had also brought a safety razor, a few blades, a shaving cream tube and an aftershave lotion.

The two beauties grabbed her, disrobed her completely in just seconds, placed her on the chair and let her hair down. Lou took a brush, Angel’s favorite, and started brushing the full length of her hair.

Angel didn’t know what was going on, but she didn’t care. She was in seventh heaven. The part about the shaving was now lost in her memory as Lou worked her magic on her tresses. She watched through squinted eyes as Diane kneeled in front of her, pulled her knees apart and kissed her pussy full on the lips.

“Hey, that tickles!” laughed Angel. A moment later she felt like her entire body was melting down. Diane had just tongued her wet clit. Angel’s head just followed Lou’s hands.

Lou stopped after a hundred brushes. Angel was still out of it. Lou picked up a pair of sharp scissors, came around behind Diane and kneeled. She grabbed her braid and measured it very carefully. Then she started cutting it at shoulder level.

Angel’s eyes widened. Her nipples grew even harder, and she felt like they were going to explode.

Diane stopped. She just got up without saying a word. Together with Lou they made Angel lower her head so her entire head of hair was hanging down in front of her and started brushing it again. When they pulled her up her hair was full and alive, and fell around her shoulders like liquid gold.

Lou stepped behind her and Angel felt her hands pulling hers behind. She still wasn’t quite sure what was going on. She saw Diane coming towards her with a bunch of silk scarves and realized they were about to tie her up. She wasn’t sure how to react. The girls were fumbling around behind her back, apparently figuring out the best way to tie the knot. She could stop them, she should stop them, but a little perverse thought just made her linger. She felt her hands pressed together by the silk scarf and, after a moment, she tried to move them only to find out they were indeed tied together behind the chair’s back.

A cold shiver ran through her stomach. Err, she was tied up and… what was this about anyway? She just watched puzzled as the girls tied her ankles to the chair’s legs. Apparently they finally figured how to do it, because this time it only took a few seconds. “OK, this is fun… kinda…” said Angel in an attempt to joke her way through this.

Her stomach was filling up with butterflies. She meekly pulled against the ties. Nothing. She pulled harder, then harder. They weren’t budging.

In front of her, Diane grabbed Lou’s braid, pulled her to attention, and used the same scissors to cut it above the shoulders.

They were slowly running out of real. They both approached Angel and began to handle her shamelessly. It was crazy watching them discussing as if she wasn’t even there, while they were wetting their fingers. She actually started to ask what’s with the wet fingers, when Diane grabbed her nipples and started playing with them, while Lou simply slipped her hand between her thighs and began fingering her clit.

It was all just so unreal. Angel tried desperately to make some sense out of this as she listened to their discussion. “So, how should we cut her hair?” started Lou.

“Well, we could do a bowl cut and shave everything underneath,” said the redhead.

“Yeah, but I was thinking about something more boyish… like a buzzcut, a quarter of an inch all over?”

“Nah… I think it’s better we just clip her bald after all.”

“I guess you’re right. We’re shaving her afterwards, right?”

“Of course.”

Angel got so scared she could hardly breathe. The butterflies in her stomach threatened to break out any moment now. She almost panicked and started pulling at her ties as hard as she could. Meanwhile, Lou was busy cutting off what was left of Diane’s braid as close to the head as possible. The redhead’s hair sprung free all over her head in kind of a ragged bob. She calmly turned around and offered to do the same for Lou, but the brunette declined politely. “Thanks, no. I want to grow it back down to my butt, I should get a head start.”

They finally turned their attention back to an overanxious Angel. She just realized she wasn’t going anywhere and reality finally sunk in. The girls were suddenly all over her, running their hands over her breasts, over her neck, through her hair, kissing and caressing her…

“Angie, sweetie, we’re gonna shave you bald, honey… you’re gonna have the most adorable head, all smooth and silky and not a trace of hair on it. We like sweet little bald girls, don’t we Lou?”

“Yes baby,” whispered Lou in her other ear. Now they were both suckling on her tits, torturing her nipples with their full lips and hot tongues. “You’ll be the sweetest baldie in the whole wide world, Angie. Actually, I think we’ll call you just that, Baldie, from now on, OK hon?”

They stopped, suddenly. Angel felt a block of ice run down her spine. It was just unreal. She still had her full head of hair, she could see and feel it running down her head and shoulders and back, but they looked so serious…

She started blabbering. “Ehem… please don’t shave me… please?” They didn’t seem to care, so she got even more scared and really started whining. “Please don’t cut my hair! I don’t want to be a baldie, please girls!”

“Shh,” whispered Lou and French kissed her.

Diane picked up a comb and parted her hair down the middle. Angel finally burst into tears, convinced now they were really determined to shave her. She watched in horror as Diane picked up the clippers and turned them on. There was no guard on the blades. This can’t be happening, she thought. It isn’t going to. Those clippers are not gonna run over my head. It’s not real. There must be something I can do. My hands will come free any moment now, I’ll push the girls aside and I’ll just run.

But her hands were still tied solid and Diane was approaching her. No, no way, thought Angel, not sure if she was thinking or saying it. She shook her head and her silky tresses bounced around her, so full of shine and life. No way they’re doing this, right? She looked down at Lou who was getting down and ready to eat her pussy again. Oh, not now, thought Angel, not now, then her pussy exploded with the sweet feelings that became a spring of hot lava dribbling up and down and around, on her thighs, through her belly, up through her tits and out through the tips of her nipples. She felt they were so hot she could pierce metal with them.

She looked up just as Diane got next to her. Angel was still crying, the warm tears had made a mess of her face. “Please,” she begged, “please, please, please, please…”

Diane put down the clippers and for one moment Angel really thought it had stopped, it had all been a joke and it was over… but Diane only gathered her hair up on top of her head in a single, huge ponytail of shimmering gold. No, repeated Angel to herself, feeling her neck and ears exposed and so vulnerable. No, she’s not doing it. Lou was still hard at work, blowing streams of lava through her tortured nerves.

Diane turned the clippers on. Angel was bawling like a little girl now and thrashing madly against the chair. Lou had to grab her waist in order to keep her mouth stuck to her pussy. Diane just held on to her pony until Angel got tired and stopped. Then she firmly grabbed the ponytail again, securing it with one hand, while the other brought the clippers up to Angel’s forehead. The girl watched them with horror through tear-filled eyes and started thrashing with newfound strength.

“No, no, no please no, no, nonono…” she begged.

Then the whirring blade of the clippers touched her forehead, right below the hairline. And it moved steadily upward, up and up, across the top of her head, to the back.

Angel just froze, with her eyes wide and her mouth open. The clipper blade was a strange new sensation on the virgin skin of her ear. It pulled at her hair and pulled and it left… nakedness… behind.

She didn’t get a chance to recover when Diane started mowing a second path through the hair on her crown. It was incredibly thick and she had to do it while holding the ponytail. She called out to Lou to help her, and the brunette got up and picked up another pair of clippers. Diane let go of the pony and a HUGE mass of hair fell in Angel’s lap. She looked at it with incredulous eyes.

They were both clipping her now and thick tresses were raining everywhere. It was pouring blonde. They pulled and tugged and jerked her head around, she felt the hot blades of the clippers on her skin, and there was the buzzing and low whirring, all over her skull… They were making pass after pass quickly, everywhere there was hair in sight. Only after a while there wasn’t any left.

There was just silence. Angel flexed her arm muscles pointlessly, like a deer after it has been shot dead. Her head felt light, so light… There was no hair coming down her shoulders or breasts or back… it all lay without life around the chair and in her lap, an incredible pool of golden.

She was drained. The girls had no problem shaving her head. They wrapped her head in a warm towel, then spread shaving cream all over. They used women’s Gillette safety razors to shave her head simultaneously. The blades felt even stranger on her skin. They were rasping outside as well as inside her skull. They were rasping against skin that wasn’t supposed to be naked skin. She was supposed to have thick long tresses there.

When it was over they did it again and then again. In the end there was just smooth skin left. They cleaned her up with a wet towel. They brought a mirror for her to see herself. She had no hair left on her head. Her small pink ears stood there all alone, but they kind of looked good. Her black eyes looked huge. Her long neck had a beautiful line. But it was all so alien, so strange, without her long hair…

She realized they were not done when they took away the mirror and she saw Lou picking up a tube of hair removal cream. The permanent kind. “Noooo!” she screamed, and tried to get away, but they held her still. They spread the cream all over her head, careful to cover it all. A few seconds passed. Angel felt her head burning, then nothing. “Let’s wipe it off,” said Lou.

They washed her head thoroughly, then untied her and took her to the sofa for a very long session of hot sex. Lou let down her own hair, it was still pretty long, and Diane’s red curls were still gorgeous, even short. Only Angel had a completely smooth head and it was gonna be smooth like that forever.


P.S. I’m Y10013Y and this is my first haircut story. Comments and ideas would be most welcome, send them to [email protected]. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed it.


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